15 Best Things to Do in Buckhead, GA

Buckhead, GA
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Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, is the city's uptown commercial and residential district.

It is the third-largest business district in the city and has hip restaurants, high-rise office buildings, hotels, upscale malls, and shopping centers.

This district is a trendy and chic destination with luxurious residential streets, landscapes and architecture, renowned shopping opportunities, sumptuous dining, signature landmarks, and intriguing art installations.

The area is one of beauty and affluence, as evidenced by its continuing growth into both 'old money' and 'new money,' and is considered among the wealthiest Atlanta neighborhoods.

If you're interested in shopping, sipping drinks, and sightseeing in Buckhead, there are plenty of boutiques clubs, bars, cafes that will keep you occupied while still giving you access to open green spaces in Atlanta.

You can also pursue various eclectic interests: art galleries, open parks, lively markets, live concerts, speakeasies, rooftop lounges, and more.

With its residential and commercial development through the years, the area is sure to meet the expectations of anyone looking for a thriving and bustling neighborhood.

If you already have your eye on this district, here is a list of the best things to do in Buckhead.

Explore Local History at Atlanta History Center

View of Atlanta History Center
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This museum was founded in 1926 as the Atlanta Historical Society to preserve and study local history.

In 1990, after decades of collection, research, and publication, it officially became the Atlanta History Center.

It started as a small archival society but has since sprawled out to 33 acres of exhibitions, four historical houses, and enchanting gardens, with ten onsite and online exhibitions that explore Atlanta and the nearby areas.

In this museum, you'll see preserved woodland, diverse collections, paintings, memorabilia, interactive screens, detailed exhibits, and various displays.

View of Atlanta History Center
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Discover sports objects such as golfer Bobby Jones's grand slam trophies or the Atlanta '06 collection of medals, athletic equipment, and the torch from the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

You'll also find one of the largest collections of Civil War relics in the United States; a series of September 11 first-responder memories; ephemera and media telling the story of Atlanta citizens; a display on railroads and how they shaped the state, and other educational ventures into history.

This museum is a handy stop in your itinerary if you want to know about Atlanta and its storied past.

Walk Down the PATH400 Greenway

The PATH400 Greenway trail is a multi-use paved trail following the GA400 freeway through Buckhead.

It is part of an initiative to create more green space and parks throughout Buckhead, known as the Buckhead Collection – a planned network of 106 acres of trails throughout the neighborhood.

Once fully complete, PATH400 will provide a greenway 5.2 miles long running into the heart of Buckhead, intersecting neighborhoods, offices, and retail spaces with available space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Though parts of the trail are still under construction, you will already find an accessible and relaxing pathway into Buckhead, framed by tall trees, looping around residential areas, and running parallel to highways.

As you stroll along the path, find public artworks in various forms and mediums: wall murals, painted picnic tables, shadow panels, birdhouses, giant colorful walls, and a lot more shaping the developing atmosphere of the trail.

Discover this developing path that will take you deep into the green heart of Buckhead and beyond.

Hang Out at Moondogs

You won't run out of entertainment at this Atlanta landmark that promises a 'four bars in one' experience to its visitors.

Catch the big game at the sports bar; enjoy a couple of cold ones with your friends; and bond over games of beer pong, Jenga, beer ball, and bumper pool.

Dance the night away at the EDM bar while lit up by glow-in-the-dark fixtures, neon lights, and lasers, then go and perform on stage, have fun with neon hula hoops, and play cosmic beer pong.

Show off your karaoke skills at the karaoke bar with picks from the current top 40 hits: grab a drink, hit the stage, and sing your heart out, and play cosmic foosball with your friends in between your singing sprees.

And don't forget the pub bar where you can down beers and spirits while challenging friends to a friendly game of pool or darts.

A popular hangout spot for bar-goers since 1993, Moondogs is a good spot to unwind after a long day.

Enjoy a Day at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

At LEGOLAND, you can play with LEGOs for hours on end and occupy yourselves with fun activities for the entire family.

See MINILAND and find a LEGO representation of Atlanta's landmarks built from over 1.5 million bricks and view mischievous hidden mini-figures throughout the structure.

Go to the 4D cinema for an enhanced viewing experience with special wind, snow, and rain effects leaping from the screen and quirky characters you can almost touch.

Hop onto interactive rides like Kingdom Quest and Merlin's Adventure, where your kids will delight in pedaling, zapping, and collecting points so they can save the day.

Take your kids to the Great LEGO Virtual Reality race, which will take them to new exhilarating heights in virtual reality: flying objects, lava caves, flight escapades, and others.

And don't forget to snap photos with your favorite LEGO characters in a fun meet and greet opportunity.

LEGOLAND is a venue that overflows with imagination for the young and the young at heart.

Watch a Show at Buckhead Theatre

Buckhead Theatre originally opened in 1931, sitting at one of the gateways to Buckhead's most celebrated neighborhoods.

After two years of careful restoration, it grandly opened in 2010 as Atlanta's premier intimate performance venue.

It is a beautiful and seamless merging of Spanish-Baroque architecture and classic movie-house stylings with updated and state-of-the-art lighting, sounds, and amenities.

It deeply embodies the musical heritage of Georgia and the southeast and has since been the site of popular shows of various genres: alternative, country, rock, hip-hop, and many others.

The theatre has been a keystone to the Buckhead nightlife for almost 80 years, immersed in its definitive history yet fully adaptable to today's lively entertainment and events.

Here, you can watch concerts, stand-up comedies, live music, lectures, broadway plays, and other shows.

Catch all of your favorite shows at this lovely and cozy venue.

Go Bowling at The Painted Pin

Another fun place in Buckhead to entertain a large group of friends is The Painted Pin.

It is set in an industrial warehouse with cool décor, a lively ambiance, and sometimes live music, so you are in for an enjoyable atmosphere from the get-go.

It is an upscale boutique bar, bowling, and entertainment alley with 20 full-service lanes where you can all challenge each other.

You are sure to have a great time bowling, whether it's attempting to throw strikes, getting your friends into a little friendly competition, or simply hanging out enjoying refreshments in between.

The Painted Pin also has plenty of other games to play: bocce courts, shuffleboard tables, ping pong tables, skee ball machines, Southern skittles tables, giant Jenga, darts, and a bimini ring toss.

Prepare yourself for a great evening at The Painted Pin with its beautiful lanes, comfy couches, diverse crowd, tasty food, and fun and games for one and all.

Take the Southern Beer Tours

At Southern Beer Tours, admire the Atlanta folks' skill in whipping up a quality brew in these tours, an entertaining and unique way to celebrate the up-and-coming Atlanta craft beer scene.

At their private tour, have a stopover at three breweries and have the first pint at each brewery, complemented by small snacks and water.

At their Atlanta Brewery Tour, visit three top-tier breweries to receive a private tasting at SweetWater Brewing, drop by Atlanta Brewing, Georgia's oldest brewery, and taste beer at Monday Night Brewing, which was once listed as the number three brewery in the world.

Their Sippin' in the Suburbs tour lets you relax like a local: a pint and an educational tour at Good Word Brewing, a stop at Anderby Brewing, a craft malt certified brewery, and a stop at the award-winning StillFire Brewing.

You are sure to have an educative experience as you tour the production areas and see the brewing process, and have an amazing time as you sample Atlanta's delicious beer.

Go Shopping at Lenox Square

Front View of  Lenox Square
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Lenox Square is a four-story structure that three large department stores anchor: Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

There are 250 different stores at this shopping mall, with 50 of them unique to the Georgia area.

It is the third-largest mall in Georgia and is considered the sister mall to the adjacent Phipps Plaza.

It has a beautiful array of stores that is a combination of designer, high-end, and department stores.

It also has a layout that is easy on the feet so that you won't have a problem navigating your shopping opportunities here.

At this mall, shop for creative luxury goods, cosmetic formulations, elegant accessories, symbolic brands, well-crafted products, outfits decked with enduring style, and other choices.

Spot the trendiest finds for men and women that reflect your own style and are bursting with personality.

There is no better way to check out the famous Buckhead shopping experience than Lenox Square.

Admire Contemporary Artworks at Buckhead Art and Company

Atlanta is an ideal area for creativity to flourish, and plenty of emerging artists have had their fine works on show at Buckhead Art and Company.

The gallery specializes in contemporary fine art from many established artists around the country.

Owner Katie Jones has great enthusiasm in cultivating a welcoming environment for artists, art viewing, and acquisitions at this 4,000-square-foot gallery that exhibits paintings in a wide-open space with towering ceilings and clean white walls.

She takes pride in the gallery being set apart from others, with the unique space and the way artworks complement each other despite being independently created.

Here, view provocative pop works, harmonious landscapes, dizzying color combinations, timeless paintings, melodic backdrops, bold brushwork, meticulously crafted designs, unique visual language, and others.

All the pieces here are for sale, and you are more than welcome to take home any vibrant artwork that catches your fancy.

Buckhead Art and Company is a hidden gem in Atlanta, so stop by now and enlighten the artist in you.

Buy Products at Peachtree Road Farmers' Market

Since you're already in Atlanta, you must drop by Peachtree Road Farmer's Market to indulge in some fresh products.

Come to this diverse market where all their farms are certified naturally grown or certified organic, and their food vendors are committed to sustainable, local, and ethically sourced goods when it comes to their products.

The food grown here is healthy and wholesome and good for the planet and the environment.

Find crisp live vegetables, grass-fed meats, pure milk and cheeses, tasty jams and jellies, hand-crafted baked goods, naturally grown fruits, heirloom produce, farm-fresh flavorings, and other fresh goodies.

Also, find artists displaying their handmade goods: fine leather handbags, charcuterie boards, decorative pottery, culinary items, fragrant soaps, bohemian jewelry, and others.

Visit the Market on Saturday mornings from March to December and discover why it is a leader in the good food community and among the largest producer-only farmers markets in the state.

Relax at Chastain Park

For a spell of leisure and relaxation, take your family for a day out to Chastain Park.

Chastain Park is the largest park in Atlanta at over 268 acres and is home to a wide green space, walking trails, playgrounds, and a swimming pool.

Make sure to bring a picnic to have a good time sunning yourself on the grounds with your loved ones while partaking in some tasty snacks.

If you want to get your athletic juices flowing even more, the park has a gymnasium, tennis courts, softball diamonds, a golf course, and even a horse park.

Feel right at home with the members of the community splashing in the swimming pool, swarming through the playground, battling it out on the ball courts, and trotting their horses alongside joggers on the trails.

While there, don't forget to check out Chastain Arts Center, the educational center that offers workshops, classes, and exhibits in many creative mediums.

Enjoy this park with its athletic and cultural amenities dedicated to helping people spread their wings right in the Buckhead district.

Watch a Concert at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre

Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park is the oldest outdoor music venue in the city.

It hosts fantastic live music acts and unforgettable on-stage performances by some of the biggest names in music.

Since 1944, it has been drawing in fans looking for entertainment, and every season it attracts close to 200,000 people looking for a good time.

Bring your snacks and coolers and enjoy the outdoor ambiance, the generous seating, the cool breeze in the park, and the music under the stars.

Here, watch the hottest rock bands, the most happening R&B and hip-hop acts, and smashing performances from classic entertainers – there's always something for everyone at this venue.

Order your tickets at their website and prepare to be amazed by a memorable night of music and cheer.

Marvel at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary art is on a mission to collect important and contemporary works of artists all over Georgia.

It has expanded from 250 works by 110 artists to above 1,300 works of art, with a permanent collection still growing by 50-100 art pieces a year.

It intends to place them in a global context and includes work from Georgia artists scattered worldwide.

It also has an Educational/Resource Center that serves as a destination for scholars to study art history in Georgia.

The museum's programs include promoting the visual arts by creating a medium for active interchange between artists and the community.

It is now a central leader in the arts in Georgia that invests in the greater community and the preservation of the heritage of local art.

The museum features different Georgia artists at unique stages of their careers within its exhibitions.

Come to the museum and see the exhibitions with radical, challenging, and innovative themes that will amaze the everyday visitor.

Vinings Gallery has a growing palette for over 30 of the world's most treasured and emerging artists who are making important contributions to today's art world.

It specializes in limited edition graphics and original work by prominent and up-and-coming artists.

The staff has an uncanny magnetism towards finding great creations, and you will always find a vibrant selection of styles and artists on display at this gallery.

They know their artists personally, which allows them to introduce the creations to their clients in a meaningful manner.

The staff is proud of their long-term client relationships and capacity to help them build private art collections.

Walk through the Gallery doors and enjoy a soul-stirring experience as you view fine still lifes, profound psychological portrayals, elegant and romantic figures, and the harmony of light, space, and shadows on these remarkable works.

Visit Vinings Gallery, a worthy destination and a hotspot in the current flourishing Atlanta artistic scene.

Explore Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Blue Heron Nature Preserve is nestled in North Buckhead and holds the 3-mile Blueway Trail, leading visitors towards wetlands, meadows, woodlands, and riparian areas.

The place aims to enhance and preserve 30 acres of natural habitat, especially the Blueway Trail, an important conduit towards forming a bond with nature.

The meadows or prairies are ruled by herbaceous plants such as grasses and wildflowers.

The riparian areas are composed of creeks, rivers, streams, and surrounding floodplains.

The woodlands have 3-4 layers of low herbaceous plants, shrubs, and shade-tolerant trees and vines.

The wetlands are beaver-created with a series of dams built in a creek, where two different ecosystems overlap.

The preserve also has conservation havens for amphibians, bees, turtles, and the urban waterways of Atlanta.

You will love exploring this well-maintained nature and education area, with a diverse mix of different wildlife areas for learning more about the natural world.

If you're looking for a break from urban life and need a spot of tranquility out in nature, head on to Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

Final Thoughts

Buckhead is a multidimensional neighborhood where you can whet your appetite for various entertainments.

If you're planning on coming to this unique district, bring this list to check out the best things to do there.

See the sights and discover the pleasures of downtown Atlanta as you explore this vibrant neighborhood.

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