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15 Best Things to Do in Bethany, MO

  • Published 2022/09/03

Bethany is one of the cities in Harrison County, Missouri.

It thrives with diverse attractions and family-friendly spots.

Established in 1842, the city has its fair share of historic structures and buildings.

Moreover, the city continuously develops its surroundings and the community.

Bethany has dipped its toes into the trade, manufacturing, and transportation industries to identify the best fit for the city.

Since becoming a jack-of-all-trades, you’ll find a mix of attractions in this city.

The city has many old buildings, fun venues, country-style destinations, and nature-centric courses, so feel free to choose which suits your fancy.

Whether you want to relax, explore splendid sights, or get active, this city has everything you need.

This list should give you what you need to know about the best things to do in Bethany, Missouri.

Take a Self-Guided Tour around Bethany Historic District

With roots in the 19th century, Bethany has a historic district that visitors can explore.

This district has more than 20 buildings and structures, each holding a distinct old-school charm.

Bethany Historic District offers an assortment of old architecture, from parks and bridges to residential homes.

You can take a self-guided tour using a public pamphlet and map with information on the area’s unique points of interest.

This tour typically begins from Main Street and extends up until Oakland Avenue.

Along the way, you might find colorful murals from residents around the area.

Most importantly, you can see buildings of various architectural styles.

For instance, you can see Italianate, Tudor, and Mid-Century ranch homes, a few of the traditional designs featured in this historic district.

Book a Cabin at Miracle Hills Ranch

Those traveling in big groups can try the massive facilities at Miracle Hills Ranch.

Established in 1976, this venue first catered to youth camping and recreation, focusing on faith development.

Soon after, it also welcomed family reunions, big gatherings, and other events requiring considerable space.

Miracle Hills Ranch offers a vast place to unwind and enjoy nature in a peaceful and secluded area.

It also boasts several facilities, which include lodging areas, fishing ponds, a swimming pool, and a game room.

There’s also plenty of space to play outdoors!

Located on 200th Avenue, Miracle Hills Ranch is an excellent destination for special events.

Enjoy the Facilities at Bethany Memorial Park

Located on 28th Street, Bethany Memorial Park is an easy choice for leisure and casual recreation.

It’s the oldest park in the city, which has since added several public facilities and amenities.

For leisure, there are benches, covered shelters, and picnic tables, which offer a pleasant place to rest and feel at ease.

There are batting cages, walking trails, and a skate park with big ramps and structures if you want activities.

Children can also enjoy a playground with lots of variety and simple rides.

You can enjoy their facilities amid a beautiful and well-maintained backdrop.

Bethany Memorial Park presents a serene venue where you can spend a simple, idyllic day.

Explore the Edna Cuddy Memorial House & Gardens

Edna Cuddy Memorial House & Gardens is a beautifully preserved remnant of the past.

Constructed in 1882, this home retains many of its 19th-century furniture.

The building’s outdoor exterior features traditional red bricks, tall windows, and chimneys.

These characteristics illustrate the typical design of traditional homes in the past.

You can explore the place and learn about the lifestyle of people in Bethany, before the advent of modern conveniences.

Note that they only let visitors in through appointments, so call ahead!

You can find Edna Cuddly Memorial House & Gardens on Main Street.

Find Good Deals in Peddler’s Post

Peddler’s Post is your one-stop destination for all things vintage in Bethany, Missouri!

Whether it’s furniture, home decor, metalworks, and other trinkets, you can check out plenty of items in this sizable store.

You’ll never really know what you’ll find until you visit this place down Miller Street.

The store looks like an old Western building with wooden walls, rustic adornments, and a bull statue.

They also repurpose worn-out items, amassing a decent collection of antique coins for fans and collectors.

Discover good deals and items with character at Peddler’s Post!

Each of their products has a hidden story to tell, giving them all a distinct appeal.

Join the Events at Northwest Missouri State Fairgrounds

The Northwest Missouri State Fairgrounds hosts one of the most cherished traditions in Bethany, the annual state fair.

With more than 100 years of history, the Northwest Missouri State Fair attracts guests from across the region.

The list of things to explore during the fair is almost endless.

Grandstand events feature car shows, concerts, tractor pulls, and demonstrations of unique items.

The carnival includes festive rides, rodeos, color marathons, and a beer garden.

If adorable farm animals interest you, watch friendly livestock competitions involving goats, rabbits, and sheep.

Finally, you can watch the grand parade open to antique cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles filling the streets with color.

You can find Northwest Missouri State Fairgrounds on 8th Street.

Make a Splash at the Bethany Aquatic Center

The Bethany Aquatic Center is a prime destination for summer visitors.

It features a clean, vast pool with different height levels, ensuring that both children and adults can swim freely in the water.

A tall curvy slide and a simple diving board should add a bit of fun to your swimming.

Kids can go to a separate mini-slide and play with dumping buckets.

Take a break from swimming by heading to the shaded rest areas around the premises.

You can also see lifeguards posted around the pool, keeping you and your family safe.

These amenities make Bethany Aquatic Center a safe, family-friendly attraction.

Bring your swimsuits to the pool at 29th Street!

Have a Cold Drink in Mugsley’s Pub

Mugsley’s Pub is a lowkey family-owned bar along Fuller Street.

The pub’s frequent customers come back for more, thanks to their filling meals, cool drinks, and a cozy atmosphere.

Choose your jam from an old-fashioned jukebox with a wide variety of songs.

You can also play a game of pool or watch a sports game on the bar’s on-site television.

Sometimes, the owners of Mugsley’s Pub book musicians to play live and brighten up the bar.

The pub also employs friendly staff and delivers excellent service.

If you want to mingle with Bethany residents, head to Mugsley’s Pub.

See the Latest Blockbuster at Big Time Cinema

Big Time Cinema is a small, cozy, family-owned movie theater in Bethany.

Support local businesses by seeing the latest blockbuster at this theater!

It only has one showing room, but it offers comfortable seating and a functional movie screening system.

One of the highlights of Big Time Cinema is its VIP section.

Treat yourself and book tickets in the VIP section, which provides soft, premium chairs close to the speakers.

You also get free refills of popcorn!

Find Big Time Cinema on 15th Street.

Taste Homemade Pastries in Beignet Me

Founded in 2015, Beignet Me had humble beginnings as a pop-up stall in a farmer’s market.

Eventually, they launched a physical store, selling their exclusive pastries.

This store specializes in artisan beignets, made from a unique recipe and entirely handcrafted from scratch.

You can pair those tasty treats with any of their chicory coffees, freshly brewed on-site.

Beignet Me is a beautiful place to stop by, relax, and enjoy their homemade offerings.

Find this cozy shop along 15th Street.

Play Golf at Bethany Country Club

Bethany Country Club offers a vast space to enjoy a simple game of golf.

This public course may contain only nine holes compared to the usual 18, but the beautiful terrains and surrounding nature make up for it.

Beautiful greens sweep across the plain course with scattered dense trees, providing a backdrop to your game.

Since it’s a public course, it requires an affordable entrance fee.

Likewise, you don’t need to pay expensive membership fees.

You can also watch or join golf tournaments.

All in all, Bethany Country Club presents a peaceful reprieve from the hassle of city life.

Take a break and find the course along US-69.

Have a Feast at Toot-Toot Family Restaurant & Lounge

Toot-Toot Family Restaurant & Lounge is one of Bethany’s most popular dining areas, boasting more than 3,000 customer reviews.

This restaurant sells a wide variety of American favorites: smoked meats, fried foods, and other comfort meals.

The country-style restaurant creates a cozy atmosphere from wooden furnishings, cowboy posters, and a few animal statues outdoors.

They also have buffet options, including salad bars, dessert bars, and unlimited entrees.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, a fan of sweets, or a meat-lover, explore diverse food options at Toot-Toot Family Restaurant & Lounge.

Don’t miss this restaurant at Miller Street.

Bring your family for a feast!

Explore the Attractions at Gospel Farms

You can enjoy several attractions at Gospel Farms!

This family-friendly destination features an array of activities, like a corn maze, a rock-climbing wall, an obstacle course, pedal carts, inflatable bounce houses, zip lines, and more.

It’s a great way to enjoy yourselves in a farm-themed setting while visiting all kinds of fun destinations.

With so many activities, you can spend your whole day exploring the whole of Gospel Farms.

They also have seasonal events where you can pick your pumpkin and flowers from their lush gardens.

Drop by Gospel Farms at 10th Street!

Stay Active in Bethany Community Gym

Bethany Community Gym offers athletic facilities for people who want to stay in shape, even while traveling.

It’s home to a well-equipped weight room featuring modern machines built to help you reach your fitness goals.

There’s also a separate cardio room with treadmills, bicycles, and sit-up benches.

It also has basketball and volleyball courts with bleachers if you want to watch or join games.

You can find everything you need for a productive workout in Bethany Community Gym.

You can find the gym on Miller Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore Nature at Dunn Ranch Prairie

People who love nature will surely enjoy visiting the Dunn Ranch Prairie.

Celebrating over 20 years of successful nature conservation, Dunn Ranch is home to sweeping views of verdant grasslands.

Whether alone or with other people, you can enjoy peaceful solitude amid lush nature.

Likewise, you can try exciting daily activities such as hiking, bird watching, wildflower viewing, and regular tours.

It’s also home to abundant birds, bison, and other wildlife.

There are many adventures to try in this local ranch, so you should book an appointment to check it out.

Take a break from the bustling noise of city life with the help of this serene, beautiful destination.

If this place interests you, check out the Dunn Ranch Prairie in the city of Hatfield, Missouri, 28 minutes from Bethany.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to run out of things to do in Bethany.

You have endless leisure and activity options, from its impressive historic district and entertainment venues to charming shops and restaurants.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Bethany, Missouri!

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