15 Best Things to Do in Asheboro, North Carolina

15 Best Things to Do in Asheboro, North Carolina

Asheboro is a classical all-American city situated in the very heart of North Carolina. Nestled in the Uwharrie Mountains, it boasts quite a breathtaking panorama. Today, the main attraction for tourists here is the very famous North Carolina Zoo. But Asheboro is definitely more than just its zoo. In this guide, we bring to you the 15 best things to do in Asheboro, North Carolina. Happy visiting!

North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina Zoo
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Asheboro is home to the world’s largest natural habitat zoo – the North Carolina Zoo. More than 1800 animals call this zoo their home. The visitors can feed the animals under expert guidance. The site also has a Kaleidoscope Butterfly Garden which is open for visitors from 10:30 am-4:30 pm, and a hiking trail which opens at 7:30 am and closes at 5 pm; visiting hours for April to October are 9 am-5 pm. The zoo is open from 9 am-4 pm from November to March. Tickets are free for children under 2 years of age.  However, children from 2 to 12 years have to buy a ticket of $11. For the age group of 13-61, the ticket price is fixed at $15 and $13 for seniors of age 62+

American Classic Motorcycle Museum

A visit to this museum will leave you in awe with its large privately owned collections of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the United States. The museum is open on the weekdays from 6 am-4 pm. The ticket is free for visitors.
After you have taken a tour of the museum, you can treat yourself with a delicious meal from the closeby restaurants. If you want to purchase gifts or souvenirs, there is a gift shop nearby.

North Carolina Aviation Museum

If you want to immerse yourself in aviation history, a visit to the North Carolina Aviation Museum and Hall of Fame is a must. From military artefacts to civilian memorabilia, this place has an extensive display.  Furthermore, the museum exhibits a collection of uniforms, static aircraft models out of which nearly all of them are privately owned.  The collection is switched up from time to time and the aircrafts are superbly taken care of to preserve their flight-worthy conditions.

Since 1996, the museum conducts a fly-in event annually, on second Saturday of June. Visitors can avail facilities like free mini-aeroplane flights for children, aircraft displays, remote control model aircraft, helicopter rides, Ham Radio demonstrations, and a racing car exhibition. The face painting by the Marines is something worth trying.

Randleman Lake

Randleman Lake
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This is a reservoir lake created in 2004 on the Deep river, situated in the Cape Fear River Basin. It was constructed to facilitate and fulfil the water requirements of the Greensboro region for a period of 50 years. The lake was opened for recreational activities such as boating in 2010. Although fishing and sailing are allowed, there are strict rule and regulations to be followed. There are restrictions imposed on fuelling the boast near the lake in addition to speed constrains (sailboats with masts fewer than 25 are only allowed to run in the water at a speed of 25 mph).  With over 100 miles of shoreline, the luscious greenery is a sight in itself.

Cox Mountain

Cox Mountain
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Cox Mountain is known for its trails which are popular among hiking enthusiasts. Hence, you will find a good number of people always waiting to start their hike from here. The trail offers a way through the woods and creek, which will make you fall in love with its beauty. Visitors will need to cross small rivers and lakes on rope-tied wooden bridges. The trail is best used from April to September.

Kid’s Play zone At North Asheboro Park

North Asheboro Park provides a good spot for kids to have fun and spend some great quality time. It is known for its disc golf and a perfect nature walk. The park is also apt for small outdoor parties and picnics, thanks to its scenic view. It has an outdoor pool, a playground, volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court and a frisbee golf course with plenty of area for kids to run around.

Saint Paul Museum

Established in 1966, North Randolph Historical Society works to ensure the smooth functioning of Saint Paul Museum (also called St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church). The church is enlisted in the US National Register of Historic Places. Efforts are made to preserve Randolph County’s vast history by collecting, exhibiting and preserving artefacts and archives of historical significance. The museum also consists of a gift shop, best to purchase some souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. Anyone can donate to the museum. Near the museum, an old cemetery is present, marking the old age of the building.

Randolph Memorial Park

The Randolph Memorial Park came into existence in 1948 and can be found near Deep River and Randleman Lake. The park comprises of several well-maintained gardens and trails. This Memorial Park offers traditional ground burying, cremation and lawn crypts. The site also has three mausoleums.

Pisgah Covered Bridge

Pisgah Covered Bridge
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One of the only two remaining covered bridges in North Carolina, this wooden structure built back in 1910, is on the list of the US National Register of Historic Places.  The bridge is about 54 feet in length and crosses the West Fork Branch of the Little River. Pisgah was once carried away by the floods in 2003 but was restored using 90% of retrieved materials. During refurbishing of the bridge, shingles were laid, giving the bridge a shingle roof.The bridge now continues to be a direct connection to the county's long-ago means of transport, when horse and wagon were frequent and automobile travel was in its infancy.

Shopping in the Flea Markets

A market which sells second-hand goods is called a flea market. The flea market of Asheboro is a great shopping point for collectors and consists of a large variety of antiques, vintage collections and common products at a reasonable rate.

Witness Nature’s Glory at Birkhead Mountain’s Wilderness

Established under the 1984 North Carolina Wilderness Act, the area currently covers a landmass of 5160 acres in Central North Carolina. It aims to give the public a chance to witness this natural wilderness, but also to preserve the same as the natural habitat. The place is currently governed by the US Forest Service.
All trails in this area are designated hiking trails, where vehicles of any kind are strictly not allowed. Be warned, this includes mountain bikes as well. Camping is permitted in the region provided that the campers stay away from roads, streams, wildlife fields and creeks at a distance of 200 feet. Campers are also not allowed to cut grown trees for firewood. Instead, the use of gas stoves is encouraged.

Randolph County Public Library

The Randolph County Public Library provides information for the citizens at the site of the library through remote means or community outreach for those patrons who are homebound or under care facilities. The general aim of this public library is to preserve, organize and provide the information to those who need to access it.
If you want to hold a meeting at the library, you can do so, completely free of cost. The facilities can also be accessed by anyone – private or business groups, as well as public. But certain restrictions and guidelines apply for the same like making reservations in advance. Do read the Meeting Room Policy on the website’s page before applying for a reservation request.

Collector’s Antique Mall

This antique mall came into existence in 1993 by transforming the old B.C. Moore Department Store into a multi-dealer Collector’s Antique Mall. Located in the very heart and spirit of downtown Asheboro, its growth through the years has been exponential. Today, this mall spans across a total area of 35,000 sq. ft and have an expansive range of collections that include artefacts, toys, mid-century books, jewellery, and housewares among others. It also houses the state’s authentic pottery-both antique and modern.

Four Saints Brewing Company

This beer company extracts some fine beer around the city. Tuesday’s are celebrated as Taco Tuesday, and from Wednesday to Sunday, a diner known as Fyes Diner is open to serve the visitors. The taproom is closed on Monday. Timings are different for different days of the week: on Tuesday and Wednesday, the shop is open for beer tasting at 4 pm and closes at 8 pm. On Thursday, the same open at 4 pm and closes at 9 pm and on Friday opening hour is 4 pm with 10 pm as closing time. On weekends, you can visit the shop between 1 pm – 10 pm on Saturday and between 1 pm and 6 pm on Sunday. The timings are hard to catch on but remember to check their blog before visiting.

Sunny Slope Farm

Established in 2012, this charming family farms continue to be a ray of sunshine for the locals, as well as the visitors. This well-maintained place allows for visitors to come and meet cattle on the farm. The site offers many fun activities like a hayride, gem mines and animal feeding.  A visit to the Sunny Slope Farm is guaranteed to make you.

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

To experience golf like none other, visit the Tot Hill Farm Golf Club where “legends are made and the brave, rewarded”.  Opened in 2000, this masterpiece was the brainchild of Mr Mike Strantz, whose other famous creations include True Blue and Stonehouse. The club boasts beautiful sceneries and offers phenomenal amenities. Ranked as the 7th hardest Course in the United States by the Golf Digest, a visit to this place would be nothing short of awe-inspiring. A fee of $69 is levied on visitors.

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