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15 Best Things to Do in Blue Springs, MO

  • Published 2022/11/30

Blue Springs is a city in Jackson County, Missouri.

Unlike Kansas, Blue Springs provides its visitors with more laid-back vibes, perfect for those yearning for quality rest and recreation.

Since it’s 20 miles away from Kansas City, Blue Springs is an ideal weekend getaway destination, especially with friends or family.

Blue Springs has all that a quaint but charming city can offer.

It has shops, historical sites, parks, entertainment, and natural attractions worthy of checking out.

Its laid-back vibes are an excellent alternative to Kansas City’s bustling metropolitan area.

You won’t run out of exciting outdoor activities in Blue Springs, home to over 19 community parks, some stretching to hundreds of acres.

Check out the best things to do in Blue Springs, Missouri, to give you an idea of what awaits you there.

Cruise along the Gorgeous Lake Jacomo

View of Lake Jacomo

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Lake Jacomo spans over 970 acres within the heart of Fleming Park in Jackson County.

It’s the perfect place to start your travel adventure in Blue Springs.

It has numerous boat launches where you can ride a kayak or a paddleboard.

Perhaps you want to join pontoon boaters and sailboat regattas for leisurely cruising through this gorgeous lake.

If you have no kayak or boat, there are numerous boat rentals you can check out in the area.

If you want an exciting activity, join fellow anglers to catch some catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie, the most abundant fish species in the lake.

Of course, there are plenty more exciting things you’ll enjoy at Lake Jacomo.

Commune with Nature at the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area

View of Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Winter

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Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area mainly showcases Missouri’s vibrant flora and fauna.

You can visit this conservation area just north of Blue Springs.

It mainly features six gorgeous nature trails that take you to various wildlife habitats you won’t expect to find in a city like Blue Springs.

View of Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Winter

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If you’re not in the mood to hike, check out its nature center, which houses various wild animals, such as birds, small mammals, and reptiles mostly found in Missouri.

At the same time, it has nature-related interactive programs that excite everyone, especially kids.

Spend the day at Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area for some wholesome time connecting with nature.

View of Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area in Winter

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Spot Blue Springs’ Public Art Installations

Blue Springs’ streets have various unique art installations which you can spot throughout the city.

While exploring the city, check out these unique and colorful artworks along the streets, parks, and other public areas.

This activity is highly recommended, especially if you’re an avid art fan or an average tourist seeking a cost-free activity.

You’ll find numerous sculptures, murals, and other unique artworks throughout Blue Springs, which you can pose beside for souvenir photos.

Amazingly. these public art installations aren’t just for display.

It also promotes the city’s local arts scene and is part of its beautification efforts.

Step inside the Haunted Dillingham-Lewis Museum

The Dillingham-Lewis Museum is a 1906-period house converted into a historical attraction.

You can visit this museum along SW 15 Street.

It mainly features the house’s original furnishings, once owned by Melvina and Morgan Dillingham.

Despite its rich history, the house has another reputation.

It’s Blue Spring’s most famous haunted place.

Countless paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have already conducted investigations.

You must check out this museum if you’re curious to uncover the house’s creepy mystery or are an enormous paranormal enthusiast.

The Dillingham-Lewis Museum is a fascinating place to uncover the rich history and spooky tales to add excitement to your Blue Springs adventure.

Enjoy Various Activities at Pink Hill Park

Sign at Pink Hill Park

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Pink Hill Park is a top-notch outdoor recreation destination within Blue Springs.

You can visit this park along the Veteran’s Way Memorial and spend your day enjoying various outdoor activities.

This park offers you one of the best BMX race courses where you can display your hidden BMX skills.

If you’re not into BMX, it has a horseshoe pit for a more relaxing but competitive activity.

At the same time, this park has a playground, a gorgeous picnic area, soccer fields, and a sand volleyball court.

With all that in mind, prepare for an action-packed visit to Pink Hill Park through its exciting amenities and facilities.

See the Gorgeous Garden of Central Park

Central Park is more than just your average community park.

This park along SW Chicago Street is home to a gorgeous community garden maintained by locals.

It features various plant areas for local gardeners who maintain the park.

Visiting this park allows you to see up close the gorgeous garden.

It doesn’t just feature colorful flowers and plants, vegetables, and fruits.

It’s also fun seeing the locals doing gardening chores.

Besides the garden, Central Park has a walking trail, a pond, and numerous public art installations.

Spend Your Leisure Time at the Adams Dairy Landing

Adams Dairy Landing is Blue Springs’ premier shopping center.

You can visit this 102,000-square-foot shopping center along Northeast Coronado Drive.

It’s strategically situated along Interstate 70 and adjacent to Home Depot and Walmart.

So, it’s a convenient place to buy your wants and needs before continuing your tour through Blue Springs.

It has Italian and Mediterranean architecture, which is a refreshing sight to see.

Like most shopping centers, Adams Dairy Landing has numerous retail stores such as Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works, Michaels, and plenty more.

In addition, it has an eclectic selection of restaurants to satisfy your cravings after a whole day of shopping.

Make a Splash at Blue Springs Lake

View of Blue Springs Lake

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Blue Springs Lake spans over 720 acres and serves as the city’s reservoir.

As part of the massive 7,809-acre Fleming Park, this lake is a famous outdoor recreation destination in Jackson County.

Many people across Jackson County love to spend their weekends at this lake for various water activities, especially during summer.

View of Blue Springs Lake

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One of the best activities you’ll enjoy at Blue Springs Lake is tubing or perhaps water skiing, jet skiing, and power boating.

You can also swim at the lake since it has lifeguards and numerous beach areas, safe for swimming.

For a more relaxing time at the lake, you can cast your line for largemouth bass, striped bass, blue gill, and catfish.

If you don’t want to get wet, hiking is also an ideal activity at the lake.

View of Blue Springs Lake

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Bring Your Kids to the Kemper Outdoor Education Center

Kemper Outdoor Education Center, also part of the vast Fleming Park, is an excellent place to bring your kids and kids to heart to have fun.

This place is a famous location for school field trips, family-related events, and summer camps.

It has trails that take you to various natural areas such as prairies, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife habitats, making it a fantastic place to connect with nature.

Kids can enjoy their day at this attraction since it has a swimming pool, a vast playground, and a shelter house.

Whether you’re looking for a great family activity or want to connect with nature, the Kemper Outdoor Education Center has all you want for a memorable time outdoors.

Get Wet at the Burrus Old Mill Park

Blue Springs’ parks give you more reasons to spend more time with your family because of their top-notch amenities and facilities.

With that in mind, check out Burrus Old Mill Park, one of Blue Springs’ oldest parks and home to the city’s first splash pad.

Situated along NW Woods Chapel Road, this park is an ideal place to cool down and let your kids have fun at its top-notch splash pad.

The entire park spans 14 acres, offering various amenities such as a picnic area, a baseball field, a basketball court, shelter houses, and a hiking trail.

Overall, Burris Old Mill Park gives you more options for spending quality time with your family while roaming Blue Springs.

Traverse the Lake Vista Trail

Lake Vista Trail is an excellent place for outdoor adventurers to stretch their muscles in a worthwhile hike.

You can visit this trail along Unnamed Road and enjoy a day of hiking and exploring Blue Springs’ unspoiled natural beauty.

The trail surrounding Blue Springs Lake draws many local hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy its rolling and rocky terrains, which are perfect for hiking.

While hiking, you’ll enjoy not just the challenging terrain but also the scenic lake vista.

Lake Vista Trail is one of Blue Springs’ best-maintained and easy-to-traverse trails, making it a recommended location for your hiking adventure.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Since Blue Springs is a few minutes away from Kansas City and other neighboring cities, check them out after exploring this charming city.

Here are some nearby attractions from Blue Springs you must check out.

See Animals at the Kansas City Zoo

View of Kansas City Zoo

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Kansas City Zoo is a 24-minute drive west of Blue Springs in Kansas City, Missouri.

This 202-acre zoo which opened in 1909, remains one of Kansas City and Missouri’s best attractions.

Visiting this zoo allows you to see close to 1,300 animals from around the world.

View of Kansas City Zoo

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While roaming the Kansas City Zoo, you’ll come across a vast 100,000-gallon pool which houses the gentoo penguins.

Meanwhile, the other enclosure houses the polar bears.

Other spots inside this unique zoo feature primates, safari animals, and animals from the tropical rainforest.

You and your family are guaranteed a magical experience in this zoo in Kansas City.

View of Kansas City Zoo

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Explore Nature at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area

The James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area is 12 miles south of Blue Springs in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Its 2,603 acres of vast woodlands is home to Jackson County’s local flora and fauna.

From an outdoor enthusiast’s perspective, it’s an excellent location to do activities.

While visiting this wildlife area, you’ll enjoy fishing, horseback riding, boating, and managed hunting seasonally.

If you’re a fan of wildlife viewing, you won’t get disappointed at the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife.

You’ll spot various animals, such as the Giant Canadian geese, white-tailed deer, and plenty more.

Besides wildlife viewing, you’ll also enjoy fishing at one of its lakes which contains channel catfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass.

Feel the Rush at Valley Speedway

Valley Speedway is one of the nearest unique attractions in Blue Springs.

You only need to drive 14 minutes or six miles east of Blue Springs in Grain Valley, Missouri, to reach this dirt racing venue.

If you’re a racing fan, you’ll enjoy spending your time at this place watching racers outperform each other.

Otherwise, watch cars get totaled after a fierce race through its top-notch dirt race course.

Valley Speedway is a recommended attraction, offering you new sights over the usual parks and outdoor destinations in Blue Springs.

Swim at the Oak Grove Aquatic Center

Head to the Oak Grove Aquatic Center to wrap up your Blue Springs travel adventure with your friends or family.

You can visit this massive outdoor swimming pool facility 12.5 miles east of Blue Springs in Oak Grove, Missouri.

This popular swimming pool facility features numerous amenities comparable to a top-notch water park.

It has splash pads, slides, tubes, and massive pools, which makes your experience there with your family worthwhile.

If you’re up for one more activity with your family, spend the day at the Oak Grove Aquatic Center.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your friends or loved ones, Blue Springs has something exciting waiting for everyone.

This small city on the outskirts of Kansas City is an underrated tourist destination in Missouri you must consider as your next travel destination.

Enjoy the best things to do in Blue Springs, Missouri!

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