15 Best Things to Do in Bountiful, UT

Things to Do in Bountiful, UT
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Bountiful is a city in Davis County, Utah, situated between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Range, north of Salt Lake City.

Bountiful is one of Salt Lake City's suburban areas and is listed among Utah's top 20 most populous cities.

Historically, Bountiful serves as Utah's second Mormon settlement.

A testament to its Mormon heritage is the gorgeous hilltop temple that greets you upon arriving in the city.

Visiting Bountiful offers you a unique travel experience.

It's also an excellent alternative destination for those who want to explore more of Utah after spending time in Salt Lake City.

This city boasts gorgeous sceneries through its parks, quaint neighborhoods, and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Bountiful is the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers who wants to spend their entire day wandering through various attractions.

To give you ideas, here are the best things to do in Bountiful, Utah.

Marvel at the Bountiful Utah Temple

Exterior of the Bountiful Utah Temple
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The Bountiful Utah Temple sits above the city's foothills along Bountiful Boulevard.

It's a shining testament to the city's large Mormon population and heritage.

The temple features captivating architecture and view from afar.

To get a closer look, you can join guided tours at the temple at certain times.

Signage of the Bountiful Utah Temple
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During the tour, you'll see the temple's features, such as the stunning circular columned atrium, which reaches below the lower parking level.

At the same time, you can also check out its elegant portico at the temple's entrance which has gorgeous arches and columns.

The Bountiful Utah Temple remains a significant religious site for Mormons in the city and Davis County as it welcomes thousands of churchgoers through its weekly service.

Aerial view of the Bountiful Utah Temple
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Celebrate Arts at the Bountiful Davis Art Center

Bountiful Davis Art Center has become the city's premier art gallery and educational program since 1974.

You can visit this respected arts institution along N. Main Street.

This place is renowned for its quality art programs for the community.

In addition, it has top-notch art galleries and art-related events, which you can catch when visiting there.

If you have plenty of time, you can join art classes and workshops at the Bountiful Davis Art Center to hone your skills in arts further.

Otherwise, you can spend an hour or two browsing its galleries with gorgeous artworks from local and regional artists.

Let Kids Have Fun at Creekside Park

Creekside Park along Mill Street is a gorgeous community park that is an excellent place to bring your kids for fun.

Like most parks in Bountiful, this one offers convenient access since it's adjacent to the city's other community parks.

If you're planning to spend time at this park, expect plenty of outdoor recreation for everyone.

Its playground offers kids an exciting experience through various play sets.

At the same time, grownups can enjoy a hike through its trail that meanders the creek.

Besides the playground, take your kids for a hike and cross the park's bridge.

Otherwise, take them downstream on the creek to get closer to nature.

Creekside Park is an idyllic outdoor attraction in Bountiful you mustn't miss, especially with your family.

Catch the Sunset at Mueller Park Trailhead

Bountiful is home to numerous trails leading to various attractions throughout Davis County.

One trail is Mueller Park Trailhead, a famous destination for hikers, bikers, and joggers.

However, it's also renowned for another reason.

This trailhead is famous for one particular portion: Elephant Rock.

This formation is known for its gorgeous sunset overlooking the Great Salt Lake.

Getting to this famous spot is relatively easy.

Hence, the rest of Mueller Park Trailhead's trails make it a recommended place to explore, even if you're not a seasoned hiker.

Besides the sunset, you'll see the mesmerizing rolling hills and the gorgeous view of Bountiful and other cities of Davis County from a distance.

Get Active at the South Davis Recreation Center

Exterior of the South Davis Recreation Center
Ben P L from Provo, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the South Davis Recreation Center if you want to do a worthwhile activity with your family or friends.

You can visit this massive recreation center along N. 200 West Street.

Unlike other recreation centers, this one has a massive swimming pool, a full-scale ice skating rink, and plenty of recreational facilities for sports and fitness.

It's your go-to place to spend your day if you're not in the mood to explore Bountiful's parks and trails.

It's an excellent place to sweat out or play your favorite sport, making South Davis Recreation Center a recommended place to engage in various activities.

Meet the Locals at Bountiful Farmers Market

Bountiful Farmers Market at the Bountiful Town Square is a seasonal market.

It's a charming place to check out and see different products displayed by bakers, artists, food artisans, and local farmers.

While browsing the farmers market, you'll enjoy filling your grocery bag with delicious pastries, freshly-baked bread, vegetables, preserves, and other delectable products.

At the same time, you can also mingle with the locals, an added experience during your visit.

Drop by Bountiful Farmers Market and immerse yourself in its bustling scene.

Tee Up at the Bountiful Golf Club

Bountiful Golf Club features an 18-hole golf course over a scenic landscape.

You can visit this golf course on Bountiful's east side.

This golf course isn't just known for its technical aspect.

It also features cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, free-roaming wildlife, and a gorgeous view of the Great Salt Lake.

So, it's a no-brainer that this golf course has been regarded as one of Utah's best.

It has also earned recognition as the "Best Public Golf Course" in the country.

Bountiful Golf Club is an excellent place to visit, whether you're an avid golfer or an average tourist looking for a gorgeous spot in the city.

Of course, don't miss the chance to play golf at its gorgeous course to complete your visit.

Conquer the Holbrook Canyon

Aerial view of Holbrook Canyon
Victor DiTommaso / Shutterstock.com

Holbrook Canyon is another outdoor attraction you mustn't miss in Bountiful.

You can visit this canyon along Lakeview Drive.

An excellent way to enjoy your visit to this canyon is by hiking along its ten-kilometer trail.

This canyon is your go-to place for a challenging but worthwhile outdoor activity.

Many hikers describe the trails as challenging and taking about three and a half hours to complete.

However, upon reaching Holbrook Canyon's highest point, you'll be rewarded with a sweeping view of Bountiful and neighboring cities from a distance.

Also, the canyon boasts a gorgeous sunset every afternoon, so spend a little while after you reach the top to catch this remarkable scenery.

Travel Back in Time to the Bountiful History Museum

Head to the Bountiful History Museum for a worthwhile historical side trip.

You can visit this local museum along N. Main Street.

This museum mainly features Bountiful and Davis County's history, which you can see up close through its permanent exhibits.

A guided or self-guided tour inside this museum allows you to learn about the fascinating history of this city.

One of the main attractions in this museum is the vintage model of the Bamberger Train used in the 1930s to 1940s.

Of course, plenty more fascinating backstories await you at the Bountiful History Museum, so don't forget to add them to your itinerary.

Wander the Tolman Memorial Park

Tolman Memorial Park is a picturesque park along N. 1300 E.

Like most of Bountiful's community parks, this one also boasts nature trails, a suspension bridge, a vast green field, picnic pavilions, and a top-notch children's playground.

Locals often spend time at this park to have fun or relax through picnicking, hiking or passing the time on one of its benches.

It's your ideal place to take a break from exploring Bountiful's attractions and enjoy its serene atmosphere while letting the kids enjoy its playground.

Otherwise, wander the park by traversing its trails leading to scenic areas.

Don't miss the Tolman Memorial Park for a relaxing afternoon.

Embrace the Calm Atmosphere of the Canyon Creek Drive Trailhead

The Canyon Creek Drive Trailhead is an excellent destination for avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, this trail along Canyon Creek Drive is also known for its calming atmosphere, offering you some solitude, especially during mornings or afternoons.

It mainly features a paved trail that takes you to various scenic locations east of Bountiful.

What makes this trail unique among the others in Bountiful is its peaceful atmosphere, perfect for meditating and relaxing your mind and body.

Besides the serenity, Canyon Creek Drive Trailhead also has gorgeous views of the rolling hills east of Bountiful.

Other Things to Do Nearby

You can also do plenty of worthwhile things in the cities or towns near Bountiful.

Below are some of Davis County's best places to visit, mostly a few minutes away from Bountiful.

Explore the Utah State Capitol

Exterior of Utah State Capitol
photo.ua / Shutterstock.com

The Utah State Capitol serves as the state's seat of power.

You can join guided tours at this artificial marvel in Salt Lake City, 13 minutes from Bountiful.

Grand interior of Utah State Capitol
Matthew Thomas Allen / Shutterstock.com

Built in 1916, the massive building houses Utah's state legislature, lieutenant governor, state auditor, attorney general, and the governor's office.

Visiting this state capital is an incredible experience you mustn't miss.

Senate chamber in Utah State Capitol
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Join guided tours and see its elegant Neoclassical revival and Corinthian-style architecture reminiscent of the Washington D.C. Capitol.

Besides guided tours, you can drop by the visitor service center for other interactive activities at the Utah State Capitol.

A hallway in Utah State Capitol
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Commune with Nature at the Legacy Nature Preserve

Legacy Nature Preserve is a vast wildlife refuge in Woods Cross, four minutes from Bountiful.

The entire area spans over 2,225 acres of protected wildlife refuge, home to dozens of bird species.

Visiting this wildlife refuge allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature through its vast marshes, meadows, and mudflats teeming with local flora and fauna.

Since it's part of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, you might see different wildlife, which adds excitement to your visit there.

Bring your binoculars to the Legacy Nature Preserve and see gorgeous and unspoiled wildlife refuge.

Shop 'til You Drop at Station Park

Fountain at Station Park
Ben P L, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Station Park is a massive mixed-commercial and lifestyle center in Farmington, Utah, 12 minutes from Bountiful.

It spans over 62 acres of business, residential, and lifestyle complexes, which makes it a fascinating place to explore.

You'll also find the 108-room Hyatt Place Hotel and a 35,000-square-foot shopping center at this place.

Hyatt Place hotel at Station Park
Ben P L, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Besides shopping, it's also an excellent place for dining and other leisure activities, such as watching movies through its 14-screen theater.

At the same time, Station Park boasts a gorgeous landscape equipped with a children's playground, event lawn, bronze sculptures, shaded patios, and other features that make this place worth visiting.

Cinemark at Station Park
Ben P L, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See a Show at the CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is the nearest attraction to Bountiful.

You can visit this world-class theater in Centerville, Utah, six minutes from Bountiful.

This multi-awarded theater spans over 62,000 square feet.

It's one of the best places in Davis County to watch various shows, such as Broadway-style theatrical shows, concerts, comedy shows, and plenty more.

Likewise, the theater can fit as many as a thousand patrons making it a recommended place to check out.

Book a ticket at the CenterPoint Legacy Theatre to see top-notch live shows.

Final Thoughts

The best way to enjoy your visit to Bountiful is by exploring its outdoor attractions.

Most of the best places to check out in this suburban community are its trails and parks, which allow you to see its natural beauty.

Of course, you should also come across hidden gems and plenty more exciting things to do in Bountiful, Utah.

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