15 Best Things to Do in Camas, WA

Best Things to Do in Camas, WA
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Camas is one of the many beautiful cities in Clark County, Washington, bordering Washougal City on the east side and Vancouver on the west side.

One of the greatest features of Camas is Prune Hill, an extinct volcanic vent and a part of the Boring Lava Field.

The region is famous for its lovely tree-lined streets and local communities of small businesses that flourish in the downtown area.

The city’s population is 27,054 as of the 2021 census.

The city (originally named La Camas) got its name from the Camas lily, a staple in the Native American diet.

Visit this charming city and discover the exciting things to do in Camas, WA!

Enjoy Varieties of Activities at Lacamas Lake Park

The waters of Lacamas Lake Park
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Lacamas Lake Park is a 312-acre spacious park offering various activities for the whole family, including kayaking, jogging, paddleboarding, swimming, and walking.

Located at Everett St., this gorgeous park allows you to fish in the waters of Round Lake for bluegill, perch, and bass.

The place is also great for birdwatching, so bringing your binoculars and camera is a good idea.

Rocky trail at Lacamas Lake Park
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The upland forest is a refuge for a wide diversity of wildlife, including raccoons, deer, coyotes, beavers, osprey, bald eagles, and other animals.

There is also a network of panoramic hiking trails that links to the Lacamas Heritage Trail along Lacamas Lake’s south shore.

Amenities you can use and enjoy include trails, benches, play equipment, and play equipment.

Kayaking at Lacamas Lake Park
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Take a Hike at the Lacamas Creek Trail

Hiking or walking is good for health, and a good place to do this is at the Lacamas Creek Trail, situated on NE 3rd Avenue.

This quaint forest oasis extends 0.7 miles and provides impressive views of Lacamas Creek, which flows below.

You’ll find maple trees and alders at the beginning of the trail, which offers striking fall colors during November.

Soon you’ll hear Lower Falls as it cascades down smoothly with several exposed rocks in the summer.

Afterward, you’ll reach McEnry Bridge, bringing you to Lacamas Creek.

Prepare to Have Fun with Sweetwater SUP Rentals

If you want to try a different adventure or activity, then why not go to Sweetwater SUP Rentals?

Located on NW Lake Road, this rental center provides an excellent full service for stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and kayaking on Lacamas Lake.

You’ll never go wrong with the dependability and comfort when using their rented paddleboards and kayaks.

Even your little ones can rent one of their own sizes to never miss the fun.

Don’t worry if you’re new to paddleboarding because their knowledgeable staff will provide additional instructions to keep you comfortable, confident, and safe.

Watch a Movie at the Liberty Theatre

Exterior of the Liberty Theatre
James Callan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you feel like watching a movie, Liberty Theatre is a must-go place located at NE 4th Ave.

Formerly known as the Granada Theatre, it’s been an exemplary art deco presence in downtown Camas since 1927.

It’s the only movie house in the city next to the Farrell Building.

View of Liberty Theatre's marquee
James Callan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It hosts the best Hollywood and Global Cinema movies, including Premium Stage to Screen Events from the world’s major companies.

You can also enjoy the full-service snack bar with exclusive local craft beer, wine, and cider.

Just remember to arrive on time because you can no longer enter once the main feature starts.

Colorful lights on Liberty Theatre's ceiling
James Callan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An artist like you must not miss the Attic Gallery at NE Cedar St., which started in Diana Faville’s home attic.

This art gallery supports and showcases the original artworks of current artists, including those of Monica Setziol-Phillips.

Check out the new exhibition room that features a free-standing wood beam structure with hanging walls designed by Tommer Gonser.

He designed and built those walls, particularly for fine art paintings in pastels, oils, acrylics, and mixed media.

The Attic Gallery also features artworks in bronze, clay, metal, and wood sculpture.

Take a Walk at Heritage Park

This sunlit park stretches to 5.5 acres of land with a boat launch, making it a popular location for a plethora of water activities, including water skiing and paddleboarding, to name a few.

Also inside the park is where you’ll find the well-known Heritage Park trailhead, which is suitable for all skill levels and is also accessible throughout the year.

Its 6.9-mile trail in Heritage Park is a heavily trafficked out-and-back trail situated right on Lacamas Lake.

You can bring your dog along with you while hiking, but they must always be on a leash.

Located on NW Lake Rd, bikers and runners can utilize this trail, including the handicapped.

Visit the Camas Public Library

Exterior of the Camas Public Library
Another Believer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Camas Public Library isn’t just about books and is currently more than just books.

It features an art gallery called the Second Story Gallery, located upstairs at the Camas Public Library.

Volunteers launched it in 1980 and, since then, exhibited a vast array of visual art shows throughout the years.

You can book a meeting room which can accommodate 106 participants.

Located on NE 4th Ave, the staff of Camas Public Library is helpful and friendly.

The library also offers free activities for all visitors regardless of age, story time for children, free movies, and art.

Bring your kids to the Camas Public Library and experience seamless activities to do.

Watch and Play at the Crown Park

The 7.3-acre park is a developed park composed of mature fir trees, a basketball half-court, two tennis courts, two play areas with equipment, an outdoor swimming pool, a picnic shelter, and a Scout Hall.

The Camas United Methodist Church, along with PFLAG Southwest Chapter and Discovery Dental, sponsors the Movies in the Park series at Crown Park.

This free event allows you to bring chairs or blankets for seating, keeping in mind fair viewing.

You can bring snacks or dinner or buy novelty treats you can munch on, such as candies, popcorn, and others.

There are wonderful park amenities that you can use and enjoy, such as a baseball diamond, pickleball courts, playground equipment, picnic shelters, tennis courts, and more.

Located on NE 17th Ave., Crown Park is the place to be for leisure and relaxation.

Be Amazed by Goot Park

In 1958, Camas bought the park property, while the design and construction began in 1960-1961.

The city rededicated Goot Park to acknowledge the completion of park improvements, which took nearly half a century after its institution.

In 2010, the awesome park underwent additional improvements through a Community Development Block Grant fund.

These improvements include off-street parking, bicycle rack, pathways, new ADA-compliant restrooms, a new swing set, new park signage, and a drinking fountain.

Located on SE Zenith St., Goot Park features amenities such as a basketball court, soccer fields, baseball fields, picnic tables, and parking.

Relax at Fallen Leaf Lake Park

The waters of Fallen Leaf Lake Park
BriarCraft, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The park is a section of the 119-acre Fallen Leaf Park system, offering a venue for picnics and relaxation on the banks of the lake.

Informal nature trails, on the other hand, weave through the forest across the lakeshore.

Inside the park is Fallen Leaf Lake, a pleasant 15-acre lake bordered by mature deciduous and evergreen trees providing a home to various birds and wildlife.

You can access the lake but not with motorized devices, and there are no formal launch amenities.

Take note that Fallen Leaf Lake Park allows dogs on a leash but not alcoholic beverages, especially without a permit.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Camas offers cool destinations and activities that your family and friends can enjoy.

However, don’t limit your fun and excitement because you can also enjoy other places near Camas.

Take Your Kids to Oregon Zoo

Exterior of the Oregon Zoo
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Every little kid, big or small, would love to see animals in person, so take them to Oregon Zoo, which is just a 27-minute drive (23.6 mi) via WA-14 W and I-205 S.

Located on SW Canyon Rd, Portland, Oregon, the zoo is an abundant ecosystem of conservation, education, animal care, and enrichment.

The Oregon Zoo comprises five areas, ranging throughout various continents and ecospheres — Primate Forest, Elephant Lands, Discovery Zone, Great Northwest, and Africa.

Elephants at the Oregon Zoo
TFoxFoto / Shutterstock.com

Your kids will love the carousel ride to the zoo, where they can choose from splendidly crafted animals.

The whole family can also ride the train to the historic Washington Park and Zoo railway for a six-minute journey on a 20-foot-high elevated trestle.

Some amazing animals in the zoo include the Philippine sailfin lizard, red panda, African rock phyton, American black bear, blue and gold macaw, white-faced whistling duck, and much more.

Female lions at the Oregon Zoo
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Join the Portland Adult Soapbox Derby in Mount Tabor Park

Scenic view from Mount Tabor Park
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Located on SE 60th Avenue and Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon, Mount Tabor Park is only 21 minutes away (17.0 mi) via WA-14 W and I-205 S.

This volcanic cinder cone got its name from Mt. Tabor in Israel, given by Oregon City pioneer resident Clinton Kelly’s son, Plympton Kelly.

During the construction of the park in 1912, workers found volcanic cinders, which were later on used for the park road’s surface.,

Signage of Mount Tabor Park
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You’ll also find the bronze statue of “The Oregonian” newspaper editor Harvey W. Scott.

This 636-foot-tall (194 m) park is home to the yearly Portland Adult Soapbox Derby held every August.

Mount Tabor Park offers restrooms and play areas, paved paths up to the summit, a basketball court,  open-air reservoirs, a horseshoe pit, an outdoor amphitheater, ADA-accessible picnic sites, and more.

A pavilion at Mount Tabor Park
Finetooth, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Scenic view of Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Bob Pool / Shutterstock.com

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a massive river canyon stretching 80 miles long with a depth of up to 4,000 feet.

It winds past cliffs, ridges, and spires put side by side against adjacent PNW’s Cascade Mountain Range peaks.

It’s a 22-minute drive from Camas, Washington, and offers hiking trails for all ages and abilities.

Gorgeous waterfall at Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
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You can choose short treks to waterfalls concealed from the road and rigorous uphill hikes to breathtaking vistas.

If you’re new to kiteboarding and windsurfing, you can develop your skills at an enclosed lagoon called “The Hook.”

The waters of Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
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Explore the Beauty of Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Small waterfall at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
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The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a one-of-a-kind nine-acre garden comprised of a remarkable collection of rare plant species.

There are also hybrid rhododendrons, azaleas, and little-known shrubs, including several companion plants and unfamiliar trees in this bewitching park.

Surrounding the garden is a spring-fed lake where numerous waterfowl nest and feed in this typical habitat.

Trail lined with trees at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Tomas Nevesely / Shutterstock.com

Located on SE 28th Ave, Portland, Oregon, it’s a 29-minute drive (20.8 mi) via WA-14 W and I-205 S from Camas, Washington.

It’s an enchanting place to host weddings from May to September when most flowers are in full bloom.

A pretty flower at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
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Discover Outdoor Fun at Peninsula Park & Rose Garden

Daytime view of Peninsula Park and Rose Garden
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There are several ways the whole family can enjoy the Peninsula Park and Rose Garden located on N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, Oregon.

This fascinating garden is the oldest public garden in Oregon, which is a 24-minute drive(18.1 mi) via WA-14 W and NE Lombard St.

The palace became the attraction of its time, attracting 300,000 visitors in its first year of opening its doors to the public.

Flowers at Peninsula Park and Rose Garden
Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

You’ll find cultivated in the garden is Portland’s official rose named Mme. Caroline Testout, earning Portland the name of 'City of Roses.'

Aside from the elegant roses, Peninsula Park and Rose Garden features emerald green lawns, playgrounds for toddlers and older kids, and a rainbow-colored splash pad.

A gazebo at Peninsula Park and Rose Garden
Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

It’s not too late to reward yourself with a nice trip to other cities and discover what they offer you.

You can go out of town with friends and your family, or you can go alone if you want to, but there’s a saying, “The more, the merrier.”

Pack your bag and discover exciting things to do in Camas, Washington, and its nearby cities.

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