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15 Best Things to Do in Ashburn, VA

  • Published 2021/11/19

Having fun while traveling should not cost a lot, especially if it’s just a short vacation.

That is why you need to choose places that offer affordable attractions.

That is where Ashburn in Virginia stands out among other places when it comes to fun and convenience.

Ashburn, a census-designated community in Virginia’s Loudoun County, is the perfect destination for people who wants to enjoy a short vacation.

It is where you will find the Data Center Capital of the World, which housed approximately 70 percent of the world’s flow of internet traffic and stored data.

Also known as the “Data Center Alley,” a particular physical location or data center in Ashburn stores most of the world’s data in massive computer servers.

However, Ashburn offers more than being the “Data Center Capital of the World.”

This small town is teeming with parks, good food, warm, hospitable locals, and plenty of activities that will make many fun memories.

So, for those who want to visit this town, here are the 15 best things to do in Ashburn, VA:

Roam Around Bles Park

View of Bles Park, Ashburn, virginia

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Ashburn has several and spacious parks that you can visit to stroll around or do outdoor activities.

One of them is Bles Park along Riverside Parkway.

It is Ashburn’s largest park covering a total of 124 acres of land.

Bles Park is one of the favorite places locals and visitors visit for its shaded trails and wetlands teeming with wildlife, especially at the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

View of Bles Park, Ashburn, virginia

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But Bles Park is famous to many as an excellent venue for sports.

The park is where lacrosse, football, and soccer are played at.

Bles Park is open 24 hours with free entrance.

Grab a Pint of Beer at Old Ox Brewery

After spending your entire day hiking or biking around Ashburn’s parks and trails, treat yourself to some relaxing evening at the Old Ox Brewery.

It’s a popular place to hang out and chill because of its perfectly brewed crafted American beers that have been quenching the thirst of Ashburn’s locals for many years.

If you want to chill with a nice cold beer on your side, head to the Old Ox Brewery at 44652 Guilford Dr.

They also serve food that is perfect to pair with a beer.

They are open from Mondays to Saturdays with varying hours.

Watch Movies on Your Car at the Alamo Drafthouse Drive-in Cinema

If you haven’t experienced watching movies in an outdoor cinema, it’s your perfect chance to watch one at the Alamo Drafthouse Drive-in Cinema.

The Alamo Drafthouse Drive-in Cinema is one of Ashburn’s most popular places to watch movies, relax, and eat good food in the very comfort of your vehicle.

Their drive-in cinema has new releases and classics screened regularly.

To learn what they’re currently screening, they have a website that provides you with their screening schedules.

To visit the drive-in cinema, it is at 20575 Easthampton Plaza in Ashburn, VA.

Defy Gravity at iFly Indoor Skydiving

If you want to experience skydiving but are too afraid of heights, then iFly’s indoor skydiving facility is the perfect place for you.

iFly Skydiving offers the very same experience you have with actual skydiving.

You need not worry about your safety since they have complete safety gear and licensed instructors who will assist you the whole time.

To visit the iFly Indoor Skydiving, it is at 20315 Commonwealth Center Drive in Ashburn, VA.

They start accommodating visitors from 11 am to 6 pm.

Hike Along Ashburn Park’s Trails

View of  Ashburn Park's Trails

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The Ashburn Park is opposite the Bles and Trailside Parks, which are known for their sports facilities.

Ashburn Park is located south of Trailside Park and west of Bles Park.

For locals, Ashburn Park is their Zen place because of its quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

View of  Ashburn Park's Trails

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If you want to stroll around the park, it has adjacent trails beside a stream.

For those who want a laid-back afternoon or morning, Ashburn Park covers a vast area to explore.

The park opens up from 7 am to 9 pm.

Buy Sturdy Wood Furniture at the Old Mille Furniture Co.

The Old Mille Furniture Co. is not just famous for its sturdy Oaktree furniture pieces but also for its location.

The furniture store is housed in a century-old mill in the heart of Ashburn.

If you want to discover Ashburn’s hidden gem, head to this place and be amazed by its wooden furniture pieces with artisanal designs.

Furthermore, these furniture pieces come from exotic woods, such as oak, alder, eye maple, cherry, walnut, curly cherry, mahogany, black walnut, rosewood, and century-old pine.

If you want to expand your furniture collection back home, visit the Olde Mill Furniture Co at 20704 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, VA.

The furniture store is open from Tuesdays to Sundays during regular business hours.

Spice Up Your Tastebuds at Buffalo Wings Factory

The Buffalo Wings Factory in Parkhurst Plaza in Ashburn has served its signature flavored wings to locals and visitors for 25 years.

Unlike other chicken wings restaurants, they offer as many as 25 assorted flavors and sauces, ranging from buffalo, honey glazed, barbeque, and many more.

Plus, they serve great flavorful beer that matches their chicken wings.

Also, they have other mouthwatering menu items made from scratch, along with refreshing cocktails.

Today, they now have several branches across Northern Virginia.

If you’re hungry after a whole day roaming around Ashburn, visit Buffalo Wings Factory, which opens from 11 am to 10 pm.

Learn How to Play Golf at Moska Golf

Stephen Moskal, a former pro golfer from Europe, took his teaching skills in Ashburn in 1999 and opened up the Moskal Golf, which offers golf lessons for people of all ages.

Moskal, who played pro golf for seven years, dedicated his passion to this sport by teaching people about it at their golf academy at 19661 Belmont Manor Ln, Ashburn, VA.

He is widely known in Loudoun County for teaching junior golfers to reach the elite level.

Vincent Marvaso serves as his co-trainer in their golf academy, who provides private lessons, adult group classes, a short game program, and golf performance training.

To learn more about their programs, check out their website.

Buy the Local’s Best Produce at One Loudoun Marketplace

Every Saturday, Ashburn’s One Loudoun Marketplace is where locals converge to buy fresh produce, artisanal goods, gourmet food, and hand-crafted products.

The marketplace, which is pretty much the same as other towns’ farmers’ markets, is open year-round from 9 am to 1 pm.

You’ll surely enjoy a heap of freshly harvested vegetables and fruits from all around Virginia.

Plus, food trucks provide you with many food options from American, Italian, Asian, and many more.

Test Your Ice-Skating Skills at Ashburn Ice House

Ashburn’s ice-skating rink in Ashburn Ice House is packed with activities year-round.

There are figure skating competitions, classes, hockey tournaments, and other ice-skating-related events for all ages.

It’s a must-visit place if you want to try ice-skating.

Don’t worry about bumping with other skaters, since they have two National Hockey League (NHL) standard-sized rinks for everyone.

Plus, the Ashburn Icehouse has party rooms for skate parties, good food and drinks, a café, and a video game arcade, making it an ultimate entertainment place.

To visit Ashburn Ice House, it is at 21595 Switch Switch Rd, Ashburn, VA.

You can start ice skating as early as 6 am; they close at 10:30 pm.

Explore the Historic Old Dominion Trail Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail

View of Historic Old Dominion Trail Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail

Jpgola, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Old Dominion Trail Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail stretch from Purcellville, Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Herndon, Reston, Tysons, and Arlington, VA.

The former railroad connects all the places mentioned above.

However, today, this place serves as a popular trail for hikers and cyclists in Virginia.

You can spend your day there exploring the 45-mile stretch, with a mixture of paved trails, wooded areas, and mini forests.

There are guided bicycle tours there if you want a company to explore the trail.

Ashburn’s entrance to the trail starts at 21293 Smiths Switch Road.

The Old Dominion Trail Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail are open 24 hours.

Indulge in Mouthwatering Seafood at Ford’s Fish Shack

Ashburn has a prominent place that serves fresh seafood, the Ford’s Fish Shack.

The restaurant has been operating in Ashburn since 2010, making them a culinary institution in town.

With their success, they have already expanded in several places across Loudoun County.

They are famous for their comfort food, mainly focusing on seafood ingredients such as lobster, halibut, grouper, salmon, and prawns cooked deliciously.

When in Ashburn, don’t forget to include this place on your list to dine in.

To visit the Ford’s Fish Shack, it is located at 44260 Ice Rink Plaza, Ashburn, VA.

They start serving their delicious seafood items from 11 am to 9 pm.

Watch Sports Events at Trailside Park

Like Bles Park, the Trailside Park along Claiborne Parkway is where many Ashburn’s sports events happen.

It is where you’ll find the Madison Small softball complex, along with three other baseball diamonds, plus an inline hockey court.

If you want to watch games or perhaps play one with the locals, head to this park, which is free of admission.

It covers a total of 20 acres, with designated areas for various sports.

If you have kids, they would surely love the open field where they can play their hearts out while you relax at the designated picnic tables.

The Trailside Park is also a stone’s throw away from the famous Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail, a popular hiking trail.

The Trailside Park is open from 7 am to 9 pm.

Get to Know the Locals at Ashburn Pub

The Ashburn pub is a well-known place for locals to get together, watch live games, listen to good music, eat, and drink beer.

Its neighborhood vibes and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place for you to rub elbows with the locals.

The place isn’t just famous for its vibes.

They also serve delicious food with staff who are friendly and accommodating.

If you want to hear stories about Ashburn and its people, this is the place you need to go.

The Ashburn Pub is at 44110 Ashburn Village Blvd #196.

They start welcoming customers at 8 am until 11:30 pm.

Watch Live Theatrical Performances at Stagecoach Theater

You don’t need to go to Broadway to have a unique theater experience.

Ashburn’s Stagecoach Theater offers you a one-of-a-kind theater experience through its murder mystery dinner theater.

The audience will be served food, beer, and wine while watching performances from award-winning actors.

They also have themed cabarets and children’s adventure stories.

What makes them unique among other theater groups is they partner with local hotels, wineries, and restaurants to provide their audience a memorable theater experience.

To see their scheduled shows, check out their official website.

Final Thoughts

Ashburn may not be the top destination in northern Virginia, but it completely matches the excitement and attraction you’ll see in the region’s famous places.

The beauty in this small town is seen in its parks, restaurants, and locals that will make you feel homey.

For short vacations or day trips, Ashburn is highly-recommended.

To make your travel there memorable and fun-filled, don’t forget to save this list of 15 best things to do in Ashburn, VA.

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