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15 Best Things to Do in Bradenton Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/03/09

Bradenton Beach is a city you can find within Manatee County and on Anna Maria Island.

The city began in the 1920s and was once known as Cortez Beach.

During the late 20s, it gained the name Bradenton Beach.

Currently, the city holds a population of 1,288 and is known for being a spot to visit for its fishing piers and various shops.

As a city with plenty of spots to explore and activities to try, there are plenty of options for you in Bradenton Beach.

That said, here are the 15 best things to do in Bradenton Beach, Florida:

Spend a Day at Coquina Beach

Scenic daytime view of Coquina Beach

Keegan Connell /

If you’re looking to enjoy some sights and have some fun by the ocean, then Coquina Beach is the place to go.

Coquina Beach is a location that offers plenty of amenities for you to try.

You can find the beach at Gulf Drive, and some of the classic beach amenities that you can find include a grill space, a volleyball area, and picnic tables.

Sunset at Coquina Beach

D.E.D. Photoworks /

A few unique amenities available on Coquina Beach are game tables and concessions.

If you happen to visit from May to October, you have a chance to see turtles born and migrate to the ocean.

You’ll find no shortage of options to explore when visiting this beach.

Welcome sign of Coquina Beach

Linda White Wolf /

Explore the Shops and Activities at the Historic Bridge Street

Discover even more stores and eateries to explore by visiting Historic Bridge Street.

Historic Bridge Street is a hub of activity that came to be through a revitalization project and the work of a Merchant Association.

When exploring this area, you can find no shortage of shops to peruse and sights to enjoy.

While there is plenty you can explore on Historic Bridge Street, it is also a prime spot to visit to check out local events.

The best time to visit this area to join in on these events would be from November to December.

Aside from this, the street provides is a prime space for history and fun.

Walk around the Beach Market at Coquina Beach

After or before visiting the beach, you need to check out the Beach Market at Coquina Beach.

Otherwise known as the Coquina Beach Market, it is the best place to visit for local crafts and treats.

The quickest way to reach this market is by heading over to the trolley stop at Gulf Drive.

More than finding different items and snacks you can purchase, you have the chance to see local artisans creating their crafts.

Aside from this, you can check out the nearby cafe and enjoy a beach view while digging into brunch or having a drink.

Unfortunately, the market is not open year-round and closes from August to October.

Generally, the market is open 1-2 days a week starting at 10 a.m.

If you want to know the best days to visit the market, you can contact the market staff via their contact number for more information.

Sail and Swim with Island Boat Tours & Adventures

Take to the waters and explore the area by booking a tour with Island Boat Tours & Adventures.

Island Boat Tours & Adventures is a boat service that provides different activities for you to try on the water.

They provide tours and charters that span from 2 to 4 hours, and each service offers different options for you to enjoy.

Some of these include snorkeling and exploring sandbars.

During your session, you also have the chance to spot all kinds of marine life, mainly manatees and dolphins.

You can also check out special packages and explore hidden gems throughout the area.

Encounter Dolphins with Go2Dolphins

There is plenty of marine life you can find in the Bradenton Beach area, and one of the more prominent ones you can seek is dolphins.

The best way to find dolphins is to book a tour with Go2Dolphins.

Go2Dolphins is a touring service that provides different tours and cruises for you to enjoy.

From enjoying a sunset to seeking out different marine life, the Go2Dolphins is one of the many options you can take to explore the waters of Bradenton Beach.

Compared to other touring services, Go2Dolphins can accommodate a maximum of 49 people per tour, and tours run as long as 90 minutes.

You can this service at Church Avenue or make a booking online.

See the Marine Life with Paradise Boat Tours

If you want insurance for spotting dolphins during a boat ride, consider booking a tour with Paradise Boat Tours.

Paradise Boat Tours is a tour service that provides 90-minute tours and can cater to 28 people at maximum.

If you are not interested in doing a group tour, you have the option to do a private session.

You can find the service by heading to Bridge Street, and you have the option to do a walk-in tour.

Whatever type of tour you choose with Paradise Boat Tours, you’re sure to get a comfortable ride and lovely views.

Go Fishing with Fish Ami

For those interested in water activities rather than touring, check out Fish Ami.

Fish Ami is a fishing charter service that offers both inshore and offshore fishing for you to try.

No matter what type of fishing option you choose, you can do a catch and release trip or a catch and keep trip.

You can find the service docked at Bridge Street and get a chance to catch all kinds of large fish.

Aside from fishing, you can enjoy some lovely views or contact the staff for more information.

No matter your fishing experience, you’re sure to have fun with Fish Ami.

Ride the Anna Maria Princess

While there are plenty of boats you can ride in Bradenton Beach, there is one boat you need to check out, and that is the Anna Maria Princess.

Anna Maria Princess is a river paddleboat that can accommodate up to 125 people and features different cruises you can enjoy.

Some of the cruises you can enjoy on this watercraft include comedy shows, live music, and a bar.

Aside from a cruise, the Anna Maria Princess also hosts different events and parties.

Whatever you choose to book with the Anna Maria Princess, you’re sure to get a fun experience.

Take a Hike around the Leffis Key Preserve

Welcome sign of Leffis Key Preserve

Linda White Wolf /

Get a chance to enjoy some greenery and other natural views by visiting the Leffis Key Preserve.

At the Leffis Key Preserve, you can find different trails and boardwalk areas for you to explore.

Green trees and clear body of water at Leffis Key Preserve

Linda White Wolf /

When exploring this area, you can find a selection of natural sights along with an overlooking view of the ocean.

Some of the natural sights you can find include exotic plants and local wildlife.

For anyone a fan of nature, the Leffis Key Preserve is a prime spot to visit.

Go Golfing at The Fish Hole Miniature Golf

You can try plenty of activities throughout Bradenton Beach, and one of them happens to be golfing.

The best place to go golfing is The Fish Hole Miniature Golf, which you can find at Bridge Street.

The Fish Hole Miniature Golf is a miniature golf course with fun challenges to try, plus different attractions.

Along with playing golf, you can enjoy a view of koi or peruse the different plants in the area.

Either way, the Fish Hole Miniature Golf is an ideal spot to enjoy a break from your exploration of the area.

Get a Massage by the Ocean at Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki

When visiting Bradenton Beach, there is one place you need to visit to treat yourself, and that is the Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki.

At the Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki, you can enjoy different spa services, including massages and skincare.

When it comes to the massage options at Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki, there is one option where you can enjoy a massage right on the beach.

These massages can last from 45 minutes at minimum to 75 minutes at maximum.

Aside from different spa sessions, you can take with Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki, you can also check out their yoga services or peruse their merchandise.

By visiting the Sea-renity Beach Spa & Bou-tiki, you can find plenty of ways to treat yourself.

Take a Stroll at the Historic Bridge Street Pier

The Historic Bridge Street Pier first came into existence in 1921 as a connecting bridge structure for the beach area to the Cortez Village.

It was not the most impressive structure, but it did its job.

In 1967, the bridge’s use, unfortunately, came to an end due to the construction of a drawbridge.

While the portion of the bridge set in the village ended up removed, the side of the bridge by the beach remained and transformed into the beautiful pier it is today.

The pier is a prime spot for fishing enthusiasts to visit, but more than this, it is an ideal spot to stroll for local shops and eateries.

By visiting this historical space, you can find some lovely views and get a selection of options for activities.

Experience Acupuncture with the Aluna Wellness Center & Spa

Enjoy even more spa treatments by visiting the Aluna Wellness Center & Spa.

There are several spa treatments you can enjoy at this spa, and one of the treatments that make them stand out is their acupuncture services.

If you are more interested in healing treatments, you can find plenty of options at this venue.

Aside from this, you can enjoy various traditional massage services and organic facials.

You can also check out their yoga and meditation classes if you’d like.

With Aluna Wellness Center & Spa, you’re sure to find plenty of relaxation and pampering.

To find this spa, you need to head to Gulf Drive North.

Otherwise, you can contact the staff to book a session.

Rent a Jetski at the Bradenton Beach Marina

The Bradenton Beach Marina is home to various services you can try.

One of the services you can find at the Bradenton Beach Marina is rental services that range from vacation rentals to boat rentals.

If you’re looking to rent something from the marina, you need to rent a jet-ski.

The jet-ski rentals range from 60 minutes at minimum to 90 minutes at maximum.

Whether you have experience riding a jet ski or not, you will receive a guide to help you with the process.

By booking a Jetski at the Bradenton Beach Marina, you can experience rushing through the waters and getting gorgeous views.

Ride a Segway with Segs by the Sea

You can find no shortage of ways to explore Bradenton Beach.

With Segs by the Sea, you have the option to tour the area using a segway.

Segs by the Sea is a segway service that provides different tours for you to try out.

If you are not interested in booking a tour with Segs by the Sea, you also have the option to rent a segway and tour the area yourself.

No matter what you choose to do with Segs by the Sea, you can experience a fun ride on a segway.

Final Thoughts

Bradenton Beach is one of the many places you can explore on Anna Maria Island.

As a city that dates back a hundred years, you can find a good share of history when exploring this city.

More than this, you can find plenty of sights to enjoy and activities to try.

Some of the top things you can do in this city include exploring the beaches and checking out the different boating services.

If that does not appeal to you, you can find several stores and eateries to peruse in one street.

When it comes to activities you can try in the city, your options can range from fishing to pampering yourself at the spa.

If you’re looking to enjoy an adventure at sea, Bradenton Beach is the place to go.

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