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15 Best Things to Do in Bel Air South, MD

  • Published 2023/04/21

Bel Air South is a census-designated place in Maryland where you’ll find plenty of opportunities for relaxation and gastronomic experiences.

The area is a part of Harford County, located 25 miles northeast of Baltimore.

If you want to discover a new place with a charming community, try visiting the area.

The area features parks, unique restaurants, and a country club.

Don’t sleep on Bel Air South if you’re planning a trip to Maryland!

To further convince you, go through this list of the best things to do in Bel Air South, Maryland, and even bookmark it for future reference.

Relax Outdoors at Bynum Run Park

The waters of Bynum Run Park

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Get some fresh air and spend some quiet time amid nature at Bynum Run Park.

It is located at 715 Churchville Road in Bel Air.

The park is one of the Bel Air South community’s go-to open spaces that are free for everyone.

Bring a book and find a spot on one of the benches if you want to do a laidback activity.

The park is also home to different animals, so feel free to watch them but be respectful!

If you want to stay active, go for a run or a walk at the park’s walkway.

Add Bynum Run Park to your list of recreational spots to consider.

Try Outdoor Activities at Maryland Golf and Country Clubs

Maryland Golf and Country Clubs is a premier facility for outdoor recreation.

You may find it at 1335 East MacPhail Road in Bel Air.

It is home to a golf course where various events are held, including the President’s Cup, the Lady MacPhail Cup, the Haviland Cup, Breakfast Tournaments, and the Junior/Senior Tournament, among others.

If you’re already a competitive player, you may inquire about these events and join one yourself!

But if you’re a rookie golfer, you may join clinics or schedule personal lessons with the professional instructors of the golf club.

The place isn’t just for golfers but also tennis enthusiasts!

Beginners may train and learn more about the sport by attending clinics and lessons, while experienced tennis players may join the club’s programs and events.

To cool down or work on your tan, you may want to hang out at Maryland Golf and Country Clubs’ recently renovated U-shaped pool.

After a long day of outdoor recreation, you may choose from the club’s several dining options.

Grab a Cake Topper at Cakes for Cures

If you plan to celebrate a special day during your travels, make it extra special by getting a customized cake topper at Cakes For Cures!

You may find it at 1835 Prindle Drive in Bel Air.

When you purchase here, you won’t just be supporting a local business but also cancer research.

The place donates a portion of each sale to organizations researching cures for diseases, including childhood cancer.

You may choose from the hundreds of edible cake topper designs available here or even customize your design.

Cakes For Cures boasts high-quality frosting sheets and edible inks in all its products.

Take Your Kids to the Lyn Stacie Getz Creative Playground

You should take the kids to the Lyn Stacie Getz Creative Playground.

It is located at 301 West Ring Factory Road in Bel Air.

This is the perfect spot for children to get some playtime outdoors and perhaps meet new friends at the same time!

The playground equipment is well-maintained for the kids’ enjoyment and safety.

While here, you may hang out at the park benches and bring a book to keep you company.

Add the Lyn Stacie Getz Creative Playground to your list of fun places to visit in the area!

Take a Stroll at Emily Bayless Graham Park

If you want a peaceful outdoor activity, take a stroll at Emily Bayless Graham Park.

The park has a 1.5-mile loop trail at 15 W. Wheel Road in Bel Air.

It is a generally easy route for walking, running, or hiking.

On average, you can finish the trail in roughly half an hour.

While exploring, you may even meet other people, mostly locals, who enjoy exercising at the park and its trail.

Spend some time near nature when you visit Emily Bayless Graham Park.

Go Shopping at the Festival at Bel Air

Festival at Bel Air is one of the best shopping destinations in Harford County.

You may find it at 5 Bel Air S. Parkway in Bel Air.

The establishment houses more than 50 merchants where you may find whatever you need during your trip.

You may find not just stores but also restaurants for a quick bite.

Other businesses include Family Recreation Spa & Billiards, Lacrosse Unlimited, Harmony Hearing and Audiology, and Phone Axes.

With the range of its offerings, Festival at Bel Air proves that it is the most convenient stopover in Bel Air South.

Try East Asian Cuisine at Bamboo Garden

Dine at Bamboo Garden if you’re craving Chinese and Japanese food.

The restaurant is located at 225B Brier Hill Drive in Bel Air.

The place offers a wide selection of dishes you may try during the lunch or dinner special.

Bamboo Garden boasts a unique menu with healthy and fresh meals, from Japanese sushi to Chinese Peking Duck.

Savor authentic Asian dishes when you visit Bel Air South’s Bamboo Garden.

Get a Massage at Knot Bad Massage

Spend a relaxing day being pampered at Knot Bad Massage.

You may find it at 1035 Emmorton Road in Bel Air.

Here you may avail of different services such as hot stone massage, cupping, deep tissue therapy, and a customized massage depending on your needs.

Knot Bad Massage employs several therapists, each of which has its expertise.

Feel free to inquire and find your perfect match!

Getting a massage is the perfect activity after strenuous adventures during your trip.

Add Knot Bad Massage to your list of stops if you want a relaxing and satisfying experience.

Try Local Wine and Food at Pairings Bistro

Pairings Bistro is another must-visit restaurant in the Bel Air South area.

It is at 2105 Laurel Bush Road, Suite 108 in Bel Air.

The restaurant features seasonal menus to ensure each dish’s freshness.

It also hosts different themed dining events such as Spanish or Italian Wine Dinners, Mother’s Day Brunch, Tequila Tasting, and many more!

Live music performances are also held at the restaurant, giving customers a truly satisfying experience.

Check the scheduled events in advance to reserve your table.

Pairings Bistro also offers a wide selection of wine and beer, with over 200 wines from around the world and around 50 types of beer.

You may visit the wine shop after your meal to take a bottle or two home!

Take a Class at County Ballet Dance Studio and Dance Shop

If you want to try something new, why don’t you take dance classes at County Ballet Dance Studio and Dance Shop?

It is located at 2232 Old Emmorton Road.

The studio offers various dance classes, depending on your goals and needs.

Among these are basic pilates, yoga for personal fitness, and modern and ballet for dance lessons.

The studio doesn’t just educate children and adults who want to learn about dance.

There’s no age for trying and learning new things, so don’t forget to drop by County Ballet Dance Studio and Dance Shop in Bel Air South.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Read a Book at Harford County Public Library Abingdon

If you want to read a book peacefully, consider going to Harford County Public Library Abingdon.

It is at 2510 Tollgate Road in Abingdon, Maryland, five minutes from Bel Air South.

While here, enjoy scanning the shelves for books and finding your next favorite read!

The library doesn’t just have a selection of books, DVDs, and music.

You may find here both educational resources and books for leisure.

It also features computers, printers, a green screen, and other recording equipment.

Whatever you’re looking for, try searching here at Harford County Public Library Abingdon.

See a Movie at the Regal Bel Air

Don’t miss out on your much-awaited film releases when you’re in the area.

Watch the latest movies at Regal Bel Air, located at 409 Constant Friendship Boulevard in Abingdon, eight minutes from Bel Air South.

The theater features various movies through different types of screening, from 3D to close captioned screenings!

Feel free to grab tickets in advance and reserve your seats.

If you’re a movie lover, you would love spending a few hours at Regal Bel Air!

Wine and Dine at BACCO Italian + Wine Bar Restaurant

One of the best-known restaurants in the area is the BACCO Italian + Wine Bar Restaurant.

It is located at 3459 Merchant Boulevard in Abingdon, seven minutes from Bel Air South.

If you’ve been craving Italian food, you should give this place a try.

BACCO serves authentic Italian dishes.

Its history can be traced back to Naples, where BACCO owners Gennaro and Ciro learned about Italian meal preparation.

BACCO also offers a vast selection of wine, perfect for all wine lovers!

To experience one of the area’s culinary offerings, visit the BACCO Italian + Wine Bar Restaurant.

Satisfy Your Seafood Cravings at Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant

Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant is known for serving fresh seafood dishes in the area.

It is situated at 3414 Merchant Boulevard in Abingdon, six minutes from Bel Air South.

Established in 2003, the restaurant started as a crab store after owner Anthony Conrad’s turned his skill and passion for catching crabs into a business.

In 2014, the restaurant finally opened after Anthony and his wife Andrea partnered with Joseph Lancelotta, an experienced chef.

The Abingdon branch opened its doors in 2019.

Grab the best quality crabs and other seafood like shrimp and oysters!

You should also watch out for the fun events at Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant, including live music, trivia nights, and much more!

Try the World-Famous Box Hill Crab Cakes

Don’t miss out on Box Hill Crab Cakes when visiting the area.

It is at 2915 Emmorton Road in Abingdon, five minutes from Bel Air South.

The family-owned and run restaurant has been serving its specialty, dubbed the “World Famous Crab Cakes,” since it opened in 1984.

It boasts using fresh and firm crab meat that goes through a careful process, setting the standard for Maryland-style crab cakes.

Besides the popular crab delicacy, the place also serves authentic Greek dishes, Italian specialties, and hot and cold subs.

You can’t leave Maryland without stopping by Box Hill Crab Cakes!

Final Thoughts

If you want a restful vacation filled with dining and shopping, consider going to Bel Air South.

The census-designated place offers various recreational activities that you may do for free, as well as memorable dining experiences.

It may seem unimposing, but it has its fair share of attractions.

Check out this list of the best things to do in Bel Air South, Maryland!

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