15 Best Things to Do in Chapel Hill, TN

Chapel Hill, TN
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The quaint little town of Chapel Hill is in northern Marshall County, Tennessee.

In the early 1800s, pioneer John Laws named the town Chapel Hill after moving there from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The infamous Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest also grew up in the town.

Residents of Chapel Hill enjoy a rural lifestyle, and most own their homes.

Saturn workers have recently made Chapel Hill a famous town thanks to easy access to Interstate 65.

The highway allows residents to travel quickly to the Saturn facility in Spring Hill.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Chapel Hill to help you prepare for your next trip.

Discover a Diverse Ecosystem at the Henry Horton State Park

Trail sign of Henry Horton State Park
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Built in the 1960s, the Henry Horton State Park stands on the property of Henry Horton, former governor of Tennessee.

The park is well-known for its diverse ecosystem.

It sits on the banks of the historical Duck River, one of the planet's most diversified ecosystems.

Explore Tennessee's natural beauty at Henry Horton State Park.

It offers cottages, RV, tents, and backcountry campsites, to name a few lodging options.

Wilhoite Mill at Henry Horton State Park
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Inside the park, the Buford Ellington championship golf course poses a challenging layout with 37 bunkers and many hardwood trees.

Fishermen in the Duck River can catch largemouth, smallmouth, and catfish.

On the Wilhoite Mill Trail, check out the remains of a mill and a bridge that Horton's in-laws used and ran for over a century.

Spend the day at the Henry Horton State Park!

Enjoy Barbecue with Your Family at the Holy Smokes BBQ of TN

If you want to try the best barbecues in Chapel Hill, look no further than Holy Smokes BBQ of TN.

Your whole family will have an excellent experience at Holy Smokes BBQ.

The restaurant offers many options, including chicken, pork, and beef.

They also have a great selection of sides, such as baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw.

Likewise, they offer hand-patted hamburgers, pig, brisket, and chicken main courses.

The company's specialty, Holy Smokes BBQ of Tennessee, sells over 100,000 ribs.

Holy Smokes BBQ of Tennessee provides excellent client satisfaction and freshly prepared cuisine.

Fall in love with barbecue all over again thanks to their distinctive collection of house-made BBQ sauces and seasonings.

See How the Nash Family Creamery Makes Ice Cream

Cody Nash founded Nash Family Creamery to sell dairy products directly to customers.

He belongs to the fourth generation of the Nash family.

The family toured creameries and dairies across the nation to understand how to produce top-quality goods.

Learn more about the history of Nash Family Creamery's operating dairy farm!

Educational farm tours demonstrate the science, labor, and beauty of raising cows and producing dairy products.

Explore their housing, milk barns, and cheese production plant firsthand.

You might even run into a few animal friends.

Likewise, try their 20 ice cream flavor options.

These flavors include chocolate brownie batter, buttered pecan, or premium homemade vanilla.

Otherwise, try the limited edition flavors, like White Chocolate Raspberry, Sundrop, and Orange Creamsicle.

The Nash Family Creamery uses milk freshly supplied from their farm to make the cheese.

The creamery takes pride in upholding the same family traditions that have stood strong for the past 90+ years.

Moreover, they produce the best ice cream and meals for consumers in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at RiverRoad RV Park & Horsecamp

RiverRoad RV Park & Horsecamp is a small, welcoming, full-hookup family park.

Those who love the outdoors will love RiverRoad RV Park & Horsecamp.

It's an ideal place to explore and connect with nature.

The park is near several scenic hiking trails and horseback riding trails.

There are also several RV electric hookups for 30amp and 50amp.

While you ride or stroll RiverRoad RV Park & Horsecamp trails, you can camp with your horses.

The park offers corral spots for an extra fee.

Other amenities include picnic tables and a horseshoe pit with a rustic camping area.

Try Target Shooting at the Strategic Edge Gun Range

Strategic Edge Gun Range is a state-of-the-art gun range that offers a unique experience for everyone from the novice to the expert marksman.

Middle Tennessee's Strategic Edge Gun Range provides private members, government, and corporate customers with a first-rate shooting facility.

Strategic Edge Gun Range offers centerfire rifle shooting from 100 to 1,250 yards.

Shoot at various metal and cardboard targets amid an incredibly safe range design.

Additionally, the range has autonomous static and tactical pistols with 50-yard ranges and tactical rifles with 75-yard scopes.

Their top-tier rifle ranges have a comprehensive and unique cold/hot Range Condition Alert System to streamline range conditions and protect member safety.

Shop for Fresh Produce at the Market at Henry Horton

Buy fresh products and other goods at the Market at Henry Horton.

The market offers a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as honey, jams, jellies, and baked goods.

It provides a wide range of goods for small business owners.

You can find a selection of gifts, such as goat milk scrubs, soaps, shower steamers, and framed and unframed photos.

The coolest part of the Market at Henry Horton State Park is that everything is handmade.

Likewise, they all come from scratch or use locally sourced materials.

Enjoy a day of dining and shopping at the local vendors who occasionally switch up their inventory.

Practice Horse Back Riding at the Kismet Equestrian

Riders with various levels of equestrian skill can purchase or lease horses from Kismet Equestrian.

Kismet Equestrian assists you with developing and achieving your goals in terms of horseback riding.

They welcome everybody, whether completely inexperienced equestrians or competitive ones.

Leasing a horse is a great way to try the sport of horseback riding without making a long-term commitment.

The place also prioritizes safety, enjoyment, and a great match between the horse and rider.

In addition, Kismet Equestrian provides their boarding horses with competent and professional care, whether in stalls or pastures.

Concentrate on enjoying your ride with your companion.

Kismet Equestrian treats your partner well.

Go Hiking at the Adeline Wilhoite River Trail

The Adeline Wilhoite River Trail stretches over four miles, following the river, and providing views of scenic landscapes.

The Adeline Wilhoite River Trail is a great place to hike.

It has moderate difficulty, perfect for those who want to take in the sights and sounds of nature at their own pace.

Finding fishing sites along the path is easy because it parallels the Duck River, one of the best fishing spots in Tennessee.

Additionally, the Duck River precedes the Adeline Wilhoite Trail.

It leads to a 20-foot observation tower with views of a marsh restoration area.

This trail is in Henry Horton State Park, an excellent place to camp, picnic, and explore.

Stroll through Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home

Exterior of Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home
rossograph, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home is a great place to learn about the notorious Confederate Army General.

From 1830 to 1833, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest lived in Chapel Hill.

He lived in a historic log home, now called the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home.

Despite rapid urbanization, craftsmen from remote areas still used logs to build many homes in Tennessee.

In the 1820s, most houses in the state were stone houses.

Because of its materials, the house has become "very representative" of Tennessee's vernacular architecture from the 1820s and 1830s.

Learn local history at the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home.

Master Your Swing at the Buford Ellington Golf Course

The Buford Ellington Golf Course at Henry Horton State Park first opened in the early 1960s.

It remains one of the best courses in Tennessee.

Likewise, the Buford Ellington Golf Course is perfect for players of all skill levels, as it offers a variety of challenges.

This luscious green course sits 5,625 yards from the Forward tees and 7,060 yards from the Championship tees.

You can choose from four sets of tees that suit players of all ability levels.

The fairways and greens are wide and bigger than average.

On the other hand, the recontoured Champion Ultradwarf Bermuda greens installed in their stead have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Welcoming staff should help guarantee you a fun round of golf.

Try the Best of Chapel Hill at the Restaurant at Henry Horton

The Restaurant at Henry Horton has 106 indoor and 52 outdoor seats at the Henry Horton State Park.

A 32-seat section of the restaurant in Henry Horton State Park opens for private dining.

Meanwhile, the lounge has 30 seats.

You'll find the Henry Horton State Park Restaurant near the picturesque Duck River in Chapel Hill.

The restaurant offers a light, relaxed ambiance with cozy seats, a big bar, and an outdoor patio.

The Restaurant at Henry Horton sits amid verdant fields and shaded woods.

Likewise, it lets guests enjoy the state park's splendor from inside and outdoor seating areas.

After a day at the beach, spend a summer evening sipping craft cocktails on the patio with the family.

Discover Ancient Farm Fields at the Wilhoite Mill Trail

The Wilhoite Mill Trail starts at an area next to where people believed early settlers first crossed the Duck River in the late 1700s.

This is the shortest trail in Henry Horton State Park and offers lovely views of the Duck River.

In 1846, the Wilhoite family constructed a mill and dam on the Duck River.

The water in this area still contains many visible old mill artifacts.

Likewise, the Wilhoite Mill Trail exits the river and winds through cedar meadows, hardwood forests, and ancient farm fields.

You can also find the remains of abandoned farmhouses before passing the backcountry campsites.

Spend the Weekend at the Lodge at Henry Horton

The Lodge at Henry Horton State Park is a beautiful and historic place to stay while visiting the park.

Likewise, the Lodge at Henry Horton is the ideal weekend vacation location.

Among the activities in the Lodge at Henry Horton are golfing, hiking, and skeet shooting.

The Lodge at Henry Horton provides spaces for group conferences and meetings.

The Lodge features four meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, a nearby building provides an additional 3,150 square feet of space for larger groups.

Visitors can eat in the on-site restaurant and lounge, which caters to groups.

Commune with Nature at the Adeline Wilhoite River Trail Loop

The Adeline Wilhoite River Trail Loop passes through two backcountry campsites.

These trails are hike-in only and approximately 1.5 miles from the camp store.

Parking at the camp store or the Adeline Wilhoite Mill Trailhead is a two-mile hike from the campground.

The Backcountry Campsites has a rudimentary outhouse nearby, but it has no drinking water.

Each location has seating and a fire pit that can accommodate six persons.

You can make online or over-the-phone reservations in advance.

Although you don't need to book reservations, you might want to do so regardless.

The Adeline Wilhoite River Trail Loop locations are popular and get fully booked quickly, particularly on weekends and holidays.

Place your receipt in the window if you park your car and hike to the destination.

Check Out the Henry Horton Archery Range

The Henry Horton Archery Range has four target points for archery, a trap and a wobble trap.

The Henry Horton Archery Range provides rental firearms, ammunition, and a range of retail goods.

Adults must accompany archers under 18 and display their Hunter Education card or certificate to shoot.

This place offers individuals and group gun clubs access to a professional multi-field skeet and trap range with crazy quail and a five stand.

You can find rental weapons, ammunition, and other range supplies at the Skeet Range Clubhouse.

Final Thoughts

Chapel Hill is a beautiful town with much to offer in terms of history, outdoor activities, and lodging.

You can find the best things to do in the area, such as hiking, golfing, skeet shooting, and more.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Chapel Hill!

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