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15 Best Things to Do in Blaine, MN

  • Published 2022/10/10

In 1847, the great city of Blaine in Minnesota appeared uninhabitable.

Deputy Surveyor Andrew Hewett asserted that it’s inaccessible unless it got frozen.

Over time, settlers moved, formed a community, and established a formal township in 1877.

Decades passed, and the place’s agriculture bloomed, thanks to its dairy farms.

Even after its incorporation as a city in 1954, it continued growing produce and selling them to house developers.

This city is the largest in Anoka County, with a variety of natural spots you’ll enjoy.

With recreational sites and restaurants around, you’ll feel satisfied during your stay here.

Take note of the best things to do in Blaine, Minnesota, if you have plans to visit this city:

Engage Yourself at National Sports Center

Signage of National Sports Center

Steve Skjold /

Don’t miss the chance to see the National Sports Center.

Located on 105th Avenue Northeast, the city takes this sports facility pridefully.

It nabbed the Guinness World Record as the largest sports complex in the world.

In 1987, the state legislature urged the construction of the National Sports Center.

This 600-acre spot houses a golf course, an ice rink, and 52 soccer fields on its grounds.

Enjoy playing rugby, ultimate disc, and lacrosse in its spacious athletic area.

What better way to make the most out of this sports complex than joining a live soccer tournament?

Ice rink of National Sports Center

Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bring your kids to this spot and let them experience the AKA All Sports Camp.

This program envisions awakening the consciousness of the youth toward sports.

With the help of instructors, they will learn the basics of playing different games.

Tag along with your loved ones on an overnight stay in the spot by partaking in its Active Family Camp.

Spend time with your family by playing group sports in the facility.

You can wrap up the night by watching a movie or doing other exciting outdoor activities at the National Sports Center.

Get Wet on an Adventure at Lakeside Commons Park and Beach

Drop by Lakeside Commons Park and Beach for an adventure filled with splashes.

Head out to Lakes Parkway if you want to look at its public spot that has delighted locals since 2010.

It features a splash pad, a beach house, and a well-maintained public beach.

Hop on a trip in one of its canoes and kayaks and have a great time with the waves.

Bring your family and share a meal at Lakeside Commons Park and Beach’s picnic pavilion.

Of course, don’t leave the Lakeside Commons Park and Beach without swimming in its designated area by its beach.

Grab a Bite of Greek Cuisine at Jawad Grill

Satisfy your craving for Greek and Mediterranean cuisine at Jawad Grill.

Situated on 125th Avenue, chef Atieh opened this family-owned restaurant.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, he aims to acquaint people with atypical meals.

You can start your dining experience at Jawad Grill with a taste of its gyro sandwiches.

For the main course, delight yourself with a plate of gyro, shish kabob, or veggies.

The restaurant also offers a wide array of salads, food baskets, and side orders that you can try.

Apart from Greek and Mediterranean food, you can also pick from the American dishes on its menu.

Shop for Stuff at Reverie Boutique and Company

Pay a visit to Reverie Boutique and Company and shop until you drop.

A pair of sisters-in-law opened this boutique shop on Baltimore Street in 2020.

Christie, one of its owners, aims to open a shop where women of all sizes can find unique items.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s dream was to build a salon and help people to freshen up their looks.

Together, they merged their ideas and brought life to Reverie Boutique and Company.

Look around its racks for fashionable tops, dresses, and accessories.

Organic finds like lip balms and bath soaps are also up for grabs in this store.

You can also make a reservation at its salon and grab the chance to have a new look.

Join other locals in the store’s vicinity for its community-wide events.

Unwind at Aquatore Park

Unwinding with your loved ones and fur babies at Aquatore Park is an excellent choice if you’re staying in the city.

You can find this spot along Lincoln Street, where locals also gather around.

Make the most of its bike trail and stretch your legs while relaxing at the park’s scenery.

You can also play baseball or basketball on the park’s allotted grounds if you want to.

It has two picnic shelters that accommodate groups of families and friends.

Aquatore Park has a designated dog park for those who want to bring their pets along.

Catch city festivals hosted by this park and join the community for a fun experience.

Appreciate Wildlife at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

Trees at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

Emily De Donato /

Witness wildlife thriving within the perimeters of the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary.

The city’s history shows that its landscape supports wetland ecosystems.

With the arrival of residents, most parts of the area got drained for agriculture.

Thanks to the city’s restoration efforts, the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary became possible.

Around this spot, you’ll see over 300 variants of plants.

Catch a glimpse of the bees and butterflies helping the flowers to bloom and produce seeds.

A tour around will help you understand the importance of all species in biodiversity.

If you want to check this spot out, drive along Lexington Avenue.

Entertain Yourself with Kid Games at the Fun Lab

For an exciting indoor adventure, drop by The Fun Lab.

Located on Baltimore Street, this spot has become the go-to place for families and friends.

Jim and Webber established the Fun Lab so people could find a place to socialize and have fun with others.

For five years, they researched and arranged the amenities of this entertainment center.

Various activities await you in this place with 22,500 square feet of land area.

With your kids, hop on actionable fun with laser tag and bumper cars at the Fun Lab.

Amuse yourself and try Hologate, its virtual reality attraction.

With motion-tracked controllers, enter a 3D space and explore a new dimension.

The Fun Lab’s ropes course and laser maze are other challenging courses you shouldn’t miss.

Its Food Lab is where visitors can energize and order meals from a great food selection right off the bat.

Improve Your Accuracy at Metro Gun Club

Add spice to your trip around the city and pay a visit to the Metro Gun Club.

The standard pistol range of Metro Gun Club extends to 50 feet in length.

With 14 lanes, use different pistol calibers and try to put down the targets on sight.

A shotgun range is also available for those who want to improve using a heavier firearm.

Beginners don’t have to worry.

You can attend general shooting lessons in the facility.

Aside from the basics, you’ll also get the hang of the safety measures to prevent any harm in using firearms.

If you’re ready to level up the challenge, sign up for Metro Gun Club’s shotgun and pistol leagues.

This public shooting range sits across Naples Street.

Taste Asian Dishes at Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro

Get energized with the authentic Asian cuisines that Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro offers.

You can find this restaurant along Pheasant Ridge Drive.

Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro offers fresh Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes.

Start your dining experience with a bite of gyoza, edamame, and other appetizers on the spot.

If you’re dropping by the place for lunch, don’t miss out on its wide array of roll and sushi combos.

Choose among its cooked crabmeat tempura, eel avocado, and shrimp asparagus rolls.

If you’re up for its raw rolls, take a bite of its tuna, salmon, or yellowtail rolls.

You can also set up an Asian dinner if you check out this place in the evening.

Try one of its hibachi dishes and enjoy chicken, shrimp, steak, or filet mignon with a bowl of rice and veggies.

If you want something saucy, taste one of its Thai curries and stir-fried beef or chicken.

Thanks to its kids’ menu, you can also bring your kids to Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro.

Take a Sip from Invictus Brewing Company

You can taste one of the finest local beers at Invictus Brewing Company.

To visit this brewery, head out to 105th Avenue.

Previn Solberg, the corporate head of this business, has always loved craft beers.

In 2013, he met Troy Wolter, who has a fair share of experience when it comes to brewing.

After befriending each other, they brewed a few batches of beers.

After making recipes, they studied the industry to get all the information needed.

Invictus Brewing Company got its name from the Latin word “unconquerable.”

Now, locals and visitors remark on this spot for producing beers of top-notch quality.

Take your time to pick from its ale beers which may give off a fuzzy and malty taste.

It also serves refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks like blueberry and strawberry lemonade.

For a wholesome experience, drop by its taproom and make the most of its full-service bar.

This facility can attend to 50 people, so waste no time and catch up with other drinkers on the spot.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy Outdoor Adventures at Elm Creek Park Reserve

Bridge at Elm Creek Park Reserve

melissamn /

Look around Elm Creek Park Reserve, a spot perfect for families and friends.

It’s located on James Deane Parkway in Maple Grove, Minnesota, 16 minutes from Blaine.

With a land area of 4,900 acres, this recreational park allows a variety of outdoor activities.

At Elm Creek Park Reserve, enjoy a panoramic view of woodlands over its 20-mile trail while biking.

Camper cabins are also available for those who want to spend their night in the park’s vicinity.

The waters of Elm Creek Park Reserve

melissamn /

Try to hit the targets on the spot’s 30-acre archery range.

You can also drop by the Pierre Bottineau House near the park if you want a glimpse of the area’s past.

This restored structure, built in 1854, aims to highlight the life of Pierre Bottineau.

Often hailed as the “Kit Carson of the Northwest,” he was a surveyor who discovered various cities in the state.

Also, check out various species like eagles, bluebirds, beavers, and swans roaming the place.

Pierre Bottineau house at Elm Creek Park Reserve

melissamn /

Host Your Events at the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center

With a rustic and chic design, the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center might be the right venue for your next event.

To reach this place, drive to Earl Brown Drive in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, 14 minutes from Blaine.

The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center spans 40,000 square feet.

With 17 meeting rooms, this events place has hosted several events for three decades.

If you plan to tie the knot or conduct casual meetings in the area, this spot should be the right fit.

It also has a courtyard that measures 80,000 square feet, perfect for outdoor programs.

The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center also provides menu plans prepared by its professional cooks.

Have Fun Indoors at Shoreview Community Center

Experience a fun-filled adventure indoors at Shoreview Community Center.

In its indoor playground called “Tropical Adventure,” kids may play on jungle-themed obstacles.

Shoreview Community Center also houses Tropics & Bamboo Bay, an indoor waterpark.

Bring your loved ones and have fun while dipping in their pools.

Professional swimmers can also make the most out of its lap swim pool.

This community center also hosts all year-round concerts and festivals.

To visit this spot, drive along Victoria Street in Shoreview, Minnesota.

From Blaine, you can reach the Shoreview Community Center after a 12-minute drive to Shoreview, Minnesota.

Appreciate the History of Minnesota at the Bell Museum

Exterior of the Bell Museum

August Schwerdfeger, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1872, Bell Museum serves as the repository of the state’s history.

It houses galleries that exhibit the journey of Minnesota’s natives over the decades.

Exhibit in Bell Museum

Runner1928, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This spot also has a Touch & See Lab, where you can see fossils and other species that endured time.

Witness dioramas that depict the area before humans arrived.

Drop by Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium if you’re up for scientific fun.

Fossil in Bell Museum

Runner1928, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This facility gives you a full view of the cosmos and all you need to know about what lies beyond the planet Earth.

Head to St. Paul, Minnesota, 16 minutes from Blaine, to visit the Bell Museum.

The grounds of Bell Museum

Runner1928, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Reconnect with Nature at Harriet Alexander Nature Center

Join locals and have fun together at Harriet Alexander Nature Center.

It sits across Dale Street in Roseville, Minnesota, 17 minutes from Blaine.

The picturesque scenery around this spot makes it a perfect place to unwind.

Harriet Alexander Nature Center hosts a variety of community-wide events.

Mingle with the crowd and experience the celebratory spirit of festivals in the area.

You can also learn more about wildlife with the facility’s Interpretive Center.

This center offers guests a hands-on experience with various animals and plants.

Stretch your muscles and walk on its trail that surrounds a 52-acre marsh and forest habitats.

Final Thoughts

With the best things to do in Blaine, Minnesota, a trip to this city will give you memories you’ll treasure for good.

If you feel confined in your life from the metro, you’ll find a relaxing suburban experience in this area.

This place also allows you to reconnect with nature and enjoy its utmost quietude.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Blaine!

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