15 Best Things to Do in Aurora, CO

15 Best Things to Do in Aurora, CO

The city of Aurora is the third largest city in terms of population in Colorado, United States. The city is filled with unique attractions and offers activities that are actually fun to do.

Being one of the most vibrant and active city of the state, there are several things that you could do here.

From basic activities to laid-back adventures as well as trips to energetic and beautiful places are things that would surely make it right to your box of memories. Following are the activities that you would absolutely enjoy while being in Aurora, Colorado:

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park
Images by Dr. Alan Lipkin / Shutterstock.com

Cherry Creek State Park is designed in such a manner that it surrounds a reservoir spread over an area of more than 880 acres. Popularly known as “Denver’s spacious backyard playground”, Cherry creek State Park is the perfect place to enjoy fresh air and beautiful outdoors.

The park is spread in such a large area that there is a lot of things to see and enjoy. The park is always energetic during the summer season and a bit calm and peaceful during the fall. If you visit the place, do not forget to spend some time and enjoy activities such as camping, horseback riding, hiking, picnicking, flying airplane model, and target practicing at a shooting range.

The Park also has additional features such as a picnic area which is specially designed, a ramp for boats, natural walking trails, and well-maintained grounds for camping.


It would not be wrong to say that Southlands is the most modern and fancy place right in the central area of  Aurora. It is a modern Street, which is a hub for almost all the entertaining and fashionable activities a person could think off.

The place is a great destination for people who prefer charming and warm environment. Southlands in Aurora is a one-stop place where you will find everything, from a fancy restaurant to a theatre, from fashion stores such as American Eagle, H&M to aesthetic state of the art health club and retail stores.

Add the central location, the Southland outdoor lifestyle center is there while the whole area is surrounded by many attractive things such as a Main Street, community Plaza, restaurants, entertainment venues, independent street performers, and whatnot.

Aurora Reservoir

Fishing in Aurora reservoir
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Aurora reservoir is a recreational area with stunning open and lush green spaces which is spread in an area of more than 31,000 acres. The reservoir also has three coastal inlets whose names are Senac, Lone tree, and Marina.

The reservoir provides great area for a number of recreational activities such as Cycling, hiking, jogging, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, boating, etc. You can also find a great variety of fish in the area which includes catfish, trout, and walleye.

An additional boat dock is also there. The equipment for all these activities can be rented from the reservoir property itself.

Aurora History Museum

Aurora history Museum was established in the year 1979 as a part of the library and cultural services department in Colorado. The original building was located at another place and was moved later to convert it into the museum.

The museum displays an extensive collection of documents and artefacts which depict the events that shaped the history of Aurora and Colorado. The museum also showcases the history of evolvement of people and the culture of Aurora since its inception.

The museum exhibits a number of rotating display as well which represent the different parts of the city. For example, one of the rotating exhibit is known as the drink local which represent a sign of crafting beer and ultimately showcases the history of beer crafting in aurora, Colorado.

The best part about the museum is that along with depicting the cultural history of the city, it also invites the new companies and sponsors in the market to participate in the business activities in the city.

Vintage Theatre

The story behind the actual inception of Vintage Theatre in Aurora is not less than a fairytale. It was a dream of a group of friends who were ardent art lovers over martini shorts in the year 2002.

Dedicated as they were, it took them only a few years to bring their dream into reality in form of the Vintage Theatre.

The theatre was built with three separate performance spaces with sound proof walls and controlled temperatures, having seating capacities of 145, 67 and 60 persons respectively. It continued to grow as it provided heaven for the community of artists as well as people who were craving to enjoy classic theatre.

The services they provide are staged readings, workshops, classes, and more. The theatre also has offers bar services in all the separate performance spaces. You can enjoy a performance at any time of the year since the theatre is open all year round.

Plains Conservation Center

Plains conservation center
Zenhaus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Coming into existence in the year 1949, the plains conservation center in Colorado is an area covered with natural vibe. This place was designated by the state authorities to function as an outdoor facility. The center is a place where anyone interested in environmental protection must visit.

The objective behind creation of the park was to provide for a place where people could learn about all the efforts that have been put in place to conserve ecological history of Colorado. The center has to major sites. One of the sites has a historic barn, blacksmith shops as well as a schoolhouse and a camp.

This site is the Aurora site. The other site, west Bijou site is the place where the event leading to extinction of dinosaurs, Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction, happened. Apart from the two sites, visitors can also enjoy lush green grasslands while learning more about ecology and sustainable development in Colorado.

Arapahoe park

This park is one of the liveliest places in the city of Aurora, Colorado during the months of May to August. During the summer months of the season, the park hosts various horse racing events such as Arabian Horse races, paint horseracing, quarter horseracing, and alike.

Famous horse races such as Mile High Derby are also organized in the race tracks of this park. The place is ideal for people who like a bit of adrenaline always keeping them excited and joyful.

The park also offers free parking spaces, bars, food stalls, concession stands and other amenities on the third and fourth floors. The place is ideal to spend chilling hours with friends as well as family while enjoying a walk or having your favorite drink along with a delicious meal amidst the fast horses.

The Freedom Memorial

The Freedom Memorial
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The freedom memorial is a structure which is made entirely of glass ad granite and is 12 feet high and 95 feet across. It is believed that 6000 people were killed and went missing during various state services and wars.

Therefore, this memorial was built to pay tributes and respects to the sacrifice of all those people. It is also a fascinating fact that The Colorado freedom memorial is the very first memorial that was built in the United States in remembrance of war heroes and their sacrifices.

The memorial has the names of all 6000 people inscribed and grouped as per their services. The names are, however, not arranged in any alphabetical order, which denotes the chaos and confusion that a war brings to the lives of all.

Aurora Fox Arts Center

Aurora Fox Arts Center
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Originally built in the year 1946 as a movie theatre, Aurora Fox Arts Center is situated right in the heart of the Aurora Cultural Arts District. This is the place where you visit when you want to change your mood to a more professional and sophisticated setting.

The place was renovated for improved designs and improved seating facility and reopened in the year 1985 with 245 seating capacity and an arts facility.

The place has a wonderful atmosphere and vibe around it and is a perfect setting for a romantic date or even a family outing. The place showcases intimate and professional acts by learned artists and makes your evening truly fun. It also has an adjacent space for rehearsals and a few shops.

On Havana Street

Havana Street in aurora is your staircase to heaven. This place in aurora was created in the year 2007, with the major objective of enriching the life of the residents of the area and drawing in regional visitors.

Since then, Havana Street has come to be known as the most unique and culturally diverse district in Aurora, Colorado. The district in a Aurora Showcases more than 20 events in the year which include barbeque festivals, car shows, fairs, art shows as well as live music performances and concerts.

The district is full of different businesses lines. Visitors have the opportunity of enjoying family Karaoke. Along with that you can also discover your favorite things in the district by renting bikes and exploring the lanes yourself.

A wide variety of food from different parts of the globe is also available in the district. If you are a fashion buff, you could also discover some thrift stores selling good quality but cheap clothes.

Stanley Beer Hall

Stanley Beer Hall is one of the must visit places in the Aurora. You can make a brew your own beer using the unique IPourit self-serve system. The place also offers unique and tasty food which include creative burgers, and sandwich options. You can also have a barbeque or Pan-Asian inspired options such as curry seasoned with vegetables.

Quincy Reservoir

Quincy Reservoir
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Quincy Reservoir is a body of water which is spread in an area of more than 160 acres and is famous for being a place to spend some good time with your friends or family during the summers.

You'll often see people coming here to fish but keep in mind fishing is only allowed in the artificial parts of the reservoir.

The Reservoir also has some designated places near the shoreline specifically for picnics and family day out. It also has a natural trail which is a great place to have a walk in the lap of the nature. It also has a fishing dock, and a boat rental company.

Monsoon Cuisine of India

This place comes as a surprise to most of the visitors in Aurora. Monsoon cuisine of India is a restaurant which serves Indian food as well as many other flavors in under one roof.

The place is unique in itself as it has not changed its old cooking techniques adding a different dimension to the dishes.

The restaurant also uses a Tandoor oven, which is a very famous kitchen equipment and produces wonderful results. The restroom also added charcoal frames to the dishes which makes the dish more distinctive and smoky as compare to other dishes.

The restaurant is very popular for some of its dishes such as roasted chicken, salmon, and naan (type of a flatbread famous in India). Since the restaurant uses Indian spices and herbs, the fragrance of the dishes is also mouthwatering. Garlic and onions along with ginger and other Indian spices are some major ingredients which are used in this kitchen.

Visiting this restaurant in aurora will not only add to your aesthetic impression of the city but give you an Indian vibe as well.

Helga’s German Restaurant

Helga’s German Restaurant
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The restaurant was opened by a mother and her daughter in the year 1989 and has been growing ever since. Helga German restaurant, as the name suggests is a place which offers you authentic home-made German food and drinks.

The restaurant has a dynamic menu for lunch and dinner. It also offers a gluten free meal as well as a special kid’s meal. The atmosphere of this restaurant is quite cozy and romantic, making it a perfect place for a romantic date.


This is a famous restaurant which was opened in the year 2016 by a sous chef. Annette is again an American play store which offers farm-to-table menu along with global fusion plates.

The restaurant has an option of having high-quality dinner which includes some surprisingly tasty combinations.

Aurora, is a city which perfectly suits its name and brings life within whatever goes to this place. The city is full of life, art, culture, and good food, which makes it a perfect combination of what an ideal vacation looks like.