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15 Best Things to Do in Baldwin Park, CA

  • Published 2023/04/30

What sets Baldwin Park apart from other cities in California?

It has unique tourist attractions, such as the first-ever In-N-Out Burger Museum.

Once a home for cattle, Baldwin Park was transformed into a residential area when a community began to settle.

It was first called Vineland before officially being incorporated in 1906 to honor the pioneer Lucky Baldwin.

From there, the city thrived with a balance of small-town appeal and cheerful city entertainment.

You can explore museums, set your sights on nature, taste local flavors, and experience all sorts of recreation.

This list shows you the best things to do in Baldwin Park, California.

Explore the Original In-N-Out Burger Museum

Exterior of the Original In-N-Out Burger Museum

Philip Pilosian /

If you’re a restaurant fan, you might be interested in seeing the Original In-N-Out Burger Museum.

This is a replica of the first-ever burger joint, established in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder.

While the original building was demolished to make space for a freeway, this replica offers a peek into what it looked like.

You can see the traditional architecture, old-fashioned decor, and previous equipment.

There are also informative displays scattered within the premises.

Besides learning history, you can also check out the gift shop and take home some souvenirs.

You should check out this place at Francisquito Avenue.

Shop for Souvenirs at In-N-Out Company Store

If the food at the restaurant chain is no longer enough, look at the products at the In-N-Out Company Store.

This place sells various novelty products related to the popular fast-food chain!

In-N-Out Company Store has many excellent items, from T-shirts and socks to bags, hats, and accessories.

The building is doused in creativity and adorned with bright and colorful paint to foster a modern vibe.

You’ll find an assortment of shelves filled with specialty items related to the In-N-Out franchise.

It’s a destination that’s perfect for fans of well-known establishments.

Whether you buy a souvenir or roam around, a stop in the building is well worth a try.

Find this incredible location along Francisquito Avenue!

Have a Picnic at Walnut Creek Nature Park

At Frazier Street, Walnut Creek Nature Park is available for those searching for tranquil adventures.

This venue offers a small taste of paradise with its tranquil surroundings and nature-oriented design.

Walnut Creek Nature Park contains paved trails, picnic tables, benches, and other facilities for leisure.

It also has exercise stations scattered around the park and play areas made from authentic logs.

Dogs are also allowed to enter and play inside the park, adding to the experience for pet owners!

This park can be a safe choice if you’re into serene spots!

As a bonus, you can discover various native plants such as oak, pine, sage, and coyote bushes.

Feast on Mexican Goodies in Guadalajara Grill

Guadalajara Grill proves that authentic Mexican cuisine can be found in the sunny state of California.

Founded in 1995, this restaurant is known for cooking with natural corn oil rather than saturated fats.

They take pride in having a Mexican heritage, as seen in the interior design, food, and music.

When you walk into Guadalajara Grill, it’s almost as if you’ve entered a restaurant in Mexico.

Enjoy live music, feast in their buffet section, or join one of their live shows for a new experience.

This restaurant is more than a dining establishment because it’s also filled with vibrant entertainment.

It’s no surprise that Guadalajara Grill is one of the city’s most popular restaurants, boasting thousands of good reviews.

At Baldwin Park Towne Center, give this place a try!

Learn New Things at Baldwin Park Historical Society & Museum

While traveling, some like to learn more about the place they’re exploring.

If you’re one of those people, Baldwin Park Historical Society & Museum might be your perfect destination.

This place contains all things related to the history and foundation of Baldwin Park.

This museum has many precious items, from vintage photographs and artifacts to essential documents.

You could also talk to the friendly staff for more insights into the thriving city!

Baldwin Park Historical Society & Museum opens its doors to curious travelers at Pacific Avenue.

Add a learning experience to your trip to the city, and make it worth your time!

Take a Break at Morgan Park

Signage of Morgan Park

Matt Gush /

For a casual place to relax and unwind, try visiting Morgan Park.

This is an accessible destination at Baldwin Park Boulevard, embraced by spacious greens and a tranquil ambiance.

You can have picnics with the family, sit on the benches, or bask in the sun.

It’s worth noting that relaxing isn’t the only activity you can do at Morgan Park.

With basketball courts, a soccer field, and a fitness zone, it’s also a place where you can experience active recreation.

It also has playground structures and splash pads for children to enjoy.

When summer arrives, Morgan Park becomes famous for musical concerts and community events.

Indeed, this place is worth stopping by!

Get Active at Baldwin Park Teen Center & Skate Park

Baldwin Park Teen Center & Skate Park is a recreational facility that would most likely suit younger travelers.

The modern activity center and the challenging skate park comprise two separate facilities.

The modern activity center has various facilities like the climbing rock wall, computer lab, and a fantastic gaming room.

You can also check out the snack bar and the amphitheater for additional ways of entertainment.

The skate park has many skate-worthy obstacles, including stairs, ledges, and banks.

Both venues offer splendid methods to spend time and use up some of your energy.

At Badillo Street, Baldwin Park Teen Center & Skate Park mainly caters to teenagers up to young adults.

If you fit that bill, head over to this public destination and have some fun with others!

Cheer for the Kids at Baldwin Park American Little League

Baldwin Park American Little League is a space for little kids to hone and practice their baseball talents.

At Fairgrove Avenue, this attraction is for those who want to watch a casual match between children’s teams.

They’ve been in the city since 1956, providing lessons to young hopefuls as they try to make it to the top.

If you catch them in the middle of a game, you can cheer for the kids and put a smile on some of their faces.

The facility’s greens are always pristine and well-maintained with the help of hardworking staff.

While it may not be the largest baseball field, it’s got all the necessary components to host a game.

Drop by Baldwin Park American Little League if you’re interested!

Check Out the Shelves in Tony’s Hobbies and Toys

Collectors might enjoy browsing the vast shelves of Tony’s Hobbies and Toys.

This store is home to an array of RC cars, aircraft, plastic models, and separate parts of toys for remodeling.

It’s a destination best for people interested in such hobbies or those wanting to try a new activity.

They have friendly staff who can introduce you to the hobby, give advice, or walk you through a brief history of RC cars.

You can also meet like-minded people in Tony’s Hobbies and Toys!

This humble store is home to a comprehensive collection from cars and airplanes to ships and Gundam robots.

Seeing all the exciting things at Baldwin Park Boulevard should be fun.

Make a pitstop at Tony’s Hobbies and Toys.

Try the Activities at Barnes Park Family Recreation Center

The Barnes Family Recreation Center opened in 2005 and has become a popular venue for many families.

It has even received an excellence award from the California Parks and Recreation Society for Facility Design!

This attraction has public amenities, including playgrounds, basketball courts, a game room, and more.

No matter your age, there are plenty of things to check out at Barnes Park Family Recreation Center.

They’re also known for hosting monthly public events with different themes to match the holiday season.

If you’re seeking a place for recreation, head towards this recreation center!

It’s situated along the southern side of McPherrin Avenue.

Relive the Enlightenment at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you a glimpse of the golden age.

Every year, this themed fair takes place in Irwindale to showcase the cultures and traditions of the Renaissance.

You’ll find people dressed in old-school costumes, stalls with festive treats, and splendid performances.

The stalls sell meals inspired by the old ages, leather goods, accessories, and other themed items.

If you’d like, you can buy or rent an outfit to look like a person from the Renaissance!

Indeed, it would be easy to immerse yourself in the world of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

This annual festivity can be found along Arrow Highway.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Watch a Show at Covina Center for the Performing Arts

Exterior of Covina Center for the Performing Arts

The Image Party /

Covina Center for the Performing Arts is in Covina, California, less than 15 minutes from Baldwin Park.

It’s a local theater in Covina that thrives with incredible performances which showcase the resident’s talents.

The venue hosts diverse genres, from musicals and dramas to ballet and comedies, for maximum entertainment.

When Covina Center for the Performing Arts was built in 1920, it was first used as a venue for watching silent films and newsreels.

It’s now become more known for live shows and concerts!

Still, it has retained much of its historic charm with the help of volunteers and organizations who work to preserve its past.

Despite its renovations, the place continues to wield a historic charm, adding a bonus to the shows.

This theater is great for private showings and underrated performances at Citrus Avenue.

Try Old-School Entertainment at Vineland Drive-In Theater

While you can watch the latest movies in the comfort of your home, Vineland Drive-In Theater offers a different experience.

This theater takes you back to the early 20th century when films were often watched in cars.

Vineland Drive-In Theater aims to preserve that form of entertainment, presenting shows in an outdoor cinema.

For sound, you’ll need to connect your car’s FM radio or borrow a portable radio from the establishment.

A concession stand also sells typical treats like hotdogs, popcorn, pizza, and various drinks.

The theater is in the City of Industry, California, nine minutes from Baldwin Park.

Whether searching for nostalgic days or a first-timer to the classic experience, this venue is worth a shot!

It’s a great form of entertainment for various sorts of people.

Feel the Thrill at Irwindale Speedway

Daytime view of Irwindale Speedway

Shinku Hisaki at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Satisfy your need for thrills at Irwindale Speedway.

About ten minutes away from Baldwin Park, this destination brightens up the cozy city of Irwindale, California.

With colorful race cars and monster trucks, Irwindale Speedway hosts a variety of fun competitions.

Watch professional drivers race through a circular course and cheer for your favorite racers.

You could also drop by the concession stands and feast on tasty American comfort snacks and drinks.

The organizers sometimes present a beautiful fireworks display at night at certain events.

This place presents a great way to spend time and entertainment.

Whether you’re with kids, teens, or adults, Irwindale Speedway opens its facility to curious travelers.

Sip Award-Winning Sake in Nova Brewing Company

Nova Brewing Company shines with its award-winning brews and unique alcoholic drinks.

Along San Bernardino Road, this place is most known for its handcrafted sake, a popular drink from Japan.

Since its establishment in 2019, Nova Brewing Company has achieved praise for using local and foreign high-quality ingredients.

Some ingredients are transported from Japan to foster authentic flavors from the country.

They have more than five varieties, each having a distinct taste!

The brewery is in Covina, six minutes from Baldwin Park.

You can also bask in the casual ambiance, enveloped in rustic, minimalist interior design.

It’s also often the venue for live concerts, speakeasies, and various community events for nights out.

Final Thoughts

Baldwin Park has almost everything you need on vacation.

From historic venues and modern entertainment to leisure parks and pleasant scenery, this place has something to suit your tastes.

Enjoy the best things to do in Baldwin Park, California.

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