15 Best Things to Do in Cedar Point, OH

Cedar Point, OH
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Cedar Point is known throughout Ohio, or perhaps the entire country, as a famous theme park on the shores of Lake Erie.

However, only a few people know that the area surrounding the theme park is now an official neighborhood in Sandusky, Ohio.

Life in Cedar Point seems like a vacation where people can enjoy the lake and theme park all at once.

Over the years, Cedar Point has reinvented itself with Sandusky to welcome tourists with new offerings beyond the theme park.

Cedar Point features renovated historic buildings, charming streets, and lakeside experiences.

It’s a refreshing way to reintroduce itself to tourists.

Still, you can enjoy Cedar Point’s famous roller coasters, carousels, and thrilling rides to complete your experience visiting there.

Here are the best things to do in Cedar Point, OH:

Visit Cedar Point’s Iconic Theme Park

Entrance of Cedar Point Amusement Park
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There’s no better way to start your Cedar Point travel adventure than to visit its iconic theme park.

Cedar Point amusement park, situated on Lake Erie’s shores, is one of the top tourist destinations in Ohio.

High-angle view of Cedar Point Amusement Park rides
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Besides Cedar Point’s thrilling rides and wholesome fun, it’s also the best way to know the neighborhood better.

Without the amusement park, Cedar Point would be another typical neighborhood.

Don’t miss riding the famous Top Thrill Dragster, Blue Streak, the Raptor, Gemini, and Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling.

A thrilling rollercoaster ride at Cedar Point Amusement Park
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For those who want a less adrenaline-pumping experience, there are kid-friendly rides.

Overall, Cedar Point Amusement Park is the ultimate family vacation destination that you shouldn’t miss.

Sunset over Cedar Point Amusement Park
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Browse the Merry-Go-Round Museum

Check out the Merry-Go-Round Museum for the backstory of Cedar Point and Sandusky.

This museum was born out of an iconic carousel postal stamp circulated in 1990 by the US Postal Service.

Today, this museum in Sandusky is a famous tourist attraction whose vast halls welcome people from all walks of life.

Enjoy the exhibits, especially the painted carousel horses, miniature carousels, and its permanent collection of artifacts and memorabilia.

The massive collection of Sandusky’s artifacts and memorabilia gives visitors a deeper understanding of the city’s past.

After roaming the Merry-Go-Round Museum’s exhibits and galleries, head to its charming gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

Cruise along Lake Erie with Jet Express

Body of a Jet Express boat
Paul Frederickson, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

After hopping from one attraction to another, it’s time to explore the vast and beautiful Lake Erie.

To experience Lake Erie’s beauty, join one of Jet Express’s Day trips.

It is famous for its day trips to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island, offering tourists an exciting experience with nature plus some water sports activities.

Jet Express also offers day trips to Point Pelee and nearby lighthouses.

It features the same unique and fun-filled adventure you’re looking for in Cedar Point.

Jet Express’s office is situated along W. Shoreline Drive.

Visit Another Water Park at Castaway Bay

If you haven’t had enough diving in Cedar Point, head to the Castaway Bay, known for its Caribbean-themed water park.

This massive indoor waterpark on Cleveland Road in Sandusky is similar to Kalahari Resorts and the Great Wold Lodge.

However, it features a Caribbean-themed resort, giving you tropical vibes in the middle of Ohio.

Still, it features the usual slides, lazy rivers, tubes, splash pads, wave pools, and lagoons.

Perhaps you want a break from getting wet at pools.

Head to Castaway Bay’s 6,000-square-foot arcade center, offering different entertainment for the whole family.

Ride an Airboat with Air1 Airboats

For an exhilarating experience during your Cedar Point travel adventure, join one of the Air1Airboats’ airboat trips along Lake Erie.

Airboats are popular watercraft in Florida, known for their speed and efficiency in hovering on the vast swamps and marshes.

Fascinatingly, you can also experience them while visiting Cedar Point.

During your airboat trip, you’ll pass through Cedar Point amusement park and other attractions in the area and Sandusky.

The entire trip takes about 40 minutes of adrenaline-pumping speed and adventure; truly a worthwhile experience.

For a unique experience, you can join its evening cruise.

You’ll be mesmerized by the vibrant lights of the Cedar Point amusement park and other places around Lake Erie.

Have Fun at the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark

Point plummet slide of Cedar Point Shores Waterpark
Gregory Varnum, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Still can’t get enough of Cedar Point’s waterparks?

Then head to Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, famous for its outdoor 18-acre facility on the side of Lake Erie.

Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is another themed waterpark worth visiting in Cedar Point and Sandusky.

It features geysers, pint-sized slides, fountains, lagoons, and Lake Erie as a gorgeous backdrop.

Kids will love Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, especially when encountering the mythical creature Lemmy at Lemmy’s Lagoon.

After a whole day of splashing around, treat yourself or your loved ones to delicious food at the park’s restaurants.

Get Wet at the Great Wolf Lodge

Perhaps you want to visit more waterparks in Sandusky and Cedar Point.

Check out the Great Wolf Lodge along Milan Road.

This massive indoor water park has numerous locations across the nation.

Like the Kalahari Resorts, the Great Wolf Lodge features themed waterslides, lazy rivers, and massive swimming pools, perfect for your family or travel buddies.

Likewise, it features cozy and welcoming accommodations, where you and your family can stay for as long as you want.

If you want to take a break from diving into swimming pools, head to the MagiQuest Magic Adventures, featuring a different themed activity in the resort.

Spend the Night at Hotel Breakers

Welcome sign of Hotel Breakers
gg5795 / Shutterstock.com

If you want top-notch accommodation during your travel adventure in Cedar Point, book a room at Hotel Breakers.

This classic beachfront resort is one of the most recommended hotels in the Cedar Point area.

Hotel Breakers is a few steps from Cedar Point Amusement Park and the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

People at Hotel Breakers' beachfront
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It features more than 600 suites and guestrooms with a picturesque waterfront view of Lake Erie.

You also don’t need to drive to Sandusky to grab some food or drinks because it has a chain of restaurants offering fine and casual dining.

Overall, this accommodation in Cedar Point features some of the best amenities.

Exterior of Hotel Breakers
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Stroll along the Floral Garden of Washington Park

In downtown Sandusky, you’ll find a charming community park where locals love to hang out.

Washington Park is one of Sandusky’s oldest parks, open to the public since the early 1800s.

One of the park’s favorite spots is the floral garden.

You’ll find various outdoor activities regularly happening there.

Most Sandusky activities happen in Washington Park’s floral garden, such as concerts, shows, and outdoor activities.

Enjoy these shows and concerts while marveling at the lovely floral arrangements and flower beds throughout this garden.

One of the floral garden’s focal points is the famous 1800s Boy with the Boot Fountain, a statue and a popular place for picture-taking.

Make a Splash at the Kalahari Resorts

Besides amusement parks, Sandusky and Cedar Point are famous for numerous indoor and outdoor water parks.

If you and your loved ones want to cool down or enjoy some swimming pool activities, head to the Kalahari Resorts along Kalahari Drive.

This massive indoor and outdoor water park offers a wholesome experience for the entire family, especially kids.

It features massive indoor and outdoor pools equipped with waterslides, lazy rivers, wave pools, splash pads, etc.

In addition, proceed to the Safari Outdoor Adventure Park if you don’t want to get wet at the resort.

This portion of the resort features exciting outdoor activities such as wall-climbing, ziplining, obstacle courses, and a vast animal park.

Kalahari Resorts is a complete contrast to the Cedar Point amusement park, but it’s still worth visiting.

See Concerts at Jackson Street Pier

Daytime view of Jackson Street Pier
Andre Carrotflower, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Head to Jackson Street Pier and join the locals watching entertaining concerts.

This pier facing Lake Erie is a famous spot in Sandusky for concerts featuring local artists and bands, serenading the public every week.

You shouldn’t miss an experience in Cedar Point because it offers you the best opportunity to do what the locals love.

Besides concerts, Jackson Street Pier also offers a picturesque view of Lake Erie.

At the same time, its green spaces are perfect for a family picnic.

If you want to end your day in Cedar Point with something relaxing and entertaining, Jackson Street Pier is your best place to hang out.

Set Off on an Adventure at the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

Head to Ghostly Manor Thrill Center along Milan Road in Sandusky for the thrill of a lifetime.

The Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is famous for its escape rooms and escape adventures.

It features various themes that you and your crew need to solve before time runs out.

Many themed escape rooms and escape adventures await you at Ghostly Manor Thrill Center.

In addition, you can also enjoy a game of miniature golf at Wizard’s Journey.

Also, Ghostly Manor features a roller-skating rink, arcade, 4D theater, and a bounce house.

See the Cedar Point Lighthouse

Exterior of Cedar Point Lighthouse
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Before returning home, make one last stop at the Cedar Point Lighthouse on the northern tip of Cedar Point.

Built in 1862, this 38-feet lighthouse got decommissioned in 1909.

It features a unique limestone architecture different from most lighthouses in Lake Erie.

People love to visit this lighthouse even if everyone is off-limits inside.

It is mainly because of its fascinating architecture and the picturesque view of Lake Erie.

Visit Cedar Point Lighthouse and take some lovely photos with your family or travel buddies before returning home.

Walk the Halls of the Maritime Museum of Sandusky

Visiting the Maritime Museum of Sandusky is an excellent side trip during your Cedar Point adventure.

Take a break from theme parks and water parks and explore this museum, filled with Sandusky’s rich maritime history.

The museum takes you to exhibits featuring Sandusky’s rich fishing heritage, pirate history, and numerous shipwreck stories.

Besides the usual exhibits and galleries, the Maritime Museum of Sandusky also has an interactive display featuring the region’s maritime history.

Likewise, you shouldn’t miss the museum’s Convict Ship gallery, featuring Lake Erie’s infamous floating prison.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take Photos of the Famous Marblehead Lighthouse

Exterior of the Marblehead Lighthouse
Roberto Valz / Shutterstock.com

This 1800s lighthouse facing Lake Erie is one of the most photographed lighthouses at Cedar Point.

Marblehead Lighthouse has operated since 1821, the oldest functioning lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

This lighthouse is in Marblehead, Ohio, 36 minutes away from Cedar Point.

The lamp of Marblehead Lighthouse
Cathryn Anatra / Shutterstock.com

If you’re fascinated with its history and beauty, join guided tours at the lighthouse.

Climb to the top to see a panoramic view of Lake Erie, Cedar Point, and Kelleys Island during your tour.

Marblehead Lighthouse’s surrounding area is also a well-known picnic location featuring an excellent view of Sandusky, Cedar Point, and other islands.

Scenic view of the Marblehead Lighthouse
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Final Thoughts

Cedar Point and its surrounding communities offer tourists a whole new perspective than the famous theme park.

It has outdoor adventures on Lake Erie, a bit of history in Sandusky, and other exciting activities.

Of course, Cedar Point has more hidden gems that you should check out.

Start planning your Cedar Point adventure today!

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