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20 Best Things to Do in Blue Hill, ME

  • Published 2022/07/15

A quaint, whimsical town known as Blue Hill situates itself between the majestic Blue Hill Mountain and Blue Hill Bay, Maine.

Despite its small-town population, Blue Hill flourishes with history, culture, and a persevering warm allure.

It’s surrounded by scenic, calming nature, which attracted the town’s founders to settle the area in 1762.

In the cozy town of Blue Hill, you will find mellow shops, old-style architecture, and a vivid art scene.

It’s the ideal destination for a peaceful getaway.

Book your next trip to the town and explore the best things to do in Blue Hill, ME.

Hike the Trails of Blue Hill Mountain

Scenic view from Blue Hill Mountain overlook

Jon Bilous /

Blue Hill Mountain is a local landmark of the town, towering over the vicinity with a height of 934 feet.

In the 18th century, the settlers had cut down much of the mountain’s resources for lumber and charcoal.

Afterward, they pushed efforts to conserve and rebuild the mountain’s natural state.

Blue Hill Mountain is now a popular destination for environmental walks, with seven different trails to choose from.

The levels range from easy to moderate and consist of diverse types of landscape, including plains, woodlands, elevated terrains, and a loop that gives stunning views of the summit.

You can find the trailheads along Mountain Road and Turkey Farm Road.

If you ever visit these mountains, stay on the marked trails.

Browse Local Crafts in Handworks Gallery

Since 1975, Handworks Gallery has provided a venue for local artists and artisans to display their works and offer them for sale.

They’re located in an old, mellow building that used to be the Blue Hill Department Store along Main Street.

Paired with old-school ceilings and simple decor, Handworks Gallery presents a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Their artworks mainly feature an array of paintings, potteries, glass, jewelry, and woodworks, but there are other random items in store.

As long as the piece is handmade and creative, Handworks Gallery might add it to their collections.

If you’re ever in Blue Hills, don’t forget to bring home a local souvenir from Handworks Gallery.

Try the Rides at the Blue Hill Fair

A massive part of Blue Hill’s charm lies in being a tranquil oasis.

However, the town also boasts of a fun event that lifts the community’s mood.

The bright and lively annual Blue Hill Fair attracts visitors from across the country with its festive celebrations.

It typically happens around Labor Day and involves a broad gathering of food stalls, carnival rides, and country-style exhibits.

Blue Hill Fair showcases the charm of a rural festival with colorfully pitched tents, farm animals, and merry games.

Step away from the quiet oasis and enter this festive, spirited event at Ellsworth Road, Blue Hills.

It’s a rare event that happens only once a year, so you shouldn’t miss out on the chance.

Enjoy an Elegant Meal in Arborvine

The Arborvine restaurant in Blue Hill has successfully combined fine dining and a rural setting.

Established in 2000, Arborvine was once a simple 1823 farmhouse, which the founders lightly remodeled.

While the outdoors retain an old-fashioned simplicity, the interior exudes class and modern elegance with intimate tables and chic fireplaces.

The restaurant prepares meals from the freshest ingredients sourced from within the town and its neighboring communities.

They’re masterfully plated and feature an array of flavors on a single plate.

Arborvine also has an extensive wine selection that pairs well with its well-thought-out menu.

Experience a luxurious meal from local ingredients in Arborvine, situated on Tenney Hill.

Shop at Blue Hill Co-op

As an area rich in agriculture, Blue Hill Co-op combines local products from across the state into one shared market.

They established the market in 1974 to provide the town’s residents with an easy way to access healthy and organic products.

They feature a collaboration of over 2,100 local producers, so there are plenty of products to browse in their store.

While their prices may run a bit high, the co-op often holds quarterly sales and discounts.

There’s also a full-service restaurant serving meals of all kinds at Blue Hill Co-op.

Support local and sustainable shopping at the Blue Hill Co-op.

You can find them in town along the South Street area.

Tour the Jonathan Fisher House

Exterior of the Jonathan Fisher House

Choess, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jonathan Fisher was a true American jack of all trades.

He was an artist, scientist, writer, mathematician, and more.

In 1796, he constructed his first small home.

As his family grew, he added several extensions over the years.

His home is worth visiting because of its historical artifacts.

You’ll find parts of his house, artworks, and library.

Likewise, these items remain in relatively good shape.

There’s also a scenic orchard outdoors, reconstructed to look like the original.

Visiting the historic house can take you back to the old days and give a glimpse of what life was like for Blue Hill residents in the past.

It’s a piece of history perfect for a casual visit and a short learning experience.

If you’re interested, you can find this home/museum at Mines Road.

Bask in Nature at Penny’s Preserve/Peter’s Brook

Penny’s Preserve is an extensive trail system that takes you through beautiful lands and waterscapes.

The trails span an estimated five miles, leading you to stunning nature points of Peter’s Brook.

Pass through wooden bridges, hike along the banks of a small river, and glimpse historic granite quarries with a splendid waterfall.

It’s a hidden treasure in Blue Hill, Maine.

Coupled with dense trees, diverse terrains, and abundant plant life, this place can connect you with nature’s finest gifts.

If you’d like to drop by, the trailheads begin at two areas: AB Herrick Memorial Landing and East Blue Hill Road.

Taste Local Coffee in Sandy’s Blue Hill Cafe

The coffee made in Sandy Blue Hill Cafe boasts a distinct flavor due to careful preparation and rigorous process.

With custom-blended beans roasted right on the premises, the owners take “freshly-made coffee” to another level.

It’s also known to have unique tastes because they mix its beans to suit various palates.

While coffee is their specialty, Sandy’s Blue Hill Cafe also offers a wide range of options on their menu.

Take your pick from their breakfast menu and lunch meals to scheduled dinners.

On scheduled dinners, you could pair live music with your meal and craft cocktails.

The building is also a remarkable feature of the cafe.

It’s a historical structure from 1796 with parts of its original architecture still intact.

All these make Sandy Hill’s Blue Hill Cafe a worthy destination in town.

Find this authentic, cozy cafe on Main Street.

Spend the Night in the Farmhouse Inn

Since the 1870s, Farmhouse Inn has become a staple bed and breakfast in small-town Blue Hills.

You can find it along the base of Blue Hill Mountain at Pleasant Street, just a few miles from the heart of the town.

With wooden structures and charming old-style furniture, Farmhouse Inn presents a warm and mellow atmosphere from the moment you walk in through its doors.

Their rooms are just as cozy, featuring a minimalist design with pleasant bedsheets and a single painting on the walls.

Pairing the lush accommodations with fresh coffee and a continental-style breakfast makes for a splendid way to start the morning.

Browse the Shelves of Tradewinds Marketplace

Along the lengths of South Street, you’ll find this diverse, affordable marketplace in Blue Hill.

It features an extensive mix of imported products and local goods from Maine, separated into clear sections.

You can find almost everything in Tradewinds Marketplace, from organic produce and meat selections to baked goods, alcohol, and prepared meals.

Despite its rural location, Tradewinds Marketplace can compete with the grocery stores in cities.

They also love giving back to the community, crafting methods to connect with charity events and campaigns for the town.

Tradewinds Marketplace is worth supporting in Blue Hill.

Make sure to check out what they have to offer.

Learn Town History in the Holt House

The Holt House is home to the Blue Hill Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Blue Hill’s history.

They hold scheduled walking tours around the town’s historical district and local cemeteries.

Listen to the fascinating stories of its prominent residents and notable establishments.

If there’s no scheduled tour, you can always explore the Holt House since it is also a museum.

Built in 1715, this Federal-style clapboard home displays an array of artifacts related to Blue Hill.

You’ll also find a few old pieces that were part of the original Holt home.

A tour around the home takes about 40 minutes of exploring historical items, preserved rooms, and architectural details.

It’s a learning experience that caters best to travelers interested in history, especially that of Blue Hill.

If that piques your interest, add the Holt House to your go-to list of destinations.

Admire Art in Liros Gallery

Founded in Berlin, Liros Gallery was eventually moved to Blue Hill in 1986 when Serge Liros took over the long-standing family business.

Over the years, they’ve collected a vast amount of art pieces with a focus on 19th to 20th century American and European Art.

In the prestigious gallery, you’ll find several oriental prints, watercolors, old maps, and etchings.

Situated at Parker Point Road, they also have various types of antiques on display.

See art pieces around the home-like museum in simple, minimalist decor to bring the focus towards the artworks.

You can also join art-related services like painting restoration and framing in Liros Gallery.

Kayak at Blue Hill Reversing Falls

The waters of Blue Hill Reversing Falls

Richard345 /

Reversing Falls is a rare, natural phenomenon that occurs at eight locations in Maine.

The cozy town of Blue Hill has one of them, between Salt Pond and Blue Hill Bay.

It’s most famous as a kayak destination, but the falls are gentle enough to allow tubes, rafts, and canoes to pass through the funnel.

As the water forms standing waves, the reversing falls begin and present an excellent contrast to the calm waters of the blue bay.

This strange event only happens when tides get funneled into a narrow channel like boulders and rocks.

It’s a one-of-a-kind sight that you shouldn’t miss out on in Blue Hill, Maine.

Make sure to look for the bridge and wait for the reversing falls to appear.

Browse the Blue Hill Wine Shop

Blue Hill Wine Shop offers a broad selection of wines and other grocery items like cheese and crackers that can pair well with the drink.

Their vast collection might make it hard for you to choose just one wine.

However, you can always ask their knowledgeable staff to select a wine for you, depending on your answers to their quick preference survey.

You can never know what types of wines they’ll suggest.

It’s a massive part of their charm.

Who knows?

You might find your next favorite brand of wine in Blue Hill Wine Shop.

Visit their location at Main Street and try a new type of wine.

Explore Cynthia Winings Gallery

Cynthia Winings Gallery is one of Blue Hill’s art destinations.

It features dynamic, thought-provoking exhibits with various themes, including landscapes, abstract art, and conceptual art.

The owner, Cynthia Winning, curates the artworks to highlight all types of local artists, both acclaimed and uprising.

There’s also a sculpture garden that you can enjoy as you walk along the outdoor parts of the gallery.

If you want to see what Blue Hill’s local talent offers, Cynthia Winings Gallery is the perfect destination for you.

It’s located along Parker Point Road and is close to other nearby galleries.

Appreciate a Quiet Moment at Horton Emerson Park

Horton Emerson Park is located right by the seaside of Blue Hill, making it a scenic place for intimate moments.

It’s surrounded by greenery and it has some cool rocks that accentuate its overall aesthetic; it’s definitely one of the more tranquil places to be in Blue Hill.

This makes Horton Emerson Park a great place to do photography of the ocean, while also being a quiet area for relaxation or meditation.

Horton Emerson Park is also conveniently located at the end of Water Street, so you won’t have to venture far to visit it.

Perfect for solo travelers or couples, this is a neat stopover in Blue Hill.

Check Out Blue Hill Books

Blue Hill Books is a local bookstore selling all sorts of titles from various genres, whether fiction or nonfiction.

Although small in size, Blue Hill Books makes up for it by its rustic and appealing interior that’s brimming with bookshelves.

There’s a certain allure to visiting it, as it reminds you of countryside libraries where simplicity is what gives it a defining charm.

The staff and folks managing Blue Hill are also professional and accommodating, so tourists will have a great time here.

Perfect for booklovers and for a change of pace in Maine, visit Blue Hill Books along Pleasant Street.

Start Your Day at Bucklyn Coffee

There’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee in a town that’s right by the sea, and you can experience this at Bucklyn Coffee.

Bucklyn Coffee is situated near the ocean right along Parker Point Road, so it’s a great stopover to get coffee on the go if you’re planning on checking out the scenic views of the township.

They serve amazing lattes, espresso, and macchiato here, but you can always opt for the classic brewed coffee as well.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Spanish and Maple lattes as well.

For non-coffee drinkers, Bucklyn Coffee also offers hot chocolate that’s perfect for the little ones.

Have a Scrumptious Meal at Marlintini’s Grill

Marlintini’s Grill is easily one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in Blue Hill, famous for its mouthwatering prime ribs and fresh seafood.

With surf n’ turf being its speciality, it’s no surprise Marlintini’s Grill is a perfect place to get some cocktails and beer to complement the food as well.

The service is consistently excellent, which is why it’s rated highly by many of its local customers.

Some other must-tries here besides the prime rib are their haddock chowder and their fried clams.

To visit Marlintini’s Grill, drive along Mines Road in the western portion of the town.

Go on a Picnic at Blue Hill Town Park

Blue Hill Town Park is another quaint and relaxing place in the township that offers a lot more green space compared to other parks.

Because of this, you can set up picnics here with larger groups of friends or families, perfect if you’re bringing kids with you.

It’s also located right by the water, so you can expect beautiful views and scenery at Blue Hill Town Park.

It’s also located right at the heart of Blue Hill, along Water Street.

A great all-rounder, this is a fantastic place that you can easily insert in any kind of itinerary.

Final Thoughts

Blue Hill’s a quaint little town in Maine that’s big on domestic arts and history.

Historic buildings, nature-centric attractions, and charming local stores make up a massive part of the town’s tourist scene.

Explore those destinations within the peaceful, idyllic atmosphere that envelops the cozy town.

Spend your much-deserved break in Blue Hill, Maine.

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