20 Best Things to Do in Bellevue, NE

 Bellevue, NE
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Nebraska's oldest city is Bellevue, a suburb in Sarpy County.

The city has a long history and exudes an old-world charm as it sits atop Nebraska's rolling hills, gazing out over the Missouri River.

Seeing the opportunities for outdoor and indoor recreation, fresh air, and adventure this city offers, you'll find it impossible to resist exploring.

This tourist destination has a lot to offer, whether you want to be adventurous, create lasting memories with friends and family, or spend some time alone.

You won't have a dull day here due to the numerous tourist attractions, including golf courses, theaters, restaurants, museums, and accommodations.

Here are the best things to do in Bellevue, NE.

Play Golf at the Famous Tregaron Golf Course

Tregaron Golf Course is the course for you if you seek a location to host your golf excursion.

This 1.34-acre par-71 course, first made publicly available in the summer of 1997, has plenty to offer every golf lover.

Natural wetlands, curving streams, and four beautiful lakes further enhance this Craig Schreiner design.

The large, undulating greens at Tregaron Golf Course provide an exhilarating game.

Their team is committed to giving its golfers and guests in Bellevue and Nebraska the best golfing experience possible.

Tregaron Golf Course, which has a rating of four stars from GolfDigest, is a fun and difficult challenge for Nebraska golfers of all abilities.

Likewise, Tregaron Golf Course can assist you in organizing social gatherings such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, and more.

See a Performance at the Bellevue Little Theatre

Bellevue Little Theatre is a charming and significant feature of the performing arts community in the metro area.

Over 200 volunteers donate their production and performing skills to the theater's stage each year.

Bellevue Little Theatre was established in 1968.

To develop a thriving cultural center in Bellevue and Sarpy County, Bellevue Little Theatre's mission is to give performers, artists, and audiences high-quality entertainment and arts education opportunities via engaging theatrical plays.

Open seating is available in the Bellevue Little Theatre, so get there early to get a good spot!

Order Tasty Food and Refreshing Drinks at Lil' Burro

The Bellevue Lil' Burro Mexican Restaurant launched in June 1995.

Shane Ashelford, the owner of this famous Mexican restaurant, wanted Lil Burro to be an eatery where customers would feel welcome and unwind after a long day at work.

Lil Burro uses only the highest-quality ingredients in its recipes, making their tasty food and beverages.

Everything is top-notch, from their ground beef to the peppers they cultivate.

Their fresh ingredients not only improve the taste of their food but also make it healthier and better for their customers.

While providing Bellevue with unique, genuine Mexican cuisine, Lil Burro offers a respite from the daily grind.

Come to Lil Burro and relax while indulging in Bellevue's newest and finest Mexican cuisine.

Take an Adventure at Fontenelle Forest

Tom's Treehouse sign along Fontenelle Forest
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Fontenelle Forest, a 1,400-acre forest, is a National Natural Landmark founded in 1913.

This Forest is one of the leading private nature centers in the country and one of the first conservation groups in Nebraska.

Fontenelle Forest aims to provide visitors a place to appreciate and enjoy the stillness and wildness of nature in the hopes of motivating the present and next generations to protect the environment.

Boardwalk surrounded with lush trees at Fontenelle Forest
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Some of its visitor amenities include hiking paths, kids' camps, a nature center, picnic areas, and a gift store.

Fontenelle Forest is where you may stroll along a mile-long boardwalk while admiring the Missouri River.

Catch a glimpse of a deer or wild turkey across your path.

It is one of the best locations to see in Bellevue and is definitely worth checking out.

View of a river from Fontenelle Forest
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Reconnect with Nature through TreeRush Adventures

Are you seeking an adventurous experience to engage in Bellevue?

TreeRush Adventures lets you explore Fontenelle Forest from the tops of the trees.

This tourist attraction allows visitors to experience the thrill of zip lines, dangling challenges, bridges, hanging ladders, passageways, and other surprises.

The goal of TreeRush Adventures is to make its visitors feel energized, adventurous, and accomplished.

Visitors may explore the forest canopy during the TreeRush outdoor experience.

They also like hosting birthday parties, sports and scouting groups, corporate events, team-building exercises, and wedding receptions.

TreeRush excursions in Fontenelle Forest let you feel the rush of the outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Check Out Exhibits at Sarpy County Museum

Exterior of Sarpy County Museum
Jared Winkler, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some individuals visit museums to discover the past.

Others do so out of interest in their location or the art and culture.

The Sarpy County Museum is the best site to research the history of Bellevue.

The rich origin of Sarpy County is safeguarded, preserved, and promoted at the Sarpy County Museum.

This museum has a collection of documents and items that chronicle the history of not only Bellevue but also Gretna, Papillion, La Vista, and Springfield in Sarpy County.

Their archives collection, which includes court documents, wedding records, and citizenship files from the past, will undoubtedly interest a genealogist or historian.

Visit the Sarpy County Museum to learn more and to see its various exhibitions.

Try Mouthwatering BBQ at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

Dave Anderson, a young Native American man, wanted to make the finest barbecue America ever had.

He won over 700 accolades and has since established himself as a specialist in the field of barbecue.

In his never-ending search for the most fantastic barbecue, he has crossed the whole country, learning everything there is to know about it.

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que is a BBQ chain outlet serving wood-smoked meats and sides in a lovely setting inspired by the American West.

There's no question why people frequently refer to Famous Dave's as "America's Best BBQ."

At Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que, they get only the best meats for their customers.

Their passion for creating authentic barbecue fuels their work.

Discover why Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que is among the top restaurants in Bellevue.

Treat Yourself and Relax at Massage Envy Spa

Massage Envy Spa in Twin Creek features estheticians and professional massage therapists passionate about providing the best services.

The goal of Massage Envy is to assist its guests in taking care of themselves.

Massage treatment may assist your muscles in relaxing to reduce everyday tension, increase overall vitality, or improve your view on life.

Your therapist will employ massage methods to assist in maintaining energy and encourage sleep if you need relief from a long day at work.

Maintain your healthy body functions with assistance from Massage Envy Spa.

Visit the Willow Lakes Golf Course

The renowned Robert Trent Jones Sr. created the championship 18-hole Willow Lakes Golf Course on 25th Street.

A large variety of the newest golf equipment is available at the Willow Lakes Golf Shop.

The facility also provides training putting greens, an outdoor driving course, equipment storage, golf carts and scooters, lockers, and golf club rentals.

The Grill at Willow Lakes offers frequent deals for breakfast and lunch during the season.

You can book a specific function room for gatherings, retirement parties, and other events.

Order Specialty Dishes at Sinful Burger

Try the award-winning hand-made gourmet burgers at Sinful Burger.

Like most successful small enterprises, they began at home and quickly became hugely successful.

Given the variety of meal options, they also have unique dishes for their devoted patrons.

For instance, try the Sinful Steak Salad, Buffalo Chicken Salad, and Amanda's Tacos.

Grilled steak, pico de gallo, and cheddar cheese are the main ingredients in the Sinful Steak Salad, served with balsamic dressing.

For the Buffalo Chicken Salad, fried chicken comes in a bed of lettuce with spicy sauce, onions, bacon, and tomatoes.

Amanda's Tacos comprise three street steak tacos are served with onions, cilantro, and a side of fries.

Come by right away to sample their delectable burgers and other mouth-watering dishes.

Stay for a Night at the Hampton Inn Bellevue

The Bellevue Hampton Inn offers spacious lodging with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and utilities for making tea and coffee.

The hot breakfast on the House is available to guests after a restful night's sleep.

People with little time can get a nutritious breakfast to go.

Guest have access to numerous facilities, including a fitness center where you can work out to keep your energy levels up.

The Hampton Inn Bellevue is the ideal location for leisure and relaxation.

Find a place in Bellevue to relax and unwind after a full day of outdoor activity.

Blow Off Steam at Le Smash

Le Smash was established because people needed a secure area where people could go to deal with emotions weighing them down.

Blowing off tension feels fantastic and empowering.

Le Smash would like to contribute to making your experience a delightful Smashingly Awesome Time because there are so many terrible and difficult current events every day.

You may smash useless items at Le Smash, including other people's beer or wine bottles, stereos, printers, and computers.

You are welcome to bring any object of your choosing.

Le Smash is here to make you feel fabulous, give you confidence, and help you get that weight off your shoulders.

Life may be difficult, so come to Le Smash to ease your burden and release that tension to regain your groove.

Craft Your Own Burgers at Stella's Hamburgers

Fresh-cut fries and hand-pressed hamburgers are trademarks of Stella's Hamburgers.

They take great satisfaction in creating the most fantastic burger you'll ever eat, earning Omaha's Best Burger honors ten years in a row.

Since 1936, Stella's Hamburgers have used the same method to create their renowned hamburgers.

Stella's Hamburgers guarantee the best-tasting burgers for their customers.

Each owner has handed down the family secrets and recipes through the generations.

Their Rotella's Hamburger Buns are topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and real mayo and served with their hand-pressed, freshly ground 6 1/2 ounce beef patties.

Customers at Stella's may also create their own burgers.

You can pick from their additional ingredients like lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and real mayonnaise.

Rent Gifford Farm for a Special Occasion

On Camp Gifford Road in Bellevue lies a hidden gem called Gifford Farm.

You may rent the farm for special occasions like weddings and birthday celebrations.

For more than 40 years, Gifford Farm has provided outdoor education about farming, science, ecology, history, and teamwork to kids in the greater Omaha region.

Every year, 30,000 Pre-K through 12th-grade students visit the Gifford Farm.

Students travel a horse-drawn carriage through the Fontenelle Forest hills to reach the farm, located a mile from Bellevue.

Every year, from April to October, Gifford Farm hosts several public events in addition to other educational programs.

Satisfy Your Mexican Food Cravings at Nettie's Fine Mexican Food

Your go-to restaurant for the best Mexican food in the neighborhood is Netties Fine Mexican Food.

The Netties family prepares all of their meals using traditional family recipes.

Every day, Netties freshly create the most sumptuous Mexican delicacies.

Try their appetizers, including Nettie's famous guacamole, chips with spicy sauce, or bean dip.

Enchiladas, burritos, chimichangas, and their legendary Netties Chili are among their many delicacies.

Look no farther than Netties Fine Mexican Food if you're craving tostadas, enchiladas, chili, or tacos.

Go Trekking at Gifford Point

If you’re already going to Gifford Farm, there’s a nearby attraction there that’s perfect for outdoor adventurers.

Called Gifford Point, this is a marshland where you can do all sorts of nature activities near the Missouri River.

One of the famous activities here is fishing, as the river and marshlands are brimming with all sorts of aquatic life.

Gifford Point is also a place where you can simply take in the natural beauty of Bellevue and the nearby border it shares with Iowa.

Accessible through Camp Gifford Road, this recreational area is a must for the nature lover.

Do Various Activities at Sun Valley Park

One of the best parks to do various recreational activities in Bellevue is the Sun Valley Park.

Famous for its swimming pool, Sun Valley Park is an excellent place to visit during the summer months of Bellevue.

There is also a disc golf course here if you’re into that sport, along with a bunch of nature trails that lead you to the woods within the park.

Because of its topography, you can spot some critters here like small mammals along with plantlife.

A great spot for the family, Sun Valley Park can be accessed along Aspen Drive.

Have a Blast at Skate City

You won’t often find a roller skating rink in Nebraska, but Skate City is enough to satisfy your craving for fun.

The roller skating rink facility is famous beyond Bellevue, as many locals go to the city to just try out its facility.

The modern skating rink is perfect for all ages, and it also boasts an inline hockey rink for kids and adults alike.

The music here is good, giving it a vibrant and festive vibe that accentuates the experience.

Skate City can be found along Fort Crook Road.

Take a Breather at American Heroes Park

Found along County Highway lies one of the best places for relaxation and respite in Bellevue: American Heroes Park.

Located in a scenic spot along the Missouri River, this is a can’t-miss if you want to experience the riverside beauty of Bellevue.

Besides the river, American Heroes Park also has a small pond that accentuates its already lush greenery.

Trails can be trekked here where you’ll see lots of small animals like ducks; the pond and river are brimming with fish as well.

American Heroes Park also has a lot of diverse plant life, so go check it out if you want to do some photography.

Bring Your Pooch to Jewell Dog Park

Jewell Dog Park is an excellent place to take your pooch and do more activities afterwards.

It’s not just a fenced dog park, but it also has mountain bike and hiking trails as there’s a nearby small mountain adjacent to it.

Because of this, you can hit two birds with one stone—let your dog off the leash for a bit and take on the hiking trails after.

The place is spacious, giving your pooch a lot of space to run; plenty of shade are also found here where you can relax.

Jewell Dog Park is accessible via Combs Road.

Final Thoughts

If you select Bellevue as your vacation location from a hectic work month or to unwind, prepare for a memorable trip.

Overall, a vacation to Bellevue alone or with relatives and friends will surely be unforgettable, thanks to the beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and distinctive attractions.

From morning to night, you may partake in various indoor and outdoor activities, such as playing golf, going to shows, visiting museums, dining, and more.

Book your trip to Bellevue, Nebraska, and begin prepping for your next exciting getaway.

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