15 Best Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

15 Best Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a gorgeous island with laid back vibes, beautiful white sand beaches stretching to wherever one’s eyes could reach, restaurants with great food and menu and buildings depicting the old Florida.

Anna Maria Island is spread over an area of 7 miles and comprises three cities.

The population has become a very famous beach destination for tourists in recent years.

The island is incredible and offers something for all the visitors. It is next to impossible to visit this island and not feel enthusiastic.

The following article will be covering the top thing that you should definitely not miss in the Anna Maria Island region.

Exploring the beaches

Bean point beach in Anna Maria Island
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Being an island destination, Anna Maria Island is abundant when it comes to beaches. The islands have a total number of six beaches which are divinely beautiful and will take anyone’s breath away.

All the beaches on the island are different from the others in some manner. Be it the turquoise crystal-clear water or huge expanses of white sand; it is definitely going to turn out to be a great experience.

Bean point is one of the most visited beaches on  Anna Maria Island and is definitely a hidden Paradise.

This beach is located on the northern end of the island and offers breathtaking views. This beach is ideal for enjoying the best sunsets on the entire island.

Bayfront Park is another beach that is ideal for enjoying the views of nearby attractions such as Tampa Bay, Egmont Key, and the sunshine skyway bridge.

This beach has additional amenities such as a huge playground, pavilions, well-managed picnic tables, and food grills.

Holmes Beach is the beach located right in the middle of the island.

This beach is the perfect place for enjoying surfing on the tides on Anna Maria Island.

The beach is quite famous among the visitors and hence is a great place to get in touch with different cultures.

The beach area is also surrounded by a large number of service providers who rent out surfing equipment to visitors.

Manatee Beach is another beach located in the central area of the Island.

This beach is the most famous and busiest beach on the island and has the highest number of public facilities.

This beach is also great for finding shells on the island. This also has great cafes, lifeguards, and various rental service providers.
Bradenton beach is located in a small community area.

This beach is perfect for enjoying snorkelling. Just like the Manatee beach, this beach is also famous for its cafes.

Coquina Beach is the sixth and last beach on the island. This beach is situated in the southernmost part of the island.

This beach is long and narrow and is therefore great for picking shells. The beach is less crowded and has great amenities for visitors.

Staying on the beach is always a great way to spend some fun time. But sometimes, not planning well can result in bad experiences.

So, it is always ideal for planning your visit beforehand and ensuring that the destination fulfils all your requirements.

It is advisable that you visit the beach early in the morning or after 3 PM in the afternoon, as the crowd began to disperse and the beaches become more tranquil and beautiful.

Enjoy horseback riding in the water.

Horseback Ride in Anna Maria Island
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As unique and adventurous as this idea sounds, it is quite uncanny to find such a facility on a small island like Anna Mariam.

However, the island provides great services to allow you to enjoy the beautiful views around the beaches. C-ponies is a service provider who has made this thing possible.

The service provider has some really well-trained horses who can take you for a ride in between the ocean waves.

This is hands down one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences in Anna Maria Island, and you should definitely try it out.

Stroll on the cute streets of Pine Avenue

Pine Avenue is a place in Anna Maria Island that provides the experience of shopping, Oceanside, great restaurants and eateries within a small area of one mile.

The street is famous for its unique boutiques, which provide custom-made clothing and jewellery options.

You can also enjoy the great local food served in the eateries.

The entire street is loaded with shops and other beautiful structures which give it a very likeable view.

Pine Avenue can easily be said to be the cutest Main Street in the entire region with all its fancy yet local structures.

Anna Maria City Pier

Anna Maria City Pier
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A very famous Historical landmark in Anna Maria Island, the Anna Maria city pier was originally constructed in the early 1900s.

The pier has planks that are covered with beautiful messages from the family members, friends, and other loved ones of the makers.

Located between beautiful clear waters, the pier is great for taking casual strolls when you don’t feel like doing anything else on the island.

This pier has a very lively vibe around it. The area is covered with a lot of local vendors who sell food, ice creams, and local artefacts.

You can also spot some live music on the pier. The place is also quite great for enjoying fishing.

You can also spot the Tampa Bay marine life via the pier. With all these offerings, a pier is definitely a heavenly place in Anna Maria Island.

Mote Marine Aquarium

If you are fascinated by the life in the water, the Mota marina aquarium is the perfect place for you.

It is a huge aquarium designed in the form of an institution. The aquarium is also quite important when it comes to researching and rescuing wildlife on Anna Maria Island.

The aquarium allows the visitors to experience the detail about the sea and creatures under it from close vicinity.

This aquarium is open every day from 10 AM to 5 PM. The aquarium has more than 12 exhibitions that display various aquatic animals.

It also has an open water option when you can experience the wildlife but in the open waters. The place is definitely great and worth your time.

Rod and Reel Pier

Rod and Reel Pier
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Rod and reel pier is one of the most beautiful and unique dining spaces on Anna Maria Island.

The place is famous for serving delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as some light snacks on the ocean.

The food is mostly the old Florida cuisine and seafood. The place is specifically known for its seafood, and you should definitely try it out.

You can also enjoy fishing on the dock of the fire by paying a small charge which makes this place quite comfortable and easygoing.

The Sandbar Restaurant

Sandbar Restaurant
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The sandbar is a very popular restaurant In Anna Maria Island. This restaurant is on the list of most of the visitors on the island.

This restaurant is located on the northern end of the island and literally allows you to have your food while your toes are actually in the sand.

This restaurant is not famous only for its unbeatable location but is also a perfect place to spot the beautiful sunset in Anna Maria.

Even if you are not visiting the restaurant for it the food, you should definitely not miss visiting the place if you are a sunset lover.

Poppo’s Taqueria

Being in a beach location might become boring for visitors to taste the same cuisine every day.

If you are looking for a change, Poppo’s Taqueria is the place for you. The place offers local Mexican street food made with all-natural ingredients.

Along with the food being organic, the sodas have no fructose corn. They also have their own kombucha tea, which is brewed locally.

Poppo’s Taqueria is definitely an ideal place to eat a very casual dining option with healthy alternatives.

The Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is another famous restaurant in Ana Maria Island. This is a perfect spot for all those people who are looking for some simple yet delicious food, warm hosting, and great company.

The restaurant has its own cottage where it catches its crabs to serve fresh dishes.

What makes this restaurant different from others is that it has its own recipes and unique ingredients, which provide an unbelievable taste to all its dishes.

From dessert to dinner, the restaurant serves great food with the help of humble staff who are actually very delighted about your visit. Do check it out.

The Donut Experiment

Opened in the year 2012 as Anna Maria donuts, this donut shop is a unique boutique-style shop where people can create their own donuts as per their preferences.

After creating donuts as per the customers' preferences was welcomed by the residents as well as the visitors of the Island, the name was changed to Donut experiment.

The donut shop allows you to create your own donuts, have your favorite glasses, mix your favorite flavors, sprinkle whatever you want, and fall in love with this warm delight.

The donut experiment offers a lot of flavors and toppings, making it a unique and delicious experiment.

Enjoy Parasailing

If you are visiting a beach destination, parasailing is an activity that you should definitely try out. Experience is one of a kind.

Even if you are not very adventurous, parasailing is quite safe and has a very low-risk factor. While enjoying the activities, you can also spot various sea animals enjoying the water.

The fresh breeze will take all your fears and doubts away. We highly recommend you to try parasailing on Anna Maria Island.

Exploring the Island

Biking in Anna Maria Island
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It is always advisable to rent a bicycle and take it through the island's streets to explore the hidden gems of the area.

However, the island is a bit different and more exciting than just bicycling. Anna Maria Island has its own convenience with its own benefits.

It is always a great idea to take an island trolley or a monkey bus service which will allow you to avoid the hassle of driving, traffic, as well as parking while you are still on the roads enjoying the beautiful streets of the island.

The prices are reasonable, and the entire experience is one of a kind.

Shopping on Anna Maria Island

The small island of Anna Maria has a large number of specialty shops. These shows are ideal not only for buying some gifting items but also for buying items for yourself.

From dessert options to jewelry shops, from luxury boutiques to art galleries, the shops are as beautiful as a small girl’s dreams.

The unique handmade goods, specially designed jewelry, and boutique items are something that you will not find anywhere else.

The two most famous places to find these specialty shops are Pine Avenue and the historic Bridge Street.

Both these places are loaded with many beautiful, unique and dreamy shops that sell items at very reasonable prices.

Some of the most famous shops are the Three Island monkeys, Pink and navy, Olive oil outpost, the Uptown lot, Black alley treasures, Bridge Street Bazar, etc.

The Dolphin Tour

Taking a dolphin tour on Anna Maria Island is definitely a very fun and not to be missed activity.

A famous service provider, The Salty Dolphin, allows both the adults as well as the kids to enjoy with dolphins and befriend them.

One major reason for taking this tour is that Anna Maria has a huge bottlenose dolphin population. These dolphins are very friendly and love to spend time playing with humans.

The Fish Hole

The fish hole is a place where you can enjoy golfing on Anna Maria Island. Located on bridge street, this is a small miniature golf course with 18 holes facility.

Surrounded on all corners by tropical palm trees and other shade plants, the golf course has a very beautiful and nautical decor that enhances the entire beauty of the area.

A really well-maintained golf course, the fish hole offers very reasonably golfing options.

Away from the big city rush and without any chain restaurants, the small island of Anna Maria is a bliss in itself. If you are planning your vacation, you should definitely consider visiting this island.