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20 Best Things to Do in Biddeford, ME

  • Published 2023/02/24

Seated in the county of York, Maine, Biddeford is a charming coastal city with plenty of activities to enjoy.

It’s full of local restaurants, shops, and attractions, making it a great place to visit.

The high-quality restaurants and cafes will delight your taste buds.

Its rich history and thriving arts scene will inspire you, and the area’s beauty will give you peace.

Biddeford also has plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy.

From scuba diving and kayaking to snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, this city has something for everyone at any time of year.

There are also plenty of activities for the whole family.

If you’re looking for an affordable trip that everyone can enjoy, visit Biddeford!

Whether you’re looking to explore some history or have a good time, here are the 20 best things to do in Biddeford, ME:

Join a Tour of the Wood Island Lighthouse

Scenic aerial view of Wood Island Lighthouse

Joseph Sohm /

You can take a trip to the Wood Island Lighthouse on Biddeford Pool and get a great view of the area’s most famous attraction, Saco Bay.

The Wood Island Lighthouse has operated since 1828.

It helped guide ships through the treacherous waters around Biddeford.

Early keepers, farmers, and their families manned the lighthouse.

Daytime view of Wood Island Lighthouse

Hidden Fox Photography, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can visit the lighthouse on Wood Island for a guided tour of the grounds and climb up the tower for panoramic views of the Gulf of Maine.

Your guide will even tell you how the people who worked at the lighthouse lived back in its heyday.

The island itself is also beautiful and worth visiting, even if you don’t care about lighthouses or maritime history.

Wood Island Lighthouse is one of Maine’s most iconic landmarks and a must-see for anyone who loves Maine history or appreciates a stunning view.

Visit Blanding’s Park Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the heart of Biddeford, Blanding’s Park Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute gem for anyone traveling around the area.

Blanding’s Park Wildlife Sanctuary calls out to anyone with a love of animals.

With over 200 acres of protected land, the sanctuary lets you get up close and personal with nature while learning more about the plants and animals.

The site is open year-round for guided tours and self-guided hikes through its extensive trails.

Blanding’s Park is a place of learning and entertainment.

If you want to learn more about the different types of plants and animals, go ahead and take one of their guided tours.

In Blanding’s Park, you can walk through the woods and be safe, knowing that you won’t run into wild animal species.

If you’re looking for something less structured than a tour, walk around the sanctuary at your own pace.

The park is open from dawn till dusk every day, so it’s easy to drop by.

Make a Splash in Fortunes Rock Beach

Daytime view of Fortunes Rock Beach

Katerina Rieckel /

Biddeford is home to a natural landmark, Fortunes Rock Beach.

Fortunes Rock beach presents its two-mile-long shores for people to enjoy sunbathing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, or simply walking on the coastline.

The sand is soft and welcoming; there’s plenty of room to stretch out your towel; and the water is shallow enough to wade in.

Plus, you can’t beat the views.

Close up view of Fortunes Rock Beach's rocky shore

Csaw17 /

Not only are you facing the open ocean with its sparkling blue-green waters and white-capped waves, but you also have a great picture of downtown Biddeford with its historic buildings.

You’ll have incredible sunsets too.

You can spend hours here and never feel bored.

You’ll find yourself wanting to come back again and again.

The waters of Fortunes Rock Beach

Katerina Rieckel /

Learn to Make Glass at Belfire Hot Glass & Gallery

Belfire Hot Glass and Gallery is the perfect place for people interested in one-of-a-kind glass creations.

You’ll find all kinds of different vases, bowls, plates, and even sculptures available for sale.

The glassblowers on-site will discuss their process with interested visitors.

One can’t help but feel like they’ve stepped back in time when viewing their work.

It’s quite an experience to stand next to the furnace while it’s blazing.

Marvel at the furnace’s heat, which could rise high enough to melt your skin off if you get too close.

The studio also offers classes and workshops that allow patrons to create their works of art from molten glass.

You will see beautiful creations throughout the week as they come together.

Likewise, you’ll have the opportunity to become a part of this process yourself!

The artists at Belfire Hot Glass also sell their work directly to the public.

If you’re looking for some truly unique Christmas presents, this is the place to go.

Try the Spirits of Stone Fort Distillery

Most distilleries buy their grains from elsewhere and ferment them in-house, but Stone Fort takes the extra step.

This distillery grows its own corn and rye on a nearby farm and malts it in its own facility before distilling it into whiskey.

It’s the perfect place to sample cocktails made from their small-batch spirits, including vodka, gin, rum, etc.

Since it’s so far from any major city, Stone Fort Distillery has gotten away with using local ingredients for all of its products.

Everything they make will be fresher than similar distilleries around cities with more competition.

But there’s more to do at Stone Fort Distillery than just taste.

It’s a one-stop shop for all things liquor; you can also grab a bottle or two to enjoy at home or bring as gifts.

On your next trip to Biddeford, don’t miss out on its growing niche as a craft cocktail destination.

Hike along Timber Point Trail

Shoreline view of Timber Point Trail

Pictures by Gerald /

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city for a while, Timber Point Trail provides just the kind of escape you’re looking for.

The trail is just less than one mile long, ideal for a day’s outing with family or friends.

Timber Point Trail is well-loved by locals for its ease of use.

It doesn’t feature any steep inclines or rugged terrain.

It’s a relatively short trail, but it’s gorgeous and makes for great exercise as you can go for miles if you want to.

It goes through a forest, a marsh area, and then along the ocean, so you get a good variety of scenery on this trail.

The trail itself also offers scenic views of the ocean with plenty of opportunities to take photographs.

The trail’s natural beauty makes it a perfect spot for contemplative walks and quiet relaxation, making it a fun place to get some good exercise.

Taste Classic Flavors in Palace Diner

If you’re in the mood for a classic diner at a joint that’s been around for decades, look no further than Palace Diner.

It’s an authentic railcar diner serving up nostalgic favorites for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

But don’t let the simplicity of the restaurant’s décor fool you: they offer more than just basic food.

The Palace Diner offers hearty and satisfying dishes that will fill you up at a reasonable price even if you’re not in a hurry.

The Palace is one of those places where you can settle in with your morning eggs and coffee and take in the scene as the world wakes up.

You’ll also find it bustling with regulars from midday through evening who come back time and time again.

For anyone who’s ever yearned to time travel, this place will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip back to the 1950s.

Watch Outstanding Performances at Biddeford City Theater

Exterior of biddeford city hall where Biddeford City Theater is held

Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Biddeford City Theater has entertained people with music and dance performances since 1860.

The Biddeford City Theater is a historic building in downtown Biddeford that has been repurposed into a performance space for local orchestras, choruses, and bands.

Whether you like folk music or opera, you’re bound to find something right for your taste at this theater.

It’s also a venue for dance performances, which anyone can enjoy.

When you attend a show at the Biddeford City Theater, you’ll see exciting performances by world-class musicians and dancers.

Touch the Sky with Skydive Coastal Maine

What could be more refreshing than skydiving?

There’s no better place for it than Skydive Coastal Maine in Biddeford, Maine.

Not only does this place have a fantastic view of the ocean and town below, but it’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in New England.

If you want to add an extra jolt of excitement to your skydiving experience, you can go tandem and freefall with a professional instructor by your side.

Skydive Coastal Maine offers a wide range of services for all levels of experience, whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran thrill-seeker.

With various packages available, locations throughout the state, and safety as their top priority, there’s no better place than Skydive Coastal Maine for your next jump.

Laugh Out Loud in Maine Repertory Theater

Do you love the arts? Do you love laughter? Do you like being part of a shared experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then visit the Maine Repertory Theater for the perfect mix of art and absurdity.

Maine Repertory Theater Chamber of Comedy is in downtown Biddeford and hosts improv, sketch, and a stand-up comedy show every weekend.

This theater company produces new works and has a reputation for being at the forefront of artistic achievement.

The second half of their name—Chamber of Comedy—really says it all.

Their productions are always interesting and exciting, and their shows often have a comedic edge that you don’t see very often in other theaters.

If you want to catch a show while you’re in town, make sure to purchase your tickets in advance.

The Rep is a popular draw for tourists and locals alike.

Have a Picnic in Rotary Park

Welcome sign of Rotary Park

Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re planning on visiting the Biddeford area in Maine, check out Rotary Park.

It’s a beautiful place for a stroll or an afternoon picnic.

Rotary Park features two playgrounds with various activities to keep your whole family entertained all afternoon.

Besides the playground, the park has a few different attractions worth checking out.

There’s a dog park, sand volleyball court, and a skate park.

If you’re extra lucky, you might even meet some locals who live in the area and are willing to play a game or two with you.

Rotary Park is perfect for families looking for something to do outside on a hot day.

There’s plenty of space for games of tag or kickball, and there are plenty of trees for climbing.

Chug a Beer in Banded Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit in Biddeford, taste the beer at Banded Brewing Company.

Banded Brewing is the first brewery in Biddeford, established in 2013.

Its location in the center of town makes it convenient for locals and tourists alike.

This well-respected brewery is known for its quality brews and innovative concoctions, but it’s also an experience.

You’ll taste those beers at the bar, where you can also enjoy them with fresh pub food from Banded’s kitchen.

The atmosphere is relaxed and low-key, not stuffy or intimidating like some other breweries around the country.

The brewery’s beer garden also features tons of outdoor seating, and you’ll want to linger there as long as possible.

The sunsets are charming on warm summer nights.

Solve Puzzles at Ingenious Escape Games

Ingenious Escape Games are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

There’s no better way to spend some quality time with your friends than putting your minds together to conquer some of their most complex challenges.

Ingenious Escape Games is an escape game and puzzle room design company based in Biddeford, Maine.

Ingenious Escape Games is a live-action puzzle room.

Their rooms push you and your friends to work together to solve riddles and escape from one of their many rooms in 60 minutes or less.

This is the perfect place to let your brain wander a fascinating alternate reality.

With three different escape room experiences to choose from, you can pick the one that’s just right for you.

The whole experience will give your brain a workout while it tickling your funny bone.

Bring your family or group of friends; this place makes for a great time!

Spend a Fine Afternoon at Mechanics Park

A lazy afternoon is one of the best things in life, and spending it in a spot with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is a plus.

At Mechanics Park, you get to sit on a bench with great views of the Saco River and just watch the world go by.

In the summer, you’ll see the boats cruising in the river, which is an amazing sight if you’re here on a fine afternoon.

The kids can also run around the open field and enjoy the park’s peaceful ambiance.

Mechanics Park also features a nice gazebo with picnic benches if you prefer to have lunch here.

Tour the Biddeford Mills Museum

In the early days, Biddeford survived through the mills built in the area, which are restored, preserved, and exhibited at the Biddeford Mills Museum.

There are guided tours of the mills in the summer season, where you can see up close the old brick buildings and their unique architecture.

Guides are mostly former mill workers who are knowledgeable about Biddeford’s biggest industry back in time.

The Biddeford Mills Museum holds artifacts and archives that tell the story of the past, which you can reflect through its exhibits.

Sip a Hot Coffee at Elements: Books Coffee Beer

Coffee and books, anyone?

Or what about coffee, books, beer, and breakfast?

Now that comes in handy at Elements: Books Coffee Beer, which offers delicious cups of coffee in a warm and homey setting.

Your coffee here is micro-roasted coffee and is ethically sourced and roasted on-site to ensure freshness and quality.

But what makes it more inviting is its bookstore with lots of genres for all ages.

In addition, craft beer here is awesome, which is another amazing partner for your books if you buy one!

Enjoy yourself at Elements: Books Coffee Beer on Main Street.

Find Unique Gifts and Souvenirs at Trillium

Featuring unique, handcrafted, and carefully curated items by local and international artisans, you’ll surely find a nice gift or souvenir at Trillium.

The gift shop has a bit of everything that you may need from clothing, jewelry, art, home decor, and many more.

Many visitors love the shop’s eclectic finds that are all perfect for any place and time.

Not only that it has a bit of everything, but it also offers outstanding customer service; one reason why customers keep coming back.

Enjoy browsing anything at Trillium that piques your interest and get one for your loved ones back home!

Go Shopping at Biddeford Gateway Center

If shopping is your thing, Biddeford Gateway Center doesn’t disappoint.

The 232,000-square-foot mall carries a huge line of retail stores, including Kohl’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Market Basket, and more.

For dining, the mall also features lots of restaurants, where you can enjoy food and beverages.

Or if you’re not shopping, you can simply enjoy walking around its non-congested spaces, which is a great feature of the mall.

And yes, Biddeford Gateway Center almost has everything you need.

You can find the mall on Alfred Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Meet the Animals at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Aerial view of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Joseph Sohm /

If you’re looking for a unique experience that will give you an intimate look at Maine, drive more than 30 minutes away from Biddeford to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most serene places in Maine, a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

This refuge is home to many different kinds of wildlife, but it also gives us a chance to learn about our natural surroundings.

Birds are everywhere here, and they’re not shy about letting us know about it.

Scenic sunset over Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge's marsh

John F Kenealy /

There’s lots of room to roam here.

The refuge covers over 9,125 acres, so it will be an adventure if you decide to hike around.

The refuge is an oasis of natural beauty right in the middle of the city and is an excellent place to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit while in the area, check out Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

Although it’s only a short drive from Biddeford, it feels worlds away.

Snow-covered nature trail of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Dan Hanscom /

Soak up the Sun in Ferry Beach State Park

Located 12 minutes away from Biddeford, you’ll find this gorgeous spot for a day trip.

This park has miles of sandy beach and a boardwalk that lets you enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean.

Ferry Beach State Park in Saco, Maine, has breathtaking ocean views, a wide range of wildlife, and a long history of providing enjoyment to locals and visitors alike.

The beach itself is magnificent, with gorgeous white sand and tide pools along the shore.

It’s also great for sunbathing or swimming, with clean waters that are still pleasantly cool in the summertime.

The park has plenty of benches and picnic tables to sit back and enjoy the scenery if you’re looking for a more relaxing time.

If you’re looking for a real, honest-to-goodness escape from your everyday routine and the same old scenery, try Ferry Beach State Park.

Final Thoughts

Biddeford, Maine, is a bustling seaside city full of history and charm in southern Maine.

Biddeford has a lot to offer those who want to visit an exciting city and experience the local attractions.

The downtown area is full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

It’s a great place to go for a day out or visit on the weekend.

Start planning your Biddeford trip now!

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