17 Best Things to Do in Brick, NJ

Brick, NJ
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Brick is a town in Ocean County, New Jersey.

The town is a great residential area because of its coastal waters and freshwater wetlands.

Famous for its boats and waterfronts, Brick is an underrated place where you can do lots of fun and relaxing activities.

Beyond that, it also has an engaging local community that may pique your interest.

Are you planning a trip to Ocean County?

Here are the best things to do in Brick, New Jersey:

Enjoy the Metedeconk River at Windward Beach Park

Windward Beach Park is one of the most famous destinations in Brick if you’re looking for a great hangout spot.

This waterfront park along Metedeconk River shows you gorgeous sunsets while you relax on its sandy beach.

Windward Beach Park is family-friendly, too.

It has a big playground for children to enjoy and a dock area for panoramic family photos.

The park also has an amphitheater and a small public library for live concerts during summer.

Windward Beach Park is a must-visit in Brick.

You can access it along Princeton Avenue.

Shop at Brick Farmers Market

Brick Farmers Market is in Windward Beach Park, popping up on Saturday mornings.

It’s a vast market that Brick’s local government promotes.

Many businesses converge here to offer a wide variety of fresh produce, ready-to-eat food, and other items.

You may be overwhelmed at the sheer size of the products here, so ready your wallet if you’re going!

Craft beers, vegan products, rare cuts of meat, seafood, and plants are some exciting items on sale at the Brick Farmers Market.

There are also food trucks if you plan to make it into a family trip.

Catch Seafood at Mantoloking Bridge County Park

You can cast your line at Mantoloking Bridge County Park, at the rich waters of Barnegat Bay.

Mantoloking is a borough right next to Brick Township.

The borough spans several towns of Ocean County, with the Mantoloking Bridge connecting directly to Brick.

Many locals fish here, and the serious ones even do crabbing, permitted by the local township.

If you’re not into fishing, the park is a gorgeous area to spend time with friends and family.

It’s lined with many picnic areas, pavilions, a beach, and a pier.

You can visit Mantoloking Bridge County Park at Mantoloking Road.

Enjoy Mantoloking Borough at Brick Beach

Mantoloking Borough is a must-visit if you’re in Brick.

After visiting the bridge park, you can easily access the borough by crossing Mantoloking Bridge.

Within the borough lies Brick Beach, divided into three beaches.

Unlike the waterfront parks in the town, Brick Beach is an actual oceanfront area.

Brick Beach has beautiful waves and fine sand facing the North Atlantic Ocean without any neighboring islands.

It’s a beautiful place to do all sorts of beach activities.

You can visit all three beaches (Brick Beach 1, 2, and 3), but if you’re looking for the best spot to swim and surf, Beach 3 is the go-to place.

You can visit all three beaches starting at Beach 1 and trekking to Beach 3.

They are along Ocean Boulevard North after you cross Mantoloking Bridge.

Have a Scenic Lunch at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar

River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar is a great place to dine in Brick while you appreciate its coastal waters.

This restaurant has a lot to offer because of its sushi, seafood, and American pizzas.

Dining outside the restaurant will lead you to a beautiful harbor full of small boats along the Manasquan River.

At night, the place has a good vibe, too.

It’s a nice place to hang out with friends while having a beer.

River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar is at the end of Main Avenue.

Learn about Brick’s History at Havens Homestead Museum

Waterfront destinations aren’t the only thing you can find at Brick.

There are also a few interesting places in its busier streets, and Havens Homestead Museum is one of them.

Managed by the Brick Township Historical Society, Havens Homestead Museum will show you what Brick was like during the 1800s.

Several ancestral houses are within the area of Havens Homestead Museum.

Via a guided tour, you’ll encounter several remarkable remnants of the 19th century, such as vintage farming and fishing equipment.

Admission is free, and the area is beautiful to walk around.

Havens Homestead Museum is at 521 Herbertsville Road.

Ride through Brick at Shore Woods Bicycle Path

If you want to unwind and see Brick’s quaint neighborhood, the Shore Woods Bicycle Path is a great place to ride a bike.

Safe and easy to use, this bicycle path will walk you through the town’s quaint neighborhoods and exciting wetlands.

You’ll find some exciting signboards that talk about the town’s wildlife along the way.

You might encounter great herons, wild ducks, and ospreys as you bike along Shore Woods Bicycle Path.

It’s a serene activity, especially during the early morning.

You can find this bicycle path along St. Lawrence Boulevard.

Experience Steampunk Dining at Beacon 70

Beacon 70 is another popular restaurant and bar that gives you a unique dining experience.

The restaurant's interiors are Instagram-worthy, with steampunk fixtures inside and giant TV screens and wooden shelves.

Beacon 70 also overlooks the Metedeconk River, giving it a great view overall.

With so many screens above you, it’s a fantastic place to watch a football or basketball game.

The food and beverages at Beacon 70 also enjoy good ratings.

They’re famous for their seafood dishes, like tacos, blackened fish, lobster bisques, and oysters by the dollar.

You can visit this restaurant along New Jersey Route 70.

Take a Walk around Brick Reservoir

Brick Reservoir is a scenic place where you can jog or walk.

The site is also a landmark because government initiatives turned it into one of Brick’s largest recreational spaces.

Brick Reservoir has a jogging path that stretches around 1.6 miles, making it an easy run for people of all ages.

The pavement is maintained correctly, with several benches scattered across if you want to take a break.

At night, there’s also a sufficient number of streetlamps to illuminate the place.

You can also find gardens, gazebos, and fishing areas in Brick Reservoir.

Bring your camera, as this landmark is an excellent representation of Brick’s scenic beauty!

You can access Brick Reservoir along Herbertsville Road.

Go Skating at the Ice Palace

The Ice Palace is Brick’s premier ice-skating arena, where you can experience a wide variety of fun activities.

The Ice Palace is a state-of-the-art complex featuring spacious ice-skating rinks that people can use for public skating or private bookings.

Ice skating and hockey are commonly played in this arena, but it also has ice bumper cars which should be a hit family activity!

The Ice Palace is extremely cold, so don’t forget to bundle up!

You can visit the Ice Palace at 197 Chambersbridge Road.

Take the Kids to the Bernard J. Cooke Memorial

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy in the afternoon with your kids, Bernard J. Cooke Memorial is an easy choice.

It’s a quirky little playground where children can have all sorts of fun through slides, nets, and hanging bars.

The playground area is also padded nicely, ensuring children are as safe as possible.

There’s also a skateboard park and a pavilion for adults and teenagers.

The skate park is one of the best in town.

Bernard J. Cooke Memorial is an excellent addition to your itinerary for the kids.

You can locate it at 44 Burnt Tavern Road.

Play Sports at Drum Point Sports Complex

Drum Point Sports Complex is the go-to place in Brick for all sorts of sporting activities.

Offering a variety of fields, courts, and trails, this sports complex is a haven for sports enthusiasts.

Several basketball courts and baseball and softball fields are present.

A skatepark is also included, along with a soccer field.

There’s also a mini playground for kids and a walking trail that leads you to its surrounding woods.

You can get to Drum Point Sports Complex by driving along Brick Boulevard.

Float as You Sleep at True Rest Float Spa

With its floating pods, True Rest Float Spa is one of Brick's best and most unique spas.

The spa offers a therapeutic experience through its float therapy, which uses highly buoyant saltwater that makes you feel like you’re floating on air.

The water is placed in their state-of-the-art pods.

The pods are in private rooms with a cover that you can close if you want to fall asleep and relax.

Soothing lights and music accompany your therapy; all part of the process to de-stress you.

True Rest Float Spa’s therapy benefits include stress relief, better blood flow, and pain management.

You won’t encounter many of their branches on the East Coast, so it’s a great stopover when you’re in town.

You can visit True Rest Float Spa inside Townhall Shoppes, along Cedar Bridge Avenue.

Get a Serene Experience along the Airport Tract Trail

The Airport Tract Trail is one of the more underrated spots in Brick.

Covered with lush vegetation and sprawling trees, this area may give you the impression that you’re in South Korea’s Nami Island instead of New Jersey.

Airport Tract Trail will lead you to the town’s pristine woodlands that were once cranberry bogs.

Over 285 acres of its land are primarily untouched, full of sugar sand trails, upland pine forests, and water access to Barnegat Bay.

The lush forests surrounding Airport Tract Trail are mostly isolated, making it a hidden gem that will instantly make your Brick itinerary better.

You can start your hike along Cherry Quad Road.

Dine at the Rainbow Diner

Established decades ago, Rainbow Diner became a staple to Brick’s residents.

You could say it’s already an institution in Brick.

Rainbow Diner keeps its business simple by focusing on good food and excellent service.

Thousands of locals and visitors flock to this diner because of its highly-rated lunch and dinner menus, primarily Greek and Italian-inspired.

Try their seafood dishes, pasta, and paninis.

Their seafood fra Diavolo, in particular, is a best seller.

It consists of a hot or sweet sauce with scallops, shrimp, and other seafood tossed in linguine pasta.

You can conveniently reach Rainbow Diner along New Jersey Route 70.

Take Your Dogs to Angela Hibbard Park

Located along Drum Point Road, Angela Hibbard Park is a great place to bring your furry little friend.

It’s a quiet neighborhood park with two nicely built dog parks where you can let your furry friend loose.

Fully enclosed with lots of shade, Angela Hibbard Park offers two sections for small and large breeds.

There are also several pickleball and basketball courts and a playground.

If you’re traveling with one or two dogs, try to bring them here.

They’ll love meeting new friends!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take Wildlife Photography at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Welcome sign of Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is an expansive wildlife sanctuary that spans several cities and towns in New Jersey.

At Brick, you can access parts of it through the deCamp Wildlife Trail.

The trail is located along Mantoloking and Adamston Road.

Birds on a bald tree at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
Wilfred Marissen / Shutterstock.com

Stretching about 2.5 miles, this trail will lead you to one of the best marshlands in New Jersey that’s full of wildlife.

Migratory birds often grace the path early in the morning, making it an excellent place for birdwatching and photography.

Ducks on Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge's water
Scenic Corner / Shutterstock.com

If you explore deeper into the marshland, you can also see all sorts of turtles, fish, deer, and owls at night.

Bring insect repellant and proper hiking gear, as Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is also home to many bugs!

The refuge is at Galloway, New Jersey, 46 minutes from Brick.

Aerial view of Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge's trail
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Final Thoughts

You could easily spend a whole week in Brick and not get bored by the sea with sprawling wetlands and rivers.

Its quick access to Mantoloking Borough is a blessing for surfers and beach enthusiasts.

Beyond that, it’s a haven for wetland adventurers and wildlife photographers.

Check out this list of the best things to do in Brick, New Jersey, for the best travel experience!

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