15 Best Things to Do in Canton, NC

Canton, NC
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Within the premises of tranquil Haywood County lies the small but charming town of Canton.

It was officially founded in 1893, but some settlements had already been present in the town’s riverside area.

Canton exudes a local charm and is home to historic places and beautiful nature spots.

From natural waterfalls and vast parks to unique shops and farmers' markets, this town has many attractions.

Exploring the place should help you see the town in its true form as a bright, thriving community.

While it may not be the largest town in North Carolina, it has plenty of attractions for leisure and entertainment.

Here are the best things to do in Canton, North Carolina:

Take a Swim in Skinny Dip Falls

Along Blue Ridge Parkway, a moderately challenging hike can take you to the beautiful Skinny Dip Falls.

This venue is a well-known destination, attracting tourists with its rock structures and cool waters.

In short, Skinny Dip Falls is a popular swimming place in town!

There's also the bonus of pristine, cool waters and eye-catching rock formations.

A storm previously damaged the beautiful area, but it is now open to the public.

You can expect some changes in its structures and terrains, but it still remains a scenic site worth exploring.

While there are lots of waterfalls in Canton, you shouldn’t miss out on this natural gem.

Experience Nostalgia in Mr. Robot Shop

If you think this venue is just a store for gadgets and computers, you're mistaken.

Mr. Robot Shop also doubles as a museum for retro-themed games and technology!

From vintage computers and old-school games to classic collectibles, the museum upstairs is filled with interesting items.

Once you explore the venue, you can glimpse into the past century’s trends and entertainment.

Mr. Robot Shop is one of the top-rated stores for computers and services in North Carolina.

You can find it on Main Street.

Enter Graveyard Fields

Along Blue Ridge Parkway, guests can reach the hiking area of Graveyard Fields.

Despite its name with scary implications, these fields are home to a system of gorgeous nature trails.

Two of these trails lead to splendid waterfalls and pass through lush woodlands, open fields, and structures.

Graveyard Fields was named such because of its moss-covered slumps that were said to resemble ominous graves.

Now, its environment is on its way to recovery as volunteers aim to protect the area and protect it from further harm.

Graveyard Fields is surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop of tall mountains, such as the Black Balsam Knob and the Tennent Mountain.

Check out the wonders of these fields, especially during the spring and autumn seasons!

Enjoy Local Treats at KT’s Orchard and Apiary

KT’s Orchard and Apiary is a local, family-owned farm.

Along the lengths of Pigeon Ford Road, this orchard opens its fields to customers from the months of July to November.

You can pick fruits, including apples, peaches, nectarines, and raspberries, depending on availability.

Other than that, there are homemade baked goods such as cookies and candy apples!

They also sell delicacies like jam and honey, made straight from materials and ingredients at their orchard.

Aside from food, KT’s Orchard and Apiary features calming lip balms and smooth hand creams.

They’re made from the sweet honey of working bees on their site.

For locally sourced products, this place is a worthwhile choice!

Go Biking at the Berm Park

If you’re a biker searching for a fun, thrilling course, Berm Park is one of the best places.

This park is equipped with wooden ramps, elevated slopes, and drift courses.

You also get the bonus of exploring the beautiful terrains and woodlands of Chestnut Mountain.

While the park is just a small part of the mountain, it showcases a huge chunk of nature’s beauty.

Your adventure begins with an ascent up the mountains and ends through a descending trail.

No matter your age and level, Berm Park offers courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bikers.

It’s perfect for a dynamic, outdoor adventure!

You can find the entrance to Berm Park along the roads of Asheville Highway.

Try Local Products at Willow Hill Soap Company

Willow Hill Soap Company is a local shop in town offering a collection of naturally made products.

They’re carefully handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

From scented candles to all sorts of natural skincare, the items in Willow Hill Soap Company are worth a try.

The shop also hosts workshops and classes for activities like candle-making.

Get yourselves to Park Street and see the handicrafts of locals in town.

Dine in the Historic Building of Southern Porch

One of the best places to experience the warmth of the small, cozy town is Southern Porch.

In downtown Canton, this gastropub has become a staple for a hearty meal.

It’s housed in a classic historic building, the Imperial Hotel, from the 19th century.

The establishment boasts Queen-Anne-style architecture.

The interior is also adorned in an old-fashioned style, from its fireplace and chandelier to intricate wooden ceilings.

Despite its elegant decor, the atmosphere is cozy.

At night, they offer guests the option of outdoor seating with glowing fairy lights placed above the premises.

Taste local favorites at Southern Porch, located on Main Street.

Go Tubing with Pigeon River Outfitters

As its name suggests, Pigeon River Outfitters offers water adventures.

This agency offers exciting water activities along a scenic river.

They provide customers with the necessary equipment and safety tips.

Available activities at Pigeon River Outfitters include tubing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and fishing.

You'll enjoy the scenic sights of the thriving landscape, filled with various sorts of greenery.

It’s a splendid way to unwind in the midst of a pure environment!

At Penland Street, you can jumpstart your immersion into the beautiful surroundings of the Pigeon River.

Hike the Trails of Chestnut Mountain Nature Park

Chestnut Mountain Nature Park is an ideal place to bask in North Carolina’s scenic environment.

At Asheville Highway, this park offers many trails to explore the wonders of the mountain.

It’s also connected to Bridge Park that’s equipped with picnic tables and chairs for simple relaxation.

While available trails vary from one another, each presents stunning views of nature in its finest form.

It’s also home to various kinds of animal wildlife.

Chestnut Mountain Nature Park showcases nature’s extraordinary beauty.

Include it in your itinerary and see it for yourself!

Get Active at Canton Recreation Park

As its name suggests, Canton Recreation Park is a haven for lively and family-friendly activities.

It has a wide range of facilities that cater to people of all ages and preferences.

The park is home to a playground area, fully equipped workout stations, horseshoe pits, sports fields, and more.

It also has a dedicated space for dogs.

If you need a break, head toward one of the picnic tables and relax in the ambiance of tranquil nature.

During summer, they also open the public pool to let visitors cool off.

Canton Recreation Park has lots of amenities to accommodate people of different interests.

You can find it on Penland Street.

Join U-Pick Events at The Ten Acre Garden

The Ten Acre Garden is a beautiful, tranquil oasis in the midst of sweeping green plains.

At Chambers Farm Lane, the gardens are home to many vibrant flowers and agricultural crops.

It’s become more than a shopping destination due to the stunning views of the greenery and its surrounding mountain backdrop.

It also hosts U-pick events where customers can roam around and pick their produce.

In certain seasons, the owners of The Ten Acre Garden invite music performers, locals, and other local vendors.

It hosts festivals that feature diverse booths of food delicacies, homemade crafts, and other unique finds.

The farm may not be the largest, but it thrives in offering unique events for customers.

Support local farmers and make sure to drop by the area!

See the Sunburst Falls

As you pass through Logan Road, you might see the upper portion of Sunburst Falls.

This roadside attraction offers scenic views alongside a historic stone bridge from the 1930s.

You can also venture down toward the lower falls, which lead to a hidden swimming hole.

However, the travel includes steep trails and slippery rocks, so it’s best to be extra careful when going there.

The water might also be cold, but many still consider it a worthwhile trek.

As a roadside destination, Sunburst Falls is easy to see and access.

You can also enjoy the tranquil sounds of the scenic waterfall cascading down the rocky slopes.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Signage of Ariel Gallery
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Ariel Gallery is home to local artworks of western North Carolina.

From interior decor and displays to body adornments, the gallery offers a wide assortment of unique crafts.

It’s a showroom space equipped with studio lighting, wooden floors, and pristine walls to highlight picturesque artworks.

You can also expect new pieces from time to time, as local artisans craft one-of-a-kind creations for the venue.

This place allows you to discover the talents and distinct styles of regional artists.

Ariel Gallery is located in Asheville, less than 30 minutes away from Canton.

Grab Freshly Made Drinks in Frog Level Brewing Co.

Frog Level Brewing Co. is a microbrewery in Waynesville, about 20 minutes away from Canton.

The highlight of the brewery is its broad assortment of local, homemade brews.

They have over 21 flavors available, each with a unique taste.

You can also choose between indoor and outdoor seating, depending on your mood and preference.

Other than drinks, there are also tasty, homemade meals at Frog Level Brewing Co.

It also hosts community events such as musical concerts, yoga classes, and other performances.

Check out the offerings of Frog Level Brewing Co. on Asheville Highway.

Discover Tribal Culture at Shelton House

Exterior of Shelton House
Warren LeMay from Cincinnati, OH, United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1875, Shelton House is a museum that showcases the culture of Native American tribes in North Carolina.

It contains a mirage of authentic items, established to preserve and share the heritage of local crafts.

From handcrafted quilts and diverse outfits to vintage artifacts, there are plenty of interesting things at Shelton House.

You can also explore preserved rooms, including the bedroom, dining room, and kitchen of a historic family.

Beyond the home, there’s the accessible family farm behind Shelton House.

The museum’s only 20 minutes away from Canton, nestled in Waynesville.

For those seeking a dose of history, this location can be found along the lengths of Shelton Street.

Final Thoughts

Canton may be a humble town, but its tourist attractions are diverse and vibrant.

From scenic waterfalls and cool rivers to historic buildings and local venues, the town has plenty to offer.

Canton lets you enjoy tranquil peace and lively fun in one location!

Start planning your trip with this list of the best things to do in Canton, North Carolina.

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