15 Best Things to Do in Anchorage, Alaska

15 Best Things to Do in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is the largest city of Alaska. It is located in the south-central part on the cook inlet. This city located in the white wonderland of the world is very famous for its culture.

The city has a wide range of activities to offer. Not only this city has beautiful cultural sites like Alaska Native heritage center but it is also a gateway to the wilderness and beautiful mountains that surround the city.

The city has famous colleges, craft centers and beautiful mountain ranges like Chugach, Kenai, and Talkeetna surrounding it. A getaway to this place will not only prove to be extremely divine but refreshing and rejuvenating due to its sparse population and scenic location.

The following are the best things that you can do in Anchorage, Alaska:

Alyeska Resort and Hotel, Alyeska

Alyeska Resort
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Alyeska resort is a premier destination located just 40 miles from Anchorage. This resort featuring the 300 room hotel is a place where you can locate an endless number of Summer as well as winter adventures.

The hotel first opened its gates in the year 1994. At present the resort offers almost 1610 acres of skiable land, 76 trails and a beautiful snow cover. The place offers luxury accommodations which are inspired by rich cultural heritage of Alaskan Wilderness.

The resort offers amenities such as pools, hot tubs, fitness center, spa, shops and a total number of seven restaurants for enjoying delicious food.

Ship Creek, Alaska

People fishing in Ship Creek in Alaska
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Ship Creek in Alaska is the most promising place if you are interested in Salman sport fishing. This place is located right in the downtown, Anchorage. This place is a wonder in itself as it offers extreme fun and joy even if you are running short of time.

Even if you have only two hours, you can spend great moments here. You can also rent complete fishing Packages at this place. In the package, you will receive all the equipment as well as some free advice to help you with all your fishing requirements.

Arctic Valley

Arctic valley
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The Arctic Valley is one of the first access point to Chugach. The Arctic Valley is itself a blessing in disguise as it is packed with rails but has very light to no traffic.

In a world that is already raised with Jams and traffic, visiting Arctic Valley can give you a feeling of having the whole place to yourself. The area is Considered best for community ski hill but even win skilling cannot be done, the area is a popular spot for outdoor recreation and other outdoor activities.

The valley offers beautiful views and you can also cook yourself light snacks. You can complete the round trip to Arctic Valley in a very comfortable time as it is only about 6 miles of a trek.

Kenai Fjords National park

Kenai fjords National park
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The national Park located in south central areas of Alaska, is one of the most amazing and beautiful destinations where you can explore life underwater. The national Park is surrounded with glaciers, waves and mountains which give it a divine view.

You can also explore fishing opportunities or try Day cruise boats That are easily available in the national Park.

This park is spread over a huge area which gives you the perfect setting for understanding the ecological setting of our environment.

Alpine Air Alaska

Alpine air Alaska
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Alpine air Alaska is your getaway to experiencing extraordinary wonders that this beautiful place offers.

You can get an air view of the famous Resurrection day as well as the Kenai fjords National Park. As you fly in the sky you will witness blooming wildlife, blue ice of the Godwin glacier, Serene Meadows, and beautifully rugged cliffs all at once.

This memorable experience will leave you in awe with its rich offerings and beautiful vibes.

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in Anchorage is one of the best ways of exploring Alaska. You can paddle through the serene Eklutna lake or feel safer in the protected water near Seward.

The natives in Alaska use see kayaks to travel along the coast and relax along the same time. Kayaking can be a single day or a multi-day experience depending upon your choice.

There are a lot of travel agencies that could help you in making your kayaking experience a fruitful one with their easily available expertise.

Lakeside Hiking

Hiking along the side of a lake has to offer its own adventures and joy when it is in Alaska. Being the beautiful and chilly place that Anchorage is, the Lakes there are actually a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.  

Lakeside hiking is a complete package in itself. The view of high mountains on the one hand and the watery waves on the other, with a sweet and cool breeze will release you of all your tensions.

The best way to enjoy hiking is by opting for a guided hike that is quite easily available in the city.

Northern Lights Views

Northern lights view
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Aurora, most famously known as the northern lights are something that you would be lucky to spot in your entire lifetime. These effects of colorful light producing clear dark skies can be viewed in various locations from Anchorage.

The Glen Alps, Point woronzof, Eklutna Trailrace and Knik river valley, Girdwood, Eagle river nature Center are some of the places where you have high chances of witnessing the Northern lights. However, it would be best to visit in mid-August through April if you wish to see the northern lights.

Also there is no guarantee or a particular time at which these phenomena can be spotted. It greatly depends upon the darkness of the night.

Portage Valley

Glaciers in Portage valley
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Portage Valley in Anchorage is one of the most accessible place which is home to a large number of glaciers in Alaska. However, the main attraction, Portage glacier is miles long and almost 10 stories tall glacier sitting at the far end of a lake.

You can visit the glacier via a boat. You can also travel to buy it on glacier trial which goes to the toe of the glacier. There is also a trial of blue ice which is almost 5-mile Trail with broad walks connecting many glaciers and campground for hikers and bikers together.

Apart from the glaciers you can also visit Alaska wildlife conservation Centre from the Portage valley.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Alaska wildlife conservation center
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Alaska wildlife conservation Centre is a non-profit organization which was dedicated to preserve the wildlife in Alaska. Asian Centre takes major steps such as conserving, educating, researching and taking care of the wild animals in order to keep the fauna alive.

This organization organizes a large number of educational as well as guest programs on a daily basis. The place provides permanent shelter to injured and orphaned animals.

You can encounter a large variety of moose, bears, lynx, reindeer, foxes, deer, wolves, elks, and many more while touring through the conservation Centre.

Chugach State Park

Chugach state park
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You can spend a few days in the lap of beautiful mountains which are more than perfect for all the dramatic and rejuvenating activities. The Chugach State Park is one of the biggest state parks in Alaska.

Attached to eat is the second largest forest of the US. Together the area comprises of a place that is just suitable for hiking, rafting, kayaking as well as fishing. The Chugach Mountain is the most frequently climbed mountain in Alaska.

It is also important to note is that more than 60 glaciers are located in Alaska could be found near Chugach. The State Park of Chugach is the perfect place to visit with your family or with your partner as it has its own vibe to make you feel better.

Alaska Zoo

Animal in Alaska zoo
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A zoo is a place that excites people of all age groups in the same manner. On the top of that, imagine visiting a Zoo located in the place is covered with ice. Seems like a wonder in itself, doesn’t it?

The Alaska’s who has more than 130 animals from 49 species. The zoo is a home to orphaned and injured animals who require proper care. You can take a walk inside the wild zoo.

Don’t be surprised if you see polar bears or other Arctic animals walking alongside you because that is the offering of this place to its visitors.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Tony Knowles coastal trail
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The trail is located along coastal marshes and is covered with forested hills. It is one of the most dramatically located places in Anchorage which makes it perfect for normal walks as well as cycling.

The path of the trail is as long as 11 miles. You can rent a bike for wedding expensive rates and explore the city at a stretch. At the end of the trial, there is a great view of Mount Susitna which is also famously known as “the sleeping lady”.

The Trail also crosses a famous historical site which is a landmark of one of the most disastrous earthquake in 1964. You can also participate in events like Anchorage run fest, the Myers marathon and many other running events along the Tony Knowles coastal Trail.

Alaska Aative Heritage Center

Alaska native Heritage Centre is a place that is one of its kind. As the name suggests, the center showcases the native cultures of Alaska in a very beautiful and planned manner.

The center displays 11 major cultures that are followed in Alaska. The visitors are left spellbound by the first hand dance performances story depictions and more such fun activities.

If you are someone who is interested in history and culture of a place, this is the place for you.

Kincaid Park

Moose in Kincaid park
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When we say that the Kincaid Park is huge, you must believe us! With over 40 miles of walking trails, 20 miles of bike runs, locating bear, the park is one of the largest Park in the city.

The park is itself a wooden jewel hidden in the mountains covered with eyes. You can play disc golf or fish in a little Campbell Lake. You can even seek a sandy beach getaway and cook yourself some snacks.

The Park also witnessed a Cold War military installation at a point of time due to which it is pretty obvious to notice maintenance sheds, old bunkers, etc. You can also drive on the Raspberry Road which is as beautiful as it sounds.

Anchorage Museum

Display at Anchorage museum
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Anchorage museum is the largest museum located in Alaska. The museum pretty much tells the story of Alaska and the North.

The collections from various institutes, native cultures, and masterworks of Alaskan artists collide together to form a decent Story depicting the social, political, cultural, scientific, historical, and artistic pleasures present in Alaska.

There are various exhibitions which are organized by the museum. One of the exhibition reflected upon 13 themes which were essential aspects of life of people living in Alaska.

You can discover all the fact that you want about Alaska in this museum. The discovery center spread in 11,000-foot area in the museum is another work that would surprise you.

You can get massive information about technology, interactive installations, Artwork, marine life tanks and what not. It is considered to be one of the best 10 museums around the world. The museum also serves fresh juices, organic food, and have its own coffee bar.

Flattop Mountain

Flattop mountain
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Flattop mountain is one of the most accessible and hike-able Mountain located in Alaska. It has a rocky and steep summit which offers beautiful sites.

It also has a short stop, which offers delicious food and pretty views of the mountains and the nearby cities. Even for people who are not very comfortable with hiking, this mountain is a thumbs up.

This narrative presents only a theoretical part of beauty that Alaska has to offer to your eyes. It is a place that would remind you of the beauty that you are surrounded with, healing you from all the bad moments that you have had in your life.

It is an eternal bliss to have places like these on our planet and that we are able to explore these places. Believe us and do yourself a favor by visiting this spectacular place!