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15 Best Things to Do in Alvin, TX

  • Published 2022/08/12

Alvin is a charming city northeast of Brazoria County, Texas.

This city hosts plenty of family-friendly attractions you can visit.

It’s part of the HoustonThe WoodlandsSugar Land metropolitan area, with a population of 27,098 as of the 2020 U.S. Census.

This southern city came from humble beginnings, with early settlers arriving in 1845.

Likewise, the city sits on land awarded to the Houston Tap and Brazoria Railroad.

Alvin was incorporated in 1893.

Initially, the city went by the name Morgan as a tribute to the settlement’s founder Alvin Morgan.

Later, the city changed its name because of a similarity with another Texas town.

Alvin’s southern atmosphere offers you fantastic historical sites, quaint shopping, and fun family recreation.

Here are the best things to do in Alvin, Texas:

Discover City History at the Alvin Historical Museum and Gift Shop

Located inside the city’s old post office building, Alvin Historical Museum and Gift Shop lets you discover city facts, history, and culture.

Learn about the area’s prehistoric era and the Native American tribes who lived in the area before the Europeans came.

You’ll see exhibits featuring Alvin’s agriculture and dairy farm industries and the invention of the first cooling systems to transport goods to other states.

Visit the Nolan Ryan Exhibit in honor of the Baseball Hall of Famer.

Learn about his career and see personal items from his Major League Baseball days.

Discover the history of Alvin’s Independent School District and explore the unique Republic of Texas currency collection.

History buffs can travel back in time with War Memorabilia exhibits from the Civil War and World War I and II.

Discover the city’s contribution to these seismic historical events.

The Alvin Historical Museum and Gift Shop also feature temporary exhibits within the year, and you can also purchase souvenirs before you leave.

Stop by the Alvin Historical Train Depot Centre

Constructed in 1907, the Alvin Historical Train Depot Centre once operated the Santa Fe Rail Line.

The rail depot was once a business and agriculture hub that played an essential role in the city’s progress.

Take snapshots and capture moments to remember on your visit.

Stroll around or head off to the nearby park for a relaxing picnic.

The Alvin Historical Train Depot Centre is also a famous venue for small events and weddings.

Meet the Animals at Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Your little ones will thank you when they meet the animals at Bayou Wildlife Zoo.

This 80-acre animal attraction offers an exciting experience for the whole family.

Ride the safari tram and join a guided tour of the zoo to see deer, antelopes, buffalos, and exotic animals like camels and zebras.

You’ll also get to feed and meet them up close.

Roam Addie Lou’s Barnyard and see exotic and rare farm animals like pygmy goats, lemurs, and a wallaby.

Visit Bayou Wildlife Zoo’s Big Red Barn to watch the giraffes and baby animals.

After the tour, you can head off to the Bayou General Store for delicious snacks and merchandise to take home for souvenirs.

You can also pack lunch for a picnic and play lawn games in the area.

Bring the kids to the Bayou Wildlife Zoo!

Pick Fresh Strawberries at Froberg’s Farm

Bring your family to Froberg’s Farm and pick the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Their most famous attraction is strawberry picking, which is open from January to May.

Next, you can join the blueberry picking season, which starts from May to July.

Aside from the farm’s homegrown produce, they also offer seasonal crops from other areas, so you’ll have various options.

Visit the farm during the Annual Fall Festival from the last week of September to the first week of November and have an exciting fall experience.

During the event, you can enjoy the Corn Maze, Night-time Corn Maze, and Outdoor Pumpkin Patch attractions, with activities also available for little ones.

Drop by Greak’s for some homemade sausages and meat products like the smokehouse, homemade meats, and deer meat.

The Bakery and Snack Bar at Froberg’s Farm sells sweet treats from homemade pies, cookies, and cupcakes to pralines, jellies, candies, and popcorn.

See Wildlife at the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

Enjoy the scenic views of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.

The whole trail winds through 43 Texas counties, spanning the entire region.

Completed in 2000, the trail offers hundreds of unique sites to view wildlife.

Alvin is an excellent base to explore the trail, with plenty of food and lodging available.

Learn about the different birds and their habitats on your trail maps at the viewing sites.

The best seasons to visit the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail are during winter as the birds migrate toward warmer climates.

Visit the Old Slover-Rogers Cottage

Revisit the past by joining a tour of the old Slover–Rogers Cottage.

Located in downtown Alvin, this attraction operates under the city’s Museum Society.

A Civil War veteran built this Victorian cottage for eight years to showcase his skill in Victorian-style designs.

The gingerbread, turrets, massive pocket doors, and bow knot fence represent the significant Victoria era.

You can also join guided tours of the Old Slover-Rogers Cottage and hear about the history of these antique furnishings.

Enjoy Family Time at Alvin Bowling Company

Have wholesome family fun at Alvin Bowling Company.

This bowling center is the best in the city and offers hours of great bowling games.

Enjoy the leagues offered all year, with slots available for all ages and skill levels.

The center also hosts the Alvin Youth Bowling program, which fosters sportsmanship and bowling etiquette and encourages love for the sport.

Visit the Alvin Bowling Company’s Pro Shop to purchase merchandise like bags, balls and shoes, apparel, and bowling supplies.

You can also get tasty All-American snacks at the Alvin Bowling Snack Bar & Grill and try their local favorites for lunch or dinner.

Have a Unique Experience at Original Goat Yoga

Do you want to try a different kind of relaxation?

Then book a Goatel at Original Goat Yoga and register for a class.

You can find the farm on a three-acre waterfront property on Chocolate Bayou, a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Enjoy your stay at the Goatel with natural views of the goat-themed retreat with a daily Goat Happy Hour at the waterfront.

They offer private packages to suit your preferences like the S’mores Package, Gourmet Dinner Package, Champagne Package, Movie Night, and the Bon Fire & Hot Dogs Package.

The Original Goat Yoga also offers merchandise like shirts, hats, bags, and other items you can bring home as tokens.

Get Artsy at Gander Studio

If you’re feeling artsy and want to put those skills to use, then you need to visit Gander Studio.

You can sign up at any of the do-it-yourself art workshops or buy their Take & Make Kits to do at home.

Kids will love painting, making crafts, and sculpting faux items at the Kids Workshops and Summer Camps.

They can also join different Gander Studio workshops like the Doll House Camp, Harry’s Magical World, and Gumdrops & Lollipops.

Have fun making art pieces with your family and friends or celebrate special events like birthday parties.

Enjoy Close Encounters with Animals at Nightsong Petting Zoo

The Nightsong Petting Zoo started out of its owner’s passion for animals.

Today, the zoo shares this same passion with its visitors.

Take your little ones for a unique adventure and let them encounter the zoo animals for an unforgettable experience.

Get different packages, including petting animals, pony rides, and exclusive picture-taking.

You’ll encounter different breeds of Nigerian dwarf goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and alpacas.

The Nightsong Petting Zoo also sells dwarf goats and guides guests interested in goat breeding.

Enjoy a Relaxing Day at National Oak Park

Have some outdoor fun with the family at National Oak Park.

The eight-acre public city park includes the Alvin Skate Park, the Rotary Pavilion, and the National Oak Tree.

The Tom Blakeney Jr Hike & Bike Trail also begins at this location.

Enjoy the park grounds and picnic at the covered pavilions.

Let your little ones run, climb, and play at the swing sets and playgrounds.

The park also has a skateboard area and sites where you can take your dog for a walk.

In case you get hungry, there are restaurants near the parking area.

The National Oak Park also hosts community events like the Frontier Day Festival.

Skate Away at Alvin Skate-N-Party

You’ll have loads of skating fun at Alvin Skate-N-Party.

Put on your rollerblades and spend a fun afternoon speeding around the rink.

They offer skating lessons with instructors and skate–mate helpers for beginners.

Alvin Skate-N-Party also has arcade games you can play for hours.

Grab quick snacks, pizzas, hot wings, nachos, fries, and pretzels at the snack bar.

Go on a Foodie Trail at the Downtown Area

For a unique Alvin experience, follow the Foodie Trail at the restaurants downtown.

The Foodie Trail features unique restaurants inspired by the area’s history and culture.

This trip allows visitors to learn about the city through local cuisine and make their planning trips more manageable.

Alvin may be a small city, but it gives you plenty of delicious food options and opportunities to meet locals in the community.

Participating restaurants for the Foodie Trail give away an Alvin Foodie Stamp Card that you can present at any restaurant for stamping.

Take your card to the Alvin Visitor Center at the City Hall to get a Visit Alvin prize.

Enjoy great food varieties at 1820 Coffee Shop, Juanita’s Taqueria, Gordon Street Tavern, Grace Pizza and Shakes, Smoking D’s Fusion BBQ, and MyLeigh’s Café.

Enjoy Leisure Activities at Bob Briscoe Park

There’s plenty of recreational activity you can do at Bob Briscoe Park.

The park is famous for its 42-acre disc golf course amid relaxing nature; it also has 18 holes and a walking trail.

You can also play soccer or football on the lighted fields.

Stroll the half-mile walking path to Alvin Community College or take your dog to the 1.7–acre Dog Park.

Pack some lunch and picnic at the pavilion tables while your little ones enjoy the playground.

The Bob Briscoe Park provides relaxing places to unwind, like the fishing pond and expansive green spaces.

Join the Celebrations on Alvin Frontier Day

You’ll indeed have enjoyable experiences at the city’s Alvin Frontier Day.

This yearly event features Alvin’s warm hospitality and lively community with three fun events and game days.

Catch the Frontier Day Parade at the old downtown area, the great Car and Bike Show, and the Crafts and Collectibles Business Expo.

Watch the Alvin Rotary Club Gunfighters perform their famous shootout.

Grab drinks at the Saloon Beer Garden while listening to live band performances.

Little ones will also enjoy the Alvin Frontier Day activities like the carnival rides, Kids Bouncers and mini golf, Kiddy train riders, moonwalks, and dunking booths.

There’s plenty of room for your sweet tooth at the Pie Baking Contest and the Cake and dessert walk.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Savor Wines at Haak Vineyards & Winery, Incorporated

Located in Santa Fe, Texas, Haak Vineyards & Winery, Incorporated is one of the first wineries to produce Blanc du Bois.

You can find the winery 18 minutes from Alvin.

The three-acre vineyard grows over a thousand Blanc du Bois grapes, along with the 25,000-square-feet winery and cellar.

Visit the Haak Vineyards & Winery for private tours and wine tasting to savor their selections of white wines, dry red wines, and Madeira wines.

You can also sample their sweet, semi-sweet, red, and rosé wines.

Final Thoughts

The city of Alvin presents a blend of history and family attractions to discover and enjoy.

The small southern city hosts historic sites, public parks, and natural sceneries that offer laidback experiences.

It also has local attractions and city events that showcase its tight-knit but lively community.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Alvin!

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