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15 Best Cafes in Seoul

  • Published 2020/06/15

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Known for its artistic and touristic appearance, Seoul, the major metropolis of South Korea is home to many beautiful cafés. Apart from its traditional and delicious recipes, these cafes are known for their themes and amazing interiors. They attract an audience with the help of their exclusive desserts and drinks. Although a bit expensive, the taste and the ambiance are worth spending money on! Therefore, if you are planning to visit Korea for its ‘Gyeongbokgung Palace’, you might as well hop into one of these famous cafés mentioned in the list below.

943 Kings Cross

For all the potter heads out there, I think this is your spirit place! Located in the neighborhood of Hongdae and with interiors made like a Harry Potter movie, this café is successful in attracting several foodies’ every day. You cannot afford to miss on the Wizard beer which is served in two types: the original and the sweet wizard beer. The speciality of this café lies in its certificate of ‘Special Blend Coffee’. They serve the most precious quality of beans which are properly roasted to provide an exquisite experience. The menu itself is filled with exciting dishes like the ‘Dragon leg’ which is ham. Others, like the variety of cakes and drinks and its many places to take amazing photos, makes this café just supremely beautiful!


You want your selfie printed on your coffee? The right place if CaFace! The culture of this café provided a stamp card where your 11th drink is served free. They will serve and offer you a range of variety of drinks, beverages, smoothies, etc. Some of its famous drinks are the ‘Café Mocha’, ‘Iced Hazelnut Latte’, and the ‘Mint Choco Latte’. The chocolate waffle too is made in a different way where the base if waffle which then is topped with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, and brownie. Your kids are sure to remain entertained as there are ceramic figures in the small art corner of the room where your kids can paint and enjoy.


Milk, Salted Caramel, and Real Chocolate are options for the wonderful ice cream that they provide. This café provides you with a range of toppings for you to choose, hence making your ice cream experience customised and a complete personal favourite. It is known for its exclusive invention of the thunder cloud-soft serve which is a soft-serve of milk, cotton, and popping sugar. You get a chance to play and invent your own recipe and try the most amazing ice cream with its extra amazing toppings. You can also try the ‘Surfing mood’ which is made of blue soda as its base topped with the white vanilla slash. Apart from these gorgeous looking menus, the interior makes this café a must-visit. Styled like an ice cream van with a retro atmosphere, the beauty of this place is highlighted and elevated.


You can sip your favourite coffee while enjoying the view of the Lotte Tower. It also serves the best coconut drinks and you have to try them! With its peaceful and engaging atmosphere, you might find people who study and work here. Therefore, this café becomes one of the most interesting and quiet places for a romantic date. If you wish to taste the Seoul aura, I would suggest you hit this café at the earliest.

Yeonnam Dong 223-14

You enter the cartoonish world in this 2D café. It provides you with an animated experience with its food served in 3D. The interior is designed with plain black and white and throws you off in some other dimension. You must try the ‘Toy Latte’ which sugar floating on the foam. Also, the refreshing lemon yogurt smoothie, with all the outstanding collections of coffees, fresh juices, and teas are some of the delicious items. There is the ‘Choco Choco Frappe’ which is a chocolate biscuit covered with foam. However, apart from these, the café has the most bewildering collections of cakes. From cupcakes to croissants, you can enjoy all!

Zapangi Café

It is just like entering into a vending machine! You can count on your nutrition level when you visit this café. For breakfast, you can enjoy the favourite serve of mermaid cake and coffee. You get to choose from the variety of lattes, teas, and desserts that this café offers. You cannot sleep on the Mermaid and the Sakura Latte which are some of its specialities in the drinks menu. In its combination of the Tin cake and Doughnuts, the ‘Dark Choco Cake’ and the ‘Sweet Potato Cake’ are one of the best recipes that they have. Apart from these delicacies, the style of this café meaning the cakes in tins and beverages in milk glass bottles attracts several eyes in Seoul.

C.Through Café

This café is one of the very artistic cafes that you will find in the whole of Seoul. Imagine being served a coffee with a design that seems like painting on it. It has the most amazing cream art on its beverages that you-for one second- will forget about its taste. Lee Kang Bin, the man behind this art is also known to draw cartoons, Korean artists, and many other important designs on the drinks. Beverages like the ‘cherry blossom tree’ and ‘Scotchno’ are incredibly famous. The fusion of butterscotch candy and coffee is sure to make you fall in love with this unique themed café.

Arari Ovene

This café speaks traditional Korean. The interiors give you the vibe of the signature Korean dining style. One speciality of all its desserts is the mugwort milk, being the dominant ingredient in it. It has medicinal properties and is also served with Yujacha, a Korean tea. Do not forget to taste the ‘Mugwort Cake’which is made in a style of its original recipe. You can also have the loveliest tarts which are made with creams. A few to name are the ‘lemon tart’ which is sour in taste and the ‘mugwort tart’ too. This café is sure to give you the best cuisine experience with its lovely Seoul vibe.

Arriate La Maison de Fleur

It is one of the most beautiful herb tea houses in the entire Seoul. It is essentially a flowered theme café which builds a beautiful ambiance due to its interior. Though many beverages on the menu are a bit expensive, the delicious mango smoothie is worth trying. You can try the Americano, the herb ice creams, fruit juices, and cakes. Its entire second floor has the main menu from where you can choose your favourites. You get a choice to settle on any of the 4 floors which are designed with different flowers each. Though the maintenance of these flowers turns out to be difficult, their refreshing fragrances fill this place.

Dinga Cake House

You get the most fashionable cakes here! Famous for its retro interior, this café is pretty easy to spot in its neighborhood. It is designed in shades and vintage housewares which creates a lovely ambiance for the ones visiting this cake house. Filled with spots where you can click the most beautiful pictures, the café also offers mats to spread in its front yard and enjoy! The speciality lies in the designs of which these cakes are made. They are all customised and the red velvet cake looks like pizza! With their innovativeness on the go, the café has also become a go-to spot for celebrities and you may run into a K-Pop star!

Miss Yoon in Wonderland

Themed in Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, this café is sure to lure you with its dreamy interior. With its ceilings designed with hanging skirts from Alice, it gives you the best atmosphere for a birthday party. You get to try its amazing Roof Top Bar. The menu too is lined with delicious pizzas, pasta, rice, and chicken recipes. You have to try the octopus with the squid ink rice! The spicy with its pepper texture gives you the taste of its amazing cuisine. All the dreaminess is then (again) multiplied by its spiral stairs which will take you to an additional seating area. This is designed in its typical Korean style where you will have to take your footwear off and sit cross-legged.

Jean Frigo

One of the many hidden cafés of Seoul is Jean Frigo. Although it looks like a fruit stall, it is one of the best cafés in Seoul. The tables in these café are not numbered but are named with the fruit on it. With its varieties of fresh fruits, you can choose if you want the juice or tea specifically. The quantity served is worth the money you spend! They are all freshly made and you have to try the orange and pineapple juices. Another speciality is the ‘Orange Squeeze Americano’ which is the tastiest combination of sweet and bitter. The ‘Rose Sauce Pasta’ is also preferred and you can be surprised to find fresh pineapples in it! All its recipes are elevated in its taste as the team makes sure that fruits that they use are all fresh and of the best quality.

Butter Book

Are you crazy about Donuts? If yes, this café is your ultimate destination. Designed like a slab of butter and painted in the lemon colour, it gives you the warmth of sweetness that is filled in it. Coming to the donuts which are layered and filled with creams, they give you the sense of its tasty texture when you order them. The ‘Lemon donut’ and the ‘Strawberry donut’ are worth giving a shot. Also the ‘chocolate donut’ is made with the typical Korean style cake frosting and is absolutely delicious. The café also serves you bottled milk in various flavours like the velvet chocolate, Mugwort, and strawberry. Apart from of all these items, the most famous is the ‘Ganache Brownies’ which again comes in two flavours which are chocolate and earl grey. This petite place is going to surely leave you with immense surprises with its desserts and donuts!

Café Tape

This café is commendable for its art. It is famous for its galaxy cakes! Yes, you heard it right! They draw the galaxy on your cakes! They have three special cakes and one of them is the ‘Citron Cream Cheese cake’ which you cannot afford to miss. It is a perfect amalgamation of the bitter citron and the cheese. It delivers the most fascinating flavour for a cake. Apart from the food and dessert, the café also has a collection of drinks and especially amazing and rich beers.

Café Onion Anguk

This is one of the cafés in Seoul that shows the blend of traditional Korean lifestyle and how it changes under the fast-paced modernism. To be specific, the interior of this café speaks of this change. It is designed in the form of Hanok (a traditional Korean house) which creates a very peaceful ambiance. A few of the special recipes are the ‘Chilli Sausage Pastries’ and the amazing ‘Chocolate cakes’. Also, the ‘Mushroom Focaccia’ is a wonderful blend of presto and truffle oil which renders a soft texture to the bread on which it is served. In case you want to taste something Italian, then try the ‘Pandoro’ which is bread in powdered sugar. The ‘onion mocha’ is something that you should not miss as the taste gets better with the delicious chocolate in it!

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