15 Best Things to Do in Brookings, Oregon

15 Best Things to Do in Brookings, Oregon

A very beautiful coastal town, Brookings is situated near the southern coastline of Oregon. The town is as alive as a happy human will be as it faces the sea itself. Brookings has all those beautiful natural gifts which a person enjoys on vacations. Full of beaches, beautiful sand, cliffs on seashore, dunes, and a lot of flora and fauna, Brookings can be your next favourite holiday destination.

The town is also great for those people who seek to visit some place where it is not much crowded. As the town is remotely located, the place is not very much visited and therefore offers tranquillity and peace. In this article, you can discover the best things that you should do in Brookings, Oregon.

Azalea Park

Chapel Capella in Azalea Park
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Azalea Park is a very famous place for taking afternoon strolls in the town of Brookings. The park has got its name from wild Azalea flowers which are present in the park in abundant numbers. Azalea is a native flower species and this flower has been present on the coast of Oregon since last very long time.

However, the park has a lot more to offer than just flowers. It is famous for being a hub of enjoying seasonal activities like holiday light shows, various easy sporting events, as well as concerts.

The park also has a chapel, Capella by the sea, which is made using wood and stone and is used as the ultimate place for conducting wedding ceremonies. The park is very beautiful, colourful, lively and is a delight for every visitor’s eyes.

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Arch rock in Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor
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Covering 12 miles of Oregon coast line, Samuel H. Boardman State scenic corridor was named after the first superintendent in the area of Oregon Park. Since the state had a lot of parks, it was found suitable to name one after this legendary superintendent in the town.

This park is one of the most beautiful thing that the town of Oregon offers to its visitors. The park is filled with sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, sea stacks, bridges, elevated viewpoints, as well as grassy plateaus.

The area is just spectacular and is extremely suitable for hiking, biking, as well as clicking some beautiful pictures of mother nature. The weather around this corridor is also quite well which is yet another reason of the popularity of the corridor. The place is definitely a hit in Oregon.

Lone Ranch Beach

Lone Ranch Beach
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Lone Ranch beach is another must visit place in Brookings. This place is nothing but a massive collection of sea stacks which rose up out of the ocean naturally.

Apart from the sea stacks, the beach has endless tide pools, and is ideal for observing marine life and aquatic animals like crabs, starfish, guppies, etc. Lone Ranch beach is also unique as it is in shape of a crescent moon.

With its beautiful and long trails, the beach is accommodated with almost a dozen picnic tables and is an ideal spot for enjoying some personal time and picnicking. As the name suggests, it is also a great place for solo travellers. You can also collect many sea shells from this beach and take them as souvenirs from your vacation.

Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park
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Harris Beach State Park is an extremely popular camping location among visitors. This State Park offers a range of adventurous activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, Kite flying, swimming, picnicking, and obviously camping. This state Park is a spacious area, just like a big playground which is ideal for people from all age groups.

Harris Beach is also a great place if you are trying to spot some marine wildlife. With every tide pool, the species of wildlife that this beach has keeps on growing. You can also spot some sea lions and seals enjoying on the rocks.

The views are just amazing and attract almost all the photographers in the town. With its beautiful waves, grassy knolls, and rocky outcrops, this place is just perfect for spending some family time or chilling with your friends.

Chetco Point Park

Sunset in Chetco Point Park
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Chetco Point Park is a place with the best views in the town. The park could be treated as the premium Park in terms of the views that it offers and its vegetation. The park witnesses beautiful high tides, sweeping beaches, and beautiful lush green trails.

The park is perfect for hiking. You can also enjoy the views of St George reef lighthouse, Port of Brookings harbour, Macklyn Cove, and other major attractions of the town. While in the park, you can also spot various fishing vessels, boats, and even whales on some occasions.

The park also has arrangement for picnic tables and horse shoe fits. You can also travel down to Chetco beach which is just a perfect place for collecting shells and watching birds. Like all the other parks in the city, this park is also surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna and is perfect for spending some peaceful time.

Whaleshead Beach

Whaleshead Beach
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Whaleshead beach is a beach which is similar to a head of Whales and is surrounded with the massive rocks. This beach is quite beautiful and looks like a big animal in the sea.

The place resembles whales in yet another aspect which is the high water splashes and look like a whale breathing out of the water. It gets very high waves which are just perfect for enjoying some drizzling water activities.

Apart from its attractive rocks, the beach has a golden sand which attracts quite a lot of visitors. It also has beautiful trails. You can also explore some Strawberry and huckleberry bushes, white roses, and some different varieties of moss in the area. The place is also good for clicking some beautiful snaps.

Salmon Run Golf Course

The coast of Oregon is famously known for providing great opportunities for golfing. One of those famous places is the Salmon run golf course.

This is an 18-hole course which is located right along the Chetco river and is perfect for enjoying golf. The place also offers opportunity for fishing as the place is a hotspot for variety of fishes. The natural views of the golf course are quite exceptional.

This golf course is a perfect fusion of nature and sport together with really well maintained service, trained and learned staff members.

Bird Island

Bird Island is a national wildlife sanctuary which is located just off the coast near Harris beach. It is one of the most famous places in the town for spotting local and indigenous wildlife in Oregon.

The place is quite interesting and has a large number and species of birds. Some of the birds are native to the city while the others are migratory birds which can only be spotted on a seasonal basis. If you enjoy watching birds along with additional beautiful views of nature, Bird Island is a place for you.

Fujita Sword Display

Fujita Sword display is a different type of tourist attraction in Oregon. Brookings in Oregon is believed to be the only area of the US Continental that was bombed during world War II. A Japanese pilot, Nobua fujita four tried to drop four bombs in the town in year 1942.

He aimed at burning the entire forest area so that there was no vegetation left in this area. However due to the dampness of the area, the plan failed. After the world war ended, 20 years later Nobuo Fujita was invited to Brookings and during this visit he donated his samurai sword.

This sword was 400 years old and was a gesture of peace between the two nations. Fujita sword display is the place where the legendary sword is displayed.

Indian Sands

Indian Sands in Brookings
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Indian sands is a place where beautiful golden sand dunes can be spotted in Brookings. Even though the major attraction of the town are its beaches, the Indian sand dunes are no less attractive and are equally famous among visitors.

The sand dunes are formed above the coastal cliffs facing the Pacific. The dunes also offer marvellous views of the surrounding areas upon climbing to their top.

The sand is made of sandstone and small rocks from the surrounding cliffs. The place is definitely a smooth catch and you will understand why it is so smooth, once you touch the sand here!

Crissey Field State Recreation Site

Crissey field state recreation site is a perfect place for getting lost in the nature. The recreational site is quite serene and offers ultra-fine sand along with occasional driftwood.

Due to its different vegetation, this recreation site has unique wildlife. The place also has a visitor Centre which offers a great variety of information about the surrounding beaches.

McVay Rock State Recreation Site

McVay Rock state recreation site is a perfect place for enjoying outdoor sports in Brookings. This is a reclusive park which is located on a cliff and drops into an unseen beach.

Due to its significant location, this site is perfect for experiencing trekking and enjoying tides. You can also enjoy other activities like Surf fishing, clamming, watching whales, disc golf, and many more. The place offers breath-taking sunsets. Camping is not allowed in the park though.

Thomas Creek Bridge

Thomas Creek Bridge
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Thomas Creek Bridge is an exemplary piece of architecture which signifies the blending of man-made and natural creations. Thomas Creek Bridge is the tallest bridge in Brookings, with its 345 feet tall structure, the bridge reveals splendour.

Each of the connected places of the bridge have screw tress and other pine trees. The bridge also has trails on each side using which the visitors can easily reach to the beach. A definite piece of art in itself, you should definitely visit the bridge even if you are in a hurry.

Chetco community Public Library

Chetco Community public library was opened in 1924 and is one of the most famous and lovely public libraries in the surrounding areas. This library has a collection of more than 7700 items.

The items in the library range from children’s comics to Teen material, from adult fiction and non-fiction to multimedia. What makes this library quite uncommon is that it also has other collections like audiobooks, magazines, movies, and digital titles.

With its free wireless internet services, the visitors can enjoy surfing on various educational sites. The common area of the library is also filled with art pieces from local artists. The display area can also be rented for organising private events and is a frequent stop for many visitors.

Apart from its great collection of books, the Gallery of the library also organises second Saturday art walk gallery crawls. With so many things for the visitors, Chetco Community public library is one of the favourites in Brookings.

Chetco Brewing Company

Something different from beaches and parks, Chetco brewing company is a famous delightful micro-brewery in Brookings. The brewery is famous for crafting local beers and is operated by a brew master Michael Fredrick.

The brewery is specialised in crafting all vegan beers which are produced using Irish moss and without additives. All the ingredients are organic and are free from any pesticide or chemical traces. With its 16 tap services, the brewery offers various seasonal as well as flagship brews.

Some of the most famous drinks are Save for Ted robust porter, Kodiak Pilsner, house-made root beer, kombucha, shadow Chetco effect summer ale, etc. The brewery also has some food trucks which sell some of the best regional cuisine and hosts various events such as trivia nights, live music events, and hoppy hours.

Brookings in Oregon is more of a beach vacation destination and is a favourite for all those who enjoy spending time on beaches and deep waters. It is quite an unexplored area in Oregon due to which it has its own local charm.

The place has only few visitors, enabling you to understand the culture of this town in a great depth. A definite visit, the place is a cure for all your boredom.