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15 Best Things to Do in Cedar Lake, IN

  • Published 2022/07/29

Cedar Lake, Indiana, is the real deal for fun and adventure.

This place features beautiful lakefront parks and trails, excellent restaurants, and antique shops.

Here you can see one of the most prestigious museums in the region.

This historic site in Cedar Lake is one of the most visited places in the city, which recounts the lives of the early settlers in Indiana.

It also displays artifacts from that period.

Visitors can learn about local history at this museum or enjoy seeing local artisans selling their crafts at one of their many workshops throughout the year.

Take a walk along the shore and check out all the beautiful houses on either side.

You’ll also see beautiful gardens with unique flowers and plants growing everywhere.

It’s like entering another world!

Pack your bag and discover the best things to do in Cedar Lake.

Learn at Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum

If you want to learn about life in Cedar Lake during its long history, this museum is a beautiful starting point for your research.

Since it showcases local history and culture, visiting this museum is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Several relics tell the history of Cedar Lake, such as old pictures and tools that the area’s first inhabitants used.

You will see some of the building’s original furnishings from its original construction.

The Cedar Lake Historical Association Museum hosts various unique activities throughout the year.

See the concerts and discussions on topics related to regional history.

Go Back in Time at Lake of the Red Cedars Museum

The city of Cedar Lake is a little-known treasure that boasts a historic city center and a museum that will take you back in time.

The museum is dedicated to the cause of preserving the history of Cedar Lake and the surrounding area.

You can find relics from some of these individuals in the museum.

These artifacts include farming tools and implements, plus a sizeable collection of urban children’s clothing.

Additionally, it doubles as an educational center that enlightens visitors about the past and present of the local culture.

You are always welcome to view the museum exhibits at any time during the calendar year.

Unearth the Secrets of the Lassen Hotel

The Lassen Hotel has become a landmark in Cedar Lake since 1895, but that is not the only reason for its popularity.

You can find the Red Cedars Lake History Museum in the Lassen Hotel.

It contains everything from old images to historical documents and maps of the area in the past.

You can also look at old furniture and clothing if you want.

One of the best activities at the Lassen Hotel is taking a stroll over the grounds.

There is plenty of areas for children to play and adults to stretch their legs.

Look around for spots to appreciate the views of Cedar Lake and its surrounding forest.

The hotel also provides several picnic tables, so you can bring your family there.

Moreover, you can join one of the staff-led ghost tours.

During the tour, decades-long Lassen Hotel staff will tell you tales that should send shivers down your spine.

Dance at Monon Park Dancing Pavilion

Are you looking for a family-friendly outdoor activity in Cedar Lake?

Look no further than the Monon Park Dancing Pavilion.

This historic structure is a blast from the past.

Feel free to dance in the pavilion as if no one is looking.

Moreover, it’s only a few feet from the beach.

Built in 1897, the pavilion is a brick-supported open-air frame structure.

Since then, it has become a dance hall with a sizeable gable-on-hip roof and deeply overhanging eaves.

Those who appreciate historical architecture will appreciate the building’s Stick and Eastlake design.

Moody Memorial Bible Church acquired the pavilion in 1915 and enclosed and enlarged it the same year.

Since then, the church has maintained its tradition of using the area as a venue for various events.

Bring a date to the Monon Park Dancing Pavilion!

Take a Swing at Cedar Creek Family Golf Center

The Cedar Creek Family Golf Center in Cedar Lake is great for a family excursion.

Over ten miles of hiking paths go through the picturesque forest that encompasses the city, tucked into the Indiana hills.

You can hire paddle boats or kayaks at a beach or head to a park with basketball courts, playgrounds, and skate parks.

You can also visit the driving range!

The Cedar Creek Family Golf Center features five stalls and targets for practicing your swing without hitting any trees or buildings nearby.

Try Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, & Tube Kneeboarding

On Cedar Lake, some of the most popular watersports are waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tube kneeboarding.

Head to the Water Ski, Wakeboard, Tube, Knee Board or Barefoot @ Cedar Lake Indiana for your watersports needs.

The waters are calm and somewhat flat, making them a perfect environment for both novices and experienced paddlers.

Your group of friends can try to go tubing together.

Collect a tube from the rental station adjacent to the marina, and then float around the water with your friends or family!

Wakeboarding is another option that’s open to you.

If you haven’t done any of this before, consider hiring a guide to give you pointers on how to get going and stay safe.

Visit the Water Ski, Wakeboard, Tube, Knee Board or Barefoot @ Cedar Lake Indiana and try extreme sports!

Unwind at Cedar Lake Ministries

In Cedar Lake, you can find a retreat center called Cedar Lake Ministries.

It provides a gorgeous lake setting on the coast of Cedar Lake amid towering giant oak trees.

Find peace, renewal, and fresh perspectives.

In 1972, Rev. Bill Buckman founded the retreat center as a branch of his church in Michigan City, Indiana.

Since then, Cedar Lake Ministries has aided people in discovering their spiritual center.

Even though the ministry began in the Christian Church, it promotes universal goals that everyone can aspire to.

People and organizations come to the retreat center for various purposes, including personal renewal, business meetings, and retreats.

Join the Cedar Lake Summerfest

The Cedar Lake Summerfest is the perfect opportunity to check out some of Indiana’s most well-known outdoor destinations.

This event is appropriate for all family members, not just the grownups.

The children will enjoy painting their faces, while you and your friends or significant other can enjoy some good old-fashioned fun.

You will also have the opportunity to see some of your favorite bands and performers play live at this festival.

The Cedar Lake Summerfest has something for everyone, whether you like concerts or want to eat and watch fireworks.

Grab a Bite at Lighthouse Restaurant

Cedar Lake, Indiana, offers a dining experience unlike any other.

The Lighthouse Restaurant is where to go for a dining establishment that is truly one of a kind.

This restaurant is well-known for its location on the water, its nautical-themed interior design, and its menu.

Order excellent steaks, seafood, and other American specialties.

While enjoying some of the best food in the region, you will feel the distinct impression that you are eating in an actual lighthouse.

You can try the crab cakes and steak tartare on the menu.

If you are dining with your family, you can also order from the kids’ menu.

Children can choose from various alternatives if they don’t want to eat chicken fingers or french fries.

Bring your family to the Lighthouse Restaurant!

Go Shopping at Cedar Lake Resale and Antiques

Are you looking for something more to do in Cedar Lake?

There is no better location for shopping but Cedar Lake Resale and Antiques.

You can find antiques at Cedar Lake Resale & Antiques, a shop selling vintage items such as clothing and furniture.

Although the retail establishment dates back to the 1950s, it has undergone extensive remodeling.

It is now better-lit, more spacious, and outfitted with brand-new furnishings in addition to antiques.

The shop sells 1920s-1950s vintage jewelry, mid-century modern furniture, clothing, and accessories, among other items.

Cedar Lake Resale and Antiques is where you should go for a shopping experience that’s a little bit different from the rest.

Buy Something Unique at the 2 Old Goats Market

Another fantastic shopping destination is the Old Goats Market, an antique market in Cedar Lake, Indiana.

The store sells various goods, from clothing and jewelry to home furnishings.

When you come to an antique shop, you can choose from a wide variety of activities.

You might track down an antique piece of furniture or other items that will improve the look and add more comfort to your closet.

You will want to leave with something from the Old Goats Market.

Their jewelry and other products compel your purchase from the get-go.

Feel free to explore the shelves at the 2 Old Goats Market.

Fill Your Basket at Cedar Lake Farmers Market

Cedar Lake Farmers Market might be Indiana’s best-kept secret.

Because of its central location in Cedar Lake, this market is a little slice of heaven for anyone who loves music, fresh produce, and community events.

Those who have never visited the town should not miss a wonderful experience at the Cedar Lake Farmers Market.

This beautiful small haven is home to various restaurants and cafes serving tasty food prepared with locally produced ingredients.

In addition, you will come across fantastic stores that sell exquisite works of art and handicrafts from around the world.

Grab a Souvenir at Cedar Lake Florist & Gifts

Cedar Lake Florist & Gifts is the place to go for everything you require for your special occasion.

The business offers various products and services, including flower delivery, gift baskets, and t-shirt printing.

In addition to that, they sell a wide variety of presents in a variety of price ranges.

They offer everything you need to make any event a success, including the necessary decorations and party supplies.

Moreover, their products can spice up a wedding to a large birthday party.

They have various floral arrangements, centerpieces, candles, and other decor items, in addition to gifts and balloons.

Cedar Lake Florist & Gifts has hundreds of gift baskets to choose from, which should amaze the people on your guest list.

Bring Your Friends to Locked in at the Lake

Locked in at the Lake locks you and your companions inside a sealed room, which you must escape. r

You have limited time to find all the hints, solve all the riddles, and escape the room.

The Locked in at the Lake escape room is in Cedar Lake, Indiana, on the shores of the lake.

Work together with your team and combine your skills to break out!

These games will test the guests in each room with their one-of-a-kind puzzles and enigmatic clues.

Bring your friends to Locked in at the Lake for a fun night!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Play with Your Kids at Lemon Lake Park

The waters of Lemon Lake Park

Scott J. Kingery /

At Lemon Lake Park in Cedar Lake, Indiana, visitors can choose from a wide variety of fun things to do.

You can go boating and fishing on Lemon Lake or enjoy picnics and swimming at the park’s beach while you’re there.

You can also go hiking along the challenging trails that wind through the woodland that the park provides.

The pathways are perfect for strolling or jogging, providing stunning vistas of the surrounding natural environment.

You can also rent a boat from one of the local ports and explore the lake with your family or friends.

When your children have had enough exercise for the day, bring them to Lemon Lake Park.

This park is a playground where they may burn off excess energy by running around.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a trip to Cedar Lake is an enjoyable adventure.

It’s beautiful, tranquil, and far enough from the city to feel like a vacation without going too far from home.

Cedar Lake is the perfect place to go if you want to escape from the city and relax with nature.

You might even find more things to do in Cedar Lake, IN, after you arrive.

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