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15 Best Things to Do in Bourbonnais, IL

  • Published 2022/09/16

Nestled in the confines of Kankakee County, Bourbonnais sits as a lively village with premium destinations.

The town got its name from Francois Bourbonnais, who pioneered numerous developments in the area.

It’s praiseworthy how the place went from a humble settlement to an incorporated village in 1875.

Bourbonnais is now famous as “The Village of Friendship.”

Expect a warm, friendly community when you visit!

The place is a mixed bag of attractions with peaceful leisure, new sights, and active recreation to explore.

Bourbonnais may be a village in a rural area, but it still has a plethora of splendid attractions.

Here are the best things to do in Bourbonnais, Illinois:

Connect with Nature at Kankakee River State Park

The waters of Kankakee River State Park

Mark Baldwin /

Kankakee River State Park presents a cherished part of Illinois lands along the banks of azure waters.

This park provides access to a wide range of recreation that includes land-based activities and water-centric ventures.

You can hike along lush forests and watch out for animal wildlife.

Equestrian trails allow its guests to ride horses through woodland terrains.

Picnic area at Kankakee River State Park

Brian Kapp /

Since it’s close to the river, you can also explore fishing, boating, and other fun ventures with water.

It’s no wonder Native Americans highly valued the Kankakee River, going to great lengths to keep it unspoiled.

It’s become a part of their heritage and legacy to pass on this beautiful piece of nature to the future generation.

See nature in its purest form in Kankakee State River Park!

Flowing waters of Kankakee River State Park

Hank Erdmann /

Have a Sugar Rush in Candy & Cake

At Latham Senior Drive, Candy & Cake is a bakery specializing in sugar, spice, and everything nice.

With just the right amount of sweetness in their pastries, Candy & Cake has captured the hearts of their customers.

It’s become one of the most sought-out desserts in the village, whether it’s for a special event or just a simple craving.

Candy & Cake has a cheerful vibe with bright pink walls and a retro style of decor.

From pies and ice cream to cakes and cookies, they have many options to satisfy your fix of sweets.

All the items on their menu are made from a one-of-a-kind recipe they’ve handcrafted and baked to perfection.

You can also request customizations and see their creativity!

Bring Kids to Exploration Station

Exploration Station is a treat for children of all ages.

This museum offers interactive learning experiences through hands-on activities and vibrant exhibits.

Established in 1990 with the hard work and collaboration of volunteers from around the village.

They wanted to create a place for children to learn, even within a small village like Bourbonnais.

As a result, this discovery museum features a mix of colorful booths, well-equipped exhibits, and a few high-tech tools.

Your children can pretend to be a chef, a mechanic, a scientist, a veterinarian, and more in Exploration Station.

There’s also a fabulous mini castle where they can dress up, roleplay, and explore the secrets it holds in store.

If you have children, bring them to Perry Street and find this fun museum.

Set Foot in the George R Letourneau Museum

The George R Letourneau Museum is a fine choice to venture inside a historic home.

This place is incredibly rich in history, reaching as far back as the early 19th century.

Formerly a post office, the building got renovated and expanded into the Letourneau family abode.

They were a big family composed of two parents, six daughters, five sons, and eventually, a grandson, living inside a single venue.

The George R Letourneau Museum is essential because of its well-preserved architecture and collection of antique furniture.

Luckily, the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society maintains its old-style charm.

They typically open the museum some days from March to December but can also accommodate those who make prior appointments.

A member of the society can give you a tour around the house, so stop by Stratford Drive!

Stroll along Riverfront Park

As its name suggests, Riverfront Park is right along the banks of the Kankakee River.

It offers scenic, sweeping views of the pristine waters, especially when you climb to the top of its rolling hills.

Paired with a quiet ambiance, the place is perfect for a simple walk or stroll to refresh the mind and find a bit of peace.

There’s also a disc golf course for those who want to play.

With its closeness to the river, you can also try a few types of water-related activities like fishing or kayaking.

They also have pavilions and picnic areas if you prefer to bask in nature’s simplicity.

All in all, Riverfront Park offers a little slice of quiet haven at Canterbury Lane.

Spend the Night in Foxmoore Farms

If you’ve got money to spare, book a stay at the luxurious Foxmoore Farms.

Everything in Foxmoore Farms is extravagance at its finest.

The venue fully embraces its classy atmosphere with lavish chandeliers and high ceilings to premium leather couches.

It also has amenities like a library, a home theater, and many comfortable areas to gather around.

Primarily, Foxmoore Farms is an events venue, but they’re also open as vacation homes.

The place is perfect for families and groups, but anyone interested can schedule a date to stay over.

Located amid beautiful, verdant plains, the owners of Foxmoore Farms take pride in this gorgeous property.

You can find it close to Woodhaven Drive.

Unwind at Aspen Ridge Golf Course

Aspen Ridge Golf Course has all the elements for a tranquil game of golf.

At E 4000 N Road, the course is amid far-reaching green, amid small trees spread around the area.

A game of golf here will involve elevated fairways, sandy bunkers, and a few holes near the water traps.

It’s mostly a simple, carefree course to take your mind off anything unrelated to the game.

In this way, the course is great for all kinds of players, no matter your expertise and skill level.

A clubhouse also serves tasty snacks and beverages you can enjoy before or after a tee time.

If you’re ever looking for recreation in Bourbonnais, a game of golf is always a pleasant choice!

Explore the Indian Caves

Enjoy outdoor adventures in the mysterious Indian Caves.

These caves had to go through decades to process and shape into the irregular forms they are today.

As a result, the walls are jagged and compact, giving them a haunting yet beautiful appeal.

This nature preserve offers about 30 acres worth of exploration, passing through bridges, mini waterfalls, and narrow spaces.

You can also dip into its waters, ensuring safety precautions.

The Indian Caves have slippery rocks now and then, so be careful as you go along the path.

Embark on a trip to this hidden gem in Illinois!

Admire Space in Strickler Planetarium

With newfound technology, you can see into the vastness of space at the Strickler Planetarium.

Built in 1967, the planetarium underwent developments in 2019 to keep it in line with modern systems.

At University Avenue, Strickler Planetarium has become the pride of Olivet Nazarene University.

They offer different kinds of themes to the public including dark matter, Sesame Street, spooky shows, and much more.

You’ll see into a new universe once you enter through their doors and the planetarium begins its show.

If you’re visiting with a group or willing to join one, you can see real-time simulations to explore other planets and the solar system.

It’s a rare experience that also offers learning opportunities!

Strickler Planetarium offers an interactive way to learn about the wonders of space beyond the Earth.

Taste Award-Winning Beers in Brickstone Brewery

Brickstone Brewery is a modern-themed pub located along William R Latham Senior Drive.

This brewery boasts award-winning beers proudly crafted within the Illinois region.

Their beers come in printed glasses with various flavors, topped with just the right amount of bubbly foam.

Brickstone Brewery opened its doors as a small five-barrel brewhouse with limited space in 2006.

It wasn’t until they began winning national awards that they expanded their facilities and sold their beers through retail.

Since then, they’ve offered a cozy place for customers to pair refreshing beers with tasty meals.

Their menu includes an array of light appetizers, sandwiches, hearty meals, and steak entrees.

This brewery can give you a glimpse into the local flavors of Bourbonnais!

Try the Facilities in Adventure Commons

Adventure Commons is a Christian community that offers many facilities to the public.

From a simple trailer in 2003, Adventure Commons bought its first facility in 2010 and expanded the building to its modern-day version.

While their mission connects people with God, they still open their amenities to the public, even those who are non-believers.

This community boasts of several family-friendly facilities to explore.

They’ve got a space for mini golf, a children’s fun land, open gyms, batting cages, free fields, and other rentable facilities.

You can also expect a friendly community in Adventure Commons!

Located along Ken Hayes Drive, there are many things to try in this fun center.

Go Shopping in Indian Oaks Antique Mall

With over 18,000 square feet of space to explore, Indian Oaks Antique Mall is a powerhouse for all things vintage.

At Larry Power Road, this mall is home to an extensive collection of antiques for different functions.

It’s has furniture, jewelry, home decor, collectibles, and many other trinkets.

You never know what you’ll find in Indian Oaks Antique Mall, from everyday goods to eccentric items.

The unpredictability makes up a considerable part of this mall’s charm!

Whether you’re looking for something practical or something unique, there’s most likely an item in this mall that can suit your preference.

Drop by Indian Oaks Mall and browse through their almost endless collection!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Book a Guided Tour in B. Harley Bradley House

Exterior of B. Harley Bradley House

Jim Packett /

The Bradley family had lived in the B. Harley Bradley House since 1901 before it became a public museum in 2010.

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed its innovative architecture.

It’s since earned praise for starting the trend of Frank Wright’s famous Prairie style.

The style became a trademark of Wright’s sought-out design with tall windows, stained art glass, and low-leveled roofs.

Facade of B. Harley Bradley House

Jim Packett /

You can schedule guided tours inside B. Harley Bradley House!

They’ll give you lots of insight into the home’s history, including its owners, Franklin Wright, and its restoration period.

If you’re interested, this venue is in Kankakee, less than 20 minutes away from Bourbonnais.

Grab a Snack at Moon Cookie Gallery

Moon Cookie Gallery is in Kankakee, Illinois, about 15 minutes away from the village of Bourbonnais.

This charming gallery pins the spotlight on local artists’ unique and distinctive works within the region.

Besides a gallery, it also doubles as a gift shop with many souvenirs in store.

From painted rocks, woven dreamcatchers, and craft bracelets to paintings and scented candles, they’ve got a little bit of everything.

Almost all their products in the store are carefully homemade and likely one-of-a-kind art pieces!

Truly, Moon Cookie Gallery is a hidden gem supporting local artisans’ passion.

You can support small artists too when you visit and buy a product from their store!

Drop by Schuyler Avenue and take home a unique art piece from the gallery.

Spend the Day at Hero City Adventure Park

Hero City Adventure Park is a family-friendly destination that brings entertainment to people of almost all ages.

The center boasts of its facility, reaching up to 22,000 square feet of attractions, booths, and rest areas.

Their main amusement amenities include a laser tag venue, UFO bumper cars, arcades, access to virtual reality, airsoft, and a jungle playground for kids.

You can also rent party rooms to celebrate any events in this lively, fun venue.

Primarily, this adventure park focuses on kids and teenagers, but there are a few attractions that adults can enjoy if they’re willing to do so.

You can also buy drinks and food if you get thirsty or hungry.

Hero City Adventure Park is in Bradley, Illinois, along Kinzie Avenue.

It’s less than 10 minutes from Bourbonnais, so it’ll be easy to visit!

Final Thoughts

Bourbonnais is a proud village with loads of hidden, underrated attractions.

It’s got a great mix of natural destinations, exciting attractions, and quaint local shops.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Bourbonnais, Illinois!

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