17 Best Things to Do in Billings, Montana

17 Best Things to Do in Billings, Montana

With a population of approximately 1.1 lakhs, Billings truly is the largest city in Montana. Billings is partly a seat of the Yellowstone county and partly the Billings Metropolitan area.

It might not surprise you that Billings was given multiple nicknames like the Magic City, Star of the Big Sky Country or Montana’s Trailhead due to its mystic location with nature’s beauty at its best and rapid variations of growth over the decades.

Billings practically surpasses the growth and popularity of every city in Montana at present and hence, it can be a traveler’s perfect choice. This is why Billings also tops at having the highest number of hotels and resorts in Montana which makes the city life full of events, rallies and occasions.

Life at day or night in Billings is therefore quite eventful for people of all ages. This does not however mean that the city is in any way lacking in its natural capabilities or heritage values. The city is close to 140 years old and every nook and corner has a heritage center or a vivid museum to blow your mind.

Geographically, Billings is in between the South Hills and Rims which provide the finest views in Montana.

Capture the Beauty of The Rimrocks

Gary C. Tognoni / Shutterstock.com

One of the most visited locations of Montana; the Rimrocks are geological formations that run in between Billings.

These are rocky yellow structures, hilly in shape and huge in sizes. Hikers can call it there paradise; even normally one of the best things to do here is take the trailing path or hiking path and reach up to the top to get the most amazing view ever.

The entire city can be seen from the top of these rimrocks like a bird eye view. The view of rimrock sunset should be a must on the list from the city top.

Get Amazed at The ZooMontana

Tiger at ZooMontana
Montanabw, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The ZooMontana is not only an animal shelter but also a botanical garden and zoological area which is known to provide educational ideas and projects to preserve wildlife in Montana.

Located at the Shiloh Road, this garden is truly an aesthetic cornucopia. There are little cobbled ponds surrounded by flowering plants and fountains.

As for animals, you can see some of the most classic and exotic varieties like the massive brown bear, the Bengal Tiger or the blue peacock! There are more than 100 animals of over 51 species. Sitting areas and gardens make it even better to enjoy ZooMontana.

Take the Classic View of The Moss Mansion

Moss Mansion
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Classic regality to entangle your royal sense, the Moss Mansion is located at the Division Street in Billings. The area is surrounded by dense green woods and the immediate garden around the mansion is a treat to watch with arrays of blooming flowers.

The inside is to be toured with the help of staff who are ready and willing to tell you all about a bygone era. Much like a classical kingdom set, the rooms, halls and stairways are decorated in old architecture with royal artifacts.

Regular exhibits, rentals, parties and educational tours and projects are organized here for everyone.

A Natural Bliss at The Danwalt Gardens

Have a totally different day at the unique ambiance of the DanWalt Gardens. The DanWalt garden is located at the Washington Street in Billings and it is a regular favorite of locals, hence being of particular interests to travelers without a doubt.

A range of tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, daisies, black eyed susans, dahlias and many more are seen blooming in a freshly maintained green garden.

There is also a pavilion as you walk in. these gardens change on a weekly basis varying on what is blooming and this place also has a koi pond on display for the visitors!

Witness the Mystic Pictograph Cave State Park

Travelers should take their lenses with them while visiting the Mystic Pictoraph Cave Sate Park because this place is worth a capture.  A huge area covered with rocky sharp formations complemented with beautiful vegetation all around will soothe your mind.

This park also comes under the list of being a National Historic Landmark. The scenery is a stunner, there are walking trails and hiking zones and many more activities to choose from.

There are picnic grounds for families. Museum displays are also available. The amount of pictographs you see here determines your personal events or acts as a future foretelling.

A Taste of True Art at The Yellowstone Art Museum

Get ready to be blown away by some fabulous pieces of contemporary art and ethnic or traditional artwork. The Yellowstone Art Museum has an extensive collection of more than 3000 paintings which includes works of the famous cowboy illustrator Will James.

These artworks and forms include contemporary and heritage works from the Rocky Mountain West of America. Apart from this the archives are filled with precious artifacts.

Regular exhibitions are held at the YAM. Struggle of women artists and their works have a different area of display. An area is dedicated to the artworks of children at the Yellowstone Museum.

See the Exemplary Western Heritage Center

Western Heritage Center
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Located at the Montana Avenue, the Heritage Center reminds us that Billings is more than just a city with fun light life or beautiful rocky geological formations.

The architecture is beautiful, regal and palace like in nature with the practice of yearlong exhibits and events held. Paintings and exhibitions from the wars, a history of the war, sculptures of animals and historic figures also stand tall with the proud story of a bygone era.

Sit by The Lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo
Sara goth, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located at the Lake Elmo area, this state park is the abode of peace for any visitor.  It is filled with different recreational zones. There is a very well maintained sandy beach, there are green walking trails, and there is an area for taking your dog for a nice swim too!

There is a boating ramp, a dog park, a playground area for children, a blue lake to add to the scenic beauty of the area. The vegetation is dense and beautiful with flowering trees and shrubs. Sitting areas are also present all around the trails.

Night Life at Pubs and Bars

Being one of biggest cities in entire Montana, the night life at Billings is quite on the fabulous side. The city is scattered with endless restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, discs, jams and much more.

The City Vineyard is one such name; the Old Chicago is another club with a bar. Also, many all-night events like concerts and performances are held throughout the year at pubs and event areas.

The Pub Station holds such events. There are also sports bars like the Hooligan Sports Bar. Other famous areas include the Rainbow, the Daisy Dukes, Doctor Harper’s and countless other spots.

An Active Day at The Billings Studio Theatre

This theatre is located at the Rimrock Road right beside the Rocky Mountain College. This theatre is known for its coziness and authenticity.

A warm, intimate and snuggly theatre, this is locates around a beautiful greenery area. Shows are performed throughout the year and there are plenty of seats with a well maintained décor. You can give a nice stroll and find shows like Frankenstein or Grease being performed at this place.

It is a perfect location for an evening of entertainment with the family or a dear one. Most of the local artists perform at this place.

Stir the Perfect Sip at The Yellowstone Cellars and Winery

The coolest mini cottage like winery is in the city. The area smells gorgeous and is lit in a countryside style with fairy lights.

There are number of barrels and the tasting area has a beautiful and easy to access set up for the customers with numerous varieties of beverages.

The staff is helpful and friendly and will help you through the process of fine wine tasting. There is a drinking tour that will include the distillery, the brewery and finally the winery. There is food too of course to grab a quick bite while enjoying the mouthwatering wine flavors.

Lose Yourself in The Greenery of Pioneer Park

Frisbee Golf at Pioneer Park
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This park is over a hundred years old and loved by the locals. Long and beautifully tendered, smooth and green stretches of grassland and small woods that form a canopy, looking like a tropical mangrove forest and blossoming flower trees all around are sure to ensnare your senses.

The Pioneer Park is all about this. This park has a playground with many rides for children, a basketball and gaming area, a swimming pool, a pet friendly ambiance, created water fountain like areas, waterfalls and also trails and endless greenery. This park is therefore perfect for a day with your family.

Take a Trip to The Pryor Mountains

Horses galloping in Pryor Mountains
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Take a break from the city’s humdrum and beauty and spend an entire day on the trip of the Pryor Mountains. These mountains are located to the south of Billings.

Owing to the huge range of the formations, there are obviously endless activities to do here. Hiking is a favorite activity for amateurs and professionals both.

Trailing comes with it needless to say. The landscapes are mystic with blue skies and nimbus clouds, hefty rocky formations and tall trees to complement the view. The roads are widespread and the Pryor Mountains cover the view as far as the eye goes.

Trail Around the Riverfront Park

Every park has its own unique attraction at Billings. The specialty of Riverfront Park is that fact that it is literally located on the banks of the Yellowstone River. The views are therefore worth the visit.

There are huge sitting and celebrating areas and playgrounds. There is the Butcher Trail, the Norm’s Island and a bridge to accompany all this scenic bliss.

There are flower gardens with violets and petunias in bloom. You can sit by the bridge and have the view of the huge lake opposing deep woods and blue skies and occasionally a team of black ducks swimming.

Find Peace at The Boot Hill Cemetery

Boot Hill Cemetery
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Give yourself a gift of an introspective tour by visiting the heritage, holy and peaceful Boot Hill Cemetery. This cemetery has buried mostly the brave war soldiers of America and infants.

It is called Boot Hill as most of the ones buried here went on with their boots on. The famous H.M. Taylo rests in peace here.

Historically speaking the famous white horse during the flu was put down here too. At the same time the warriors too were buried here. The historical significance and art of ages combined with the eerie ambiance is sure to make your mind think.

A Fun Filled Day at The Reef Indoor Water Park

While the time for some outdoor activity comes nothing can beat the fun of water parks. The Reef Indoor Water Park can be called a safe haven in these criteria.

The entire park is located indoors and the list of rides and things to do keep going on. You would be mistaken if you think t is an area only for children because everyone can enjoy a nice dip at the gorgeous and clean pool.

There are big slides for adults and playing areas and water game for children like wave pools and splash pads. A snack bar too exists.

Visit the Magical Montana Audubon Center

A few minutes from the main town, this is a recreational area with nature’s bliss all around. They give educational tours to people of all ages regarding the area and its vegetation and wildlife. It looks like an oasis in the middle of the town.

The specialty apart from bridges, sitting areas are that this area is famous for bird watching as birds of varied species migrate to and from here. Activities like fishing by the lake, animal tracking, nature walking, picnicking, camping are all allowed here.

This is a perfect place for tourists to come over with their families.