15 Best Things to Do in Bogota

15 Best Things to Do in Bogota

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The capital city of Columbia- Bogota has some hip things for the tourists who choose to take this vacation. Many seem to think that this is a city of hustle and bustle, but don’t let that fool you. Bogota is an excellent diverse capital along with some delicious food scenes, adventure opportunities, and gorgeous scenes. In the last decade, Bogota has changed a lot. From being a place that attracted none, it is now a hip cosmopolitan city that has grown into quite an attractive spot for tourists. Once you visit the city, you will get to experience the rich culture it has to offer along with exquisite market-places, splendid waterfalls, quaint villages, and some breath-taking lakes. Come, let us have a look at all the things you can do on your trip to Bogota!

See the visual treats of Museo del Oro

Museo del Oro
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Museo del Oro that is also commonly known as the Gold Museum among the tourists is probably the most popular touristy thing to do in Bogota. Want to know the reason behind such an interesting nickname? The museum is home to more than 30,000 pieces of gold! It contains more in terms of gold artifacts. All of these came from Columbia.

Archaeologists have excavated this gold and now they belong to the Gold Museum. Apart from gold, the museum houses a lot of interesting things regarding the various cultures of Columbia. These include various excavations- jewelry, armory, masks, bowls, and other things that have been dugout. The presentation is extremely well done and will immediately draw you the moment you step foot inside. The entry fee is quite low for such a vast collection.

Walk about La Candelaria

La Candelaria in Bogota
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Tourists are drawn to La Candelaria for it reeks of history. Walking around La Candelaria is like taking a step back in history, for it is essentially the center of history in the city. Tourists are particularly in love with the very colorful streets of La Candelaria for they have a Bohemian tongue to them. They have a European touch to them for the streets are cobblestoned and you can see the buildings around built in Spanish style.

The street art is a scene to be cherished too along with several halls, cathedrals, bars, and restaurants. You can always hear the live music playing around the corner or several artists finishing up brilliant street art. This is the hip part of the city.

Climb the Cerro Monserrate

Cerro Monserrate in Bogota
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Cerro Monserrate is also commonly known as Monserrate Mountain is an attraction with some beautiful views. Cerro Monserrate is a steep mountain that overlooks the entire city of Bogota. It has some of the best views of Bogota from up above.

When you reach the top, you will see a small white church. However, many people visit Cerro Monserrate just for the climb and the views, but if you want you can check out the church. There are certain pricey restaurants when you climb up the mountains. But, you will also be able to get your hands on some snacks while you are climbing up the Cerro Monserrate. They have a famous coca tea that is quite tasty.

Admire the works of Museo Botero

Botero Museum
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Fernando Botero is one of the premium artists of Columbia. Everyone in Columbia knows his name and his reputation well enough. He made his art in a way that described both Columbian people and animals in a way with majestic features that drawn everyone.

Museo Botero is named after this artist and features some of his best pictures. But, it contains the art of some international artists like Dali, Picasso, and others. The location of this museum is in La Candelaria which helps it gain more footfall. The building is an old Spanish colonial one which adds more to the already beautiful art.

Experience the Andrés Carne de Res

Andrés Carne de Res
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Most people say that a trip to Bogota is not complete without a venture to Andrés Carne de Res. It is an experience that needs to be experienced on this trip to Bogota. It is not exactly in the heart of Bogota but is located quite close, in Chía.
If you want to enjoy the exclusive nightlife of Bogota- Andrés Carne de Res is the solution. It houses almost 2000 people. You can even taste the Columbian food, music, and salsa- all in one go! The atmosphere is almost like a carnival going on with loud music and various performances going on.

Savor the street art

Street art in Bogota
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You might be questioning us that what could one possibly find interesting in street art? But, Columbia happens to be a city filled with quirky art in its every corner. These street arts or rather graffitis are something that your every social media feed needs.

These street arts of Bogota are extremely popular among the locals as well as tourists. And, you can see many talented artists, as well as photographers, crowded along with the street corners- either drawing or taking photographs. If you spend a morning walking around, you might find some of the best pictures for your Instagram. Also, art speaks out. It is always based on some lessons or social movements that will help you in understanding Bogota better.

Shop at the street markets of Usaquén

Usaquén Market
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Usaquén is a quaint neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Bogota. It is intensely famous for its different quirky markets. But, the most famous happens to be the market that is set up every Sunday in the Usaquén streets.
There is a wide range of products you can find here. From clothes, bags, accessories to Columbian foods. Did you know you can even get your hands on some good beer of Columbia here on the streets? There are also some cute cafes filled in this area that serve aesthetic coffees and confectionaries like pastries and cupcakes. There are also a lot of handmade goods found in this market. You can easily buy a souvenir for your friend or family here at an affordable rate.

Ride a bicycle

Cycling in Bogota
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Cycling is allowed throughout the city of Bogota. The streets are made of brick and are easily accessible. Renting a bicycle and cycling through those cobblestoned streets of Bogota is indeed a different experience you won’t get in anything else.
Plus, there are a few advantages to riding a bike. First of all, your transport expenses will be halved. Also, if you rent a car and go around, you will end up missing a few details. But, cycling around will show you some of the hidden gems and beauties. Plaza de Toros is the best place to cycle with lots of markets and shops around. You can stop for a quick hot cup of coffee before you set out on the adventure again.

Get to know the plants of Botanical Garden

Botanical Graden of Bogota
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Wondering why the Botanical Graden of Bogota is on the list of top things to do in Bogota? The Botanical Garden of Bogota is extremely diverse and is the largest in Columbia. It has something to display from every country. Be like the flora or fauna, there is a symbol of every country here.

The place is filled with greenery in the heart of the city. It is a place filled with calm and serenity featuring some of the best plants and has more than 130,000 species. Some of them are native to Columbia while others are brought in. It has also an orchid collection with some gorgeous flowers in its collection.

Spend a day at Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva
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Stayed in the city for a little too long? Get yourself out of the town on a small drive. Villa de Levya is one of the most beautiful quaint colonial villages located close to the city of Bogota. The place is too beautiful to come back on the same day. We urge you to spend a night in this gorgeous little place.

The center of the town has a square where people gather. There are also several places to check out while you are here. There is an interesting house made of clay- Casa Terracotta which attracts locals and foreigners. Villa de Levya also has a vineyard and some great museums. The weekends are crowded here, and there are fancy hotels where you can dine. It is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Visit the beautiful Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen

La Candelaria of our lady of Mount Carmel Sanctuary
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Bogota has some pretty cathedrals and churches. Among these, Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen might be one of the prettiest churches, if not the most pretty. It also holds great significance in the history of Bogota.

This is the church completely dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built back in 1938. It is also located in the town center of La Candelaria. It is constructed in a Florentine style and the building reminds people of a Gothic structure. The church is filled with different colors- white, red, and blue. Cathedrals usually are not as colorful as this one and mostly contain structures in golden color.

Pay a visit to the Zona Rosa neighborhood

Zona Rosa is the hip part of the city filled with energetic young blood. It has some of the best nightlife in Bogota and is known for being way too modern. Also lined with some of the best restaurants of Bogota, Zona Rosa is the place where tourists gather on their first day. There are also shopping malls in this area along with some pubs too. If you are looking for a fun afternoon to spend shopping and eating in the chic part of town, then Zona Rosa is the place to check out.

Visit the serene Lake Guatavita

Lake Guatavita
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Do you find city life to be hectic? Want to take a deep breath and get away from the noise for a few hours? We have a perfect beautiful location for you.
Lake Guatavita is a visual treat to the eyes of foreigners.

Are you accustomed to the legend of El Dorado? Then, Lake Guatavita might be extra interesting to you! All the stories of El Dorado begin from here as the historians have dug out several artifacts that support their statements too. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests all around it. If you want, you can trek along the jungle to get to the lake. But, we highly recommend taking a guide.

Go on a coffee tour

Street vendor selling coffee in Bogota
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Are you crazy about coffee too? Then, Columbia is the ideal place for you! The hype about Columbian coffee is already high enough. How does a coffee tour in Columbia sound to your caffeine-addicted brain?

Coffee lovers know that Columbia has some of the best beans in the world. The climate is too favorable for the coffee beans. The altitude along with the temperature is perfect too. You can find several private as well as public tours that will take you on a journey to discover the wonders of Columbia. Some surrounding places are located at a higher altitude having some of the best coffee plantations. Embark on a journey of discovering some of the best beans.

Check out Zona G

Zona G in Bogota
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Very similar to the neighborhood of Zona Rosa, there lies Zona G nearby. It is a similar hip neighborhood, but Zona G might seem pricey to you. The ambiance is quite luxurious in itself and has some great restaurants too. If you want a real taste of the local Columbian food, then we recommend you roaming around Zona G and trying out the best street dishes. Plaza de Lourdes is quite close, so you can walk and visit the infamous church and devour some fried churros.

This brings us to an end to our top 15 things to do in Bogota. The city is filled with beauty- no matter where you look. A culturally diverse, historically rich city of Columbia- Bogota has a lot of hidden gems that people often miss out on. But, once you step foot inside the city, you will immediately be drawn to the vibrant art, kind people, and delicious foods!