25 Best Things to Do in Brookings, OR

Brookings, OR
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A beautiful coastal city, Brookings is situated near Oregon's southern coastline.

This breathtaking destination is home to the kinds of natural attractions that tourists usually enjoy on vacations.

At the same time, Brookings is a favorite among those who enjoy spending their holidays on beaches and deep waters.

The city is also an excellent choice for tourists who prefer traveling to places that don't get too crowded.

As Brookings is remotely located, it is quite an unexplored part of Oregon, which adds to its charm and offers visitors tranquillity and peace.

Filled with beaches, beautiful sand, cliffs on the seashore, dunes, and a lot of flora and fauna, Brookings is more than worthy of becoming your next favorite holiday destination.

These are the best things to do in Brookings, Oregon:

Snap Photos with the Gorgeous Flowers in Azalea Park

Chapel Capella in Azalea Park
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Azalea Park is a very famous place for taking afternoon strolls in the city of Brookings.

The park gets its name from the wild azalea flowers that are present in abundant numbers.

Azalea is a native flower species that has been present on the coast of Oregon for a very long time.

However, the park has a lot more to offer than just flowers.

Welcome sign of Azalea Park
Manuela Durson / Shutterstock.com

It is famous for being a hub for enjoying seasonal activities like holiday light shows, sporting events, as well as concerts.

The park also has a chapel called Capella by the Sea, which is made of wood and stone and is used as the ultimate place for conducting wedding ceremonies.

Azalea Park is beautiful, colorful, and lively and is a delight for every visitor.

A bench along Azalea Park's paved pathway
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Admire the Beautiful Views at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Arch rock in Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor
Abbie Warnock-Matthews / Shutterstock.com

Covering 12 miles of Oregon coastline, Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor was named after the first superintendent in the area of Oregon Park.

Since the state had a lot of parks, it was deemed suitable to name one after the city's legendary superintendent.

This park is one of the most beautiful attractions that the city of Brookings offers to its visitors.

Daytime view of Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor's secret beach
ABEMOS / Shutterstock.com

It is filled with sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, sea stacks, bridges, elevated viewpoints, and grassy plateaus.

The spectacular area is highly suitable for hiking, biking, and taking beautiful photos of Mother Nature.

The weather around this corridor is also quite pleasant, which is yet another reason for its popularity.

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is definitely a hit in Brookings and the state of Oregon.

Morning fog at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor's forest area
Stephen Moehle / Shutterstock.com

Enjoy Some Me Time at Lone Ranch Beach

Big boulders around Lone Ranch Beach
LingLand / Shutterstock.com

Lone Ranch Beach is a must-visit place in Brookings.

This beach is nothing but a massive collection of sea stacks that rose out of the ocean naturally.

Apart from the sea stacks, the beach has endless tide pools and is ideal for observing marine life and aquatic animals like crabs, starfish, guppies, and more.

The waters of Lone Ranch Beach
Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lone Ranch Beach is also unique as it is shaped like a crescent moon.

In addition to its beautiful and long trails, the beach has almost a dozen picnic tables and is an ideal spot for enjoying some personal time and picnicking.

As its name suggests, Lone Ranch Beach is also a great place for solo travelers.

You can collect many sea shells from this beach and take them home as souvenirs from your vacation.

Fall in Love with the Great Outdoors at Harris Beach State Park

Daytime view of Harris Beach State Park
Simply Emily Ruth / Shutterstock.com

Harris Beach State Park is an extremely popular camping location among visitors.

This state park offers a range of adventurous activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, kite flying, swimming, picnicking, and camping.

It is a spacious area, just like a giant playground, which is ideal for people of all ages.

The park is also a great place if you are interested in spotting some marine wildlife.

An oystercatcher bird at Harris Beach State Park
Nature's Charm / Shutterstock.com

With every tide pool, the number of wildlife species at this beach continues to grow.

You can also spot some sea lions and seals enjoying on the rocks.

The views are amazing and attract many photographers to this park.

With its beautiful waves, grassy knolls, and rocky outcrops, Harris Beach State Park is perfect for spending some family time or chilling with your friends.

Scenic view of Harris Beach State Park
Simply Emily Ruth / Shutterstock.com

Take in Brookings' Most Scenic Views at Chetco Point Park

Sunset in Chetco Point Park
Vlue / Shutterstock.com

Chetco Point Park is a place with the best views in the city.

The park witnesses beautiful high tides, sweeping beaches, and beautiful lush green trails that make it perfect for hiking.

You can also enjoy views of the St. George Reef Lighthouse, Port of Brookings Harbor, Macklyn Cove, and more of the city's major attractions.

While in the park, you can also spot various fishing vessels, boats, and even whales on some occasions.

Nature trail at Chetco Point Park
Vlue / Shutterstock.com

The park also has arrangements for picnic tables and horseshoe pits.

You can also travel down to Chetco Beach, which is a perfect place for collecting shells and watching birds.

Like other parks in the city, Chetco Point Park is surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna and is perfect for spending some peaceful time.

Visit the Iconic Whaleshead Beach

Daytime view of Whaleshead Beach
Anne08 / Shutterstock.com

Whaleshead Beach is surrounded by massive rocks, including one shaped like a whale's head—hence its name.

The place is also known to resemble a whale because of its high water splashes, which create scenes reminiscent of a whale breathing out of the water.

Whaleshead Beach gets very high waves, which are perfect for enjoying some water activities.

View of Whaleshead Beach from a picnic area
Anne08 / Shutterstock.com

Apart from its attractive rocks, the beach has beautiful golden sand that attracts quite a lot of visitors.

The beach also has beautiful trails.

You can explore some strawberry and huckleberry bushes, white roses, and some different varieties of moss in the area.

The place is also perfect for taking beautiful snaps, so don't forget to bring your cameras.

Swing Your Clubs at Salmon Run Golf Course

The coast of Oregon is famously known for providing great opportunities for golfing.

Salmon Run Golf Course is one of the city's most popular golfing locations.

It is an 18-hole course located right along the Chetco River and is perfect for enjoying golf.

In addition, Salmon Run Golf Course offers opportunities for fishing, as the place is a hotspot for a variety of fishes.

Its natural views are also quite exceptional.

This golf course is a perfect fusion of nature and sport, along with well-maintained service.

Spot Migratory Birds at Bird Island

Sunset in Bird Island
LingLand / Shutterstock.com

Bird Island is a national wildlife sanctuary that is located just off the coast near Harris Beach.

It is one of the most famous places in the city for spotting some of Oregon's local wildlife.

The place is quite interesting and is home to a large number of bird species.

Some of the birds are native to the city, while the others are migratory birds that can only be spotted on a seasonal basis.

If you enjoy watching birds along with additional beautiful views of nature, Bird Island is the place for you.

See the Fujita Sword Display at the Chetco Community Public Library

Fujita Sword Display is a different type of tourist attraction in Oregon.

Nobuo Fujita is believed to be the only Japanese pilot that bombed the US mainland during World War II.

He dropped a total of four bombs around Brookings in the year 1942.

He aimed to burn the entire forest area so that there was no vegetation left.

However, due to the dampness of the area, the plan failed.

Twenty years after the Second World War, Nobuo Fujita was invited to Brookings; and during this visit, he donated his samurai sword.

This sword was 400 years old and was a gesture of peace between the two nations.

The legendary Fujita sword is displayed at the Chetco Community Public Library.

Witness the Jaw-Droppignly Beautiful Indian Sands

Indian Sands in Brookings
Michael Schober / Shutterstock.com

Indian Sands is a place where beautiful golden sand dunes can be spotted in Brookings.

Even though the city's major attractions are its beaches, the Indian Sands' dunes are no less attractive and are equally famous among visitors.

The sand dunes are formed above the coastal cliffs facing the Pacific.

They also offer marvelous views of the surrounding areas to those who climb to their top.

The dunes at Indian Sands are made of sandstone and small rocks from the surrounding cliffs.

Observe Wildlife in their Natural Habitat at Crissey Field State Recreation Site

Crissey Field State Recreation Site is a perfect place for getting lost in nature.

The recreational site is quite serene and offers ultra-fine sand along with occasional driftwood.

Due to its different vegetation, this recreation site has unique wildlife.

The place also has a visitor center that offers a great variety of information about the surrounding beaches.

Watch the Sunset at McVay Rock State Recreation Site

McVay Rock State Recreation Site is a perfect place for enjoying outdoor sports in Brookings.

This park is located on a cliff and drops into an unseen beach.

Due to its significant location, this site is perfect for experiencing trekking and enjoying tides.

You can also enjoy other activities like surf fishing, clamming, watching whales, disc golf, and many more.

The place offers breathtaking sunsets.

Cross the Amazing Thomas Creek Bridge

Aerial view of Thomas Creek Bridge
Stephanie Carlson Media / Shutterstock.com

Thomas Creek Bridge is an exemplary piece of architecture that signifies the blending of man-made and natural creations.

The 45-foot-fall structure is the tallest bridge in Brookings.

Each of its connected places has screw tress and other pine trees.

The structure of Thomas Creek Bridge
Emily Marie Wilson / Shutterstock.com

The bridge also has trails on each side, which visitors can use for easy access to the beach.

Thomas Creek Bridge is a work of art in itself, and you should definitely add a stop at this attraction to your Brookings itinerary.

Browse through the Selection at the Chetco Community Public Library

The Chetco Community Public Library was opened in 1924 and is one of the most famous and lovely public libraries in the area.

This library houses a collection of more than 7,700 items, ranging from children's comics and teen material to adult fiction, non-fiction, and multimedia.

What makes this library quite unique is that it also has other collections like audiobooks, magazines, movies, and digital titles.

With its free wireless internet services, visitors can enjoy surfing various educational sites.

The library's common area is also filled with art pieces by local artists.

Its display area can also be rented for organizing private events and is a frequent stop for many visitors.

Apart from its excellent collection of books, the library's gallery is also known for hosting an event called the Second Saturday Art Walk.

With so many things to offer visitors, the Chetco Community Public Library is a favorite among tourists who come to Brookings.

Bond with Your Companions over Ice-Cold Beer at Chetco Brewing Company

Offering visitors a break from the city's beaches and parks, Chetco Brewing Company is a famous and delightful microbrewery in Brookings.

It's famous for crafting local beers and is operated by brewmaster Michael Fredrick.

Chetco Brewing Company specializes in crafting all-vegan beers, which are produced using Irish moss and no additives.

All the ingredients are organic and free from any pesticides or chemical traces.

With its 16 tap services, the brewery offers various seasonal and flagship brews.

Some of Chetco Brewing Company's most famous drinks are the Save for Ted Robust Porter, Kodiak Pilsner, house-made root beer, and kombucha.

The brewery also has some food trucks that sell some of the best regional dishes.

Moreover, Chetco Brewing Company hosts various events that include trivia nights, live music events, and happy hours.

Enjoy Your Pick of Outdoor Sports at Bud Cross Park

Bud Cross Park is an athletic paradise for residents of Brookings.

The park is a popular destination for those looking to participate in sports and fitness activities like tennis and basketball.

Bud Cross Park has a skate park, a basketball court, two baseball fields, a seasonal municipal swimming pool, and four tennis courts.

Bud Cross Park's two ball fields are a hotbed of activity during the summer and spring months, as young athletes flock to the park to see or participate in Brookings-Harbor Little League Association games.

Basketball enthusiasts and tennis players are also welcome to enjoy time on the courts, regardless of their skill level.

The municipal swimming pool and skate park at Bud Cross Park both provide a good time for all.

While this park might be considered "small" compared to its counterparts in metropolitan areas, it's a great place for people who want to get outside and enjoy an ocean breeze.

To top it all off, Harris Beach is just within walking distance of this park.

Take a Hike through the Oregon Redwoods Trail

The redwoods of the Oregon countryside let travelers enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature.

The Oregon Redwoods Trail is a perfect place for nature lovers who are looking to escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

This short loop trail offers occasional close-up views of majestic old-growth forest giants that dot this peaceful landscape.

You'll find yourself surrounded by the stately old-growth giants that other redwood forests in California are famous for.

The hike starts on a ridge with no elevation change, takes you down a hillside to an expansive section of lower elevation groves, and even has easy wheelchair access.

On this trail, travelers might have their best chance at seeing some of these ancient beauties.

Attend the Annual Pirates of the Pacific Festival

The annual Pirates of the Pacific Festival is held on the boardwalk of the Port of Brookings Harbor on Lower Harbor Road.

There will be live music, pirate shows, food vendors, re-enactments, magicians, children's activities, jugglers, a mermaid pageant, and more.

If you're on the second weekend of August, the festival lasts for 3 days.

It would be a perfect activity to do with your family and friends while you're visiting Brookings and getting to know more about the city.

Bruce Ellis and Mike Moran established the Pirates of the Pacific Festival in 2010.

Watch the Ocean and the Whales at Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint

How cool is it to see the whales without getting in the water?

At Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint, you get to do whale watching in the fall and spring while taking advantage of the relaxing atmosphere and smelling the salty air.

It's a scenic spot overlooking the rugged Oregon coastline, where you can see whales and lots of species of birds.

The viewpoint is also one of the stops of the Oregon Coastal Trail, which leads to several bluffs, forests, and the beach.

And if you want to catch the gorgeous Oregon sunset, Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint got your back!

You can find it on the Oregon Coast Highway.

Shop for Unique Finds at Goldilocks Antiques

Antique lovers can browse the treasures at Goldilocks Antiques, which features lots of real gems and unique finds for your home, office, or for personal use.

There are lots of vintage and antique collectibles here, as well as home decor, vintage clothing, old trinkets, glassware, China, and many other treasures you can't find elsewhere.

If you're looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, this is also a great shop to find one.

So while you're in Brookings, drop by Goldilocks Antiques to explore many of its treasures!

Goldilocks Antiques is located off Chetco Avenue.

Go Camping at Alfred A. Loeb State Park

The waters of Alfred A. Loeb State Park
Jeremy McWilliams from Lake Oswego, OR, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sleep under the stars and create happy memories with your loved ones at Alfred A. Loeb State Park.

The park features more than 50 camping sites, which include large private RV and tent sites with power and water.

And the best thing about it is that it's located along the banks of the Chetco River and blackberries are also around; making it more gorgeous and inviting.

A cabin at Alfred A. Loeb State Park
Rick Obst, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Warm showers and flush toilets are also available at Alfred A. Loeb State Park.

You can walk on the trail, go swimming, fish, or enjoy paddling in the water.

Picnic tables at Alfred A. Loeb State Park
Rick Obst, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get You Coffee Fix at Bell & Whistle Coffee House

Located in the Port of Brookings Harbor on Lower Harbor Road, Bell & Whistle Coffee House serves only the best coffee in town.

The coffee house serves handcrafted coffee and espresso, which are all locally roasted and organically sourced.

Its waterfront location on the Harbor makes the coffee house more inviting, especially when you're day has just started in Brookings.

Pair your favorite cup with its housemade pastries and delicious breakfast sandwiches for a flavorful experience.

Overall, Bell & Whistle Coffee House is the best spot for breakfast and coffee!

Final Thoughts

Brookings is filled with a slew of enjoyable things to do.

Every day in this city brings something new and exciting, including things you won't be able to find anywhere else.

You can go on a casual drive into the heart of town to discover fascinating parks, museums, rivers, art galleries, wineries, restaurants, mountains, and monuments.

This wonderful city also offers lovely treats, crafts, and other incredible things to see and do.

Whether you're spending a weekend in Brookings, Oregon or taking a long road trip through the country, plenty of fun activities and things to see await you in this charming city.

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