15 Best Things to Do in Boiling Springs, NC

Boiling Springs, NC
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You will find a peaceful and quaint town that will capture your weary heart in the westernmost part of the Charlotte Metropolitan Area in North Carolina.

This town is Boiling Springs, situated in lively Cleveland County.

This town is a great place to hang around, refresh, and relax for people yearning for a breath of fresh air and a break from the urban lifestyle.

Its rich history, beautiful nature and landmarks, diverse cuisine, and exciting attractions will make your once-in-a-lifetime vacation memorable and fun.

In Boiling Springs, no stops and destinations are too dull and dreary because you will indeed have takeaways and exciting moments to take home.

Take a breather, and let us go through each of the 15 best things to do on your trip around Boiling Springs!

Marvel at the Scenic Sights of Broad River Greenway

The waters of Broad River Greenway
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Nothing feels better than spending a day in the great outdoors, soaking up all the fresh air of the natural park.

Found on Broad River Drive, the Broad River Greenway is a 1,500-acre park that features 15 miles of natural trails great for walking, hiking, and riding.

There are also great picnic spots for visitors to rest and enjoy a dining experience under the shade of the towering trees.

A bridge over Broad River Greenway
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The park also hosts various events year-round, such as yoga classes, fundraisers, trail races, and tournaments.

Visitors can also enjoy fishing in the Broad River or walking with their pets on the trails as long as you keep them leashed.

Pack up your picnic essentials, visit the Broad River Greenway, and you will never regret it.

Enjoy an Outdoor Family Recreation at YMCA

Are you yearning for a great family destination to enjoy various sports and activities?

Well, you should visit the YMCA at Patrick Avenue.

At this recreation center, you can play many sports and spend time with your beloved family and friends or mingle with others in the community.

They host special classes for yoga, cycling, Zumba, stretching, endurance exercises, and many more physical activities.

Visitors can also participate in diverse programs such as youth camps, sports tournaments, children's ballet lessons, play days, and reading events.

There is something for the whole family, regardless of your interests, at the YMCA.

You might want to sign up for a membership deal!

Take a Virtual Trip to Mexico at El Acapulco

Located on North Main Street, El Acapulco is the famous Mexican restaurant in Boiling Springs.

Upon entering, you will indeed feel the Mexican spirit wafting from the mouthwatering aromas and smell of the food.

Enjoy burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, taquitos, and more.

They will surely surprise your taste buds and make you crave more!

If you pair these specials with your favorite Mexican dips, drinks, sides, and alcoholic spirits, you will surely enjoy a Mexican feast you will never forget.

You don’t need to take a long trip to the South to taste authentic Mexican fare.

Take your peers or travel buddies to El Acapulco for the hearty festival of Mexican flavors!

Let Changing Hearts Farm Inspire You

If you prefer a more laid-back destination with lovely farm animals and a picturesque farm setting, then Changing Hearts Farm is the place for you.

Located on College Farm Road, this farm prides itself as an animal sanctuary that rescues farm animals and educates people on eliminating animal cruelty.

Owners Rick and Carolyn Solan devote themselves to the practice of veganism to preserve animal lives and promote respect and compassion for animals.

Visitors can also meet the herd: Zeek and Rosie the cows, Song the horse, Buckey, Baker the goats, and so much more.

Meet all the adorable farm residents and get closer to them at the Changing Hearts Farm.

Savor the Specials of La Bella Vita Italian Grill

Nothing can go wrong when you go Italian!

For an elegant dining experience, La Bella Vita Italian Grill is an Italian restaurant on North Main Street.

They serve exceptional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine that not only look appetizing but also take your tastes to greater heights.

Every visitor should try out their calzone with unlimited toppings, mouthwatering pizzas, authentic pasta, tasty salads, and Greek specialties that will bring you to the warm breeze of the Mediterranean sea.

Bring your family and friends to La Bella Vita Italian Grill for a nostalgic and flavorsome food trip.

Check Out the Gardner-Webb University

Welcome sign of Gardner-Webb University
Brian Stansberry (photographer), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Your Boiling Springs experience is never complete without visiting the elite Gardner-Webb University.

Located on South Main Street, this university has a beautiful campus perfect for learning and amenities that will amaze you.

Student or not, you are always welcome to look around the university and participate in some social activities.

A lake at Gardner-Webb University
Tomchartjr85, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The university often hosts football games and sports tournaments that locals always look forward to.

Do not hesitate to see Gardner-Webb University and fall in love with nature's peaceful and scenic ambiance.

Try Carp and Catfish Fishing at Larsen’s Lake

Another exciting activity on our list is fishing for big carp and catfish at Larsen’s Lake.

Found on Gaffney Road, this lake is home to carp and catfish.

For a reasonable price, visitors can immerse themselves in the fishing experience themselves and enjoy the fantastic scenery while fishing.

Keep an eye out for their large carp, which can weigh up to 30 pounds!

These fish would be a great dinner for the whole family!

Bring the family together and unwind through fishing at Larsen’s Lake.

Keep your Heart Racing at Shadyside Dragway

Are you ready to watch an exciting drag race at the best racetrack in town?

Car racing enthusiasts and fans should head to Shadyside Dragway on Honey Haven Farm Road, where you will see a smooth racing track like no other.

From professional racing and friendly competition to recreational races, this dragway hosts several races with racers from around the area.

You will indeed have a good time with your travel buddies since the area has good seats, well-maintained bleachers, and excellent concession stands.

Check out Shadyside Dragway's schedules so you can buy a ticket and watch a breathtaking race.

Rest and Dine at Snack Shop Family Restaurant

All those stops and attractions might wear you out, so take a breather and check out the well-known diner, the Snack Shop Family Restaurant.

The restaurant has a wide variety of western and comfort food choices that will make you miss the comfort of your home.

With the food’s affordable prices and fantastic taste, your wallet and taste buds will indeed thank you.

The place also has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel part of the community, perfect for some well-earned rest.

Bring the whole family to this gem they call Snack Shop Family Restaurant, in the heart of Boiling Springs on South Main Street.

Enjoy Japanese Cuisine at Hoshi Express Japanese Grill

Are you craving the flavors and aromas of the East?

Then, you are lucky because you can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes in Boiling Springs.

After all, Hoshi Express Japanese Grill is always open to serve you great food.

Found along North Main Street, this restaurant serves impressive Japanese specials such as food cooked using hibachi and teriyaki techniques.

For a fair price, you can taste the flavors of the east without leaving Boiling Springs.

Plan a dinner at Hoshi Express Japanese Grill with your travel buddies, and marvel at the great flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Boiling Springs is not the only picturesque place in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area and Cleveland County.

Make the most of your trip and stop at these other incredible historic places and fun parks to try exciting activities.

Learn the Story of Earl Scruggs at Earl Scruggs Center

Exterior of the Earl Scruggs Center
Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

Earl Scruggs is a banjo player and a well-known American musician with notable achievements.

Most of all, he is a son and native of Cleveland County, North Carolina.

The Earl Scruggs Center stands on South Lafayette Street in Shelby, North Carolina, 13 minutes from Boiling Springs.

Likewise, the center honors his career, life story, and the cultural significance of his works to the region's history and traditions.

Welcome sign of Earl Scruggs Center
Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock.com

Immerse yourself in the center’s exhibits and displays that tell the story of Earl Scruggs.

You can also join various events such as music festivals, jam sessions, or musical classes that keep you engaged and entertained.

Everyone is welcome at the Earl Scruggs Center!

Front view of Earl Scruggs Center's exterior
Indy beetle, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Play to Your Hearts’ Content at Carolina Arcade Museum

Did you miss the era of vintage arcade games and want to bring back the nostalgic experience?

Then go the extra mile and drive to Forest City, North Carolina, 19 minutes from Boiling Springs.

Eventually, you will find yourself on East Main Street, where the Carolina Arcade Museum stands.

This amusement center boasts about 100 vintage arcade game machines, which will surely make you recall your childhood.

With a merry atmosphere, people of all ages will surely enjoy the arcade, harkening back to the 80s and 90s.

The center proves that adults can also enjoy these arcade games!

Enjoy the blast from the past and play until sundown at the Carolina Arcade Museum.

Enjoy the Day at Shelby City Parks

Spending time with your travel buddies for some outdoor fun on your trip always adds memorable memories to be kept.

Take a short drive to reach Shelby City Parks in Shelby, North Carolina, only 13 minutes northeast of Boiling Springs.

This recreational park is popular with locals and tourists alike because it is a great place to enjoy the fresh air as they walk around the trails.

Visitors can also play various sports, such as golf, softball, and tennis.

Children will surely enjoy the park’s train ride and carousel as well as the outdoor swimming pool, especially in the summer.

There are many fun things to try and do here at Shelby City Parks, so make sure you try them all!

Step Back in Time at Cowpens National Battlefield

Stone monument at Cowpens National Battlefield
Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock.com

Drive for 22 minutes from Boiling Springs to arrive at Chesnee Highway, Gaffney, South Carolina, where you can find the historical landmark Cowpens National Battlefield.

This battlefield dates back to the American Revolutionary War.

Today, it has become a peaceful park that welcomes visitors who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Settlers cabin at Cowpens National Battlefield
Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock.com

You can visit their visitor center and go through the informative trails to get a quick history lesson about the area.

Many people also come here to hike, bike, have a picnic, or gather for a laidback family outing.

Bring the whole family and walk through the stories of the past as you enjoy the fantastic greenery and nature of Cowpens National Battlefield.

Historic trail at Cowpens National Battlefield
Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock.com

Practice Your Swing at River Bend YMCA Golf Course

All golf fans and players needing to practice their swing should check out River Bend YMCA Golf Course in Shelby, eight minutes from Boiling Springs.

This golf course is the best place for sporty people to come together, chill out, play some golf, and enjoy fantastic food and drinks while mingling with others.

Lose yourself within the golf course's well-maintained greenery and scenic views.

Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the social atmosphere of the golf course as a way to relax and enjoy what Cleveland County has to offer.

Visiting the River Bend YMCA Golf Course at Long Wood Drive would be an exquisite addition to your itinerary.

Final Thoughts

The wonders of Boiling Springs are a treasure for those who seek peace, refuge, and serenity to recharge one’s souls.

After finishing your itinerary, you will surely go home filled with happiness, stories, and memories to share.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Boiling Springs, North Carolina!

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