15 Best Things to Do in Birch Run, MI

Birch Run, MI
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Birch Run is a small village in Saginaw County, Michigan.

In 1852, the small village started out as a train station on the Pere Marquette Railroad.

The village got its name after the creek passing through it, which runs through a large area with birch trees.

Likewise, Birch Run features a mix of international and mom-and-pop shops, offering several unique experiences for guests.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Here are the best things to do in Birch Run, Michigan:

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Birch Run Premium Outlets

Storefronts at Birch Run Premium Outlets
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If you’re looking for a great place to shop, check out Birch Run Premium Outlets, the largest outlet mall in the Midwest.

Potterybarn at Birch Run Premium Outlets
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It houses dozens of American and international brands that sell  apparel, footwear, personal care items, home appliances, and more.

Located along Beyer Road, the shopping complex is a great place to bring family and friends as it offers multiple shopping options and dining selections.

Aeropostale at Birch Run Premium Outlets
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After shopping, you can pop by one of the restaurants within the complex grounds, with chains such as Sonic, Applebee’s, and Dairy Queen.

Shop ‘til you drop and find the best deals at Birch Run Premium Outlets!

Skechers outlet at Birch Run Premium Outlets
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See the Wildlife at the Wilderness Trail Zoo

Located along Gera Road, the Wilderness Trail Zoo is a humble little abode housing wildlife in Birch Run .

Established in 1991, the 56-acre zoo is home to exotic animals.

You can see monkeys, zebras, lions, reptiles, and parrots.

The Wilderness Trail Zoo also has a crew camp program for children, immersing them in the animals’ way of life.

Likewise, these programs teach them how they can better care for them.

It’s a great place to drop by with the family to spend the day seeing the animals and explore Birch Run’s little patch of wilderness.

Watch the Races at Birch Run Speedway

For racing enthusiasts, the Birch Run Speedway is a great place to head to in the village.

You can catch the competitions featuring local and regional drivers.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you watch the races and root for your favorite driver zooming along the tracks.

Apart from the races, Birch Run Speedway also hosts community events, including outdoor markets and community mixers.

Stop by the speedway to see fast cars, hear loud cheers, and have a fun time!

Grab an Old School Bite at the Comet Classic Diner and Creamery

Travel back to the 50s in the classic diner called The Comet Classic Diner and Creamery.

Stepping inside, you will see bright blue interiors with pink accents decked out in the retro style.

The Comet Classic Diner and Creamery serves classic American comfort fare such as classic burgers and hot sandwiches.

Order from the menu for your meal, such as the Reuben, grilled cheese, or Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Don’t forget to cap it off with one of their classic milkshake creations.

Swing a Club at Alpine Mountain Golf

Also situated along Gera Road, Alpine Mountain Golf offers mini-golf courses for Birch Run locals and visitors.

The course has two courses of 18-hole putt golf, spread out in a small beautifully landscaped course with manicured grounds and waterways.

Apart from the courses, they also have go-karts and bank-shot basketball areas for visitors.

It is also the perfect place to set up a picnic after a full day of outdoor play.

Alpine Mountain Golf is a little park but it offers locals and visitors big fun in Birch Run.

See a Movie at Emagine Birch Run

Located along the Dixie Highway, Emagine is the premier cinema for locals to catch the latest blockbusters.

The theater offers modern amenities such as Real 3D, Dolby Atmos surround sound and Dbox seat motion control.

You can see the schedule for the shows as well as reserve your tickets on their website.

For guests 21 and above, they have a theatre bar that offers a variety of cocktails, beer, and wines for you to enjoy during the movie.

Play Outside at Birch Run Community Park

Along Maple Road is Birch Run Community Park, a wonderful place to bask in the sun and breathe in the fresh air in the village.

Sitting on the outskirts of the village’s commercial area, the park offers lots of green spaces for locals and visitors.

You can come and go for a hike or jog here or take your dog for a walk along the paths.

You can also come with friends and family and set up a nice lunchtime picnic.

For more sporty patrons, play basketball or baseball on the available park courts.

The park is a great place to relax, play and spend the day outdoors.

Discover Nifty Finds at Thrifty Treasures Antiques

Thrifty Treasures Antiques started as a retirement project for the owners.

They acquired an old shop that has operated for over a decade.

The store is along Gera Road and offers unique trinkets from little ceramic antiques, vintage furniture and light fixtures, jewelry, homeware, and other goods.

Visit Thrifty Treasures Antiques and see all the items in person and score some unique finds.

If you can’t find time to come over to the shop in person, you can browse their online catalog to see the available selection.

Bite into Crispy Bacon at Tony’s I75 Restaurant

Located along Main Street is Tony’s I75 Restaurant, a mom-and-pop restaurant serving delicious comfort Italian-American fare.

Tony’s is also home to the original one-pound BLT, their signature burger topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and freshly-cooked crispy bacon.

Come to their shop and try out the delicious items such as their pasta selection of spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, and ravioli.

Then, order the steak dinners such as ribeye steak and one-pound grilled pork steaks.

Likewise, you can get sandwiches like hot beef, hamburger, or turkey.

They also offer a breakfast menu in the early morning, offering old-fashioned pancakes and omelets cooked in various ways.

Top your meal off with a drink and dessert to end your meal on a sweet note.

Get a refreshing drink from their soda pop-menu or a dessert such as ice cream, hot fudge brownies, and strawberry shortcake.

Come in and leave full and happy after a meal at Tony’s I75 Restaurant!

Shop for Healthy Products at Birch Run Wellness

Birch Run Wellness is a little shop offering various health and wellness products.

The store offers up primarily organic products, including lines of hemp-based products under the brand Community Wellness.

These products help with various problems and concerns such as calmness, relief, sleep, and relaxation.

They also sell natural products for babies and pets as well.

In addition to the topical products, they offer a hemp-based coffee variety, claiming similar benefits with their other products.

Drop by Birch Run Wellness and stock up on your organic products.

Dig into Delicious Deli Sandwiches at Birch Run Deli

Located along Main Street, Birch Run Deli is a small local business serving locals for over 15 years.

Birch Run Deli is proud to serve the best pastrami sandwich you can find anywhere in Michigan.

They offer a variety of hot sandwiches made with the freshest ingredients daily.

Their menu includes their famous Brooklyn pastrami sandwich, corned beef and Swiss, triple Bronx Reuben, and shrimp po boy, among others.

You can also build your sandwich, selecting your bread, meats, vegetable toppings, and sauces.

Enjoy a simple yet filling meal at Birch Run Deli.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See Saginaw City

Aerial view of Saginaw City
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Saginaw, Michigan, is the nearest city to the village.

Located 21 minutes from Birch Run, Saginaw offers visitors a taste of city life near rural Michigan.

Visit the different museums in the city, such as Saginaw Art Museum, Castle Museum, and Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, to name a few.

The road of Saginaw City downtown
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You can also try the variety of restaurants around the city, offering dishes of all types from American, Asian, European, and more.

Book a room in the city’s hotels, putting you in close distance to Birch Run and other neighboring small towns.

Drop by Saginaw and complete your experience visiting Birch Run and Saginaw County!

Exterior of the Castle Museum at Saginaw City
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Visit the Historic Grandpa Tiny’s Farm

Located in nearby Frankenmuth, Michigan, Grandpa Tiny’s Farm is a historic piece of land that preserves the heritage of this part of the state.

This place is also 11 minutes from Birch Run.

William “Tiny” Zehnder established the farm in 1938.

The farm has continued to be a functioning farm with crops and livestock for over 84 years.

It’s a one-of-a-kind agricultural experience in Frankenmuth.

The farm features a mix of activities and amenities, plus educational trips and sessions for guests to learn more about life on the farm.

Visitors can join the Daily Farm Fun, and see the animals inhabiting the farm.

During its peak season, the farm also hosts the Frankenmuth Flower Festival.

The festival showcases the beauty of the area’s flora, especially the beautiful yellow sunflowers.

During the holiday season, the farm also hosts Santa’s Raindeer Farm during the weekends, giving you the chance to see a real reindeer!

You’ll have fun experiencing all the activities and experiences at Grandpa Tiny’s Farm!

Zip through the Trees at the Frankenmuth Aerial Park

On the grounds of the Jellystone Park Camp Resort, the Frankenmuth Aerial Park is a fun theme park offering thrilling experiences on top of the forest’s trees.

The park contains a combination of different courses, such as rope courses up in the sky and other zip lines combing through the area.

Bring your family and friends to feel the rush of walking along a wooden tight rope bridge suspended in the air.

Climb up and test your balance to get to the peaks up above.

After going through the courses, you can relax on the benches, and set up a little picnic for your family and friends.

It even gets better in the evenings as they illuminate the course with twinkling lights.

Come and have fun at the Frankenmuth Aerial Park, 12 minutes from Birch Run!

Get Down and Dirty at Baja Acres

Located in nearby Millington, Michigan, Baja Acres offers off-road biking shows and experiences.

You can find it 11 minutes from Birch Run.

Drive out to the tracks and try your hand at off-road biking, navigating the humps, bumps, curves, and flips.

The lot also hosts the Baja Brawl, allowing amateurs to join a full-fledged four-day Motorcross marathon.

If you’re not into races, you can come by and see the pros do their thing.

Marvel at their speed on the tracks and the multiple airborne tricks they do.

Located 11 minutes from Birch Run, Baja Acres offers a unique entertainment experience in Michigan.

Final Thoughts

Birch Run is a small village that offers simple but exciting experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Birch Run offers a small-town community vibe, pockets of nature, unique experiences, and proximity to the big city.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Birch Run, Michigan!

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