16 Best Things to Do in Bella Vista, AR

Bella Vista, AR
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Arkansas is known as the "Natural State" because of its vast swaths of mainly unspoiled woods and mountains.

Bella Vista is in the picturesque Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas, just a short drive from Missouri to the north, Kansas to the northwest, and Oklahoma to the west.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the state visit the Bella Vista region.

Once recognized exclusively as a wealthy retirement neighborhood, Bella Vista has recently attracted younger families with children.

Explore the best things to do in Bella Vista, Arkansas!

Appreciate Nature at the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

A short waterfall at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail
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A trip to Bella Vista's Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is a terrific way to escape the crowds and take less-traveled routes for people who enjoy both.

The trailhead is near the Windsor Lake Dam, just across Highway 340 and from central Bella Vista.

The path was developed mainly by volunteers and is a fantastic community resource that you can enjoy.

River surrounded with trees at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail
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The trail includes beautiful views of little rivers, waterfalls, and stone cliffs, making it a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

There are a lot of deer and birds of prey here, thanks to the rural surroundings, so bring your camera to take a photo of these majestic creatures.

The ideal time to observe them is in the morning or afternoon.

Suspension bridge at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail
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Play and Eat at the Highlands Golf Course and Club House

This course is one of the famous golf courses in Bella Vista located on the city’s far western side.

The restaurant, bar, and pro shop are all located in the large clubhouse.

The courses are crowded most of the time, so reserve tee times in advance.

You will indeed have an excellent golfing experience because there are many courses with a good mix of short and long holes.

Highlands Golf Course and Club House also contain a driving range and short-game practice green.

Don't worry about your safety since the place has tight security and the staff is very kind.

The course is also well-maintained.

Learn History in the Bella Vista Museum

If you're new to Bella Vista and want to learn more about the city's history and culture, visit the Bella Vista Museum.

Bella Vista Museum is in 1885 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista, AR.

The museum exhibits some intriguing old Bella Vista photos, books, videos, documents, and artifacts.

Check out fascinating images and hear tales of the arduous and dangerous conditions when Bella Vista was a little oasis of civilization amid the mostly untamed western United States.

Don't miss learning more about history by visiting this well-known museum in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Plan an Event at the Lakepoint Restaurant and Event Center

The Lakepoint Restaurant and Event Center, situated at 101 Marina Dr, Bella Vista, AR, offers a fantastic meal experience.

Their updated menu provides various classic favorites and some new options.

The appetizers and entrees received high praise for their taste and uniqueness.

This event facility can give that natural and lovely setting for weddings, anniversaries, and other similar gatherings.

You will surely be delighted by the gorgeous lake, the magnificent sunset, and the reception area overlooking the beautiful scenery.

The delectable food and the great view will make you want to come back again.

Drop by the Veterans Wall of Honor

Daytime view of the Veterans Wall of Honor memorial
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Veterans Wall of Honor is a monument wall located at 103 Veterans Way, Bella Vista, Arkansas.

The place commemorates American war veterans who gave their lives to protect freedom.

This monument provides a significant overview of American military history.

The walls are black granite with carved ornamentation, with a stunning fountain standing as the monument's centerpiece.

The Veterans Wall of Honor also has a lovely park with a tranquil ambiance where you may learn about the country's military history.

You can tell from the design that the designers and caregivers highly regard the men and women in the armed forces.

Check Out Delicious Cuisines at El Pueblito

The El Pueblito is a famous restaurant located at 1705 Forest Hills Blvd, Bella Vista, AR.

The restaurant's menu is extensive and well-known for serving delicious Mexican meals at a reasonable price.

You may enjoy a quick dinner since their service is prompt.

The restaurant received exceptionally high praises for its gold margarita, shrimps, pork, and entrees.

They also provide free chips and salsa, making waiting for your order worthwhile.

Besides the welcoming ambiance, the establishment is also clean and neat.

Visit the Bella Vista Country Club Golf Course and Club House

The majority of tourists tend to be drawn to golf, and the Bella Vista Country Club is one such popular destination.

The course is walkable, with long, narrow fairways surrounded by mature trees.

Near Little Sugar Creek, several holes with many greens and their peripheries have substantial elevation variation and mounding.

The course never gets old, and it never plays the same way twice.

There are five sets of tees available, and while there is no practice facility on site, the Tanyard Creek Practice Center is close by.

Each golf course features a bar and grill, some of which are pretty popular, such as the BV Bar & Grill, located in the Bella Vista Country Club's clubhouse and serves lunch and supper.

The BV Bar & Grill has a wide selection of appetizers, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and entrees.

Drive through Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill is known for its quick service and consistent food quality.

Their burgers come in large servings, and all of the fresh toppings are included.

The meal is always hot and fresh, and the homemade ranch is delicious.

Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, their Sea Salt Toffee Fudge is an excellent blend of sweet and salty that helps balance out the sweetness of the toffee.

It's a terrific location to stop for a quick bite, with charming personnel and delicious food.

Hike around Blowing Springs Park

This park is where you enjoy hiking, riding, or simply relaxing in a lovely natural setting.

The routes are beautiful, and you may choose between natural or paved, forested or open terrain.

From Blow Springs Park, you may head south on the paved Razorback Greenway to Bentonville and other trails or head north on the Back 40 to further trails.

You may also circle the Blowing Springs trails or the trails around the lake, passing through the magnificent, beautiful Little Sugar Creek.

With so many trees, the park provides enough shade for summer walks, even if it's hot and humid.

Rest at the Cedar Lodge Arkansas Resort

The Resort is stunning as the lodge has a multi-level wood cabin with a luxurious, intricate, and expertly crafted interior.

It features many bedrooms and can accommodate a large family or party.

Multiple decks, a fire pit, and covered sitting places are included in the lakeside landscape and a private dock on the lake with canoes for your enjoyment.

It's ideal for weekend trips, family reunions, and others.

You will be pleased by the beautiful property with magnificent views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

Enjoy the Captivating View at the Pinion Creek Falls

Rushing waters of Pinion Creek Falls
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Pinion Creek Falls is one of the simplest waterfalls in northwest Arkansas.

You may park near Lake Ann and walk down the paved road to find them.

There are several waterfalls, each of which has different heights, and more waterfalls occur as the creek travels beneath the rocks.

You may cross a footbridge if you wish to go even further into the woods.

You can reach the Back Forty, the Bella Vista Public Library, by hiking the mountain bike track.

The serene setting and beautiful waterfalls will make you want to return.

Enjoy the Bella Vista Back 40 Trail Head

Bella Vista Back 40 Trail Head is around the northeast portion of Bella Vista, AR.

The trails are open to the public and lead to the Regional Razorback Greenway in Arkansas.

The Back 40 in Bella Vista has even received national notice for its so well-maintained trails.

It's also one of the best XC mountain bike trails.

If you're not a pro, don't worry; the Back 40 includes trails for people of all ages and levels of ability, and they're accessible all year.

A family trek or MTB ride within the hiking area is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors!

Set up a Picnic at the Metfield Skils Park

The park has an excellent location, accessible via bike or skateboard.

A playground, a covered pavilion, grilling, and picnic areas are all available.

They also have a basketball, pickleball, playground, bike/skate skills park, and several amusing wooden structures nearby, including rollers and a tiny drop.

The park has areas such as the picnic shelter and pavilion where adults can sit and watch their kids as they play games.

It can be a great place for reunions, get together, and recreational activities.

Hold Your Events at the Julia's Lake House

The water views are spectacular, and the lake views are breathtaking!

Julia's Lake House is stunning; the rooms are large, with plenty of sitting and every facility imaginable!

The rooms are spacious with tons of seating, the setting is lovely for weddings, reunions, and anniversaries, and their design is modest yet classy.

You can also do tubing, paddleboarding, kayaking, eat on the lake, and even enjoy the beautiful sunsets!

If you want to get a quick getaway or a family vacation, then this is the place.

It is an experience you will want to repeat for sure.

Ride a Bike at the Huntley Gravity Park

The Huntley Gravity Park has recently become one of the trendiest areas in the OZ Trails.

This park is at 22 Huntley Ln in Bella Vista, Arkansas, and is only a 15-minute drive from downtown Bentonville, with plenty of parking.

Many people go up there to ride this area, but it's also a great spot to warm up and then go out for a fantastic XC/Trail ride around Little Sugar Mountain.

You might even stop here during a ride and do some jumping before returning to the grind.

These five routes, which vary in difficulty from green to black, provide a diverse range of terrain and characteristics.

Although most riders may enjoy parts of the trail, riders who have a significant amount of on-trail experience should try this trail.

Read at the Bella Vista Public Library

This library is an excellent little library, especially for children, near the middle of Bella Vista, AR.

Every week, they hold storytime for preschoolers and a second one for older children.

The children's area is fantastic, with many games (puzzles, legos, etc.) and an extensive collection of books.

It is a lovely small library in a pleasant woodland environment that offers music, readings, and crafts.

Puzzles, children's fishing rods, and even a telescope are among the items available for checkout.

Final Thoughts

With all of Arkansas' natural beauty, it's no wonder that it attracts dedicated mountain bikers from neighboring states and outside the country.

Bella Vista is the best destination if you want to reconnect with nature.

Whether you enjoy biking, golfing, or visiting natural parks, this city will provide you with an unforgettable experience.