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22 Best Things to Do in Brentwood, CA

  • Published 2023/01/26

In the Contra Costa County and within the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area is the city of Brentwood.

With a population of 65,902 as of 2021 and area size of 38.5 square kilometers, Brentwood has its fair share of sights to see.

If you are a fan of the outdoors and anything related to it, Brentwood should be your next destination.

From nature preserves to water parks, Brentwood offers plenty for you to explore.

Aside from this, you can find different hidden gems in the city and enjoy various activities.

Having that in mind, here are the 22 best things to do in Brentwood, California:

Experience a Hike Through Marsh Creek State Historic Park

Stone House of John Marsh in Marsh Creek State Historic Park

Robin Mayoff (RHM Images), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are interested in exploring all hiking sights available in Brentwood, make a stop at the Marsh Creek State Historic Park.

The Marsh Creek State Historic Park features more than three thousand acres of land for you to explore.

In addition, the park holds a historical feature you can learn about at the John Marsh Home.

Whether you decide to go hiking, cycling, or walk around the vast habitat, there is plenty of beautiful scenery and wildlife to admire in this location.

The park is open for you to visit at any time.

There is also a park phone number you can contact if you have any inquiries.

Taste Local Wine at Hannah Nicole Vineyards

The Hannah Nicole Vineyards is an ideal location to visit for any wine lover.

Hannah Nicole Vineyards offers plenty of services to enjoy, ranging from a vineyard of over fifty acres to different types of wine tasting options.

They are also open every day and can host different events for you.

If you are interested in gaining benefits, such as discounts and complimentary wine tastings, the vineyard has clubs you can join.

Aside from this, the winery also hosts concert and movie events.

You don’t need to book any appointments, but if you’d like to learn more about their services, you can check out their website.

Try Water Skiing at Orwood Resort Inc.

Have you ever done water skiing? What about wakeboarding?

If you have tried neither of these, you can experience either activity by heading to the Orwood Resort Inc.

Found within the Orwood Road area, Orwood Resort Inc. offers plenty of activities you can try.

Outside the water sports, the resort also offers boating and fishing for other water activities and camping if you are interested in other recreational activities.

You can also enjoy a delicious meal at the dining area, which opens a bar for Thursdays and weekends.

Hike the Greenery at Round Valley Regional Preserve

Sunset over Round Valley Regional Preserve

yhelfman /

Are you more of a fan of nature?

Then you may like visiting the Round Valley Regional Preserve.

You can find this preserve in the outer areas of Brentwood.

It is an ideal spot for anyone who is a fan of nature and outdoor activities.

There is a wide range of trails available in this area.

While there are less than ten trails, each one can accommodate your choice of activity for exploration.

Whatever trail you decide to explore, there are multiple beautiful sceneries you have a chance to photograph.

Have a Splash at Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex

If you are a fan of water activities, you can also head to the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex.

The Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex offers plenty of recreational activities and is open on weekdays and weekends, depending on the weather conditions.

There are different swimming sessions you can book and classes open for registration.

You can find out more information about the park’s rates for different swimming options on the city’s local website and register for classes there as well.

Test Your Golf Skills at the Brentwood Golf Club

A good pit stop for any sports fan is the Brentwood Golf Club.

At the Brentwood Golf Club, you can find over twenty-five holes with different levels of difficulty for you to try.

There is also a practice area available for anyone who would like to test their skills before trying the challenge of the regular golf course.

If you would like more guidance through the courses, there are different instruction programs available for any level of golfer.

Once you’ve enjoyed your time at the course, you can check out the club’s dining area and admire a lovely view of the greenery outside.

To book the best time slots at the club, you can check out the club’s website for available times, along with the rates for different days and times.

Do Some Bowling or Play the Arcade at Bowlero Brentwood

For another fun activity to enjoy in Brentwood, head to the for some bowling and other options.

Bowlero Brentwood provides over thirty bowling lanes featuring video walls that show high-definition videos ranging from sports to films and comfortable lounge chairs.

Other than bowling, you can also check out the arcade area, where you can play some classic arcade games plus video games.

You can also relax at the sports bar and enjoy a drink and meal while watching the game.

The bowling center is available any day for a visit and offers special hours you can check out on their website.

Go Cherry Picking at Mike’s U-Pick

Treat yourself to some fresh fruit and a farming experience by visiting Mike’s U-Pick farm.

The farm opens its doors seasonally and allows visitors to pick different fruits depending on the location.

In the Payne Avenue area, you can pick fresh cherries, but you’ll also need to bring a personal bucket or bag to carry your haul.

If you head over to the Concord Avenue location, you can get your share of nectarines and peaches.

Both areas are open at certain times, and you can check on updates for either site on their website.

Ride a Tractor or Explore Corn Mazes at Three Nuns Farm

Another farm you can visit for some fun activities is the Three Nuns Farm.

The farm features different fruits and vegetables throughout the months, and you can either pick or purchase these products when you visit.

Aside from the forty acres of land you can explore, the farm also provides other features to enjoy.

One of them is a corn maze that spans five acres and can take up to a maximum of thirty minutes to escape.

The other is a tractor ride that will give you a tour of different areas of the farm.

To know the best times to visit the farm, you can check out their website for more information.

Learn Some Cooking at Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen

The Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen is an ideal spot to visit if you’re interested in local produce or want to try something new.

One of the first things you can check out when visiting this farm is the fresh produce market, where you can browse the local fruits and vegetables gathered from local farmers.

You can also peruse the shop for other products and organic items.

The thing that makes Tess’ Community Farm Kitchen stand out, however, is the cooking lessons.

Different classes and events occur throughout the month, and you can check out the schedule on their website.

Peruse the Produce and Products at the Brentwood Farmers Market

If you’re only looking to check out what kinds of products and other items Brentwood has to offer, head over to the Brentwood Farmers Market.

The Brentwood Farmers Market is the ideal spot to peruse local treats and other crafted items.

From lush produce to cheese and other crafts, there is no shortage of items you can find when exploring this market.

Depending on the season you visit, there are different unique items you can find and purchase.

The market operates at different times, and you can check out the best time to visit by checking out their social media page.

Unwind Yourself at Sawa Spa

With various places where you can have fun in Brentwood, there are also different places where you can relax and treat yourself.

One place where you can enjoy some relaxation is the Sawa Spa.

The Sawa Spa features beautiful architecture and a selection of services for you to try.

Sawa Spa offers a full range of treatment options, from simple nail work to body treatments.

The spa operates daily, and you can check out their website for their contact details.

Aside from their spa services, Sawa Spa also offers drinks and snacks you can enjoy in the lounge area.

Enjoy Performances at El Campanil Theatre

For anyone who loves the arts, El Campanil Theatre is a must-see stop.

The theater provides a variety of shows throughout the year, ranging from concerts to films and comedy skits.

Whatever kind of show interests you, there are different options you can check out and diverse performers to watch.

Other than shows, the theater also provides a selection of classes you can check out and sign up for on their website.

You can also browse different show details and purchase tickets online for your choice of show.

The theater also offers an option to volunteer if you are interested.

Dive Into History at the East Contra Costa Historical Society

Do you like history?

Then the East Contra Costa Historical Society needs to be your first stop.

More than getting to peruse through different history displays, the museum offers a unique experience.

Said experience involves getting a chance to help out at the museum with different pieces.

The museum has multiple facilities to explore and features different artifacts to browse.

It also opens on specific weekends of the month, which you can confirm on their website.

You can also learn about different events hosted by the museum.

Admire Nature History and Nature with the John Muir Interpretive Center

Enjoy a chance to explore a mix of nature and history by heading to the John Muir Interpretive Center.

When visiting this center, you not only learn local history, but you can also get a lovely view of a dam and other natural scenery.

As a center made in dedication to naturalist and preservationist John Muir, the center also provide information on local wildlife and habitats in the area.

The center operates during the weekends and provides an educational program that allows field trips.

Experience Fine Dining at Vic Stewart’s

There are plenty of options for a delicious meal in Brentwood, and one of them is Vic Stewart’s.

Vic Stewart’s features a selection of grilled items you can dig into and operates every day but Monday.

If you are interested in experiencing some fine dining, the restaurant offers a set of private dining rooms for booking.

Each room has a seating capacity, so if you want to get a good seat, you can head to the restaurant’s website to make a reservation.

Aside from this, the restaurant also hosts different events you can also learn about on their website.

Book a Slot with the Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, booking a tour with Book a Slot with the Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours will make for a unique experience.

Get a chance to explore through hundred-year-old buildings and learn about the spirits that possibly haunt them.

What’s more, get a chance to try and connect with said spirits under the guidance of the tour staff.

To make a booking with the company, you can find their contact details on their social media page.

Explore and Go Shopping on The Streets of Brentwood

The Streets of Brentwood is the top lifestyle center for dining, shopping, and recreation in the Central Valley, Tri-Valley, Bay Area, and Sacramento Delta.

It has more than 40 shops and food establishments and a 14-screen IMAX AMC Theater.

Parking your car in a pedestrian-friendly retail area like The Streets of Brentwood allows you to explore on foot.

At every turn, discover various fascinating events, shops, and discounts.

For kids 42″ and under, The Streets of Brentwood’s Children’s Park offers a ton of activities.

In the recently renovated play area, your child may let their imagination run free in the freshly constructed playhouse, a fenced-in place with several toy animals, and a shaded table area.

Play a Round of Golf at Shadow Lakes Club

Shadow Lakes Club and its team offer a memorable, one-of-a-kind golf experience combined with spotless course facilities and upmarket service.

The golf course is challenging yet welcoming, with well-kept fairways and greens, and its staff can advise on how to play your best round.

Furthermore, it is a fantastic option for your routine golf games or a brand-new location for you and your buddies to explore while in Brentwood.

Shadow Lakes Club, one of Brentwood’s most popular wedding locations, provides a variety of ceremony and reception arrangements for your big day.

Signify the start of your lifelong adventure together in a relaxed, beautiful location amid Brentwood’s rolling hills.

Buy a New Outfit at Plush Boutique

Are you trying to decide what to wear this weekend with the girls or changing your entire wardrobe?

In June 2015, the women’s store Plush Boutique debuted in Brentwood, California.

They provide stylish, up-to-date attire for ladies that is suitable for wearing to work and the weekend.

Browse reasonably priced, high-quality apparel and accessories.

Shop for clothing such as shirts, dresses, sweaters, jeans, swimsuits, and even shoes to keep or give as gifts.

From trustworthy merchants, the Plush Boutique’s owner personally selects each item.

Bring Your Kids to Play at the Playhouse, Brentwood

A party location, indoor play area, and toy shop are all part of The Playhouse, Brentwood.

It is a large open area filled with playhouses, toys, and games that will pique children’s imaginations from 0 to 5.

The areas were planned and built so the youngest children would have a secure place to play and interact.

Adults may relax around one of the tables thanks to the creative layout, while kids explore, play freely, and make new friends.

Arrive at any moment throughout the play session and leave at closing time so they can clean and sterilize the space.

Purchase Fresh Fruits and Veggies at Farmers Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick

A large 40-acre orchard is a home to the Farmers Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick, which offers wonderful fruit for picking throughout the summers.

Stone fruit has been their area of expertise for over 40 years!

You may choose your own, or the staff will be able to assist you.

Among the most popular fruits are peaches, apricots, plums, apples, and nectarines.

Freshly picked veggies, berries, lavender, honey, and other locally produced goods are available at the farm stand.

Over 40 acres of their farm are available for exploration, and they welcome parents and kids to get as muddy as they like!

To get all the details, you need for your visit, check in at their stand when you first arrive at the farm.

Final Thoughts

Brentwood is a fun place to visit if you’re looking for a place that offers a variety of activities.

If you are a fan of outdoor fun and sports, there are plenty of options you can enjoy in this city.

More than the different attractions you can experience, Brentwood also offers a selection of sights you can explore where you can admire a bounty of nature.

With Brentwood, you’re sure to have a packed list of things to do and try.

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