15 Best Things to Do in Cambria

15 Best Things to Do in Cambria

California is composed of the world's treasured gems and Cambria is one of them. Cambria is known for its dramatic landscapes, history, and artistic festivals.

The vacation in Cambria will be like no other. You will get delectable food options, pristine beaches, and historic trails in this aesthetic town.

If you are anywhere around California, you should not miss out on this one. This can turn into a great weekend getaway. And is surely an amazing chance to explore the central coast. Also, note that the town is pretty and walkable.

So, let’s wear our shoes and explore the best of Cambria!

Wine Tasting at Stolo Vineyards

It is said, every wine tastes different. Each of them has its aging essence and a local tinge to it. Stolo winery and vineyards serve the best wine all over Cambria.

First things first, it is open every day from 12-5 PM but is closed on Tuesdays. Located on the Santa Rosa Creek Road. however, make sure you get a reservation beforehand because it only works that way.

This is your chance to indulge in the royalty of Cambria wines. They are smooth and tempting. We would recommend trying Rose' and Sauvignon Blanc. Tasting wine at a scenic location is hard to miss on.

The atmosphere is peaceful and calm. The staff are very knowledgeable and aim to offer the best flavors for you, While in Cambria, make sure Stolo is your first stop to go to!

Striding Around the Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach
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Cambria is composed of elaborately gorgeous coastline and Moonstone Beach is no different from that. It is one of the pristine beaches in California. This place stands synonymous with Cambria. Visitors usually identify the town through this beach.

Looking for an escape? Run to Moonstone. The serenity this beach offers cannot be found elsewhere. The boardwalk attached to the beach is equally stunning.

You can go for a long walk and stare at the waves crashing the shore. Your fatigue will be swept in an instant when the tide will crash the coastline.

You can spend hours together looking for moonstones and jade. It will definitely be a breathtaking experience here. It is a magical beach that sparkles when the moonlight hits dusk.

927 Beer Company, Is that You?

One of the finest breweries in town, 927 Beer Company serves the best. You can get the savory pints of beer you were looking for here.

Located in the midst of the city on Cornwall Street, this beer company has heavenly options to choose from. A caution tip here; kids are not allowed inside so we would advise you to plan accordingly.

Along with beer, they pour the best wines and cedars accompanied by some quirky table games. The beer is locally brewed so it catches the Cambria essence.

After a whole day excursion, you can visit here for some relaxation and gulp down pints of beer. A great hangout spot. Make sure you indulge in the friendly conversations happening too. You may find a good friend in one of them.

Trailing at The Fiscalini Ranch

Trail in the woods of Fiscalini Ranch
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The Fiscalini Ranch provides a lot of trails to explore the preserve and around. Out of those, we would suggest you go on the bluff trail. The area is spread out into 400-acre property. All the trails lead up to the coast.

The bluff trail has got scenic routes to wander. The trail is free of cost and the best time to go is in the time between afternoon and evening. And the best season to visit is Spring when the flowers are blooming to the fullest.

The path is well marked making it easier to follow. En route, you’d discover the amazing flora and stunning sky views. The walk starts from the northern end.

The pathway meanders along with the tides. Take it slow and admire nature’s offerings. It will happen to be a rejuvenating walk for sure.

To the Downtown

Restaurant at Downtowm Cambria
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Downtowns are always quaint and aesthetic. Cambria’s downtown houses cute cafes and restaurants and also locally owned shopping stores.

One of the best places to check out is Linn’s. Across that is the Tea Cozy, a famous tea joint. You can sit back and relish the steaming cup of tea.

Apart from this, you can go to Main Street Grill for the best barbecue options. Or can go shopping in one of the shops on the street. While in downtown, you can literally feel its vibes.

It is similar to the ones you’d have seen in classic Hollywood movies. Also, it is a picturesque location. If you haven’t changed your profile photo for years now, here’s a chance to click one.

Glimpse of The Infamous Landmark

Nitt Witt Ridge
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Nitt Witt Ridge is of historical importance to the town. It is one of the oldest and unique houses in Cambria. It is an amalgam of contemporary and victorian age architecture. The materials used are native. The architecture is intricately designed giving it a significant bohemian look.

The colors are subtle too. The owner provides a tour of the house and introduces the visitors to age-old stories. He also explains the making of the house and how it passed from generation to generation.

The storytelling makes the tour altogether more enthralling. The interior is artistic and aesthetic. The house is tender and needs to be taken care of immensely. Learn about the folk art at Nitt Witt Ridge.

Dream Fairytales at Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle
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Shimmering atop the Santa Lucia mountain, lies the magnificent Hearst Castle. The kind you would have watched in Disney movies. It is a mesmerizing place with an enchanting view.

The gothic architecture enhances the beauty of the castle. Admire long hallways, arches, and gardens. It is studded with intricate details, that would catch your attention every now and then.

It is composed of 165 rooms that spread around 125 acres. The carvings convey stories. You should opt for a guide, as he will explain the vibrant history of the castle.

The extravagance of the castle will enchant you. This will become a tour you’ll remember forever. It is an experience you would want to take home and cherish for years.

Climb the Light Station

Piedras Blancas Light Station
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Piedras Blancas Light Station is the renowned lighthouse in California. It served an eminent role in maritime navigation during older times. The lighthouse is open for visitors from 9:45 AM on Saturday morning only.

You need to do the reservation beforehand to lessen the hassle. You get almost 2 hours to explore the lighthouse from within and around too. The guide may also tell you some aspects of maritime history. Wheelchairs are accessible too for those in need.

Also, make sure you carry your own binoculars to explore the wildlife around. The view from up there is amazing. The ocean looks immaculate from above.

The grounds circling the lighthouse are pretty decent too. You can wander and pluck some cute flowers.

Detour to San Simeon Pier

San Simeon Pier
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San Simeon Pier is one of the fascinating spots to go in Cambria. It is not in Cambria but lies in its neighborhood.

It is the best place to catch the glimpse of oceanic life. Since the pier stretches out to the ocean, you can feel the water beneath your feet. The feeling of being in between the ocean feels surreal and refreshing.

There is a garden attached to the pier which acts as a picnic spot for families. You can spot many seagulls in the area. It is an ideal space if you want to relax and layout for a bit.

You can also go for a nice stroll in the evening with waves making a melodious sound. The water is cobalt blue and pure. You can just sit on the pier and adore the water flowing.

Hungry Already? Head to Robin’s

The most comforting place to satiate your hunger is at Robin’s Restaurant. They have a handcrafted menu that encapsulates everything. Right from a spicy treat to scrumptious dessert options. It is a garden cafe that offers an amazing sunset view too. The best delicacy of the cafe is the enchiladas.

They are wholesome and satisfying. The patio is immensely gorgeous. The food is served hot and fresh and staff caters to every need of the customers. You’ll feel a different vibe here and you’d regret missing out on this one.

Cambria’s Art and Wine Festival Is a Must Experience

Stretched in the period of three days, Cambria’s Art and Wine Festival is an experience you don’t want to miss. All three days consist of zest, excitement, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Various forms of art are showcased during the festival. Also, few auctions take place where you can purchase the art piece of your choice. The weekends are organized for wine tasting.

It is said that this is the best time to taste some mouth relishing wine flavors. There are a lot of trivial and entertaining events going on simultaneously. A whole of Cambria’s spirits touches the skies these days.

If you want to experience Cambria in its most exciting aura, then this is your time to go. You may also meet some intriguing people and share a conversation over a glass of wine.

Book for A Day at Victoria’s Last Resort

Looking for a relaxing day? Do you want to spend all day in bed? If you were nodding to these questions, here’s your chance to grab it. Book a stay at Victoria’s Last Resort.

It is a lavish yet comfortable resort to spend a day in Cambria. The ambiance of this place is vintage and retro and offers music all night. What a heaven!

The hospitality of the resort is 10/10. It is one of those offbeat resorts that are eccentric and cozy. You can lay in your room all day or explore the resort. Both of them will be equally enjoyable.

And they offer delicious food options too. The warmth of the place will engulf you and take you to a far more soothing place mentally.

Catch a Show Pewter Plough Playhouse

For all the theatre enthusiasts, it’s your place. Pewter plough playhouse used to be a performing art and musical theatre. Recently it got revamped and is now showcasing live music sessions. But it is one of the most revered theatres of all time.

Earlier, there used to be qualified actors and stage performances that used to allure the audiences. It is a small place with limited seating. If you are fortunate enough you may catch a show.

The musical productions were honey to ears too. The skilled musicians used to play music from across the latitudes. All in all, the theatre always deserves a full house.

Staring Sunset from Shamel Park

This is the best location to catch a sunset view. Equipped with picnic tables and benches, this is the best location to relax in the evening. The vicinity is full of greenery and a cool breeze caresses your face every now and then.

It is a dog-friendly area and also has some fun kids' rides. Lay down in the sand and let your thoughts take a calming course.

This was Cambria for us! We are already excited to hear your travelogue when you visit Cambria. And if you’ve already visited it, let us know if we missed out on anything.