15 Best Things to Do in Anniston, AL

Anniston Alabama
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Anniston is a city with many features in nature, history, and art.

As a city dating back to 1872 and located within Calhoun County in Alabama, Anniston has more than a few attractions to explore.

These attractions range from museums to gardens and nature trails.

In addition to several attractions, there are different events you can check out throughout the city.

If that isn't enough, there are also spots to have fun and grab a drink.

Whether you walk around nature or see the sights, there is plenty to do in the city.

If you want to know the various options to explore in the city, here is a list of the best things to do in Anniston, Alabama:

Take a Photo of the World's Largest Office Chair

View of World's Largest Office Chair
Qqqqqq at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Several cities have their share of tourist attractions.

But have you ever heard of a chair being a tourist attraction?

The World's Largest Office Chair on Noble Street is precisely that.

As the name indicates, this is no regular office chair but a roadside attraction with a towering height of 33 feet with a 15-foot-square seat.

The roadside attraction appeared in 1981 as a form of advertisement for Miller's Office Supply.

In 1982, the attraction got the Guinness World Record.

Currently, the chair continues as an attraction and even gets used as a parking spot for hot days.

Over the years, the chair has gone through a paint job and survived a storm.

While the office supply business is no more, the World's Largest Office Chair is one of the city's must-see sights.

See Nature and Local History at the Anniston Museum of Natural History

Have you ever visited a museum that doesn't have human history as its main feature?

The Anniston Museum of Natural History is one such museum.

Unlike other museums, the Anniston Museum of Natural History focuses on the history and behaviors of different types of wildlife throughout history and the world.

Some of the exhibits include displays of life-sized dinosaurs and various avian species.

Other exhibits in this museum take you through the African savannah, the vast expanse of the Egyptian desert, and the wildlife species that reside there.

Aside from the different history and wildlife exhibits, you can check out temporary exhibitions that sometimes pop up.

Bring the family to the Anniston Museum of Natural History!

View Varying Exhibits at the Berman Museum

The Berman Museum, a part of the Anniston Museums and Gardens on Museum Drive, is a history museum that features a range of periods and various types of artifacts.

There are around 6,000 pieces to view in this museum, many of which come from various parts of the world.

These artifacts include antique pieces, different types of art pieces, and old weaponry.

Among the several pieces you can browse at the Berman Museum, there are over a thousand Asian art pieces to admire.

Whether you want to check out history or art, the museum has more than a few pieces for you to browse.

Stroll around the Longleaf Botanical Gardens

Aniston has plenty of places to stroll around nature, but if you prefer flowers instead of vast forests, head to the Longleaf Botanical Gardens.

The Longleaf Botanical Gardens is one of the many venues you can find on Museum Drive to explore nature and history.

There are around 125 acres of land you can explore with different sights and landscapes that include various types of flora and fauna.

While several gardens have different plants, there are plenty of other features to check out in this place.

These features include several nature trails that lead through different plants and several types of local wildlife.

If you prefer simpler spots, you can check out the nearby courtyard and koi pond or see the flower collections.

For plant lovers, the Longleaf Botanical Gardens is a must-see location.

Visit the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve

The Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve is the prime spot in Anniston to visit if you want to explore landscapes and see local wildlife.

Located on Baby Bains Gap Road, the wildlife refuge spans 7,759 acres and lies on a former military training base of Fort McClellan.

The refuge mainly protects a mountain longleaf pine ecosystem but features plenty of sights for you to discover.

Depending on the season, you are free to photograph or hunt different types of wildlife.

Some wildlife species in the refuge include several bird species and small mammals like foxes, raccoons, and deer.

Aside from different landscapes and wildlife, there are many trails you can explore in the refuge as well.

There are plenty of trail sights and wildlife species to discover when going around the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve.

Enjoy a Retreat at Camp Lee

If you want to enjoy different recreational activities in the city, you need to book Camp Lee.

Camp Lee is a local summer camp and retreat center located around Hidden Valley Road and features several facilities for outdoor fun.

Some of the facilities available at this camp include a low-rope course, climbing wall, and zip lines.

Are you a fan of sports?

You can enjoy the camp's sports courts or try out their frisbee golf course.

You can also check out the nature trails available if you want more activities.

To top everything off, you can also check out Camp Lee's different camping experiences.

For anyone unsure about the camp space, there is also the option to book a tour of Camp Lee.

Look for the Freedom Riders National Monument

Murals in Freedom Riders National Monument
Ser Amantio di Nicolao, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the highlights to discover in the city is the Freedom Riders National Monument.

The national monument is a national park between East Eleventh Street and Gurnee Avenue.

The monument is a celebration of the history of the Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights Movement and features different sites to explore.

There are two historical sites at the Freedom Riders National Monument: the Greyhound Bus Station and the Bus Burning Site.

The Greyhound Bus Station is where a bus carrying African American and white Freedom Riders was attacked on May 14, 1961.

The former bus station is not always open to the public.

Still, you can view the mural and educational panels in the adjacent building at the site containing information about the attack.

On the other hand, the Bus Burning Site is outside the city area, around the Old Birmingham Highway.

If you want to check out other sites involved in the Freedom Riders movement, you can explore the Anniston Civil Rights and Heritage Trail.

Traverse the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail

The Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail is one of the longest trails you can hike or cycle through the area, and the best way to access the entrance is around Coldwater Road.

The trail is around 35 to 40 miles long and stretches through different landscapes.

These landscapes include forested areas, a watershed, and a dirt road.

Compared to other nature trails in the area, this trail may primarily appeal to cyclists and hikers.

However, if you're interested in traveling through long trails and seeing what the area offers, check out the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail.

Explore the Michael Tucker Park & Chief Ladiga Trail

The Michael Tucker Park & Chief Ladiga Trail is one of many parks in the city, but it's one park that doubles as a campground.

The park is in a pecan grove by Weaver Road and has its share of outdoor facilities for a fun day.

If you are interested in the camping facilities available in the area, there are 16 primitive campsites you can use.

In addition to different park facilities and campsites, you can explore the 33-mile trail, the state's first extended rails-to-trails project.

When traveling through the trail, you can see various sights, including farmlands, streams, and a forest, to name a few.

Among the different parks in Anniston, Michael Tucker Park & Chief Ladiga Trail is one spot where you can enjoy more than a park.

Laugh and Eat at the Happy Hour Comedy Club

There may be plenty of places to immerse in nature and explore history in the city, but there are also spots to find entertainment.

If you're interested in a night of laughs, check out the Happy Hour Comedy Club on Highway 431.

The comedy club mainly opens at the end of the week but features different performers.

It also doubles as a restaurant.

You can enjoy dishes ranging from tacos to chicken wings and combo meals during performances.

In addition to featuring live shows and meals, the comedy club offers areas for darts and a pool.

Topping things off, there are karaoke and open mic nights to test your comedy skills.

If you're looking for a fun night out or want to have a hearty meal, check out the Happy Hour Comedy Club.

Book a Visit at the Southern Oak Wines

Are you a fan of wine?

If you are, head to the Southern Oak Wines to sample their wares.

You can find the vineyard around Dry Hollow Road and check out their different wines, which include a list of dry and fruit wines.

Touring the vineyard and learning about its process and other products, like its gift products, is also an option.

Some things you'll find at Southern Oak Wines include a blackberry section and a collection of azaleas.

During the summer, you can see the azaleas bloom while enjoying a glass of wine.

Check out the Open House at the Blackberry Hills Alpacas

Take a chance to have a unique event with alpacas milling about by booking the Blackberry Hill Alpacas farm.

Since 1944, the 60-acre farm on Saks Road has hosted events and housed Huycaya and Suri alpacas.

If you're more interested in meeting the alpacas rather than hosting a memorable event, the farm does offer tours where you can learn about the alpacas and check out handmade products.

In addition to tours, the farm hosts an open house event where you can enjoy all kinds of animal encounters.

Should you want to join the event, you can check out all kinds of things, including a petting zoo and different types of vendors.

You'll find plenty of ways to make a memory at the Blackberry Hill Alpacas farm.

Make a Stop at the Anniston Sports Complex

The Anniston Sports Complex is the prime spot for sports and park activities in the area.

You can locate the park on Summerall Gate Road and enjoy a range of sports, including soccer and baseball.

In addition to several facilities for different sports, the park features a duck pond and pavilion for more laid-back activities.

The park also provides access to a local aquatic and fitness center with an indoor swimming pool and different swimming programs.

Whether you like sports or want to visit the park, the Anniston Sports Complex has plenty of amenities to enjoy.

Walk around Zinn Park

Different parks have different features you can explore.

In Zinn Park, you can find many facilities that cater to the community.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Pavilion is a highlight of this park.

It is one of the many pavilions that hold events.

In addition to the pavilion, there is the Unity House, where the community meets for local meetings and events.

Aside from these event venues, the park has facilities that include a splash pad and playground.

If you are interested in exploring community events or a day at the park, check out Zinn Park on Gurnee Avenue.

While the city mostly features spots that highlight nature and history, there are also other places you can discover something else.

One location to check out is Nunnally's Noble Frame & Gallery on Noble Street.

Nunnally's Noble Frame & Gallery is primarily a frame shop but doubles as a gallery venue for local art.

You can find art pieces at this venue, including paintings, hand-crafted items, and jewelry.

If you are interested in the other features you can explore in the city, Nunnally's Noble Frame & Gallery is one such spot.

Final Thoughts

Plants, wildlife, and history are the primary highlights when exploring the top spots in Anniston, Alabama.

The city offers plenty of sights for visitors to check out and a range of recreational activities to explore.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Anniston, Alabama!

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