15 Best Things to Do in Chandler, AZ

15 Best Things to Do in Chandler, AZ

The story of development of Chandler is as fascinating and interesting as the town itself. It began back in the year 1891 when Dr. Alexander John Chandler bought 80 acres of land from the federal government with the sole objective of understanding then once is of the science of irrigation.

In his attempt to learn more about the system of irrigation, he ended up building an entire canal system. The town, Chandler is hence named after him and a result of his efforts. The journey to this town is an extremely interesting journey and would unfold a lot of secrets about the development of the town.

Here are the top things that you should do on your visit to the town.

Koli Equestrian Centre

Housed in the Gila River Indian reservation, Koli equestrian Centre is a perfect place for enjoying horseback riding. The Centre is spread over acres of land and has beautiful scenery around everywhere. The Centre is accommodated with the expert facilities due to which people from all the age can enjoy horseback riding here.

The staff at the centre is very well qualified and helps everyone with their experience and knowledge about riding horses. The horses also are well trained and very nice.

Instead of providing single line guidelines, the Centre allows you to spread out in the entire area and enjoy the riding on your own. The place is just perfect for light outdoor adventures and knowing new people.

Arizona Railway Museum

Arizona Railway Museum in Chandler
Marine 69-71 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Arizona Railway Museum in Chandler was opened in 1983 and offers a great deal of information about the history and development of railway travel by the people in south-western United States.

The place is just a perfect visit if you are travelling with kids as it has a lot of learning opportunities. The museum is filled with artefacts which date back to old times. These artefacts include old rail cars, Passenger cars, even a vintage horse car, as well as a dining rail car.

The museum also has a steam engine with a bell installed in it. If confused, you can also take help and suggestions from the museum staff and make the most out of your visit.

Chandler Fashion Centre

Chandler fashion Centre is a very strategically located mall in the city. It is considered to be the second largest mall in Phoenix area and the mall certainly does justice to that.

Lined with pretty salons, shops, and well decorated restaurants, the mall is a perfect place for everyone to go and enjoy some local taste. The mall has more than 180 shops as well as departmental stores. From big brands like Sephora, Michael Kors, to local brands, the fashion Centre is a perfect place for shopping.

The mall is also a hub where lot of exciting and entertaining events are organised all around the year. Some of these events include fashion shows, yoga shows, youth camps, promotional events, and many more.

Desert Breeze Park

Desert breeze Park is a perfect place for all those people who want to relax and enjoy at the same time. The place is a perfect day out location for family as well as friends. While in the park the kids can enjoy train rides.

Alongside, and the adults can enjoy fishing in the lake which is full of fish. Even if that is not your type of thing, you can just feed the ducks which are in big numbers in this park. The park also has a splash pad for the kids. It also has a lot of shaded area for those who just want to lie down and enjoy their own company.

Accommodated well with baseball field, bike trials and some tennis courts, Desert Breeze Park is a place for all those who are planning a casual picnic day.

Chandler Centre for Arts

Chandler Centre for arts is a beautiful and big arrangement for plays, shows, comedies, and other entertaining artistic activities under one roof. The Centre is located in downtown and is very famous for having a very courteous and amicable staff.

The Centre is also well-known for its vintage and acoustic decor, with comfortable and spacious seating arrangement for more than 1500 people. The shows at the centre very well organised. Some shows are prepared specifically suiting children while the others or for all age groups.

It also has exhibitions which are installed in the exhibition hall. The exhibitions mainly comprise of items such as decorative pieces, paintings, sculptures, textiles, and glassware items. Chandler Centre for arts is quite famous among the locals and you should definitely give it a try.

Aji Spa

If you are looking for some refreshing and rejuvenating activity in the city, the five Star Sheraton resort and spa is your true saviour. Located right in the centre of the city, the resort offers luxurious spa and rejuvenating therapies.

The spa uses mostly native and local herbs and other raw materials for carrying out the spa services. Not only the service is great, the decor is also beyond imagination. Covered with ancient architectural structures and designs, the spa is also a hub of artworks.

Along with the spa, you could also book yourself other treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures, and other self-care activities. The spa offers a wide range of combos and packages which could definitely fit into your budget and give you a life time experience.

Tumbleweed Recreation Centre

Tumbleweed recreation centre is a facility which offers recreational and refreshing activities for entire families. The creation centre is quite famous for providing games and sports activities for people of all age groups.

The Centre has indoor as well as outdoor facilities. It has an indoor track for running, gymnasium, two racquetball courts, dance studios, etc. The recreation Centre also offers changing room facility and modern locker rooms for keeping your belongings secure.

It also organises large number of fitness events and programmes on a regular basis. The summer camps organised by the Centre are exclusively famous for being very enhancing and informative. Even if you are not participating in the activities, you can sit and enjoy watching other members of your family indulging in some refreshing exercises.

Wild horse pass

Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Wild horse pass is a world famous attraction in the town. What makes this place different from every other place is that the place is designed in the form of cowboy cities that we see in movies and shows. The entire town is designed in an antique and vintage manner using inspiration from the 1880s.

The place has a lot of old buildings, salons, retail stores, as well as one of the best steakhouses in Arizona. If that is not enough to attract you to this place of the town, you could try watching a show at six-gun theatre, or enjoy the antiques of rough riders in wild West. With so much to do in just one part of the town, this is definitely a must visit place in Chandler.

The place also has rooftop restaurant to deal with your hungry shoes. It also has a lot of gift and candy shop where you can purchase anything that you want at very affordable prices. With a pint of West in every bit of the area, it is definitely worth a day of your life.

Burst of Butterflies Paint your own poetry and Art Studio

An art studio set up with a unique concept which allows you to paint your own potteries and make your own art pieces, Burst of butterflies Paint Your Own Pottery and Art Studio is in the downtown area of the town.

The studio is known for having an extensive variety of ceramics, canvas, and other art classes for all ages. The studio was set up with an objective to promote creativity and local art and culture among the citizens as well as the visitors of the city. The studio has a very lively environment around it and has various educational classes to teach the basics of arts like Canvas painting, glass fusion, candle making, and pottery.

The studio also organises group art events. Art classes for couples, families, children, singles and all other categories of people is what make this place suitable for everyone to visit.

Tryst Cafe

A vacation is never complete without delicious food representing the local taste of the city. Believing in that culture, Tryst cafe is famous as one of the best places in entire Arizona where you can grab some tasty yet healthy and organic breakfast. The cafe is famous for its gluten-free and vegan options which are just perfect for people who are very particular about their health.

This cafe was opened in 2010 and has been able to grow its franchise in other parts throughout Arizona. On visiting the cafe, you can enjoy healthy egg breakfast served with healthier sides such as falafel or normal breakfast including nachos, toast, pancakes, and even custard. The lunch and dinner menu of the restaurant is quite extensive and offers both veg as well as non-veg options.

The restaurant serves organic coffees, drinks, locally produced Sodas and kombucha, and other refreshing drinks throughout the day. Promoting its healthy culture, the cafe also serves specials smoothies which are just perfect for all those who want to take some care of their diets on vacation.

Ling and Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill

The restaurant is owned by partners Ling and Louie. This restaurant is a perfect amalgamation of the Asian and American food. The entire menu of this restaurant is filled with fusion dishes from Asia and America made with love and special ingredients.

Apart from its food, the restaurant is also famous for its crafted cocktails and other refreshing drinks. The bar of the restaurant is also very famous for offering a very extensive menu of beers and wines procured from the best sources.

With the food and drinks being extremely affordable and reasonably priced, this place is definitely going to be a party for your taste buds.

Chandler Museum

As already mentioned in the beginning of this piece, the history of the beginning of the city of Chandler is quite interesting and worth some attention. Chandler museum is the place in the city that would provide you with the exact details of how the city was founded and how it evolved throughout ages.

The museum was earlier known as the Chandler vintage Museum of transportation and wildlife. Along with presenting the history of the city, the museum also has a very extensive collection of pieces such as photos and souvenirs which depict the historical town and its people.

The museum is designed in Pueblo revival style and is quite beautiful. While in the museum you could easily find yourself getting more comfortable with the culture, tradition, history, as well as the people of the city.

The museum is a very good place to visit if you are not willing to spend extra penny and still be exposed to the city and its history, as the admission to this museum is free of cost.

Veterans Oasis Park

Jackrabbit at Veterans Oasis Park
AZ Outdoor Photography / Shutterstock.com

Veterans oasis Park in Chandler is recognised as one of the best places in Arizona where you can enjoy birdwatching. Known to be a perfect spot for birdwatching, the park has more than 150 species of birds which live in the area of the park.

The park is located in a very busy place of the city but is still a famous spot for birdwatching. You can also get your hands on the birds list which is available on the official website of the city so as to get an idea about all the species that you have a chance of spotting.

It is also important to note that the park is just a perfect spot for professional as well as new bird watchers, making it quite a comfortable and helpful spot.

SanTan Brewing Company

SanTan Brewing Company
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Open in 2007, SanTan brewing company is a very famous craft Brewery in Chandler. The brewery is also widely known for its special brews in the entire state of Arizona.

The brewery is famous for manufacturing and distributing south-western style drinks along with craft beer made with locally produced ingredients. The brew company also has a brewpub which has almost all the drinks from the brew company on its menu.

The pub also serves great food along with creative beers and ales. The pub is also famous for its sandwiches and sliders which are just the perfect matches for their special beers. The pub also has a bar which serves international as well as local wines and beers during the happy hour.

The place is also famous for hosting a lot of events such as movie nights and beer festivals in the city and keep the people in a very joyful mood.

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Centre

Mesquite Groves aquatic centre is a facility which has is recently opened in the city and turned out to be a famous attraction among the visitors in a very short span of time.

This is a water park which is situated in the heart of the city and offers a large number of water rides and pool facilities. The place is suitable for a family adventure Day. The place has a lap pool, an artificial river, water slides, and a blue bucket water vortex which has a capacity of holding 752 gallons of water.

Along with the water slides, the park also has artificial grass areas where families can enjoy time after being soaked in water. The Centre also provides for swimming lessons throughout the year for the beginners.

The city of Chandler is very lively, and full of exciting places. In this list we have only covered the top 15 places of the city. However, there are many others in the form of famous cafes and restaurants, museums, parks, and recreational centres.

The city also has motor racing facility and a trampoline jump facility for people who want to try something new and different from the regular vacation stuff. With its delicious food and warm atmosphere, the desert city of Chandler is no less beautiful then a lush green wetland.