15 Best Things to Do in Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC

Anderson is a beautiful city located in Northern South Carolina.

Also known as the “Electric City”, Anderson has a population of just 28,226.

That makes it a city perfect for those vacationers who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitans.

In 1895, Anderson became one of the first American cities to get electricity, thanks to William C.Whitner.

That's how the city got its nickname.

Anderson is primarily a manufacturing city and has had a lot of plantations.

Receiving electricity in 1895 also boosted its manufacturing activities.

Anderson was the first city to produce a cotton gin powered by electricity.

If you do decide to visit this peaceful city, you won’t regret it.

There is so much to do and experience in Anderson that you will require at least a couple of weeks to take in what this city offers in its entirety.

Unlike cities such as Los Angeles and New York, Anderson prides itself in providing its tourists with a very relaxing experience.

You can just go out on a walk in its multiple parks or visit a nice museum.

You can visit this city at any time of the year as the weather conditions are often not that extreme.

It gets a lot of warm sunny days in summers, and the winters are often rainy and cold.

If you’re a sucker for hot coffee in rainy winters, we’d suggest that you visit Anderson during Christmas time.

During the festive season, the city truly lights up.

However, in summer, you can visit the numerous farms the city boasts.

15 Amazing Things to do in Anderson SC

If you decide to visit Anderson SC, one thing is guaranteed – you will definitely not be bored.

This little city has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Here are 15 amazing things to do if you find yourself in Anderson SC.

Visit the Anderson County Museum

If you’re a history buff who enjoys relics of the past, then the Anderson county museum should be on the top of your list.

It has a collection of over twenty thousand artifacts.

All the volumes and historical photos in this museum are open for public view.

Be sure to check out every nook and cranny of this amazing museum.

It’s a place where the history of Anderson comes alive.

You can even find a gift shop in this museum to purchase souvenirs to gift to your loved ones.

Moreover, there are plenty of eateries around, so you won’t have to walk around hungry while looking at the history of Anderson.

The Anderson county museum is located at 202 East Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621.

Get Your Drinks on at Carolina Bauernhaus

If you’re in the mood for some drinks and dancing, it is best that you head over to the Carolina Bauerhaus to get your drinks on.

At the Carolina Bauernhaus, you’ll find some delicious locally-brewed ales.

The owners of Carolina Bauernhaus were inspired by the drinking culture of Belgium.

You’ll find all the traditional flavors of Belgium available at this place.

Their menu also varies according to seasons, and therefore, you’ll always end up finding something new when you visit the Carolina Bauernhaus.

If you’re lucky, you might even chance upon events held at the Carolina Bauernhaus.

These events include open mics, music festivals, and whatnot.

It’s an amazing place to meet new people and relax a bit from your busy vacation schedule.

Try Some Chocolates at the CocoBon Chocolatier

The CocoBon Chocolatier located at 111 North Main Street is for everyone who has a bad case of a sweet tooth.

It’s a place where you’ll find a lot of tasty handmade chocolates.

The variety at the CocoBon Chocolatier is just mind-blowing.

If you find yourself at this place, be sure to taste their old-fashioned chocolates.

Once you visit the CocoBon Chocolatier, you’ll find yourself coming back for more again and again.

All the ingredients that the CocoBon Chocolatier uses to make their famous handmade chocolates are purchased locally.

Be sure to check out their caramel popcorn and cotton candy.

It’s a wonderful place to bring your family, and your kids will definitely not want to leave once they get their hands on CocoBon’s chocolates.

Visit the Denver Downs Farm

Denver Downs Farm
Bill Fitzpatrick, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing in this world as refreshing as the fresh morning air on a farm.

The Denver Downs farm in Anderson is quite famous among the locals.

It is owned by the Garrison family, and they’ve been its owners since 1869.

This farm is also on the list by the National Register of Historic Places.

If you truly want to experience the local culture of Anderson, then this is the place you have to visit at once.

It’s a 400-acre farm, and you’ll find a lot of serene backgrounds that call for a photo session.

However, the farm is only open during the summers.

Consequently, make sure it is open before you set out to visit it.

Visit the Split Creek Farm

There’s no shortage of farms in Anderson.

The Split Creek Farm is located at 3806 Centerville Road, Anderson, SC, 29625.

The farm usually closes at 6 PM and opens at 10 AM.

You’ll find the warm embrace of nature at this farm, and you’ll definitely not want to go back to the chaotic city life.

It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny day with your loved ones.

This farm also offers an amazing view of the Blue Ridge mountains.

You can even set out to explore the mountains from this farm.

Of course, it is recommended that you take a local guide along with you.

Take a Tour at the South Carolina Plantation

As mentioned before, Anderson is a city that is famous for its manufacturing.

Ever since the late 1800s, this city has been famous for its crop plantations.

The major crop that its residents have produced for a long time is cotton.

After William C.Whitner’s efforts to provide the city with electricity in 1895, manufacturing increased exponentially.

South Carolina in general has a rich history of plantations.

Overall, it harbors over 1500 plantations.

In Anderson, two of the most famous plantations are Ashtabula and Woodburn plantation.

The latter is owned by Pendleton Historic Foundation.

At the Woodburn plantation, visitors can also find relics from the past, and get a glimpse into the operations of the plantation during the 1800s.

Take a Stroll in the Sadlers Creek State Park

This 395-acre park located at a peninsula in Lake Hartwell is an amazing getaway in Anderson.

There are a lot of activities that you can engage in around this park.

From water sports to camping, you won’t run out of activities in this park.

It’s the perfect place to visit with your kids.

There are even picnic shelters available at this park that offer a breathtaking lakeside view.

It’s a place where you’ll be as relaxed as you can while your kids will have the time of their life.

You can even opt to hike or bike at this park as it offers two trails.

The most amazing thing about this place is that visitors here are permitted to swim in the lake.

So, if the day gets too hot to bear, you can always go for a quick dip in the water.

The Palmetto Distillery

The Palmetto Distillery is located on Murray Avenue.

This distillery was opened by two brothers – Trey and Bryan Boggs.

Their passion for drinks and decent business sense made this distillery one of the most famous places in Anderson.

They offer Moonshine and Palmetto Whiskey.

The latter is one of the most popular whiskeys in the whole of South Carolina.

It has also won several awards.

The Palmetto Distillery offers visitors to tour and tasting opportunities.

If you decide to visit this distillery, be sure to get a taste of their amazing margarita.

Locals also recommend the apple pie and 105 proof.

Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell
Reedy River Drone Company / Shutterstock.com

If you’ve decided to visit the Sadlers Creek State Park, then you should definitely try some boating at Lake Hartwell.

It only makes sense that you also check out this lake while you’re at the park.

A boat ride on Lake Hartwell can be a really romantic getaway.

It makes for a perfect date.

Bring a guitar and some snacks on the boat and you’ll have the time of your life with your girl or man.

Another important thing to remember is to bring a camera on this boat ride.

The photos you can click in the middle of the lake are just mesmerizing.

Visit the Growler Haus

Growler Haus is another famous microbrewery in Anderson.

This microbrewery has a very modern and hip atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of craft beers, and also take a look at the craft of brewing.

This place has held several brewing competitions as they believe in bringing to the spotlight the best local brewers of the area.

Breweries and Anderson have a historical connection, and the people of Anderson just love their beers.

The Growler Haus is located at 313 N Main Street, Anderson, SC, 29621.

Check out the Anderson University

Anderson University
Excel23, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Anderson University and its surrounding area are full of cheerful youth and aspiring students.

Moreover, there are some amazing restaurants and pubs in the area.

If you want to check out the youth culture of Anderson, Anderson University is the place for you.

It also has a historical value as it was established in 1911.

Soon, it became one of the most popular universities in South Carolina.

It’s a private university that offers a variety of courses.

You can visit the campus if you’re in the area to check out its magnificent building and student culture.

Skateland U.S.A.

If you are an avid enjoyer of skating, then there is one place you have to visit.

Skateland U.S.A. is located at 4142 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson, SC 29621.

You can visit this place with your family to enjoy a session of skating.

Skateland U.S.A. is perfect for kids and adolescents.

It only opens in the evening, and you can even grab some snacks once you’ve had your share of skating.

Visit the Anderson Civic Center

The Anderson Civic Center is one of the most popular building structures in the whole of Anderson.

It is known for its sheer size.

You’ll find tennis courts, baseball fields, an amphitheater, a playground for kids, and even a soccer field here.

The Anderson Civic Center along with its various parts is also known as the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center.

It was established back in 1991 and ever since then, it has been one of the most popular hang-out spots in the city.

Catch a Movie at the Starlight Cinema

Vacationing can also be quite tiring at times.

You might be fed up with visiting museums and lakes, and whatnot.

At one point, you might just want to do something that you’d do in your own hometown.

Catching a movie in a city you’re visiting can be an amazing experience.

If you’re in Anderson, you might want to catch a flick at the Starlight Cinema.

It’s a branch of Regal Cinemas, and therefore, quality is almost guaranteed.

You’ll find 14 theatres at the Starlight Cinema.

Moreover, the caramel popcorn there will make any movie better.

The NewSpring Church

Churches are perhaps not that popular among tourists these days.

However, if you really want to take in the aesthetics of architecture, then it is the churches that will have to visit.

The NewSpring Church in Anderson bags a weekly attendance of around 25000 people.

It also organizes programs and events that can really be fun for kids as well as adults.

Make some time, and visit the NewSpring Church to please your spiritual self if you’re ever in Anderson.

With these recommendations, you will definitely have the time of your life in Anderson.

It’s better that you visit this city for a couple of weeks to fully enjoy everything that it offers.

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