15 Best Things to Do in Augusta, Maine

15 Best Things to Do in Augusta, Maine

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Augusta, the capital city of Maine is a perfect destination for summer vacations. With it moderate and bearable weather, the place has beautiful grey skies that never runs out of water drops. The city has been existing since the 18th century and was originally a trading post.

The people of the city are very welcoming and make you feel extremely overwhelmed with their hospitality. Being a capital city, Augusta has its own charm and attraction on the Global Map.

What once was just a small city is now the major source of art and economic inspiration for the entire state of Maine. The city also pays tribute to all those people whose efforts resulted in its development and the same is visible in most of its historical sites and monuments.

Along with a lot of cultural and special festivals, Augusta has a lot of things to explore, that we will be covering in this Article.

Maine State Museum

Display at Maine State Museum
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Maine State Museum was originally opened in the year 1836. However, its story is full of ups and downs as it was closed six times before its final opening in the year 1971. At present the museum is funded by the state to ensure that it does not close again.

This museum has a very diverse variety of exhibitions which include items like representation of old stores, blacksmith shops, sewing room, a working mill, as well as a locomotive. Some of the famous exhibitions of the museum are from its original exhibits which include scientific items. This museum is a perfect place to learn about the history of Augusta the as well as Maine.

Fort Western

Fort Western
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Fort Western was built in 1975 and is a living memory of the French and Indian War. This fort has received its title as one of the most important national historic monument in Augusta. The entire fort is made using wood.

This fort is a sort of a museum which describes the 260 years’ history of the city of Augusta. This place also provides great opportunities to learn about the way of life that people used to follow in the 18th century.

The fort has been able to retain its authentic construction and originality over the years and is a perfect place to visit and enjoy some wooden aesthetics.

Viles Arboretum

Flower in Viles Arboretum
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Viles Arboretum is a property which covers almost to 220 acres of ground and has a large number of trails that enable the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

The Arboretum is extremely loaded with difference fisheries of wildlife, plants, and other natural resources. It has more than 300 different species. The Arboretum has multiple trials on which bikes and horses are allowed.

The place is also ideal for people who enjoy birdwatching. If you are visiting the place during wet weather, the place might get Muddy due to the rain and hence result in some sort of discomfort.

Kennebec River Brew fest

Kennebec river Brew fest of the most famous Festival where you can grab through crafted beer and enjoy fantastic music. This festival started as a family event and now is very famous festival among all the visitors for obvious reasons.

What makes this festival more connected to the city of Augusta is that all the beers and drinks are sourced from local producers and breweries, that use locally produced ingredients for crafting these delicious drinks.

Different types of tickets are available for the visitors and depending on the tickets, you can enjoy your time at the festival. The festival takes place in the month of June and is definitely worth attending.

Augusta Civic Center

The Augusta civic center is a very huge building covering 49,000 square feet on ground. This building offers almost all the entertaining activities that you could think of in one place.

Various events that are organized in this place include Gun shows which continue for over two days and showcase different types of guns, military weapons, Concerts that are always lively and welcoming some very famous artists from around the world and Craft shows that exhibit the artefacts and other items that are produced by the artists and crafters in the city.

The craft shows are generally organized in the month of November. Apart from the artistic events, the Centre also organizes entertaining events like sports events which involves games like basketball, wrestling, boxing, fencing, and even cheerleading.

Dance events are also organized which are absolute delight to all the visitors. With all these activities in one places, Augusta Civic Centre is definitely sweetheart.

Senator Inn spa

Senator inn spa is a place in the city where you can visit to get a relief from travel exhausted ness and feel refreshed. The place is perfect for spending some personal time in the city. It offers various services such as massages, sessions, pedicures, manicures, body wraps, and other spa services which are great for rejuvenating your skin and body.

The spa has a lot of packages to choose from as per your preferences. With its extremely Tranquil and peaceful set up, the spa is definitely worth every penny you spend.

Brook Bond Recreation Area

Brook Bond recreation area is a property covering 270 acres and offers various recreational activities to the visitors. This area is suitable for activities like walking, skiing, and biking on numerous number of trails. The property has 20 trials in total, some of which are opened during winter season only.

The place has both summer and winter trails which can be used depending upon the season that you are visiting in. Brook Bond recreation area is quite easily accessible and has ample parking space for additional comfort.

A perfect place for spending some quality time with friends and family, Brook bond Recreation Area is one of our favorites in Augusta.

Sonny’s Museum and Rock shop

As the name suggest, Sonny’s Museum and rock shop is a famous place for shopping some different items in Augusta. This place is famous for selling colorful and handmade items from rocks and gems which are just perfect from for interior and gifting options.

These rocks and gems have been collected from various parts of the world and attract a lot of buyers. The place also has a lot of rock items that are used only for exhibitions and not actually sold. Even if you are not in a mood to buy something, you should definitely check this place out and enjoy its beautiful and unique interiors.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Children’s discovery Museum is a family destination in Augusta. This is a perfect place where you can get wide range of activities that impart educational, interactive, as well as craft skills to the children. Even though the place is not very large, it is still suitable for retaining a number of youngsters and your family.

The most famous attraction in children’s discovery Museum is the craft area where the young visitors can enjoy painting and crafting and use their creativity for producing their own art pieces.

Old Post office

Old Post office
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Old Post Office is one of the most iconic places in the city as it was registered on the national register of historic places since 1974. The building was constructed during the 1880s using the Roman revival style of architecture and presents one of the finest example of Roman architecture in the state of Maine.

This post office is also a court house and is located in downtown area of the city. The post office covers 2 and a half floors with three towers. The entire building is constructed using local Granite and stones. At present, the building is owned privately and open for visitors to enjoy its beautiful interiors and architecture.

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith
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Samantha Smith statue is a place that infuses your spirits with pride and courage. Samantha Smith was a 10-year-old girl who became a very famous peace activist during the Cold War. She also wrote many letters to the President of USSR pleading peace between the two states.

At the age of 13 in 1985, she was offered a film contract. However, before starting her career as an actress, she lost her life in a plane accident. The statue right in front of the state Museum is dedicated to her courage and high-headedness. A tribute to a small girl, this place is definitely worth visiting for getting some inspiration.

Colburn house State Historic Site

A famous shipbuilder and a patriot, Major Ruben Colburn lived in this family home which was constructed in the year 1965. Surrounding the house, a Brickyard, mill, and a boat yard were the major infrastructure that resulted in the development of this area.

Proudly standing as a historic place and getting its registration on the national register of historic places in 2004, Colburn house state historic site is a place representing the efforts and determination of the Colburn family towards developing the area. The house looks beautiful and is a fine example of great architecture.

State House

State House
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Constructed in 1832, state house is a museum which offers tours to the visitors from Monday to Friday. The house is constructed using inspiration from the capitol building in Massachusetts. This entire building is constructed using local granite. State house is the major legislative infrastructure in the city.

The visitors can visit this place and see the representatives of the city in action. The balcony of the state house is also a great place for enjoying beautiful views of the city.

Governor Hill Mansion

Governor Hill Mansion
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Established in 1902, the governor Hill mention was originally the home of state governor. However, at present, the Mansion is used as a venue for conducting major events in the city. The Mansion has three floors and like other buildings of the city was constructed using local granite.

The place is preserved beautifully and offers multiple tours to its beautiful and artistic rooms on a daily basis. The mansion is also used for official purposes and some of its rooms are rented out for the same.

The Red Barn

If you are interested in tasting some local cuisine of Augusta, red barn is the perfect place for you. This restaurant is considered to be the fan favorite restaurant for its famous items such as foot long lobster rolls.

The place is also famous for serving the best seafood in the entire town, its chicken, and its delicious soups. With its extensive menu, you are definitely going to enjoy your visit to this place.

Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Cushnoc brewing co. is greatly famous as a restaurant which offers delicious Woodside pizzas at very affordable rates. The restaurant offers various toppings which are freshly procured and enhance the taste of their pizzas.

In addition, the place also serves tasty brews which are offered in its tasting room. All these drinks are specially made by the brewing company for its customers.

Sweet Chilli Thai Restaurant

Sweet Chilli Thai restaurant is a restaurant serving international cuisine in Augusta. The place is famous for serving authentic Thai cuisine. In addition to Thai, the restaurant also serves vegan food items. The place is definitely worth a visit when you are feeling bored of the local cuisine and want to try something different.

The city of Augusta is a small yet very beautiful city in Maine with its own method of doing things and entertaining the visitors. Over the years, the city has been welcoming more and more visitors, and with its enthusiastic locals, the city has been able to provide a very warm and welcoming hospitality to the visitors.

Augusta is a city that would make you understand how important it is to support your local traditions and products and take pride in them. It has a lot of museums, art galleries, Gardens and parks, restaurants, and other relaxing places which would definitely make you feel great, relaxed and definitely happy about choosing it as your vacation destination.