20 Best Things to Do in Bayside Marketplace, Miami

Bayside Marketplace, Miami
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Bayside, which refers to the Bayside Marketplace, is an open-air shopping center on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

Since 1987, the two-story building has featured various shops and restaurants you can explore.

Aside from this, you can find plenty of tour and boat services near the building and enjoy a cruise with different treats and sights.

There are plenty of options to check out in the shopping center, whether you want to go shopping or eat.

Here are the best things to do in Bayside, Miami:

Ride the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel

Scenic view of Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel
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See the entire Miami area from a bird's eye view by taking a ride on the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel.

The Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel is a nearly 200-feet high structure with 42 gondolas.

Each gondola is enclosed with climate-control and leather bucket seats.

In addition, the gondolas have a custom LED light show and glass-bottom floors.

The gondolas of Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel
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Rides on this attraction generally last around 12 to 15 minutes, but you can ride for longer during special events.

When riding this attraction, you can see as far as Biscayne Bay and enjoy the downtown Miami skyline.

You'll need a ticket to ride the attraction, and if you'd like, you can book a VIP gondola for extra perks.

Once you've enjoyed your ride, you can take a selfie at the Buzzybooth.

Daytime view of the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel
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Take a Party Cruise with Capt. Jimmy's Fiesta Cruises

Enjoy a ride around the water with food and drinks, or take in the local sights by booking a cruise with Capt. Jimmy's Fiesta Cruises.

The cruise service began in 1995 and currently has two boats that can accommodate nearly 200 people combined.

Some of the features on these boats include a dance floor, covered seating, and outside seating.

There are six cruise options you can choose from with different features.

One of the cruise options lets you experience the local nightlife and features different drinks and a DJ.

You can also enjoy a cruise where you can unwind by the sunset and indulge in drinks.

If you're an animal fan, the service also offers a cruise where you can see local marine life and even feed the tarpon.

By booking with Captain Jimmy's Fiesta Cruises, you have plenty of fun experiences to try.

Check Out Bayside Cigars

Do you have an interest in cigars?

If yes, then Bayside Cigars is where to go.

Bayside Cigars is a compact tobacco shop with a wide selection of cigars enthusiasts enjoy.

Since 1998, the business has featured different cigar products ranging from pipes to cigar accessories.

Whether or not you're interested in cigars, the Bayside Cigars is worth checking out for their broad range of cigars and other products.

Experience a Luxury Yacht Ride with the Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters

The Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters is one of the many boat services you can find in Bayside Marketplace.

However, it's the only service that provides you with a luxury experience.

The yacht service is mainly known for hosting different and large events and parties like weddings and corporate gatherings.

You can still enjoy the amenities of the water vehicle for smaller parties.

Some of the features you can find on the yacht include a 360-degree panoramic view and comfortable seating areas.

Whether you have a small or big party, the Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters has plenty of accommodations for your event needs.

You can find the charter service by heading to Pier 1.

Fish for Local Species with Capt. Jimmy Lewis

Among the different boat services available in the Bayside Marketplace, look for Captain Jimmy Lewis to experience local fishing.

Capt. Jimmy Lewis operates the eponymous boating service you can find on the Miamarina.

He has different daytime and nighttime fishing charters you can experience.

There are three charters you can book for either day or night and different fish you can catch.

If you are interested in the daytime charters, you can go fishing for a full or half-day.

Catch saltfish and seasonal fish or spend a day at a nearby island and catch local fish.

As for the nighttime charters, they mainly focus on bigger fishes like swordfish and snook.

There are plenty of fishing experiences you can book if you check out Capt. Jimmy Lewis's services.

Drink by the Water at Mambo Cafe

If you want to try the different drink options in Bayside Marketplace, you should check out the margaritas, mojitos, and more at the Mambo Cafe.

Mambo Cafe is an outdoor bar with different Cuban and Caribbean dishes plus various cocktail blends.

A few dishes you can enjoy at this bar include a selection of flavorful seafood and a sandwich featuring Cuban bread.

The drinks at this bar include mojitos, Pina Coladas, and other blends you can enjoy during Happy Hour.

By dining at Mambo Café, you can enjoy all kinds of alcohol blends, tropical dishes, and a lovely water view.

Catch Deep-Sea Fish with Blue Waters II

Fishing enthusiasts will find plenty to catch in the waters near the Bayside Marketplace.

However, if you're looking to catch fish for sport, check out Blue Waters II on the Marina.

Blue Waters II is a charter service that offers three trips that last four, six, and eight hours respectively.

On each of these fishing trips, you have the chance to catch deep-sea fish like kingfish, sailfish, and more.

Among the different fishing trips, you'll find plenty of challenges with an all-day trip as it allows shark fishing, deep dropping, and more.

Aside from fishing trips, Blue Waters II hosts tournaments where participants can learn from the captain.

If that isn't enough, the fishing charter offers a service where guests can enjoy freshly made lunches or breakfast boxes.

With Blue Waters II, you can get both a challenge and have fun with fishing.

Speed along the Water with Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures

A Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures boat on the waters
Blueee77 / Shutterstock.com

Take a chance to experience a new way to enjoy a tour on the water by booking with Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures.

Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures is one of the different boat services within the Bayside Marketplace vicinity.

What makes this boat service different?

It has passengers zipping through the water at up to 40 mph and takes you to different islands with a view of the skyline.

There are two thriller boats, and both take guests on a 45-minute tour.

The difference between the two boats is that one can hold 36 passengers while the other holds up to 85 people.

If you're looking for some thrill, consider checking out Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures near the Hard Rock Café.

Enjoy Cocktails and Sushi at the Lola Bar Miami

Lola Bar Miami is the ideal spot to enjoy a cocktail.

There are all kinds of cocktails to try at this bar, from sweet to tart blends.

Along with different cocktails, the bar has a selection of dishes you can pair with your drink, ranging from Western to Eastern dishes.

Some dishes you can enjoy at the bar include deep-dish nachos and sushi.

In addition to offering a selection of cocktails, the bar lets guests use hookah.

If you don't know what hookah is, it's an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco.

For anyone who wants to have fun with drinks, Lola Bar Miami is where to go.

Join a Cruise with Water Taxi Miami

If you've had enough thrilling boating experiences, you might want to take a relaxing ride with Water Taxi Miami.

As its name suggests, Water Taxi Miami is a water taxi shuttle service that docks at Bayside Marketplace.

It takes passengers through a route that leads to the Miami Beach Marina and Miami River.

There are different departure schedules every day but Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You'll need to check the best times to catch a ride online.

Some sights you can see when riding this shuttle include the Venetian Causeways and Hibiscus Island, to name a few.

Aside from being a shuttle service, Water Taxi Miami offers private rides you can book.

Water Taxi Miami may not have an exciting boat adventure, but it does offer a leisurely ride and plenty of sights to see along the way.

Dig into Cuban Food at La Cañita

Bayside Marketplace has its share of restaurants that serve delicious meals, and one of them is La Cañita,

La Cañita is a restaurant featuring Caribbean & Cuban food, among other things.

The restaurant's name is Spanish for "little sugarcane."

It offers plenty of features for guests to enjoy.

In addition to a selection of tropical dishes, the restaurant features live music and a celebration of rum culture.

Not only that, but guests can enjoy waterfront views of the area.

A few dishes you can enjoy at this eatery include different empanadas and a selection of seafood dishes.

Aside from the all-day menu, the restaurant has a happy-hour menu that features a list of alcohol blends and dishes to pair with your drink.

You'll find plenty of food and drinks to indulge in when visiting La Cañita.

Relax with Island Queen Cruises

Island Queen Cruises may seem like one of the many boat services you can book at the Bayside Marketplace.

However, this cruise service also doubles as a tour company.

Not only can you enjoy a yacht ride around the area, but you can also take different types of tours, such as a helicopter tour.

In addition to featuring different cruises and tour options, Island Queen Cruises has a cafe you can find within the shopping center.

At this cafe, you can enjoy a selection of coffee and snacks.

If you are interested in seeing the different sights available in the area, you should consider booking with Island Queen Cruises.

Enjoy Drinks and Sports at Black Market Miami

Black Market Miami may seem like one of the many places where you can get a drink in Bayside Marketplace.

However, it's also where sports enthusiasts can catch the big game.

Black Market Miami is a sports bar you can find in the downtown area and features a selection of burgers and sandwiches for its dishes.

You can also go for a healthier option and order from their healthy menu.

If you're looking to get a drink at this bar, you can choose from a list of house cocktails and beers, among other blends.

Black Market Miami is where to go to relax with a drink and meal while watching your favorite team.

Find a Unique Gift from 3D Laser Land

You can find plenty of shops featuring different items in the Bayside shopping center.

Among them are unique items such as the products of 3D Laser Land.

3D Laser Land is a crystal shop that offers various products you can get as a gift.

One of the unique items you can find at this store includes 3D glass photos and crystal ornaments.

You'll find plenty of customizable items at this store for different occasions.

Aside from crystal items, the shop also offers LED light bases to illuminate your choice of crystal structure.

If you're looking for a fun gift to bring home, you should consider checking out 3D Laser Land.

Grab a Souvenir at I Luv Miami

I Luv Miami is one of the top places to get a souvenir in Bayside Marketplaces and features various types of knickknacks.

Some items at this store include several retail products and accessories you can wear for fun.

Even if you are not looking for souvenirs, there are plenty of colorful items you can browse at this store.

In addition to offering various retail items, the shop provides rental services.

I Luv Miami is an ideal place to visit to check out fun items.

Board the Pirate Ship of the Miami Aqua Tours

The Miami Aqua Tours on Biscayne Boulevard sails the pirate-themed vessel El Loro to delight leisure passengers of all ages.

This ship is touted as the only watercraft offering pirate-inspired cruises in the waters of Miami.

In this offering of Miami Aqua Tours, you’ll sail around Star Island and the Venetian Islands.

The El Loro pirate cruise last some 80 minutes during which you’ll catch marvelous views of the downtown Miami Skyline.

You’ll also have glimpses of the high-end waterfront homes of the city’s rich and famous.

During the cruise, Miami Aqua Tours provides professional guides who narrate in English and Spanish.

This tours agency also offers other trip choices besides El Loro’s, with these picks including the Skyline Miami Cruise, Nite Sea Party, and Sightseeing Cruise.

Personalize a Gift at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Bayside Marketplace is host to an in-store location of the famed global gift retailer Build-a-Bear Workshop.

The motto of this iconic workshop—The Most Fun You’ll Ever Make—drives many families to purchase its gifts.

Build-A-Bear Workshop stores offer shoppers the opportunity to design the stuffed bears and other toys they’re buying.

You can choose from more than 250 types of stuffed animals from these stores.

These picks include not only endearing replicas of grizzly bears but also groundhogs, raccoons, and foxes.

With each purchase, you can add not only the sounds the toy makes but also its smell and outfits.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop in Miami is located on Biscayne Boulevard at the northern side of the Bayside Marketplace.

Hop on a Trip of Big Bus Tours Miami

Front view of Big Bus Tour vehicle
byvalet / Shutterstock.com

Bayside Marketplace is a principal starting point of all the three sightseeing trips of Big Bus Tours Miami in and around the city.

Specifically, passengers of these tours can board at the metro bus stop across Ben’s Pizza.

You can also inquire about the Big Bus Tours Miami tickets (which are available online) at Miami’s Official Visitor Center near metro bus stop.

The choices of trips that Big Bus Tours Miami offers include an Everglades Experience wherein you’ll be taken to an airboat ride and a wildlife show at Holiday Park.

You can also choose a guided Miami Night Tour to all landmarks in the city that will take from 75 to 90 minutes.

A Big Bus Tour along the road
JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Take Home the Healing Vibe of Enlighten Moon Co.

Enlighten Moon Co. is a luxury crystal store on the east side of Bayside Marketplace which promises to deliver healing vibes in the items it sells.

Besides crystals, the items in this shop’s shelves include sound bowls, sages, and other spiritual gadgets for wellness.

Enlighten Moon Co. also offers various types of jewelry with high-vibration stones believed to have healing powers.

Available at this shop are necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings said to promote wellness to their wearers.

Besides selling such merchandise, Enlighten Moon Co. also holds private healing sessions.

Visit Bayfront Park

Aerial view of Bayfront Park
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

Bayfront Park spreads over 32 acres just steps south of Bayside Marketplace.

You can enjoy a stroll along the scenic Bayfront Park Circuit with fun sculptures colorful as background for selfies.

Bayfront Park is popular as an events venue, particularly at its FPL Solar Amphitheater which hosts Miami’s major music concerts.

A trail at Bayfront Park
Papa Bravo / Shutterstock.com

Yoga sessions are also regularly held at this park.

Other points of interest at Bayfront Park include a playground and the Dade County War Memorial.

People at Bayfront Park
Solarisys / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Bayside Marketplace is a shopping center with plenty of options, but it's also an access point for different ways to explore Miami.

With several boat services docked on its marina, there are plenty of fun activities you can do on the water.

There are also plenty of dishes and items you can indulge in at the center.

If you're looking for a place that offers several choices in one, make a stop at Bayside Marketplace.

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