15 Best Things to Do in Beacon, NY

15 Best Things to Do in Beacon, NY

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New York- the heart of the United States, known for its art and culture and for its rich history and liveliness, is a city that everybody wants to visit at least once in their lifetime, but it is a big city and to explore all of it at once is nearly impossible! But do not worry, for that is what the travel lens is here for!

Let us introduce you to one of the most beautiful cities in New York that is filled with art and culture, a place that is going to take your breath away and would call your name time and again once you pay a visit.

The Beacon city in New York situated in the Duchess County is a very pretty town that offers a great deal of adventure and amazing experiences for you and your family. Let us begin with the top 15 things to do in Beacon, NY.

Experience art like never before!

Dia Beacon
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The state of New York is known for its outstanding taste in art and aesthetics. People from various parts of the world pay a visit to New York in search of beauty, art and culture. And one of the most abundant cities in New York that is filled with all kinds of arts, culture and history is the Beacon city.

It is known for its huge and beautiful art galleries that hold in them the rich culture of the United States. One of the most beautiful and creative art galleries to explore here is the ‘Dia Beacon’, it exhibits really cool and thought provoking masterpieces.

The fluorescent light exhibition, especially, is a must watch here. It is a very simple, yet a very complex modern Art museum and people who love art are going to come back over and over here again! Such is the beauty o this Art gallery in Beacon, NY

Visit the highest peak in the Hudson Highlands

Hudson Highlands
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Who doesn’t love themselves a little adventure on their trip? This highest Peak in the Hudson Highlands called the Beacon Mountain is a beautiful mountain covered with lush green grass and trees.

There are a lot of trails in this mountain where you can go hiking, watch the scenery, walk your dog, have little picnic dates, or even go camping. The views of the Hudson River are spectacular and the waterfall in the middle of the mountains is truly breathtakingly beautiful. You must pay a visit to the Beacon Mountain if you are in town!

Hiking at the breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge
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The breakneck Ridge is one of the most difficult 4-mile trails in Beacon, and is a great trail for people who love adventure and challenges. The hikes are easily accessible and the views are absolutely rewarding, even though the trail might be a little difficult, but that is what makes it even more fun.

Head to the ‘quaint town’ for spring and food and have a little picnic by yourself in the middle of the beautiful Ridge. The trail is very unique and the sunsets really add to the beauty of it all.

Live your dream at the Bannerman Castle

Bannerman Castle
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Always wanted to fulfil your dreams of being a King/Queen of a beautiful and large castle made in an ancient style and wanted to rule the town? Beacon for sure got you covered! This castle is as dreamy as it sounds.

It is a Landmark castle on Hudson River Island and the tour from the boat ride to the actual castle is really amazing! The grounds are beautiful and well kept and the tour guides are passionate about the history, making the whole experience even livelier. The views from the island are breathtaking, particularly at sunset.

The building of the Castle is very unique and stands firm still, even after hundreds of years! It is a great tourist spot and you must definitely pay a visit to this glorious Castle in Beacon.

Pay a visit to the Pollepel Island

Pollepel Island
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This beautiful and classic Island covers an area of 6.5 acres in the Hudson River in New York, and is a great place to watch the beautiful scenery, go for a walk, have a picnic or just hang around after paying your visit to the Bannerman castle.

The two combined is a full experience of the heart of Beacon, for the vibe and beauty of these places gives a peace to the heart and soul that no other area could give. It is a must visit if you are visiting the castle.

Howland Cultural Centre

Howland Cultural centre
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If you are a fan of cultures of small towns and are interested in knowing the history and beauty of these places then do visit the Howland Cultural centre.

This art and architectural building goes way back in time and is now a very famous place and a tourist destination. It holds various concerts by famous musicians and singers and is now a community arts space. It is called the hidden gem of Beacon city, such magnificence this place holds in the hearts of the citizens.

It is a cultural, architectural and institutional gem in downtown Beacon, and it presents events of haute culture including lectures and ballet. This centre is truly a must visit if you want to learn and explore the real culture and art of the Beacon city.

Hudson Highlands state park

Hudson Highlands state park
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This beautiful park with the most amazing of scenery and greenery in Beacon is definitely a must visit. It is a park with trails and wonderful river views. The trails are easily accessible and are really easy to climb on.

You can get a chance to experience the local birds and animals in this park while hiking. You can casually go there to hang around, or even go for picnic, whatever might be the reason the scenic beauty of this place is going to mesmerise you and you are surely going to have a very beautiful and serene experience here.

Splash and take some water slides

This family friendly adventure water park called the ‘Splashdown slides’ caters to the needs of all age groups, for fun has no age. You can take your kids to play in the water slides and have chill time, or go with your friends or family and take the amazing water slides and swim around and have the time of your own.

The experience of this water park is going to be really fun and adventurous. You can get some yummy food and drinks once you are tired. This is great place to spend you weekends by relaxing in the pools for a while.

Go back in time at the Mount Gulian

If you are a fan of history and historic inventions, this one is for you! This museum in Beacon exhibits everything from the history of the town, and is the only place where you get to experience the culture of the town in its full glory and meaning.

The museum was constructed in the 1800’s and stands firm still. The museum also holds various events and you would be lucky if you get a chance to attend any one of them. The place also has great scenery that adds to the overall charm of the museum. This is an unmissable spot if you are a fan of history and culture.

Watch the pink sunset

As alluring as the name sounds, this place is going to be even better when you experience it with your eyes This park in Beacon is named the “Scenic Hudson’s long Dock Park”, and it is named so for a reason.

The scenery that this park has in store for you is goung to take yiur breath away. Not only the scenery, but the park also has a lot of trails for you to walk on, or ride your bikes. You can not only picnic in the great little spots in this park but view the most beautiful sunset of your life.

The sunset fills the sky with hues of yellow and pink and it is truly the most mesmerising experience for a soul. You must definitely not forget to check this park out if you are in or around the city!

Go fishing at the riverfront

Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park
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Who doesn’t love to get on the boat and catch some fishes once in a while? This fishing experience at the Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park is going to be one of a kind because of the beauty and scenery of this place.

This is the site of the seasonal festivals put on by the Beacon Sloop Club, starting with Strawberry Festival, and going through the year to Corn Festival and Pumpkin Fest.

You must definitely be a part of these really fun festivals if you get a chance to! This place would not fail you, we promise!

Visit the Chapel of Sacred mirrors

This is the most exotic place you will find in Beacon, and you must not miss it for the world. It is most modern and creative places where you get to experience creativity like never before.

This place is tranquil and unrestrained and has in exhibition a great collection of various different forms of art like the “Art and nature mysticism”, “psychedelic sanctuary” and so many crazy forms of art!

The experience and charm of this place can never be described appropriately in words, because one must really watch all the art with bare eyes and bare soul to understand what it truly feels like.  It is only through exploration that you grasp the beauty of this place.

Go wine-tasting at the Ben marl Winery

A well kept winery with gorgeous views from the edge of the mountain over the Hudson River. This place has an extensive list of wines to try with absolutely phenomenal pizza. This one is only for the adults wanting to take a break!

The winery in Beacon, NY is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. You can get an experience of fine wine tasting, all also have all the snacks and food items that you love! It is the best experience of a dine-in with the yummiest of food and drinks. Do try their pizza if you are there, as is the most famous dish of all.

Visit all the famous churches

St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic church
Andre Carrotflower, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is a load of fun and adventurous things to do while you’re in this city, but sometimes the heart wants to go get some peace and visit some beautiful churches.

Beacon has got plenty of well-maintained and amazing churches for you to pay a visit to. “The St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic church” is one of the most beautiful churches in town, “The Dutch reformed church” is yet another church you must pay a visit to.

The churches keep the spirituality of the Beacon city alive and are definitely worth a visit if you are in town.

Camping in the woods

What better adventure than a camping night in the middle of a forest park where you get the first hand experience of the wild all the while ensuring the maximum safety for you and your family? The Malouf’s mountain campground is an amazing place to go camping with your peers.

There are a lot of trails to explore and hang around! You can set up your tents and live in the camps to get an amazing experience of camping.

By now, you probably know all the famous places to go to once you visit Beacon, but the real beauty of travelling is exploring! So open your hearts and begin to explore all the cities or towns you pay a visit to, for the hidden gems can only be seen by a heart that yearns to learn and explore more!