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20 Best Things to Do in Ardmore, PA

  • Published 2023/04/21

Ardmore, Pennsylvania, is known for its charm and progressive appeal.

Despite the town’s steady rise to commercial and retail success, it remains iconic for its historical familiarity.

Alongside shopping centers, innovative establishments, and complexes, Ardmore is also home to some of the best spots that nature has to offer.

If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of residential peacefulness and urban buzz, pick this town as next stop on your travel list.

Here are the best things to do in Ardmore, PA:

Go Window Shopping at Suburban Square

Entrance to the Suburban Square

Rdutt1o, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Think modern but classic when you shop at Suburban Square.

This shopping paradise offers an insight into seasonal produce, fine wine and dining, and even the newest clothing trends on the block.

Window shopping around this boulevard can take you to other places and cultures, bringing a new meaning to outdoor shopping.

Along Anderson & Coulter Avenue, you can enjoy a walkable day of relaxation with the shops, restaurants, boutiques, and custom services at Suburban Square’s community complex.

If parking is an issue, this outdoor shopping avenue promises you free parking services.

Admire the Flora at Haverford College Arboretum

Are you looking for a relaxing tourist site that’s open for 24 hours?

The Haverford College Arboretum might be the place you’re looking for.

This 216-acre campus houses a vast collection of natural resources and wildlife.

It features an impressive tree collection and open lawns where you may go for a jog or a walk.

In 1834, an English gardener named William Carvill designed the arboretum’s terrain, a reflection of familiar English landscapes at that time.

Since then, the campus’ club has strived to maintain the arboretum’s beauty and ambiance for generations.

Expect a trip into another landscape dimension with the fresh breeze all around you while planning your visit to Haverford College Arboretum.

Test Your Golfing Skills at the Merion Golf Club

Do play golf as a hobby?

Do you want to become a pro golfer someday?

At the Merion Golf Club, you can test your golfing skills with ease and convenience.

Play with old and new friends who share your same passion.

To upgrade your golfing experience, this private club also hosts championship leagues.

Enjoy the West and East courses on your tour of the premises, and you may even try an internship for better opportunities ahead.

You can always visit the Merion Golf Club for a weekend of golf.

Try New Food Products at Ardmore Farmers Market

Complete your Ardmore vacation by heading straight to Ardmore Farmers Market, the place for fresh produce and ingredients.

At this Mainline market, you can browse Lancaster County’s freshest and healthiest fruits and vegetables.

If you are not shopping for produce, you can also find other products.

Find shops that sell cured meat and gourmet cheese at every corner of the market.

Each shop brings you excellent cuisine and produce taken from various cultures and expeditions.

Support local farmers by purchasing your next meal’s components at Ardmore Farmers Market.

Enjoy a Show at Ardmore Music Hall

Ardmore Music Hall promises you a fun and entertaining time with its extraordinary events in store.

Its concert venue has set the stage for talents like George Clinton & P-Funk, Macy Gray, The Ramones, Dave Matthews Band, and countless others.

Its amenities include premium downstairs seating, an open dance floor, balcony seating, and a full bar with curated drinks and a cocktail menu.

They also sell custom-made merch, like shirts, sweaters, pullovers, and caps, so you can have something to remember your experience.

Find incredible shows at Ardmore Music Hall.

Go Skating at the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society

Bond with your family and friends through the art of skating.

The Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society accommodates public skating and classes.

Their club gives skaters and aspiring skaters the best chance to learn the sport through fitness and health programs and competitive sports.

Best of all, Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society offer children and adults classes.

Everyone can join the fun at the rink, and families can use this space for a more engaging bonding experience.

They also have lounges and a skate shop when skaters need time to relax their muscles.

Head on over to 220 Holland Avenue now to see for yourself.

Taste Fresh Beer and Ales at the Tired Hands Brewing Company

Your Ardmore itinerary is never complete when you do not have a spot or two for nightlife adventures.

Tired Hands Brewing Company has three open locations.

You’ll find two within the Ardmore area and one at Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For your strange and exceptional beer and ale needs, you can choose from a variety of solid and unique flavors.

You can visit any of the branches of Tired Hands Brewing Company for your beery needs.

Their on-tap beverages feature original Saisons and ales that promote local American brewers.

Likewise, Tired Hand has worked in the industry for several years.

This local brewery and restaurant also offer dine-in and to-go services so you can bring your celebration home.

Dine at Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft

Taste the modern American fare that Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft offers; served in a warm and cool atmosphere.

It also features a classic American whiskey bar with an extensive list of specialty cocktails, beer, wine, and of course, a great bourbon selection, as well as Japanese whiskey, and scotch.

Try its mouthwatering Brussels sprouts, charred octopus, fried oysters, chicken wings, burgers, and fries as they’re all highly popular among guests.

If you were to hammer these alcoholic beverages, look out for its Happy Hour to get decent discounts on drinks.

Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft is located at East Lancaster Avenue.

Take Your Kids to Lulu’s Casita

Not only that Lulu’s Casita offers a safe haven for the little ones to play, but it also serves delicious counter-serve American fare.

What makes it more inviting to kids is that it features an indoor playground, where the children can have their time of life playing and interacting with other kids.

It features a dress-up area, a swing, a talking tube, giant imagination blocks, slides, and lots of other play structures that spark their imagination and creative thinking.

Established in 2013, Lulu’s Casita also hosts birthday parties.

Its small cafe serves coffee, fruit juices, pizza, and more.

You can find Lulu’s Casita at Cricket Avenue.

Try Taiwanese Food at DanDan

Do you want to try the food out of your comfort zone?

Hit it at DanDan, a Taiwanese restaurant serving authentic Sichuan and Taiwanese fare with a specialty of dan dan noodles.

If you love spicy food, this is the best spot in town.

You’ll love its family-style food and its delicious Taiwanese specialties, including A-Ma’s Ginger-Shrimp Fried Rice, Hakka-style Sauteed Pork, Pumpkin Rice Noodles, and many more.

All these will make you feel like you’re being transported to Taiwan!

DanDan is located in Suburban Square on Parking Plaza.

Take Down Some Pins at Wynnewood Lanes

Interior of Wynnewood Lanes

Christine Cavalier, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Featuring 25 lanes, a nice lounge, and an eatery with delicious meals, Wynnewood Lanes is one of the best spots in town to bring your family and friends.

Established in 1962, the bowling alley also features automated scoring for its lanes to provide more comfort and enjoyment to bowlers.

All ages can enjoy rolling the ball and taking down some pins, and enjoy delicious food and drinks at the lounge.

It also hosts leagues, birthday parties, corporate events, and other special gatherings.

In addition to the lanes, there are also arcade games to play.

Wynnewood Lanes is located at Haverford Road.

Shop for Gifts and Souvenirs at Art & Events by Entwined-Action

Before heading back home, grab some unique and personalized gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones at Art & Events by Entwined-Action.

You can have painted stuff customized such as a painted frame, tote bag, face mask, clock, pillow, and many more with a name on it.

The shop also hosts events like birthdays, anniversaries, team building, date nights, and many special occasions.

You can also sign up for art classes and enjoy painting and learning at the same time.

Visit Art & Events by Entwined-Action at Mill Creek Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Stroll with a Friend at Manayunk Bridge Trail

The structure of Manayunk Bridge

Cory Seamer /

To the northeast of Ardmore town, at approximately four miles via Bryn Mawr Avenue, Manayunk Bridge Trail stands tall to offer a magnificent view of the Schuylkill River Valley.

It’s ten minutes away from Ardmore.

Perfect for silent walks, Manayunk Bridge Trail is popular among residents and tourists for its broad perspective of Philly’s Manayunk neighborhood.

Aside from that, it offers separate areas for cyclists and pedestrians, so you can spend as much time admiring the breathtaking view below.

A person riding a bicycle along Manayunk Bridge Trail

Jana Shea /

Formerly a railroad, the community has transformed the S-shaped arch bridge to fit walks.

It’s now an extension of another yet marked trail, the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.

In 2015, the Manayunk Bridge Trail officially reopened as a recreational trail for the people.

It also features a shared plaza at the center for special programs and occasions.

Now, you can happily take strolls within the bridge and find picture-perfect angles for your photo token.

A jogger on Manayunk Bridge Trail

Jana Shea /

Learn about Beekeeping at the Historic Grange Estate

Also known as the Grange, the Historic Grange Estate opens its doors to the public for an on-hand visit to the state’s living history.

You can find it in Havertown, Pennsylvania, eight minutes from Ardmore.

Find specialized halls within the property, a wide array of spacious rooms, and outbuildings brimming with history from the 1770s.

Its gardens offer a spectacular view of nature at its peak.

When you wander even further, the Little Shoppe Of Treasures provides wondrous gifts and memorabilia for souvenirs.

Staff also hosts fun programs and exclusive perks, including the Grange Book Club and a beekeeping tour that you can join.

The mansion is more prominently known for its Gothic Revival style and Victorian take on classic architecture and landscape.

You can get to the Historic Grange Estate from Ardmore within nine minutes.

Go for a Run with Your Dog at Cobbs Creek Trail

Further south of Ardmore is Cobbs Creek Trail, a 3.7-mile stretch of asphalt pathway.

Within this trail, you can see a portion of Mount Moriah Cemetery and its historical view.

It’s one of the most dog-friendly trails in Philadelphia, with shared-use restrooms and drinking fountains.

Admirably, Cobbs Creek Trail also provides markers and child-friendly playgrounds for those with their little ones.

Trust that you and your furry friend can arrive at this impressive trail within 18 minutes or less.

Discover Vintage Cars at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

A vehicle displayed in Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Hurstad, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum displays a unique display of racing sports cars in a timely exhibit.

Find this museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 25 minutes from Ardmore.

Among these are BMWs from the ’30s and specialty cars from various countries like Italy, Great Britain, and Germany.

What makes Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum’s car exhibitions unique is their dedication to showcasing the thought and design behind some of the best car models in the world.

1970 Porsche in Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Peter & Laila, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What’s more exciting is they host demo days where you can see these cars taken for test drives.

Only 17 miles from Ardmore’s central square, this one-of-a-kind spot can make any Ardmore detours worth it.

1922 Daytona speedster in Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Coolsteve11, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Try Historic Workshops at Harriton House

When it comes to honoring heritage and culture, Harriton House pulls out all the stops to ensure history remains alive.

This spot is in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, nine minutes from Ardmore.

Harriton House highlights some of the finest collections of decorative furniture and architecture from the 18th century.

In 1704, the known Welsh Quaker Rowland Ellis built the house.

Since then, it has seen numerous changes in purpose and function.

For instance, Charles Thomson turned the property into a tobacco farm and a residential area.

Thomson became famous as the only Secretary to the Continental Congresses.

Perennial gardens line the park grounds, open for everyone 24/7.

You can also find a children’s playhouse, and direct paths to Harriton Preserve.

Perhaps their most-awaited tours are their Historic Skills Series, where they offer workshops for Tape Weaving and Papermaking.

Harriton House is only an 11-minute drive from South Ardmore Park.

Play with Your Kids at South Ardmore Park

South Ardmore Park, your family’s next ideal destination, is in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, three minutes from Ardmore.

Beyond a perfect picnic spot, South Ardmore Park showcases a variety of family-friendly amenities.

These include sports courts for baseball, soccer, softball, and more.

Likewise, they have a children’s playground to serve as an oasis for your kids.

This park is also a great space to unwind, relax, and listen to nature above all things.

Get away from the bustle of the city.

With its abundance of trees and natural resources, you can always count on South Ardmore Park to give you the peace you’ve always wanted.

Explore Modern Art at Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts

For art enthusiasts, the Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts in Haverford Square offers an immersive dive into .the arts

You’ll find this place in Haverford, Pennsylvania, five minutes from Ardmore.

The gallery’s diverse collection of art forms, like canvas and sculpture, makes every visitor feel welcome.

If you aren’t sure about the gallery and its offerings, you can also check out their virtual tours to get a feel for their atmosphere.

Among their cultivated art displays, the gallery also offers art consultations and custom framing services.

The Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts have two other gallery locations, both in Maryland.

Channel your inner Picasso when you pass through the Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts.

Host a Special Gathering at the Merion Cricket Club

For all things unique and memorable, you can count on the Merion Cricket Club to make your events come to life.

It’s in Haverford, Pennsylvania, four minutes from Ardmore.

The entrance to this club opens to a great lawn and a grand clubhouse.

As extravagant as it is, this 16-acre plot of land holds much history within its quarters.

This history includes being one of the national premier amateur sporting clubs during the 20th century.

Their featured sports include cricket, soccer, golf, tennis, and squash.

They have also hosted various championships and tournaments over the years.

Not only that, but the Merion Cricket Club also lends its venue for all sorts of casual and corporate gatherings.

Find athletic adventures and lively entertainment venues in this family-oriented club near Ardmore.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’d prefer the atmosphere of a peaceful neighborhood or the dusty commotion of city life, Ardmore has the best of both worlds.

From outdoor shopping complexes to private sports clubs, the Ardmore community has proven its trip-worthy value.

If you don’t have Ardmore in your top cities to visit this year, perhaps you should change things today.

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