15 Best Things to Do in Arcadia, CA

Arcadia, CA
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Home to many attractions, parks and recreations, restaurants, and scenic landmarks, the city of Arcadia is a paradise to tourists and locals alike.

This charming little city is nestled in Los Angeles, California.

Arcadia might not be as famous as other neighboring cities in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting at all.

This South Californian jewel offers destinations that are guaranteed to keep you entertained all throughout your vacation in the city of Arcadia.

From top-rated restaurants to famous parks, you’ll never run out of things to do in Arcadia.

Now let's look at the 15 best things to do in Arcadia, California:

Bet on a Horse in Santa Anita Race Park

View of Santa Anita Race Park
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Horse racing is one of the famous sporting events to place a bet in the United States.

This horse racing facility in Arcadia, California, is one of the most visited places where people gather to bet or watch horse races.

It features a 320-acre field that could fit 26,000 visitors in its 1,100-foot-wide grandstand.

Santa Anita Race Park also has 61 barns that could accommodate over 2,000 horses and an equine hospital to keep the horses in healthy conditions.

View of Santa Anita Race Park
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This world-class race park is considered to be one of the most beautiful around the world.

It is also home to the famed horse, Seabiscuit, who won the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap.

If you love the thrill of risks in gambling, this is the perfect place to put a wager on your favorite horse.

View of Santa Anita Race Park
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Shop ‘til You Drop in West Field Santa Anita Shopping Center

This shopping center is conveniently positioned on the major highways of 210 Freeway, nearly seven miles away from Pasadena, and found right next to Santa Anita Race Park.

West Field Santa Anita Shopping Center is a haven for fashion, accessories, wellness and fitness, gadgets, and many more.

Wander around, and you will find its food court that offers excellent food choices, regular community events, a playground for kids, and a horse race track where you can watch live racing.

Have a great shopping experience on your visit to West Field Santa Anita Shopping Center.

Explore the Angeles National Forest

View of Angeles National Forest
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Angeles National Forest is a 694,187-acre forest that provides a scenic view of the city of Arcadia.

The Angeles National Forest is a place where tourists and locals can enjoy the opportunities of experiencing outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and water activities like boating and swimming.

Visitors could also take pictures of the stunning scenery in the forests or relax under the shade of trees.

In the winter season, you can also have fun with snow, practice skiing, snow camping, hiking, and many more.

View of Angeles National Forest
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Unwind in Wilderness Park

Seated on top of the San Gabriel Mountains is a place where you can relax and unwind after a tough day at work.

Wilderness Park is a tourist attraction in Arcadia that features a spectacular view of nature and interesting wildlife.

It also showcases a nature center where you can find displays of animals and a pond where you can enjoy the park's scenic views.

This park is a tranquil destination perfect for recreational activities where families and friends can bond and have fun.

You should spend your weekends here in Wilderness Park for a pleasurable experience outdoors.

Take Pictures at Fun Box

If you are a fan of posting “instagrammable” pictures on the internet, Fun Box should be on your go-to list in Arcadia.

Fun Box is an indoor inflatable theme park that boasts an entertaining walkthrough experience.

This paradise features a giant complex with more than 24 huge art installments and displays crafted by talented artists from all around the world.

The maze is composed of over a hundred thousand art pieces to complete it.

Have Fun in 626 Night Market

Front View of 626 Night Market
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One great way to experience dining in Arcadia is through 626 Night Market.

626 Night Market is inspired by Asian bazaars where stalls line up and only open and serve food during nighttime.

This Californian event offers a wide range of food, goods, crafts, live performances by artists, and different kinds of entertainment all in one place.

Front View of 626 Night Market
Sasima / Shutterstock.com

The night market’s objective is to be a place where people can showcase their talents and merchandise to promote their business.

If you want to grab some food, buy a drink, socialize with other people, or simply have fun, then 626 Night Market is the place for you.

Visit the Adams' Pack Station

Adam’s Pack Station is also one of the historical sites found in the city of Arcadia.

The building was established 75 years ago, and it is now considered the last remaining pack station in the south of California.

Adams Pack Station has been providing services for 81 establishments and the Sturtevant camp.

Their old-fashioned way of delivering goods is what makes them one-of-a-kind.

Adam’s Pack Station provides delivery services and serves as a place where people can hang out and jam to some outdoor performances.

They also serve food, drinks, and merchandise at the Pack Station.

Find Valuable Things at Vintage Treasures & Antique

This place in Arcadia is dedicated to all the vintage lovers out there.

Located in the Foothill Boulevard of Arcadia, you will find this small store that displays cute and charming vintage items that will mesmerize you into purchasing.

Vintage Treasures & Antiques sells vintage clothing, pieces of jewelry, and other items from the past.

You can browse through a wide array of interesting vintage items that you can collect or display in your home.

This local business has a little something for everyone; you’ll never know what you can find here if you don’t come and visit Vintage Treasures & Antiques.

Join a Tour Around the Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Barn

Front View of Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Barn
Rporch, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Barn are considered as one of the historical spots in Arcadia, California.

This famous cottage has played a role in several films and television shows such as Fantasy Island.

The building was built and designed with a Victorian-style extravagance.

Front View of Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Barn
Rachel Ruano, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Barn were declared as historical landmarks in Arcadia because of their Victorian design and landscapes.

Experience the feeling of being a royalty when you come and visit Queen Ann Cottage and Coach Bar.

Play Golf in Santa Anita Golf Course

With its stunning scenery of San Gabriel’s peaks, Santa Anita Golf Course is known to be one of the best golf courses in Arcadia.

This golf facility flaunts its world-class service, perfect location, and wide space to play golf.

Golf isn’t the only activity they offer; they also offer a spectacular setting that is ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

Santa Anita Golf Course is a place that will give you a memorable experience in Arcadia.

Learn About History in Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage

The museum is home to Arcadia’s treasures and artistic works that reflect the culture and heritage of the city.

You can learn about the rich history of Arcadia in its exhibits and displays.

The museum also has a room dedicated to commemorating the Arcadians that served the military and sacrificed their lives.

If you want to know more about the background of this diverse city, you can attend the lectures and discussions provided by speakers.

The Gilb Museum also shares some tips about taking care of family treasures that can be displayed in each “personal museum” for every family.

Listen to Some Tunes in Arcadia Blues Club

Listening to blues is best enjoyed when played live, and Arcadia Blues Club is the place that keeps the blues alive.

If you’re looking for a place to spend your time listening to great music, head on to Arcadia Blues Club.

You can watch some of the best live performances here in Arcadia Blues Club and enjoy their good food and drinks.

Meet people with the same music taste as you and have an enjoyable and unforgettable evening in Arcadia Blues Club.

Take a Look Around Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden

View of Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden
Lex Vros / Shutterstock.com

The sprawling 127-acre field is a combination of an arboretum, botanical garden, and a historical landmark combined in one place.

This garden showcases its great collection of flora and impressive peacocks that are not afraid of the visitors.

View of Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden are home to a wide variety of plants, and it also includes various pathways that wind through the property.

It also offers a walking tour around the garden and a cafe to chill and relax after sightseeing.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden are also considered rich historical landmarks in Arcadia.

View of Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden
Lex Vros / Shutterstock.com

Relax in Chantry Flat Picnic Area

Situated on the top of Santa Anita Canyon lies the Chantry Flat Picnic Area, where you can have a hideaway from your busy life.

Chantry Flat Picnic Area is a recreational destination found within Angeles National Forest.

The Chantry Flats serves as the initial point of many iconic trails in the mountains of San Gabriel, one of which is the Gabrielino trail.

To arrive in Chantry Flats Picnic Area, you must do a 5-mile drive to Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia.

On your way to the picnic area, you can gaze at the marvelous views of the San Gabriel Mountains when passing through before you reach Chantry Flats Picnic Area.

When you get there, you can choose from many activities that you can do in the area.

It also features a spacious public area where you can set up a family picnic or do many outdoor activities in Chantry flats, such as hiking, biking, and having a picnic in the “Picnic Grove,” as the locals call it.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you run out of destinations to visit in Arcadia, California, why not drive outside the city and discover new and wonderful places to explore?

Here are some nearby attractions to consider when you leave Arcadia:

Swim Laps at the Water Works Aquatic Pasadena

Located 10 minutes' drive away from the city of Arcadia is the Water Works Aquatic Pasadena, located in Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena.

If you love water sports, especially swimming, then you’ll love being here in Water Works Aquatic Pasadena.

You can learn how to swim with their dedicated instructors that will guide you through your swimming experience.

It maintains good facilities with good lighting and lots of shower stalls, so you don’t have to wait in lines.

A 25-yard pool is available for adults to practice swimming, and there is also a pool for kids.

The place has good customer service, and the prices are affordable.

The water is clean, and safety is guaranteed while you swim around the pool.

Wander Around California Cactus Center

The California Cactus Center is where you can find a great selection of different types of cactus and succulent plants from all over the world.

You can get here by driving for about 10 minutes from Arcadia.

California Cactus Center is a nursery for rare and unusual but beautiful succulents and cacti.

If you need some plants for your garden, you can come and visit this nursery.

You can find interesting and hard-to-find cactus species from different countries, and some of them are bred and cultivated by the owners.

Final Thoughts

With historical spots, recreational areas, natural wonders, and world-class establishments, the city of Arcadia is truly a place that has so much to offer.  

You’ll never be deprived of thrilling adventures and peaceful relaxation here in Arcadia.

Arcadia is a must-visit destination in Los Angeles, California, because it won’t disappoint you with its multitude of activities you can try.

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