17 Best Things to Do in Caldwell, ID

Caldwell, ID
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Once a frontier town, and now the county seat of Canyon County, is the city of Caldwell.

Featuring a population of 62,487 and recognized as a part of the Boise metropolitan area, Caldwell holds plenty of history and attractions to explore.

A huge feature that you'll find in this city is the lush amount of agriculture.

From ranches that offer you a cowboy experience to different trails you can hike, there is plenty to experience while in Caldwell.

More than this, the city also offers multiple shops and activities for any visitor.

A few of these activities include pottery, skydiving, and many more.

Without further ado, here are the 17 best things to do while in Caldwell, Idaho:

Go Swimming at Lake Lowell

View of Lake Lowell
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One of the great activities you can enjoy in Caldwell is swimming in Lake Lowell.

This off-stream reservoir was established in 1909.

Since its opening, it developed into a popular recreational area.

While swimming is a great activity you can enjoy at this location, you can also do some boating or fishing.

If that doesn't work for you, you can go hiking around the area or seek out local wildlife.

You can also enjoy having a picnic here.  

Soar the Air at Sky Down Skydiving

Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

You can try just that by signing up with Sky Down Skydiving.

Sky Down Skydiving is a skydiving service that offers different options.

Whether you want to fly solo or would like to have the support of a partner, Sky Down Skydiving has you covered.

More than their jumping options, Sky Down Skydiving also provides different packages you can choose to heighten the experience.

What's more, the skydiving service also holds different options for classes.

If you want to learn more and see what works for you, you can find their contact number on their website.

Tour the Skies With Silverhawk Aviation Academy

Don't feel comfortable with skydiving?

Then perhaps exploring the skies is more your speed.

With Skyhawk Aviation Academy, you have the option to get a sky view of different areas.

The tours can go as long as an hour plus a portion of time where you get a chance to control the vehicle yourself.

There are also different options you can choose from.

From unique views of nature to chances to spot different animals, each package offers something different for you to enjoy.

You'll also find other packages where you can extend your time in the air and see more hidden gems in the wilderness.

Meet Animals at Babby Farms

An ideal spot for animal fans when visiting Caldwell is Babby Farms.

Babby Farms aims to provide guests with the experience of meeting various animals and learning all about them.

The non-profit organization features a variety of animals raised among humans.

Some of them include ponies, kangaroos, and different monkey species.

Tickets for admission and other events are available for purchase online, and you can check out any updates from the organization.

Aside from this, Babby Farms also hosts school visits with discounted admission fees.

See the Stars at the Whittenberger Planetarium

If you are a fan of stars or astronomy, visit the Whittenberger Planetarium.

You can find the Whittenberger Planetarium in the College of Idaho.

Head south of Morrison Quadrangle and locate Boone Hall to enter the planetarium.

One of the main features you can enjoy at this planetarium is the projector, which displays different constellations and educational details.

The planetarium also hosts different events and field trips you can learn about on the College of Idaho Website.

Another feature that the planetarium offers is a portable planetarium you can rent.

To learn more about the rental, you can also check the website for who to contact.

Explore the Displays at Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History

Caldwell has its fair share of fascinating sights to browse, and one of them is the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History.

Found within the basement of the Boone Hall at the College of Idaho, the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History is a museum dedicated to presenting environmental and natural history.

The museum is open from Monday to Thursday during the afternoon hours, and it offers different events.

What's more, you also have the chance to volunteer at the museum and take part in different projects.

Outside of the events and programs, the museum also has a store.

Check Out the Oldest Wine Orchards at Ste. Chapelle Winery

Get to enjoy some history and a local delight by visiting Ste. Chapelle.

The winery was established in 1975, but the current facility opened in 1978.

You'll find a vast vineyard when visiting this winery, along with a selection of wines that feature distinct flavors you can sample.

One unique product you can find at this winery is a canned wine containing spiked seltzer.

The winery is open daily with a closing time of six in the evening, but you also have the option to purchase on their website.

Other than products you can peruse, their website also details different events.

If you are interested in additional treats, the winery also has a wine club open for subscription.

Learn Something New at the Our Memories Indian Creek Museum

To further explore other historical places in Caldwell, head over to Our Memories Indian Creek Museum.

The building was once a medical office belonging to a physician named Dr. John Finck during the 1950s, and over time, it fell under the management of the Canyon County Historical Society.

The museum currently preserves many medical rooms and features around thirty exhibits that shift around and change.

You can visit this location on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays and get a chance to check out other displays that depict local county history.

The museum also offers special tours that you can book.

Make Pottery at the Fire and Ice Pottery Studio

The Fire and Ice Pottery Studio is an ideal place to visit for any art fans.

The studio offers different ceramic and craft options for you to try, and they are open every day but Monday.

Even if you are new to working with ceramic or clay, you'll get plenty of guidance from the staff.

While you are free to visit anytime during the studio's open hours, any groups interested in dropping in will need to make a reservation.

Any group that has more than ten people will need to contact the studio if they wish to host an event, party, or anything similar.

You can find the studio's contact details on their website, along with different products you can purchase from them.

Enjoy Sawtooth Winery's Wines

Another old winery you should visit in Caldwell is the Sawtooth Winery.

Running for over thirty years now and featuring a vineyard around four hundred acres in size, the Sawtooth Winery is a prime place to visit for any wine lover.

The winery is open every day and has a website where you can peruse different products.

You can also find which products you can only taste at the winery.

There is also a wine club you can join to enjoy product discounts and other benefits.

Experience Beekeeping With Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts

Plenty of activities are available for you to try in Caldwell, and by visiting Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts, you have the chance to experience beekeeping.

If beekeeping is not your thing, the family business also offers tours and honey tasting for you to enjoy.

Aside from this, you can also head to the local farmer's market and check out their products for sale.

There is also an online shop you can peruse and details on the services you can book on their website.

Try Yoga With Namaste in the Country

Have you ever tried doing goat yoga outdoors?

Namaste in the Country provides you with that experience.

You can find all class and workshop schedules on their website and book what's convenient for you.

Some of the programs that Namaste in the Country offers include regular and goat yoga.

In addition to classes and workshops, this place hosts various events for different groups.

You can also book an hour of private sessions with ample time to know the goats.

Taste Unique Alcohol at Koenig Distillery

If you're looking to enjoy drinks other than wine, then the Koenig Distillery is the place to go.

The Koenig Distillery operates on Wednesdays to Sundays and features a variety of spirits you can try.

From brandy to vodka, there are many different drinks for you to enjoy, plus some fun flavors to check out.

If you are interested in tastings before purchasing any of the products, a reservation is ideal.

Each reservation cannot be longer than an hour, and any rules involving booking a reservation are on the distillery's website.

Purchase Handcrafted and Unique Soaps at Idaho Soap Company

One shop you can visit for souvenirs or some fun products is the Idaho Soap Company.

The Idaho Soap Company features a variety of natural products that take inspiration from different local features, including sights and scents.

Some products you can purchase include bath products, skincare products, and even accessories and candles.

The shop recently opened a branch in Caldwell and has a selection of new products you can peruse.

It is open from Wednesday to Saturday, and you have the option to shop from their website as well.

Taste Unique Marshmallows at Creekside Mallow Co.

Treat yourself to a different marshmallow experience by visiting Creekside Mallow Co.

It offers plenty of unique marshmallows you can try.

Make your cocoa extra decadent with cinnamon or salted caramel marshmallows.

Creekside Mallow Co. provides all their shop and product details on their website.

Indeed, the shop has all kinds of options.

Throw Aces at the Section 37 Axe Room

The Section 37 Axe Room is the place to go for anyone who'd like to have a unique experience in Caldwell.

Section 37 Axe Room provides a selection of lanes for your to try, and you'll have experts guiding and facilitating the whole process.

Whether you have experience or not, Section 37 Axe Room has you covered.

You can make a reservation before arriving and check out the different games they offer.

There is a limitation on how many people can throw in different lanes, but you'll get plenty of accommodation.

Aside from their facilities, you can also check out available vouchers and memberships on their website.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Rodeo at the Badiola Arena

Other than taking part in fun activities, there are also fun activities you can enjoy viewing, such as a rodeo.

In addition, the arena also holds a fair amount of competitions.

Some of the events you can enjoy at this venue include roping and bull riding.

If you are interested in any events held at either the indoor or outdoor arena, you can find details on them on the arena's website.

You can also find their contact number on the website if you'd like to ask anything else.

Final Thoughts

Get plenty of unique experiences by visiting Caldwell, Idaho.

Whether you're looking for some sky diving and ax-throwing experience, Caldwell has plenty of options for you to explore.

More than the different activities you can partake in, there are multiple attractions and shops you can peruse, ranging from meeting animals at Babby Farms to purchasing a unique spirit from Koenig Distillery.

Caldwell, indeed, is the place to go if you're looking to make memories and see beautiful sights.