15 Best Things to Do in Bakersfield

15 Best Things to Do in Bakersfield

Hola beautiful peeps! Today, we will be taking you on another one of the Californian beauties- Bakersfield. Filled with lush green forests and majestic views- Bakersfield draws people of all ages.

A place of the Kern County- Bakersfield is a place that knows how to appreciate its art and culture scenes too. Come on, let us explore more and find out the top 15 things to do in Bakersfield-

Visit the Hart Memorial Park

Hart Memorial Park
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Hart Memorial Park is one of the top attractions of Bakersfield. Hey, there! Today we are going to take you to the one and only Hart Memorial Park.

The place is filled with panoramic scenes of this Californian city and is one of the best ways you can spend time in Bakersfield. Come on, let’s head over to it.

Located in the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the gorgeous Kern River- Hart Memorial Park is a huge space open to the public. Built on a vast area of almost 360 acres, the park is open to the public.

It is even blessed with a lake that has a lot of fishes like bass and rainbow trout. There are even a lot of options for hiking and fishing that brings in a lot of tourists and even locals.

Get amazed at the Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace
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Most of you might have been familiar with the name of Buck Owens. Today we will be visiting his home. But, for those of you who do not know who Buck Owens is- we will be briefing you a little. Buck Owens was one of the iconic Californian singer cum songwriters.

The Crystal Palace built by Buck Owens is not essentially his home, but it is a music studio built for his personal uses. But, now it has been turned into a museum dedicated completely to him.

Also, you will able to find a steakhouse- one of the best steakhouses in Bakersfield inside the Crystal Palace. In the museum, you will be able to find a lot of documents related to his music career. There are a lot of memorabilia and the instruments he used inside the museum.

Check out the art of the Bakersfield Museum of Art

Bakersfield Museum of Art
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Did you think there is not art in the entire town of Bakersfield? Well, the scenic beauty of the town is a work of art in itself, but there are arts other than that. For, viewing some aesthetic pieces you need to head over to the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

There are four galleries inside the museum of art. The main funds of this lovely museum came from the house of the iconic Walter Osborn family.

The original name of the museum was Cunningham Art Gallery. But, it got its names changed, and now the Bakersfield Museum of Art stands strong attracting everyone!

Pay a visit to the Kern County Museum

Kern County Museum
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Now, before we get into showing how beautiful the nature of Bakersfield can be, we are going to complete our duty by showing you the best museum first followed by the best theater. So, be ready!

Welcome to the Kern County Museum. The sole priority of this museum happens to be preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kern County.

Kern County has a rich history and the museum brings that up by portraying all the historic stuff in quite an engaging way. Opening its door to the public back in 1941, it has a lot of pieces from old Californian history.

There are many treasures hidden in this museum. It falls upon you if you can find it out or not.

Catch a show at Fox Theater

Fox Theater
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As we mentioned before, we will be showing you one of the best theaters in California before we move on to the wonderful nature. True to our words, we will now be taking you to the landmark of Bakersfield- Fox Theater. Come on, we will give you a little heads up.

It is placed in the premium location of downtown- the H Street. Being one of the best spots- the Fox Theater draws in a lot of publicity from the neighborhood as well as outside of California.

A building that was constructed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, the Fox Theater has a different interior style. The thing about this theater is that it undergoes renovations quite often!

Go cycling around Kern River Parkway Trail

Kern River Parkway Trail
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Running along the gorgeous Kern River, the Kern River Parkway Trail is one of the most alluring things in Bakersfield. Also, are you in for hiking or just jogging?

Want to feel like a royal and ride a horse? Don’t worry, we have everything here just for you. Follow us!

The iconic Kern River Parkway Trail of Bakersfield happens to be a huge space filled with fun-filled activities to do. Jogging, walking, hiking, or even horse-back riding- everything is possible here at Kern River Parkway Trail.

You can even find mesmerizing lakes along the trail. As you go into the park, you will find lots of visual treats. Do not forget to click a lot of pictures.

Visit the Park at Riverwalk

Park at Riverwalk
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Okay, so we are already at Kern River Parkway Trail. Would it hurt you too much if we said that if you could travel a bit further, you will be awarded an even cuter sight? No, right? Hop on to the fun ride now.

The Park at Riverside is quite close to the Kern River Parkway Trail. But, the best part about this place is the amalgamation of two pretty lakes together.

An amphitheater is present here along with a lot of picnic spots. It is a nice location to call over your friends and family and have a nice get-together.

Check out the organic farm at Murray Family Farms

Murray Family Farms
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Are you ready for some organic fun? We thought so too! In the middle of the gorgeous Californian sun, there lies a beautiful farm- the Murray Family Farm.

One of the best places to cherish the Californian greens- Murray Family Farms are a must-visit along with family and kids.

Come on, let us explore the Murray Family Farms for a bit. The farm extends across or almost 70 acres of land with innumerable vegetables and fruits growing on it.

Did you know this farm even grows blueberries and strawberries? Don’t be surprised too much even if you get to see a lot of apples and tomatoes too! There are areas where there is plenty of yellow roses grown during the winter. It is a beautiful piece of land with peaches, artichokes, and even apricots growing.

Learn something new at Buena Vista Museum of Natural History

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
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The Buena Vista Museum of Natural History is another one of the best places to check out in Bakersfield if you want to learn about the past. We will be giving you a short break from nature by taking you to the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History followed by the Rabobank Arena.

Bob and Mary Ernst had one of the best collections of fossils. Their fossil collection was so intense that the entire museum took the collection of theirs and built the community around it.

Now, when you visit the museum you get to see the biggest collection of California area. Also, the location from where these came is Shark Tooth Hill. Be prepared to be blown out of your mind!

Check out the Rabobank Arena

Rabobank Arena
Bobak Ha'Eri, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rabobank Arena is one of the most entertaining spots in all of Bakersfield. Are you looking for a good time? We have the perfect destination for you! Follow us now.

The Rabobank Arena is the venue for every charming occasion in the city. Be it any big event or performance or a concert- Rabobank Arena is your go-to venue for everything.

It is also quite renowned for holding special Broadway performances too. Did you know they even host Disney on Ice? Just imagine how wonderful the spot is!

If you are attending any event in the Rabobank Arena, you better book a hotel around it for there are lots of hotels for this purpose only. The plaza is quite well lit and s]aesthetically decorated.

Have a fun day at Camelot Park

We are going to suggest something for your little one. In case if they do not appreciate the beauty of nature enough- take them over to Camelot Park.

The park is filled with things that are enjoyed by kids. With a lot of rides like go-karting and mini-golf, kids love this place. Also, you will be easily spending a day here!

Pay Luigi’s a visit

You must be hungry after so much sightseeing! Okay, we hear you! It is time to take you to one of the Bakersfield staples- Luigi’s! This has been apart of Bakersfield since 1910. Not only is it a restaurant, but it also happens to be an Italian grocery store.

When you enter the spot, it gives off an old vibe. There are lots of pictures that are hung on the walls These are of every famous personality that ever came to visit the restaurant.

Ribs and pasta are the staples of Luigi’s and these are a must if you decide to show up! You can even get your hands on some delicious cheese and wine to pair along with your meal.

Enjoy California Area Living Museum

The California Area Living Museum (CALM) is one of the most popular spots among families. If you are in Bakersfield with your family and kids- you might want to check out the California Area Living Museum first. Kids seem to fall in love with the place.

The California Area Living Museum- What is it about? Come on, let us give you a bit of an introduction. It is a zoo built on a large amount of land of almost 14 acres.

There are almost 80 species of animals- both exotic as well as native species. The best part about this is that the institution takes care of only damaged or injured animals. But, the moment they recover- the zoo lets them go!

Have a green day at Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest
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You might as well have understood by the list so far, that Bakersfield is one of the best places in California. It surely carries the green genes of its siblings and is a visual treat to all of the tourists.

The city has some of the best scenes in all of California. Sequoia National Forest offers some serene views along with the best hiking trails. If you want to trek along the Sequoia National Forest, then we have some of the best options for you.

Pacific Crest Trail is the best among all. The paths are well-maintained and even paved. The sequoia trees that you get to see on both sides of your path are just mesmerizing. The entire forest is covered by thousands of such trees enhancing the beauty.

Appreciate Panorama Vista Preserve

Panorama Vista Preserve
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Welcome to the last point on our list. From one nature spot, we are going to jump into another. But, don’t worry, if we are asked to compare between the two- we honestly cannot.

For all has that delightful different shades of green while the other has panoramic views.

Yes, we will be heading over to the Panoramic Vista Preserve for the last spot in Bakersfield. This spot is located quite close to downtown Bakersfield.

Occupying both sides of the Kern River, the Panorama Vista Preserve is built on a huge area of land of almost 900 acres. However, there was once a time when there was no sign of greenery here.

But, it was entirely for the efforts of the government as well as the residents that this area saw some nature once again, And, now Panorama Vista Preserve is one of the popular tourist locations.

We are at the end of the delightful Bakersfield trip. We hope you get to spend a wonderful day here. Bon Voyage!