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20 Best Things to Do in Brownsburg, IN

  • Published 2023/03/14

In Hendrick’s County, on the south side of Indiana, is the town of Brownsburg.

Brownsburg has existed since the 1820s and offers its share of sights and attractions for visitors to explore.

While it may not have multiple unique attractions compared to other towns, Brownsburg offers several outdoor options you can enjoy.

You can also look out for hidden gems and join different events.

Overall, you’ve got plenty of options in Brownsburg.

Here are the best things to do in Brownsburg, IN:

Meet the Pigs at the Oinking Acres Farm & Rescue Sanctuary

Enjoy roaming a farm and meeting animals at the Oinking Acres Farm & Rescue Sanctuary.

Running since 2017, the Oinking Acres Farm & Rescue Sanctuary is a haven for multiple animals and has many features.

You can tour the area and feed the pigs on the farm.

You can also book the farm for an event or check out their merchandise.

By visiting the Oinking Acres Farm & Rescue Sanctuary, you can learn about animal care, and if you wish, you can adopt one of their animals.

See the Alpacas at the Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch

Have you ever wanted to meet an alpaca?

If yes, you can finally meet one at the Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch on North Country Road.

The ranch officially opened around 2007, but the land itself dates back to 1824.

The ranch offers various options for guests to enjoy, plus different products.

If you are interested in the products at the ranch, you can buy alpaca blankets and fleece.

You can also get the ranch’s unique felted soaps.

Besides multiple products, the ranch offers tours, a venue for events and parties, and lodging.

You’ll find plenty of fun options at the Montrose Farms Alpaca Ranch.

Play Different Games at the Press Play Gaming Lounge

The Press Play Gaming Lounge is where to go if you’re looking for local fun.

The gaming lounge features a selection of VR games you can play, among other non-VR games.

These other games include arcade games and foam wars, where you go against other players in a course with NERF weaponry.

The lounge also features a section where you can compete in Xbox games or view other players.

If that isn’t enough, the lounge offers a cafe where you can enjoy several snacks, drinks, and desserts during breaks.

There are plenty of fun options at the Press Play Gaming Lounge.

Explore Arbuckle Acres Park

If you’re looking for some fun with sports in the city, you should check out Arbuckle Acres Park.

Arbuckle Acres Park, which is on North Green Street, is a 52-acre park featuring different areas for sports and recreational activities.

It first started as a 38-acre tract before it got purchased in 1958 and received its current name in honor of the previous owner, Alex H. Arbuckle.

One of the more notable features of the park is the Bundy Lodge.

The Bundy Lodge is an event venue you can rent for a minimum of four hours, which can accommodate up to 75 people.

You can also stroll around the mile-long trail of the park.

Overall, the Arbuckle Acres Park is one of the top places to relax outdoors.

Check Out the Attractions at Kids Planet

Brownsburg offers its share of places for kids to have fun; one of them is Kid’s Planet.

Kid’s Planet is an indoor playground you can find on Southpoint Circle and features different facilities for the kids to enjoy.

These facilities include a Lego section, slides and tunnels, and an arcade area, to name a few.

Besides the different facilities, the indoor playground offers a concession area for parties and events.

If you’re looking for fun with the family, bring your kids to Kid’s Planet.

Enjoy Family Fun at the Watermill Splash Pad

There are many places to enjoy with the family in Brownsburg, and one of them is the Watermill Splash Pad.

The Watermill Splash Pad is a 2,500 square feet aquatic play area at the back of Williams Park around the South Locust Lane area.

It’s a relatively simple play area where the kids can have fun on a zero-depth splash pad with jetting water and other water features.

Besides general splash pad features, the Watermill Splash Pad has the Superwave, which releases 32 gallons of water per minute.

The splash pad area generally opens from May to September and is an ideal spot to cool down during hot days.

Visit Williams Park

You’ll find plenty of outdoor attractions in Brownsburg.

Williams Park is one such spot, and it is the largest park in town.

It spans 77 acres and a .78-mile paved track around its perimeter.

A few features you can enjoy at the park include multiple trails, a wooden play structure, park shelters, and an open grass space.

If you’re looking to enjoy a stroll outdoors, check out Williams Park.

Ride Horses at the Natural Valley Ranch

If you want to try horseback riding, then check out Natural Valley Ranch.

The family-owned ranch offers different trail rides and riding lessons for guests to experience.

If you choose to take a trail ride, you can enjoy an hour-long trip through a 78-acre property and view some lovely scenery, among other activities.

If you’re interested in riding lessons, the ranch offers classes for kids and adults and covers all basics.

Besides trail rides and lessons, the ranch has seasonal camps where campers can learn more about horse care.

At Natural Valley Ranch, you’ll find plenty to learn about horses.

Traverse the Nature Trail at Cardinal Park

You can find different activity options in Brownsburg.

If you’re interested in exploring the many areas in the town, check out Cardinal Park.

Cardinal Park is one of the many parks in town, and you can find it at Hornaday Road.

Among the different amenities in this 14-acre park, you’ll find a trailhead to the B&O Trail.

The B&O Trail is a developing nature trail that spans six miles as a paved pathway that takes you through different landscapes.

If you’re a fan of hiking or want a different way to explore the town, check out the trail at Cardinal Park.

Learn or Shop at Brightly Art Studio

Enjoy art at the Bright Art Studio on East Main Street.

The Bright Art studio is an art store that doubles as a workshop venue for art classes and camps.

In their store section, you can find various art supplies, plus some merchandise you can get for souvenirs.

Depending on the month, you can register for different classes or have the kids join an art camp.

The studio also offers rental services for events and parties.

At Brightly Art Studio, you’ll find plenty of options to learn and create art.

Play a Round at Brownsburg Bowl

If you want to play bowling, then head to Brownsburg Bowl.

Brownsburg Bowl is a bowling center at Whittington Drive, which accommodates players of all ages.

If you are interested in a competitive game, the bowling center hosts various leagues throughout the year.

Besides different competitions, the bowling center hosts live entertainment and offers reservations for parties.

Among the different places to enjoy family fun in town, Brownsburg Bowl is one top option to check out.

Grab a Meal at Brickers Pub

There are plenty of places to grab a meal and drink in Brownsburg, and one of them is Brickers Pub.

Brickers Pub is a bar and grill that features different classic dishes with a selection of amenities to enjoy.

These amenities include a sports TV and an outdoor patio.

You can also choose from different pizzas, chicken, stews, and other hearty meals.

Likewise, there are seasonal options you can check out and a selection of drinks you can pair with your meal.

At Brickers Pub, you can enjoy plenty of food, snacks, and drinks while watching a game.

Get Beer and Barbeque at B Squared Bar & Grill

The B Squared Bar & Grill is one of the different eateries to check out in town if you want to get a meal and drink.

You can find the bar and grill in the North Green Street area.

The restaurant offers different daily specials.

A few features at this bar and grill include sports TVs, a jukebox, and open mic nights during weekends.

The menu presents different types of burgers, sandwiches, and wraps you can dig into from the grill, among dishes.

B Squared Bar & Grill gives you plenty of options to enjoy.

Shop Local at the Brownsburg Farmers Market

If you want to shop for local products, check out the Brownsburg Farmers Market.

The Brownsburg Farmers Market is a farmer’s market that runs from the end of May until the first of September.

It also opens on Thursdays.

You can visit this farmer’s market by looking for the Brownsburg Town Hall Green at North Green Street.

Besides featuring different fresh food and crafts, the market has many events you can join, such as music nights and a Strawberry Festival.

You can also check out several food trucks, and if you stay after 6:00 p.m., you can enjoy live music and drinks.

You can buy plenty of treats at the Brownsburg Farmers Market.

Enjoy Music and Food at Blues in the ‘Burg

Plenty of events occur in Brownsburg, and one of them is the Blues in the ‘Burg.

The Blues in the ‘Burg is a music festival that usually happens around September and lasts for two days.

You’ll find plenty of shows to enjoy during this festival, plus food, drinks, and other activities.

If you want to have fun with music and food, join the Blues at the ‘Burg festival.

Create Decor with Board and Brush

Explore more art options in Indiana at Board and Brush Creative Studio.

The Board and Brush branch in Brownsburg lets you create art by yourself.

Some art pieces you can create at this studio include signs and other home decor.

There are several workshops available at this studio and products you can purchase.

If you’re a fan of DIY, Board and Brush is your place.

Take the Young Ones to Kids Planet

If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity for the kids, Kids Planet is the perfect spot in Brownsburg.

This indoor playground and party center features a variety of play structures and equipment, including slides, tunnels, and ball pits that are sure to be a hit with the kids.

They can play for hours here, all while you either wait for them to finish at the lounge or stroll around the neighborhood and meet new friends.

In addition to the play area, Kids Planet also has a fully-stocked cafe serving up delicious snacks and beverages for all

There are also areas designed for toddlers to play safely.

Kids Planet offers birthday party packages that include private party rooms and a dedicated party host.

So, if you’re looking for a place to take the kids during your Brownsburg vacation, check out Kid’s Planet.

Tee Off at West Chase Golf Club

For golf enthusiasts, Brownsburg’s very own West Chase Golf Club is ready to provide the best golfing experience while you’re in town.

This beautiful 18-hole golf course features well-manicured fairways and greens, as well as challenging water hazards and sand traps—all of the features you would want in a complete golf game.

West Chase Golf Club also has a full-service driving range and pro shop, where you can practice your swing and pick up new clubs and golf balls.

It’s also a great spot to grab lunch or dinner, as the club is home to one of the best restaurants in town.

You will need to pay for a membership to access all of the course’s facilities and amenities.

However, if you’re looking for the best golfing experience during your trip to Brownsburg, the registration fee is more than worth it.

Juice Up Your Mind at Brownsburg Public Library

Exterior of Brownsburg Public Library

Michaeldavisson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sit back, relax, and exercise your mind with a good book at Brownsburg Public Library.

Opened in 1918, Brownsburg Public Library is one of the oldest running libraries in the area.

But despite its age, the library managed to adapt to the changing times and has kept up in terms of facilities and services.

The library features an extensive collection of books, movies, and music, as well as free Wi-Fi and public computer access.

The friendly staff is ready to accommodate your needs and answer any questions about the library.

The library also hosts a variety of classes and events throughout the year, catering to kids, teens, and adults.

Some of their events include story time for kids, lectures and workshops for adults and even a Friends of the Library book sale.

You can also donate books and magazines at the library’s donation center.

So, if you’re looking to get some reading in while you’re in town, make sure to stop by Brownsburg Public Library.

Unleash Your Inner gamer at Bulldog Community Gaming

For gamers, Bulldog Community Gaming is a great place to visit.

This hobby store and gaming center caters to casual and competitive gamers and features a variety of games for everyone to play and have tons of fun.

Bulldog Community Gaming offers an impressive selection of trading card games, including fan favorites such as Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, SolForge Fusion, One Piece, and Digimon.

Yu-Gi-Oh is also among the many options for players at this gaming site!

The center organizes local video game leagues and tournaments to foster a welcoming, social environment for every local or visiting gamer.

Role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder are also available.

Compete with others for glory or just hang out to make new friends—whatever the case may be, Bulldog Community Gaming is the best place to enjoy a community of like-minded gamers.

Improve Your Baseball Game at Samps Hack Shack Brownsburg

Whether you’re looking to enroll your kids in baseball training or just want to take a swing yourself, Samps Hack Shack Brownsburg is the place to be.

This unique training and the recreational facility offers batting cages for baseball and softball players of all skill levels.

Equipped with high-quality pitching machines and state-of-the-art technology, you can work and improve every aspect of your game, from swimming to pitching.

The facility also features a variety of programs, such as clinics, one-on-one lessons, group classes, camps, equipment rentals, team training, and much more.

You can also reserve the batting cages for private training and events such as parties—it’s a great spot to host birthday parties and other special occasions!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Experience the Enchanted Fairy Trails

Brownsburg may have its share of attractions to explore, but Indiana offers plenty of fun spots nearby.

Central Indiana’s Enchanted Fairy Trails will let you experience a new way to hike through different areas of Indiana.

With Enchanted Fairy Trails, you can encounter fairy stops where different fairy characters greet you and your group.

These fairy stops can vary from shops to gardens, and all participants can learn all things about fairies.

Besides fairies, Enchanted Fairy Trails hosts different events.

If you’re interested in a fun experience in Indiana, check out Enchanted Fairy Trails.

Final Thoughts

Brownsburg is a town with its share of charm and offers plenty of options to enjoy nature and play games.

Whether you want to explore nature trails, play video games, or check out the local eats, there’s plenty to do in this town.

If you’re looking for some fun in Indiana, consider Brownsburg one of your stops.

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