35 Best Things to Do in Ballarat

35 Best Things to Do in Ballarat

Ballarat is the third-largest city of Victoria with a population of over 100,000 people. It is located on the Yarrowee River in the Central Highlands of Victoria in Australia. Ballarat is a very popular tourist destination. This former gold mining town has some amazing  Australian colonial architecture for you to gaze at.

This city is only a 90 minutes drive away from Melbourne and is great for you to just relax and rejuvenate. This busy provincial city is rich in art and culture and is known for its history and well-preserved Victorian-era heritage that you can witness in every corner of this town. Along with heritage, the town is also flourishing with contemporary art, food, drinks, and artists. Ballarat is a perfect mix of contemporary and old-fashioned. This city was even named one of the most liveable cities in Australia in 2020. Here are the best things for you to do in Ballarat.

Take a stroll to appreciate Ballarat

Lydiard Street Ballarat
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Walking is one of the best ways to explore any city. Especially Ballarat, it has some of Australia's finest architecture and streetscapes. You can only appreciate Ballarat's culture properly while walking on its well-maintained footpaths. You should definitely walk Lydiard Street, it is one of the best preserved Victorian streetscapes outside of England.

Lydiard Street also features in ABC television series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, which is set in Ballarat. After Lydiard Street, go to nearby Camp Street, it is Ballarat's next most architecturally impressive street.  Next, you should walk Sturt Street, it is one of the widest streets, lavishly spreading across six lanes and replete with statue-studded gardens.

Watch everything gold at Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill Ballarat
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Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum in Golden Point, Ballarat. It portrays the first 10 years of Ballarat after gold was discovered there in 1851. Sovereign Hill is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Ballarat, people come from all over the world to visit it. This nationally acclaimed tourist attraction was established in 1970. The museum provides a fun learning experience with characters in costumes, horses, cats that displays what life was back then in the Victorian Goldfields.

There are a lot of fun activities to do, such as witnessing the amazing gold pour where $160,000 worth of gold is melted and turned into a three-kilogram bullion or see the outdoor show Aura, an immersive after-dark theatrical experience. You can also dress-up and take photographs with your friends in the old-timey photography studio. The museum also has a tram that takes you on the tour of the mines. To make things even more convenient, the museum offers accommodations for visitors.

Art Gallery of Ballarat
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The Art Gallery of Ballarat is the oldest and largest regional Australian gallery. It was established in 1884. The gallery houses Australian art, with works of artists from colonial to the contemporary periods. The gallery has one of the best regional collections in the country.

The gallery features the works of  Fred Williams, Sidney Nolan, Clarice Beckett, Arthur Boyd, and many many other artists.  The heritage-listed Gallery building also hosts a diverse range of temporary exhibitions and puts together shows inspired by the works in the gallery. You can enjoy the Australian art and culture at the gallery in a very relaxed and peaceful environment.

Get to know Australia’s Democracy at Eureka Centre

Formerly known as the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, the Eureka Centre is a museum dedicated to democracy. It is located at the historic site of the Eureka Stockade Rebellion, on the grounds of the Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens in Ballarat. The Eureka Centre portrays the stories of the people who risked their lives for miner’s rights and shows the cultural impact of the gold rush.

It also houses one of the most revered cultural artifacts of Australia for you to see, the Eureka flag. The centre is surrounded by the lovely Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens. There is also a gift shop and a cafe for you to buy souvenirs and enjoy treats while visiting.

Gaze at Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens Reserve is a fantastic place for the whole family The Garden is 40 hectares and is divided into multiple zones - the central part with 'gardenesque' style, the area alongside Lake Wendouree as the Lake foreshore precinct, open parklands on either side of the garden called North and South Gardens.

The garden also has an Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial which honors the many thousands of prisoners held during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, The Garden features a marvelous assortment of mature trees and marble statues that are set in vivid bedding displays. You can come here to walk around and relax in the garden’s tranquil environment while enjoying delicious food from the eateries from here.

Make a splash at Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree
Brian S

Lake Wendouree is a man-made and maintained shallow urban lake that has been a community destination for over 150 years. Located in central Ballarat next to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, the lake offers many recreational activities.

You can eat at the cafes while enjoying the beautiful view of the lake or you can have fun canoeing, kayaking and sailing the lake. You can also enjoy fishing,  local catches include rainbow trout and redfin. Make sure to bring binoculars and watch swans, ducks, gulls, and cormorants at the lake.

Meet animals at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park
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The Ballarat Wildlife Park is a privately owned business run by The Parker family. It is an award-winning interactive wildlife park situated on 37 acres of natural bushland. The park houses about 400 species of animals. It has kangaroos and emus that roam freely around the park and can be hand fed. The park provides shelter to mostly native Australian animals and includes the world’s smallest penguin species, wombats, quokkas, echidnas, koalas, and crocodiles.

This is an interactive wildlife park and that means that you can pat a koala, cuddle a wombat or even have a snake wrapped over your shoulders. You can enjoy this park by bringing along a picnic or by enjoying tasty food from the cafe while taking in the scenic beauty of plants and animals.

Ballarat Tramway Museum

Ballarat Tramway Museum
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Ballarat Tramway Museum was founded to preserve the traditional tramway experience. It is run by passionate and dedicated volunteers and trams operate every weekend. The museum has a large research collection, an archive of information, and more than 3,500 items about the Ballarat tramways. Come here to experience the traditional tramway experience that once existed on the streets of Ballarat.

Mythical land at the Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle
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Kryal Castle is an Adventure Park & Resort in Ballarat, Victoria. The castle has a lot of activities for you to do. It features a moat and drawbridge, a maze, castle towers, stocks, and an armory. The park is themed around the fantasy of medieval time with knights, kings, and everything else medieval

. You can stay at the castle and enjoy your childhood dream as the castle offers 4-star accommodation. Tickets are priced at $35 and $22 for adults and kids respectively. Enjoy your day filled with fun activities at Kryal Castle.

Experience the Ballarat Begonia Festival

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Themed around the begonia flower, Ballarat Begonia Festival is an annual carnival and community cultural festival held at Ballarat. It is a very popular tourist attraction in the city. It is held over the Labour Day long weekend in March. The festival has a lot of fun activities planned for the visitors to do. You can attend talks, or enjoy the line-up of entertainment with delicious food and celebrity guests.

Ballarat Railway Station

Ballarat Railway Station
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Located on the Serviceton line in Victoria, Ballarat Railway Station is one of Australia’s most awe-inspiring heritage railway stations. The railway station showcases the architectural and historical magnificence of Ballarat. This 19th century railway station has most of its features intact and is registered in the Victorian Heritage Register. You should definitely visit this lovely building from a grander time, you will surely be amazed by this historical gem.

Enjoy the Ballarat Heritage Weekend

Ballarat Heritage Weekend is an annual community cultural festival that is celebrated in Ballarat to showcase the wonderful history and culture of the city. This tourist attraction has a heritage and celebrates the essence of Ballarat. It is organized by the city of Ballarat over the mother’s day weekend (7-8 May).

Each year, the program portrays different parts of Ballarat’s history. The event includes free access to many selected buildings of the city. You can enjoy architectural and history walking tours or theatrical performances, along with a great range of local food and wine. If you want to enjoy Ballarat’s history and culture, this event is a must for you.

Shop until you drop

Central Square Ballarat
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If you are looking to spend your money, Ballarat is not going to let you down. You can buy clothes, antiques, souvenirs all over the city. You can find some amazing vintage pieces in the independent boutiques down any lane. However, if you are swaying towards retail then you can check out Bridge Mall, Central Square Ballarat, Mill Market, or Stockland Wendouree.

Quench your thirst with wine

After a long day of roaming, you can quench your thirst by local wines. The weather of Ballarat is really good for grapes and that is why the city offers some of the best locally produced wine straight from the vineyards. Ballarat’s vineyards are famous for its subtly fragrant pinot noir, chardonnay, and elegant sparkling wines. You can visit RJM’s Wine bar or Mitchell Harris Wine Bar to dive in some amazing wine. You can also visit wineries like  Captains Creek Organic Wines, Mount Buninyong Winery, or Eastern Peake Winery to appreciate the art of wine making.

Eat! Eat! Eat!

Ballarat main street
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Ballarat is an amazing destination for all the foodies out there. After exploring the town, you can satisfy your hunger with traditional and delicious Aussie cuisine, Ballarat has some great cafes and restaurants that use local produce to make wholesome food. You can eat gourmet pizzas straight out of the wood-fired oven at Forge Pizzeria. You can eat breakfast all day at Yellow Espresso.

You can eat at Underbar where Derek Boath, formerly of New York's three-Michelin, offers a menu that changes every week. When it comes to food, this place has endless options for you to choose from and it is not going to disappoint you.

Stay at Craig’s Royal Hotel

Craig’s Royal Hotel
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Located on the historic Lydiard Street, Craig’s Royal Hotel was built during the Victorian gold rush. It is Ballarat’s oldest and most luxurious hotel. The hotel has served many famous people including Mark Twain and Prince Alfred (Queen Victoria's second son), and Dame Nellie Melba. This elegant hotel offers comfort of luxury with the charm of history.

Feast your eyes at  Ballarat Bird World

Just a 7 minutes drive away from Sovereign Hill, Ballarat Bird World showcases the colorful Australian birdlife. Birds here include the Gang-gang, Major Mitchell and red, white and yellow-tailed black cockatoos.  You can interact with many beautiful birds closely at this place. You can even click a picture with a red-tailed black cockatoo at 11:00 am, 2.00 pm and 4:00 pm at no extra charge, just use your own camera. The entry fee is only $12. After watching the birds, you can head to the cafe to relish delicious food or go to the gift shop to buy yourself a souvenir. Ballarat Bird World is an enjoyable and economical way for bird lovers to spend their day.

Eureka Aquatic Center

In the land of swimmers- swimming is inevitable. And, if you love indoor waters- then this is your chance to splash into some of the best pool waters in all of Ballarat, and give it a go!

Wanna swim like a professional? Did you know they give out swimming lessons too? Yes, the pools are also open to the public and you can go in to take a quick dip during the swimming hours at the Eureka Aquatic Center. You might often face quite a hot day here in Ballarat, and during those days- Eureka Aquatic Center is the best place to head over to and have a quick water therapy!

Prime Ministers Walk

The Prime Ministers Walk is one of the most interesting things to check out in Ballarat. The best part about this spot is its intense history and its location. For starters- the Prime Ministers Walk is located in the premium location of the Botanical Gardens of Ballarat. However, if you want to learn more about the history of the place and its various ups and downs in politics- do pay a visit to the Prime Ministers Walk.

There are sculptures of each and even person who has ever been the Prime Minister of Australia entirely made up of bronze. There are names and history too. You can walk around the well-maintained lawns of the beautiful Botanical Garden and learn about history at the same time!

Ballarat Aviation Museum

Ballarat Aviation Museum
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Are you into aircrafts and airplanes? We have a prime location for you to check out. Here in the heart of Ballarat lies the infamous Ballarat Aircraft Museum.
This museum is a slice of paradise for all of those who are interested in the air! Having some of the best collections of aircraft engines, different aircraft models, and various kinds of memorabilia regarding aircraft- this museum is one of the most exclusive ones in Australia.

Also, if you want to get a full tour of the inside along with their rich history- there are a lot of staff who might be able to help you with that.

Black Hill Reserve

Want to get close to nature? Ballarat has some of the best scenes for you as you have seen by now. But, there is one more thing quite popular to the tourists who come to cherish the unexplained beauty of Ballarat- the Black Hill Reserve.
An empty space of almost 260 acres- Ballarat is one of the best places you could go to if you want to be close to nature. Also, there are a lot of unknown wildlife species along with some of the exotic migratory birds nesting right here. The landscapes are amazing  with granite rock formations. Also, there are a lot of hiking trails inside that you could check out if you want to explore more.

Michael Unwin Wines

Want to get your spirits up at one of the best wineries in all of Ballarat? Have you done a lot of sightseeing and just want to relax for a bit now? Well, here at Michael Unwin Wines- there are some of the best things that will help you unwind yourself. With a collection of more than 16 different varieties of wine- you can surely feel good here.

Also, there are a lot of tours available. You can even go wine tasting if you want. Having some of the best views in Ballarat- Michael Unwin Wines is truly one of the most amazing places to go to if you are looking for something delicious.

Woowookarung Regional Park

Let us head over to some of the newer attractions now. Woowookarung Regional Park is actually named after the Aboriginal language which means ‘place of plenty’. The park is open to the public and has even been established by the people of the town for others to enjoy.

There are a lot of running and cycling trails here inside the park. While you go on a run, you shall be surrounded by plenty of wildflowers. Also, you can get a view of the native kangaroos. Pets are also allowed here.

Lake Wendouree Adventure playground

Photos BrianScantlebury / shuttersttock.com

Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground is one of the best playgrounds in all of Ballarat. It attracts people of all ages. The interesting part about the splendid Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground is that everything you see here is made of wood!

Filled with adventures like tunnels, fake forts, big wheels- the Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground is the ultimate fun day for any child. With some of the great Lake Wendouree, the park is even more impressive. You can see a lot of ducks swimming around freely in the waters of Lake Wendouree.

Post Office Gallery

Post Office Gallery Ballarat
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Are you ready to see some art now? Let’s head over to one of the best art galleries in town! Welcome to the Post Office Gallery in Ballarat. It is located in the cultural district of Ballarat, and gives off a unique vibe.

If you want to learn more about the art and culture of Ballarat, just head over to the Post Office Gallery as it is filled with some of the finest pieces that are hung up on its walls. There are also a lot of exhibitions that are always going on in the gallery. Do try to catch one of those if you want to experience art better.

Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum

Do you want to see all the moons and stars of Jupiter? Well, for space lovers and for those who are really invested in astronomy- we might have something of a surprise for you! Head over to the Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum to discover some exciting things.

There are a lot of telescopes here. Some of them are from the old days, and some are of the latest technology. However, you might get to see everything clearly from here- Yes! Even the fours moons and four rings of Jupiter. Look at the great surface of the moon too! If you are someone who does not know how to use a telescope properly- the staff here is quite friendly and helpful!

Midlands Reserve And Water Park

The Midlands Reserve and Water Park is one of the best places to take your children to and have a fun day with them. It is placed in the north of Ballarat, and children love this park!

The Midlands Reserve and Water Park attracts people of all ages honestly. The water splash park is the main attraction of this place along with the other tit-bits. To spend a day here is a fun day with your family or friends. There are also a lot of spots where you could have a picnic along with a BBQ option. So, don’t miss out on the Midlands Reserve and Water Park when you are here in Ballarat.

Bridge Mall

Are you looking for some awesome shopping scenes in Ballarat? Well, those scenes are the best in Bridge Mall. Here, in Bridge Mall, you can get your hands on anything! There are boutiques, local brads, and even a lot of branded stores.
Bridge mall can officially be a heaven for shopaholics. Also, the interior is charmingly decorated. Also, the mall hosts a lot of festivals around the year. If you happen to be in town during one of those- do go and enjoy the experience.

Gold Museum

If you want to experience something entirely different and unique in Ballarat- then you must venture to the Gold Museum. The best part about the Gold Museum is that it is also the regional social history museum of Ballarat.
The permanent collection has almost 150,000 items. All of these items reek of history. Collected over a vast span of time- these objects each have a different story to tell. Some of them might have a significant historic past., while others have a mining past. There are plenty of tales to know from this museum!

Where to eat in Ballarat

Ballarat downtown
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This Australian gem has a lot of spicy places you can hit when you are feeling that hunger. Let us give you some options to explore what you are craving for!
The first restaurant that comes to our mind when we talk about the best eateries in Ballarat is the Moon and Mountain. This is one of those flashy modern places, but the take is that they create some of the most delicious foods with a twit. Be it something as simple as chicken wings- you can always find a twist in the flavors!

Next from the founders of Moon and Mountain came another gem in Ballarat- Winner Winner. True to its name- this restaurant won the hearts of tourists and locals equally in a very short span of time. Looks like the creators know what we- the foodies want!
Forge Pizzeria comes to mind if you are craving something as simple as a good pizza. But, often you do not get to have a pizza that matches your standards. But, here in Forge Pizzeria in Ballarat- you do not have to worry about that, for the pizza of this place is easily one of the bests of Ballarat!

If you have a sweet tooth or are simply craving for some great bakery items- 1816 Bakehouse should be a slice of paradise for you. And, for the best pub experience in Ballarat, head over to the immensely popular Pub with Two Names. With some of the best pub culture along with an equally historic story- Pub with Two Names attracts a lot of tourists.

Lake Esmond Botanical Park

Are you looking for a quaint exotic spot to have your picnic and observe some good scenes too? Wait no more for we might have an ideal location just for you. Lake Esmond Botanical Park is one of the top tourist attractions in all of Ballarat when it comes to finding a peaceful location to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The best part of this park is the amazing lake. Take a stroll around the lake. Also, there is plenty of greenery around where you can lie down and just enjoy the view. Let your kids enjoy themselves in all the free space around too.

Ballarat Indoor Go-Karts & Laserforce Entertainment Centre

Head over to the most fun part of Ballarat to give your kids a treat! Are you looking for a place to relive your childhood after exploring all of Ballarat? Well, here at Ballarat Indoor Go-Karts & Laserforce Entertainment Centre, there are a lot of activities to enjoy.

If you are someone who is still a child at heart, then go-karts and laser tags have a different kind of effect! In this center, you can have both of them! So, go and have a fun day for you and your kids as well.

Ballarat is a perfect destination to get away with loads of activities and things for you to explore. From wildlife parks to museums, this city has it all. Ballarat is surely going to win over your hearts with its colonial architecture and historic charm. Do not forget to tell us your favorite thing from the list and make sure to do all these things when you visit this beautiful town.

Adore the Beautiful Nature at Victoria Park

One of the most important parks in Ballarat is the sizable recreational space known as Victoria Park.

Victoria Park's forested area is just a short stroll from Lake Wendouree's southern side.

Ballarat locals commemorated Victoria's first Arbor Day in May 1890, and several of the park's tree trunks were planted.

Large expanses of natural grassland are present in the park, where wildflowers, including purple chocolate lilies, white milkmaids, sweet hound's tongue, various orchids, and scaly buttons bloom.

Victoria Park has meandering walkways, shelters, barbecues, and picnic tables in addition to a well-liked "inclusive play zone" that is designed to be utilized by kids of all abilities.

Drop by the Arch of Victory

At the start of Australia's longest memorial avenue of honor is the Arch of Victory, one of Ballarat's most recognizable structures.

The monument, Arch of Victory, was erected shortly after World War I close to Prince of Wales Park's southwest corner.

It is recognized as a representation of Ballarat across Australia, but it has also gained prestige and respect abroad.

Edward, Prince of Wales, officially opened the first building, which was paid for by the female employees of Eleanor Lucas' lingerie factory who were employed during World War I.

Arch of Victory is around 17 meters tall and 19 meters wide.

It was later renovated to commemorate the Second World War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Savor Italian Cuisines at Carboni's Italian Kitchen

In Ballarat, Carboni's Italian Kitchen offers genuine Italian hospitality.

More than 25 years of expertise are brought to the table by Chef Dona, his partner, and events manager Irene, as well as the Carboni's Team.

A plethora of expertise displays their love for the profession, including the understanding of the food industry, customers, and personal service.

You may enjoy genuinely Italian cuisine at Carboni's Italian Kitchen, including the flavor of fresh fish from Sicily and the aroma of wood fire ovens in Naples.

Experience Bologna's tasteful pasta dishes, hip-hop music, traditional sweets, contemporary décor, and friendly service!

Have a Lovely Stay at Victoriana Motor Inn

On the major Victoria Street in Ballarat East, the Victoriana Motor Inn provides 4-star lodging.

It is the first motel off the M8 motorway in the direction of Melbourne, and it takes 5 minutes to get to Ballarat Town Center.

Large windows and sturdy double bricks were used in the construction of all 20 rooms.

Good bedding and mattresses, a huge air conditioner, a cool kitchenette, free WiFi, a continental breakfast, and private parking are all available.

There are restaurants and bars nearby where guests may drop by.

Couples, in particular, enjoy the area; they gave it a 9.3 rating for a trip with two people.

Taste Delicious Wines at Mitchell Harris Wines

Since 2008, Mitchell Harris has produced a wine with an emphasis on elegance and a reflection of the cool-climate characteristics of Ballarat's surrounding regions.

The 140-year-old building, which was formerly a produce store, tentmaker, and mechanic shop, now exhibits wines and other regional gems while offering a complete wine bar and dining adventure in the middle of Ballarat.

Their winemaker collaborates closely with producers to create wines that exhibit unusual varietal expression and represent unique vineyard, vintage, and regional characters.

Mitchell Harris Wines are surrounded by the world-renowned wine districts of Western and Central Victoria.

Their wines provide you a clear picture of what characterizes the central and western wine-growing areas of Victorian so unique.


Ballarat city is famed for its history and beautifully preserved Victorian-era legacy, which can be seen in every part of this city.

Tourists visit the city for its modern art, cuisine, beverages, and artists, in addition to its historical attractions.

The list of the best things to do in Ballarat above demonstrates how this city is the ideal blend of modern and traditional.

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