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20 Best Things to Do in Bradley Beach, NJ

  • Published 2023/03/10

Bradley Beach is a small town in Monmouth County, Central New Jersey.

The combination of simple town life and the quiet isolation of the beach make it a perfect place to visit.

Enjoy the quaint boardwalk, beautiful beaches, unusual activities, mouth-watering restaurants, boutiques, and bars.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the best things to do in Bradley Beach, NJ:

Swim with Family and Friends at Bradley Beach

Daytime view of Bradley Beach's boardwalk

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Bradley Beach has a small, old-fashioned boardwalk with a spacious area to walk, bike, or jog as the waves crash and the sun sets.

It is a stunning seaside where you may spend long summer days.

The boardwalk might be small but you can do a lot of things there.

A water fountain at Bradley Beach boardwalk

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Grab a meal at the cafes and restaurants near the seashore.

It is a pleasant location on the Jersey Shore to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

You’ll also get the authentic New Jersey seashore experience.

If you’re searching for a boardwalk in New Jersey without the standard noise and crowds, go to the Bradley Beach boardwalk.

People walking along Bradley Beach boardwalk

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Learn to Surf at Summertime Surf School

New Jersey’s Premier Surf School offers something for everyone.

They offer private classes, children’s camps, and custom surf events for groups of all sizes.

Summer offers classes and camps for adults and advanced surfers, focusing on children.

Summertime groups include surf teachers and role models, who will help you have fun while learning how to surf.

During the morning and afternoon sessions, students will learn about ocean protection and surf etiquette in addition to surfing fundamentals.

If you’re looking for a new activity, go to Summertime Surf School.

Dine at D’Arcy’s Tavern

Discover quality beer specials at D’Arcy Tavern‘s happy hour from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

They offer local pints for all USA countrywide teams, retro cans, Miller High Life and Pabst, and Thirsty Thursday and Footy Sunday specials.

D’Arcy’s Tavern has an extensive menu if you want a meal while watching the big game.

Whether you’re seeking something easy like cheeseburger sliders or a deluxe meal like filet mignon sliders, this bar has it all.

Learn about History in Ocean Grove

A hot air balloon over the Ocean Grove waters

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Ocean Grove’s Ocean Pathway runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Auditorium, the shore’s most important worship center.

The avenue itself is lined with luxurious hotels and private residences.

Canvas tents surround the auditorium; worshippers spend every summer there.

A coin operated telescope on Ocean Grove's pier

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A large pedestrian mall runs down the center of the lane street.

It has a classic main street containing the train station, cafés, a bakery, and everything you need.

All the towns surrounding Ocean Grove have charming architecture and a unique history.

Ocean Grove's auditiorium and shops

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Grab Pizza at Vic’s Italian Restaurant

This Italian-American family-owned restaurant opened in 1947.

You can order appetizers, salads, soups, pizzas, sandwiches, and chicken dishes at Vic’s Italian Restaurant.

The founder, Vittorio, started a variety of businesses, including a fruit stand and then a confectionery shop, but neither became successful.

Then, he opened a modest bar called “Vic’s Tap Room” in the heart of town shortly after the end of Prohibition in 1933.

Around 1940, Vittorio grabbed the chance to buy a larger property on the south end of Bradley Beach.

He moved the tavern down the street to its current location.

Go Bowling at Bradley Beach Bowl

This family-friendly bowling center has a game room for large groups.

Most people in Bradley Beach go to this place for parties or social gatherings.

They also offer an exclusive birthday party package.

Likewise, the Bradley Bowl hosts various major bowling tournaments during weekends.

They have affordable rates, ranging from $6.00 to $10.00 per game.

Explore Shipwreck Island Mini Golf

Shipwreck Island is a mini-golf course that lets you play while enjoying the stunning ocean view.

Play at the 18 world-class exciting and thrilling holes on Shipwreck Island.

From family reunions and birthday parties to summer camps and school vacations, plan your next fantastic event at Shipwreck Island Miniature Golf!

Go Fishing on the Shark River

Aerial view of Shark River

Mike Ver Sprill /

Enjoy a day of fishing at the Shark River Inlet.

The inlet joins the Shark River and the Atlantic Ocean and divides Avon-by-the-Sea and Delmar.

They can rent you a rod for the day, deliver your bait and show you the fishing hotspots.

Scenic sunset over Shark River

William Beckett /

Shark River Inlet Fishing gives you numerous guided surf excursions, including nighttime fishing excursions, sunrise and sundown excursions, and bait delivery.

Nearby, you can grab a bite at La Dolce Via Oceanfront Italian, Klein’s Fish Market, and the Marina Grille.

You’ll also meet a high-quality group of practitioners with highly positive attitudes and a real commitment to health.

Get a Massage at the Kur Wellness Studio

Kur Wellness Studios offers a complete menu of massage, pores, skincare and waxing offerings.

It also has a health studio that provides yoga lessons and personal private training.

This new and unique wellness center offers traditional and Ayurvedic treatments.

The Wellness Studio employs a group of skilled practitioners with positive attitudes and a real commitment to health.

See a Movie at the Showroom Cinema

The Showroom Cinema Bradley Beach is a Movie theater located at 110 Main St, Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

The place will be a three-screen first-run movie theater and event facility with a cocktail lounge.

Originally called “The Palace Theatre,” the cinema opened its doors in 1915.

The Bradley reopened summer in 2021 with a slate of ultra-modern studios, independent and blockbuster films, stay performances, and network programming.

If you’re a fan of movies and theater, go to the Showroom cinema at Bradley Beach.

Try Yoga at Jersey Shore Fitness Shop

This family-owned shop has operated since 1980, and has also expanded to its current location on Bradley Beach.

Step inside a small one-room ‘key club’ fashion gym.

The Iron Paradise’s first floor holds five to 200lb dumbbells and strength lifting gadgets.

The second floor incorporates more than 60 aerobic machines, a full-frame circuit, and free weights.

On the third floor is the health studio, where licensed teachers hold several classes, including Kickboxing, X-fit, Spin, Zumba, Yoga, Barre, and more.

The Fitness Shop imparts quality weight lifting, cardiovascular education, and organization lessons.

Try Parasailing at Belmar Beach

Aerial view of Belmar Beach

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Parasailing is an unforgettable summertime experience that doesn’t require any expertise or unique equipment.

The team makes sure you’re safely harnessed before taking off.

After a few minutes, you’ll land slowly back on the boat.

People enjoying the sun at Belmar Beach


You can choose whether to dip your feet in the water or not.

Stingrays and pods of dolphins might also swim under you.

If you enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery and are not afraid of heights, go to Belmar Beach and try parasailing.

Enjoy Toast at the Buttered Biscuit

The Buttered Biscuit offers a comfortable and chic French cafe-inspired ambiance plus a reasonably priced menu of breakfast and lunch choices.

They offer various cookies, cakes, and coffee and try the specials available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They have something for everyone, such as the classic egg, bacon, and toast combo.

Likewise, they cater to sophisticated palates.

For lunch, they serve a variety of pasta, Chinese food, sandwiches.

Their fillet sandwich will melt on your tongue, and their homemade tartar sauce will complement it nicely.

They also prepare a special eggs benedict, with salmon or crab cakes.

Their bestseller is the French toast stuffed with cinnamon, honey, pecan, and cream cheese.

Play Solve It Sherlock Escape Room at Neptune City

Solve It Sherlock Escape Rooms is in Neptune City, New Jersey, six minutes away from Bradley Beach.

It’s the Jersey Shore’s most popular escape room.

Their escape rooms are completely immersive and interactive games where the players must solve riddles and escape within a time limit.

Crack codes and answer puzzles to complete your missions and “get out of the chamber” in 60 minutes or less.

Don’t worry if you haven’t played in an escape room before.

The staff will reach out to give you hints if necessary.

Test your wits with games like the Magician’s Secret, Zombie Quarantine, Pirates of the Golden Skull, and Legend of the Pines.

Stay and Enjoy the View at The James

The James, which overlooks the Jersey Shore’s warm beaches and the clear seas of Bradley Beach, uses a rigorous approach to light, size, textures, and tools to create a wholesome experience all throughout your stay.

The James offers a visual tale that transcends space via the use of art, materials, and design, with a perennial interior created by the visual storyteller, Sebastian Zuchowicki.

Customers at The James may experience the personalized care and solitude of a boutique hotel while also enjoying the conveniences of numerous facilities and specialized finishes.

The hotel’s living spaces, suites, and cottages flawlessly integrate contemporary decor with traditional coastal characteristics that are reminiscent of a northeast seaside town.

When you visit The James through its courtyard tunnel, just a single block from the shore, you will discover refuge and isolation from the outer world.

The James encourages you to try something new at the Jersey Shore.

Grab a Cocktail in Watermark

This bar and lounge is an exceptional location for drinks and cocktails in a laid-back environment.

It has a pleasant view of the seaside and the well-known Stone Pony; catch an outside live performance if you’re lucky.

The decor and environment are inviting, upscale, and relaxing.

Their dedicated mixologist carefully crafts each cocktail.

The menu offers gourmet-fashion mild dishes and finger foods, including specials and featured plates from nearby restaurants.

The environment, food, and drink choices make Watermark an exceptional attraction within Central Shore, New Jersey.

Sip on a Mug of Ale at Bradley Brew Project

Bradley Brew Project is your best bet for a unique craft beer taste within the borough.

Established in 2018, this brewery has a wide list of ales, lagers, and single-canned beverages.

And to up the ante, there are new beer options every week.

So, the next time you visit, there’s always something new waiting for you.

Drop by the free-flowing tasting room for a quick catch-up with a friend over a mug of flavorful beer.

You won’t regret it!

Bradley Brew Project is on Main Street, ready to serve you and your taste buds.

Have a Fun Time with Loved Ones at Market & Music in Riley Park

Market & Music in Riley Park is a Bradley Beach tradition you shouldn’t miss out on while on your vacation in this borough.

It features live music and a good lineup of food trucks and vendors.

It also offers glasswork souvenirs, original paintings, and delectable delicacies the borough takes pride in.

This festival promises a day of fun and surprises two times a year!

Market & Music in Riley Park takes place on Main Street.

Attend an Event Hosted by Bradley Beach Library

Exterior of Bradley Beach Library

BaghChal, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you’ve got something to research or have one more spot on your itinerary you want to visit, Bradley Beach Library might be the place for you.

This historic establishment completed construction in 1927.

What was once only a school library has transformed into a public space over the years.

But aside from its reading materials and online resources, this library hosts entertaining events for the whole family.

From photo contests, writing programs, and storytelling sessions for the little ones, you are sure you’re in for a good time at the library.

Bradley Beach Library is on 4th Avenue.

Admire the Intricacies and Memorabilia at The Space Bar

You can’t end your Bradley Beach trip without visiting The Space Bar at least once.

This pop-up shop specializes in art paraphernalia set within a museum-inspired interior.

Find jewelry, jerseys, and all sorts of souvenirs.

What makes these items unlike any other is their curation from tokens that Danielle Hoffmann—also known as the Token Lady—has acquired over the years.

If you’ve got the time, stay for a round of games at the shop’s Parkway Pong and bingo!

The Space Bar is on Main Street.

Pay Tribute to Veterans at Bradley Beach World War I Monument

Despite Bradley Beach’s small size, the borough never fails to educate its residents and tourists on historical events.

One such example of this is Bradley Beach World War I Monument.

Erected by the residents of the community, this monument aims to commemorate the lives of the soldiers who served in World War I.

Inscribed in its marble slate are the names of soldiers from the Navy, Air Corps, and Infantry.

The monument highlights a pyramid-like obelisk at the very top of a long stone obelisk.

Be sure to drop by, if not to reflect and pay tribute to the fallen heroes of today’s generation.

Bradley Beach World War I Monument sits at Borough Hall on Main Street.

Final Thoughts

Bradley Beach has full of interesting places for children, learners, adults, travelers, explorers, and others.

Plan a weekend or vacation with your buddies or family.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new at Bradley Beach!

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