15 Best Things to Do in Annapolis

15 Best Things to Do in Annapolis

The Sailing Capital of America- Annapolis has quite a lot of history attached to its name. Being home to some of the structures that have earned a page of two in history books- Annapolis attracts a lot of tourists every year. History buffs love this location for there is no shortage of interests here, Let us have a look at the top 15 things to do in Annapolis.

Take a stroll around Annapolis Historic District

Annapolis Historic District
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No tour to Annapolis is ever done with taking a look around its historic district. We will be letting you know that throughout this trip, you will be finding a lot of historic elements. The main reason behind that is Annapolis has got quite a historic past. It was initially a state capitol. But, after the formation of the state system, it was inserted into Maryland. For many reasons, some of the most important events have happened right here. And, you are going to come across a lot of historic sites here as we proceed.

The best way to roam around Annapolis is to check out the elements of history first. There are a lot of expert tour operators you will find within the city who are willing to let you know how to plan all this trip efficiently. If you do so, there will not be any chance of missing out on anything.

Roam around Quiet Waters Park

Before we get into all the heavy historic stuff, we just want to freshen your palate by bringing you to the proximity of nature. One of the most important natural attractions in Annapolis- Quiet Rivers Park draws a lot of tourists. So, before getting on to a bus to see all the icons- try to check out this place.

The park is built on a land of almost 360 acres. Also, there are more than 6 miles of hiking trails here in the park. There are also a lot of other fun-filled activities you can check out when you are in this park. This park is mainly used for weddings. It has a lot of splendid sceneries and is a visual treat to the people of Annapolis and tourists as well.

Understand history at U.S. Naval Academy Museum

U.S. Naval Academy Museum
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Let us get a bit into military action now. Are you done with the natural treats? It is time to get into business then. Let’s head over to the U.S. Naval Academy Museum. The museum is entirely dedicated to the marines as well as the navy.

It stands there proudly as an epitome of all the traditions and ceremonies of the Navy and Marines of the U.S. The permanent collection of the museum is majestic. And, you also get to see a lot of model ships which are quite interesting. You can see a lot of documents related to the Navy. And, there are even a lot of personal items here along with memorabilia and photographs.

Explore the house of William Paca

William Paca house in Annapolis
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Here we are in front of another beautiful house. Let us tell you that there is no shortage of historic charming homes here in Annapolis. We will discover more as we proceed with the list. But, right now, we will be exploring the house of William Paca.

Built-in the Georgian style, this house is extremely alluring. The construction of the house dates back to the 1700s, but it was in the 1900s that the house was closed, and in its place- a hotel came into being. It quickly became one of the most luxurious and popular hotels in all of America. But, the government decided that such a treasure should not be wasted, and so the hotel was closed.
The site was renovated to its former glory and was made open to the public so that they could take a look and gaze at its marvelous state.

Explore the Maryland State House

Maryland State House
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By now, you might have got the point that Annapolis of Maryland is quite an interesting historic place with lots of ties to the great American past. Every spot we will be talking about has one or more contributions to American history.
So, this time we will be taking you to another beautiful house that has deep connections with American history. Let us tell you a bit about Maryland State Home.

George Washington was the commander in chief of the Continental Army. It was here in this house where he gave his resignation. It was also in this house where the infamous Treaty of Paris took place. This is where most of the important public servants stay too.

See the Kunta Kinte Memorial

Kunta Kinte Memorial
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You might have been familiar with the works of the great author Alex Haley. Herein lies the characters of some of his most famous works. In case, you do not know what we are talking about, we will be giving you a brief introduction.
Alex Haley is a person who wrote extensively on the horrible struggles of the African slaves. He portrayed how brutal racism is in his famous works. Roots was one of his most iconic novels that won a lot of prizes and touched people more than anything. Kunta Kinte was the protagonist of this novel. He was a slave who was sold.

His memorial, remembering both him and Alex Haley, still stands proudly to this day depicting the horrible past and as a symbol of brotherhood. There are even three parts to this memorial. There are even story walls where you can stand and get to read the entire story. There are even certain sculptures that contain lines from the original novel- Roots. Visitors love this concept. You can see a lot of people standing there and reading the statues for hours. It is indeed one of the best ways to spend an afternoon and even gather knowledge.

Visit the Hammond-Harwood House

Hammond-Harwood House
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Do you want to look at some fine architecture now? Well, this particular piece has been ranked as one of the best in all of Maryland. Hammond-Harwood House is a fine example of colonial-style architecture.

We will tell you one thing for certain i.e this is one of the finest historic houses you will ever get to see in your life. Not only is the house intricately detailed, but the items are also quite vintage and some of the most expensive stuff in all of the States. The carvings will remind you of the works of colonial times. Also, there is some state of the art paintings hung on the walls that will quite blow your mind away. For a grand evening, do check out this historic treasure.

Pray at St. Anne's Episcopal Church

Interior of St. Anne's Episcopal Church
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Okay, you have seen a lot of history around, so now we will be taking you to a rather quiet location for some time. But, it is gorgeous too. Welcome to St. Anne's Episcopal Church. The original building of the church was constructed back in 1704. But, unfortunately, it got damaged and had to be reconstructed a lot of times. What you will see now, happens to be the third building of the church.

The current architecture is in the Romanesque Revival style that looks very beautiful if you ask us. This is well-known as one of the icons of Annapolis. Also, the tinted glass, the architecture, and the interior decoration win the hearts of many tourists. Initially, King William gifted this gorgeous architecture of a church to the people of Annapolis for a quaint location to pray!

Walk around the Annapolis Towne Center

Annapolis Towne Center
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We saw a lot of the historic part of the town. Maybe it is now time to go see how modern Annapolis is doing. It is not far from the historic downtown. All you need to do is drive a mere 4 miles and you will be in the city center. This part has no similarity to the old town, and you get to see a lot of modern things.

This is where the city is the most happening. Of course, you might not find a lot of tourists roaming in this part of the town. But, what you will find is innumerable good restaurants. There are more than 20 excellent restaurants in this part of the town that you can eat. Want to go shopping for a bit? This is your go-to location.

Check out the Annapolis Maritime Museum

Annapolis Maritime Museum
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Did you know Annapolis was once upon a time known for being home to some of the biggest oyster industries? But, those times are now gone. Even if you search for them, you will get to see the very last one struggling to keep breathing. But, are you interested in knowing more? Check out the Annapolis Maritime Museum where you can get to know everything about the striving history of the city.

You can get to know all about the marine-related industries of Annapolis and the fact that they contributed to the economy so much. Did you know Annapolis faced something known as the Oyster war? Yes! Get to know all about it in this very museum.

Pay your respects at Maryland World War ll Memorial

Maryland World War ll Memorial
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Secundino Fernandez was the brilliant architect who planned out this entire memorial design and let us tell you how intricately beautifully designed it is. This is quite a new one and was put up in 1998, paying respect to all those who lost their lives in the second world war.

If you count, you will easily find marvelous granite pillars- all 48 of them. You will also see the names of all of the brave-hearted 6,454 residents of the state of Maryland who fought till their last breath. There is a lot of engraving where you can read in detail about the war- its timeline and how they lost their lives, It is a nostalgic place where you get to know a lot about the war like never before.

Check the Annapolis Harbor

Annapolis Harbor
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Annapolis Harbor once used to be one of the most popular spots in all of Annapolis. As we stated earlier, Annapolis depended on a lot of marine industries. But, as time passed by, all of those were gone. What now remains are these beautiful remnants of those past memories. From the harbor, you can even go boating.

The Chesapeake Bay is one of the best places to enjoy a bit of time in the water. Also, you will be able to find a lot of boating tour operators. Through them, you can embark on a boat journey. The views are quite gorgeous.

For this spot, we will have to make you go inside the campus of the iconic St. John’s College. Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery is one of the most well-renowned galleries in all of Annapolis.

It might look like a small one from outside. But, you’d be astonished to see the number of people that come to visit the gallery. Also, the works and paintings that are hung in this gallery are also extraordinary.

Go on a day trip to Historic London Town and Gardens

Historic London Town and Gardens
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Pardon us, but we will be taking you a bit out of Annapolis. But, don’t worry, for it will be a short drive to one of the cutest places. Historic London Town and Gardens is situated in the place of Edgewater, and the time of its creations dates back to almost the 17th century.

You can still find some of the remnants of the settlement that occurred there. Also, there are a lot of gardens that are claimed to be quite charming in all of Maryland. You can still get to see some of the structures that almost date back a couple of hundred years back.

Snap some pictures at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
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Situated in the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is just one of its kind. When we say this- we are not joking for there are none like this. The Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse is extremely beautiful and is one of the most picturesque scenes in all of Annapolis.
There are many guides who will take you inside the lighthouse if you want to know more about it.

This brings us to the very end of our wonderful trip. We hope you will enjoy this vacation more than anything else. Bon Voyage!