15 Best Things to Do in Central City, KY

Central City, KY
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Central City in Kentucky's Muhlenberg County became known throughout the nation as the home of the famous Everly Brothers.

This musical duo captivated the hearts of thousands of music lovers back in the 1960s, putting their small hometown on the map of the music world.

Today, Central City has maintained its quaint appeal beyond its popularity as the birthplace of the famous Everly Brothers.

A quick trip to this small Kentucky City offers you a unique experience you won't find anywhere else.

You'll enjoy its rich musical heritage, warm community, and eclectic collection of local attractions that are genuinely worth checking out.

There is much you can explore in this city aside from its famous musical history.

Here are the best things to do in Central City, KY:

Celebrate the Everly Brothers Homecoming/Labor Day Cruise-In

One of Central City's most exciting events is the annual Everly Brothers Homecoming/Labor Day Cruise-In.

This annual celebration in Central City pays homage to the famous Everly Brothers during the Labor Day weekend.

Thousands of people throughout Muhlenberg County gather in Central City to celebrate and witness a unique festival that features the city's musical heritage and a collection of vintage cars parading the streets.

Since 1988, Central City has celebrated this event, initially starting as a homecoming for the famous Everly Brothers.

This festival started as a fund-raising event for Muhlenberg County scholars until it became a full-blown festival that continues its fascinating tradition to this day.

Visit the Kentucky Women's Hall of Fame

Central City is also home to a fascinating place that recognizes women empowerment, the Women's Hall of Fame.

This fascinating Place is inside Central City's public library.

It features the memorabilia and portraits of renowned female personalities such as musical icon Loretta Lynn, former governor Martha Layne Collins, and notable botanist Agnes Harralson.

In addition, more portraits and galleries inside the Women's Hall of Fame feature other notable female personalities.

Hike the Muhlenberg County Rail Trail

Head to the Muhlenberg County Rail Trail for a top-notch outdoor activity.

This famous trail in this part of Kentucky traverses the old Paducah and Louisville railway route that covers Central City to Greenville.

This trail in Central City is only open for pedestrians and bicycles since it serves as the county's recreation area.

This outdoor attraction in Central City is a must-visit since it also serves as Kentucky's longest rail-trail.

Aside from hiking, you can also enjoy nature and birdwatching through the trail's viewing platform in the local wetland area.

In addition, this trail is an essential thoroughfare for many people in Muhlenberg County, as it serves as their shortcut to other towns and cities.

Nonetheless, it's a must-visit place for hiking during your adventure in Central City as it takes you to the county's best sites and attractions.

Taste the Famous 8-Pound Pizza at Stellians Restaurant

This local pizzeria in Central City is famous for its mouthwatering eight-pound pizza, a must-try dish when you're in the city.

This restaurant features authentic Italian pizza and dishes.

It is most notably famous for its eight-pound pizza, where you can buy a slice that weighs a pound.

If you're hungry after an entire day exploring Central City, grab a filling pizza at Stellian's.

A slice of pizza at this restaurant will surely satisfy your cravings.

Otherwise, buy the whole eight-pounder to share with your loved ones or travel buddies.

In addition, Stellians Restaurant is within walking distance to Central City's famous tourist attractions, such as the Everly Brothers Monument.

Check Out the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

Head to the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame at the Central City Tourist & Convention Commission if you want to see vintage race cars and racing personalities.

This place features famous motorsports personalities from Kentucky's racing scene.

It's where you'll find the famous inductees and their motorsports success stories.

At the same time, you'll enjoy browsing its exhibits featuring vintage and current motorsports vehicles from Nascar, exotic vehicles, vintage race cars, and more.

In addition, it has a museum featuring a comprehensive collection of racing memorabilia, trophies, and a garage area.

All these things should be eye-candy for motorsports enthusiasts and even average tourists.

See Entertaining Shows at the Lu-Ray Park & Amphitheater

For a unique and entertaining experience during your visit to Central City, check out the Lu-Ray Park and Amphitheater.

This famous outdoor amphitheater is known for its top-notch concerts, shows, and community events that keep Central City alive.

The Lu-Ray Park and Amphitheater is a massive outdoor facility that opened in 2017 to serve as Central City's epicenter for entertainment and arts.

Since its opening, this amphitheater has hosted countless shows featuring local to famous artists.

This outdoor amphitheater in Central City can accommodate as many as 7,500 people.

Aside from watching top-notch concerts, Lu-Ray Park boasts gorgeous trails and park amenities, making it an excellent outdoor destination for Central City's visitors.

The park features a covered pavilion, restrooms, concession stands, walking trails, a vast green field, and a children's playground.

It's the best place in Central City to relax and get entertained with various shows happening regularly.

Grab a Delicious Meal at Huddle House Diner

This local restaurant in Central City is famous for its comfort food that has satisfied the locals' appetites for many years.

Huddle House Diner originates in Decatur, Georgia, and has operated for over 50 years.

It eventually made its way to Central City, serving its signature comfort food dishes.

For a delectable dining experience during your trip to Central City, you must visit this diner, which also boasts a cozy 50's themed interior.

Don't forget to order its famous MVP breakfast platter or perhaps its mega bacon cheeseburger.

Also, you should order its meat lovers' omelet.

Of course, there are dozens more delicious food items on its menu that are worth the try.

Shop for Unique Souvenirs at Picker's Place

One of the best places in Central City to shop for souvenirs is Picker's Place.

This charming shop in Central City boasts a unique collection of antique furniture, handicrafts, and gift items you can take home as souvenirs.

Picker's Place features an eclectic collection of products, mostly handmade, vintage, and pre-loved items that might serve a new purpose for collectors.

If you're planning to expand your antique collection, or you can't think of a perfect souvenir gift item from your trip to Central City, head to Picker's Place.

You will surely enjoy browsing its displays of novelty items that are just fun to check out.

Hike along the Central City Convention Center Walking Trail

This hiking trail in Central City takes you to various natural and urban areas.

If you're looking for another hiking adventure in Central City; this trail offers you a unique experience that is worth your time.

The Central City Convention Center Walking Trail is generally a walking trail that is mainly paved.

Many locals in Central City love to traverse this trail as part of their thoroughfare to go to their preferred destination within the city.

This trail should fascinate you as you explore the mixture of forested and urbanized areas you'll pass through while hiking.

In addition, the Central City Convention Walking Trail is part of the Muhlenberg County "Rails to Trails," a longer trail network.

Moreover, this trail is a stone's throw away from Central City's main attractions and businesses, making your hike there extra convenient.

Hook up Your RV at the Western Kentucky RV Park

This charming RV Park in Central City is a recommended place to hook up your RV if you're bringing one to the city.

It's an excellent place for those who want to set up camp without burning a hole in their wallet by booking a hotel.

The Western Kentucky RV Park features 50 pull-thru RV sites and full RV hook-ups.

Likewise, they all have the necessary amenities making it an excellent place to set up camp.

In addition, this RV park is a few minutes away from Central City's main attractions and businesses.

If you want a place to hook up your RV in Central City, just head to Western Kentucky RV Park.

Tee Up at the Central City Country Club

For golfers who yearn for a good-quality golf session, head to the Central City Country Club.

This 18-hole, 70-par golf course spans 6,202 yards, featuring a charming and well-manicured landscape.

Aside from being a famous golf club in Muhlenberg County, the Central City Country Club is also one of the longest-operating golf courses in the area.

Since 1964, the Central City Country Club has served golfers throughout Kentucky, making a golf session there memorable.

So, for avid golfers who visit Central City, don't forget to check out the Central City Country Club.

Sweat Out at the Central City Convention Center

The Central City Convention Center is not your typical 'convention center' since it serves as the city's leading venue for exercise and sports rather than hosting events.

If you're looking for a facility in Central City to sweat out and burn some calories, then go to the Central City Convention Center.

This Place boasts a massive 40,000-square-foot facility with a wide array of sports amenities and exercise equipment.

You'll surely enjoy its indoor cycling facility, fitness gym, dance studio, CrossFit facility, and yoga studio.

In addition, most of its facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art, making your session there convenient and efficient.

Sports enthusiasts who visit the Central City Convention Center can use the basketball court, racquetball court, and outdoor pool.

Go Birdwatching at the Peabody Wildlife Management Area

This vast natural area outside Central City is the perfect place for wildlife viewing and a quick side trip with nature.

Find it in Drakesboro, Kentucky, 14 minutes from Central City.

It is one of Kentucky's best birdwatching areas because of its unspoiled wildlife terrain.

Numerous bird species thrive at the Peabody Wildlife Management Area, making it a fascinating place for birdwatchers.

It's home to short-eared owls, rough-legged hawks, red-tailed hawks, and northern harriers.

In addition, you can also see small mammals in this natural area, together with other bird species.

Overall, the Peabody Wildlife Management Area is a great place to wander before returning home from your Central City adventure.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Set Up Camp at Horseshoe Acres Campground

Another cozy and affordable location for Central City's visitors to stay is the Horseshoe Acres Campground in Bremen, Kentucky.

It's 20 minutes from Central City.

This campground outside Central City is perfect for groups and families searching for an affordable yet cozy place to stay.

Horseshoe Acres Campground features not just your typical campsites and RV hook-ups but also a recreation area.

This campground has a vast open green space and park amenities for a lovely picnic and outdoor activities.

In addition, it's near other cities and towns in Muhlenberg County like Nortonville and Madisonville.

Commune with Nature at the Brizendine Brothers Nature Park

This 12-acre woodland community park boasts a tranquil atmosphere wherein visitors can take a break and relax.

You can find this place in Greenville, Kentucky, 15 minutes from Central City.

The Brizendine Brothers Nature Park is known for its trails within woodlands and forested areas.

Upon arriving, you'll see the famous wooden sculpture of "Yogi Bear," which serves as the welcome sign to the park.

The park will take visitors to a half-a-mile trail that leads to woodlands, numerous footbridges, and an open meadow that serves as an eco-system within Brizendine Brothers Nature Park.

Aside from hiking and nature viewing, you can also have a picnic in this park.

At the same time, you'll likely come across local wildlife such as raccoons, turkeys, birds, and squirrels that thrive within the park.

Final Thoughts

Central City is a fascinating destination not many have discovered yet.

It boasts a rich musical heritage that showcases Kentucky's love for music.

At the same time, it's gifted with unspoiled natural beauty, perfect for outdoor adventure.

There is something for everyone in Central City that is worth checking out.

So, whenever you travel to Western Kentucky, stop by Central City.

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