Where to stay in Salt Lake City

Where to stay in Salt Lake City

Located in the Wasatch Front Valley, Salt Lake City or SLC is a multicultural city with a rich and diverse history and culture. Being a city hub, people from all over the globe come and reside in this neighborhood. This proves advantageous for foodies as along with great scenery, sightseeing and historical sites, Salt Lake City is known for its culinary scene.

The Downtown neighborhood is considered to be the city’s heart; this buzzing neighborhood is all about fun. Filled with several world-class restaurants, diners, bars and pubs, Downtown is where you should visit if you want to have an active nightlife. If you are looking for the authentic ambience of the city, The Avenues would be your best option. With several historical structures lined up along the streets, visiting this place takes you back in time as you can get to live amidst historical landmarks and political markers. Meanwhile, Central City offers a residential feel despite being quite close to Downtown. This part of the city has several sightseeing options, shopping centers and entertainment sites.
This massive city of Utah has a lively vibrant ambience that boasts about its food scene, shopping options and nightlife. There are a lot of things you can experience in this city. And with an excellent transport system being there in the city, travelling and exploring every part of this city during your vacation won’t be a problem at all.

Salt Lake City has a lively energetic ambience that is loved by tourists. With its neighborhoods having a unique feature of its own, it can get overwhelming if you are trying to decide where to stay in this city during your visit.

Downtown Salt Lake

Downtown Salt Lake
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This neighborhood is considered the heart of the city for various reasons. With an energetic ambience, bustling lifestyle, a busy thoroughfare, grand shops, malls and restaurants, this neighborhood is the liveliest part of the city. Beautified with several art galleries, museums and entertainment centers, there are lots of things to do and lots of places to visit in Downtown Salt Lake. If you are into fresh and green fruits and vegetables, you would love a place like the Downtown Farmers Market where you can get everything fresh. If you are someone who is into young urban adventure and fun, Ski City Downtown Bar Crawl Challenge is something you will love. You can explore the city with the bike-sharing program of GREEN bike SLC. Exploring the neighborhood or visiting other places in the city will not be a problem as the public transport system in this region is excellent and can take you to any place you want.

Being the literal city centre, this neighborhood is all about young souls, lively energy, fun and young professionals. If you set out to explore this neighborhood on your own, find your way around this part will not be a problem as it is a well-planned city with well-aligned street and the temple square being marked as the centre.

Being the city centre, this is where you will find several offices, and buildings as Utah’s business and financial sector’s headquarters are mostly in this neighborhood. So you can expect a bit of professional ambience during office hours. Even with large office buildings growing upon either side of the street, the well-planned manner and the style of the streets, along with the wide spaces makes the city look different from other cramped and crowded city centers.

In this neighborhood, you will find a wide range of options when it comes to accommodations. There are several apartments, hotels, and condos from which you can choose from and they are of a wide price range as well. If you are in the city for the first time, this neighborhood is perfect for you as you will find yourself in the middle of all the action and fun of a city. There are several restaurants and cafes in this area and your taste buds will have a lovely time enjoying different cuisines that the restaurants offer. If you step towards Broadway district, you will come across several restaurants, cafes and bars and you can have a lovely time there.

This neighborhood has several entertainment options along with a great energetic nightlife. Visit the Vivint Smart Home Arena, where several concerts get hosted every year. You can also visit other theatre groups like the Utah Symphony and the Ballet West, and experience their marvelous performances.

Sugar House

Sugar House
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If you are visiting Salt Lake City with your family, this neighborhood would be perfect for you. With a friendly and safe environment, this neighborhood is filled with students from several educational institutions. As the name of the neighborhood suggests, this area has a lot of history. According to its history, the name of this neighborhood is derived from a sugar beet test factory in 1855 which got shut down by the LDS Church’s Deseret Manufacturing Company.

Currently, this neighborhood is an urban locality with high risers, splendid condos, cafes, restaurants, diners and bars. In this area you will find the Westminster College, which makes it a locality where students live, making it all the safer and family-friendly. If you are with your family here, you can spend quite a lot of family time at Sugar House Park. It offers a large space to walk around and spend a lovely afternoon. There are several local shops and businesses from which you can shop. There are several boutiques and art galleries in the neighborhood along with the neighborhood. You can buy your souvenirs from here. The neighborhood also offers an excellent view of the Wasatch Mountains.

With several middle-class families living on either side of the tree-lined streets, the neighborhood has a residential vibe to it. There are several bungalows and mid-century condos in this locality, that has been remodeled and renovated and are now a great accommodation option these days. With a shop at home mindset being around in this locality, you can find everything that you need here.

Even though this neighborhood is known for its colleges, schools and elementary schools, it does not mean that you cannot have fun here. There are several local restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee houses and boutiques in this neighborhood where you can spend a fun time. With the city’s top ten bars being present in this very area, there is a bit of hip and lively culture in this neighborhood that can make your evening memorable.

The Avenues

The Avenues
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If you are looking for one of the first and the oldest neighborhood of the Salt Lake City of Utah, this is it. This neighborhood is as old as the city, styled with Victorian styled houses that are even listed and registered on the National Register of Historic Places. With an antique vibe and pure authentic Salt Lake City ambience, this neighborhood is perfect for those who want to explore the city and go back in time to experience how it was back in the days. Although this neighborhood isn’t the largest in the city, with blocks that are about half the size of the ones in Downtown, this area is where you should step out and explore by yourself. With streets and lanes ideal for walking for riding bikes, you can get to learn a lot about this place once you step out.

Loved by students, young souls and professionals, this neighborhood is filled with small apartment buildings. There are pretty large mansions that are spread all over the neighborhood. You can also look for accommodations in them as they have been renovated and converted into small multi-unit rental facilities. This feature also allows students and professionals to reside here as this locality is quite close to the University of Utah. This also gives the neighborhood a student-friendly vibe and makes it a residential complex for students. If you are with your family in Salt Lake City, The Avenues or as the students call it -the Aves home, is perfect for you as it is a safe and quiet neighborhood.

If you are looking for accommodation options, you might find the lover avenue to be much more affordable. The Greater avenue is a relatively higher-priced section of the neighborhood. If You can walk out and explore the neighborhood for yourself, you might experience a cosmopolitan vibe of the city. The streets are lined up with brick-lined bungalows and Victorian houses, giving you an experience of a city that has stood up to the test of time. Towards Greater Avenue, you will find huge family homes, with accommodation prices that might feel a bit too steep for some. The residential houses and the communities living in this area are diverse, representing various ethnicities. There are various local shops, restaurants and cafes. With the easy availability of commute, this neighborhood stands to be one of the best areas for you to stay in.

If you are looking for entertainment, you can experience great performances by the. If you are into sightseeing, exploring places like City Creek Canyon and visiting the Cathedral of the Madeleine and Temple Square and Utah State Capitol Building should be on top of your list. If you are looking for some spiritual sites to visit, the Masonic Temple would be a lovely place for you.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill
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With an excellent panoramic view of the entire Salt Lake City, this neighborhood is where you will find the Utah State Capitol building. It is a flourishing neighborhood with great views. It has a gothic and Victorian vibe to it as the streets are lined up with houses styled in a Gothic and Victorian fashion.
The great location and the old neighborhood vibe attract tourists from all over the world. Being well connected to the rest of the city and the neighborhood’s well-maintained transport system also proves advantageous for those living in this neighborhood as there are regular train and bus services that connect the Capitol Hill to the airport, downtown and rest of the city.

The city also offers a view of the green as nature plays a major and beautiful role in this neighborhood, and is also its star attraction. Ensign Peak¸ Memory Grove Park and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail passing through it offers serene calmness amidst the city noise. You can spend a leisurely afternoon in these green spots.
Within the Capitol Hill, you can find several moderately priced accommodation facilities, especially in the Marmalade. The friendly atmosphere makes it perfect for families and also professionals looking for a place to stay. Along with an active nightlife, this neighborhood is perfect in every way as this is where you get a friendly ambience, historic locality with a large green space this is complemented with an excellent transport system that can take you to any part of the city.

Central City

Central City
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If you are in this city for the first time, staying in this locality would be perfect for you. With a neighborhood filled with college kids, this neighborhood has the energy and the freshness of the youth and has a family-friendly ambience to it as well. The best feature of this neighborhood is the fact that it has dog-friendly parks.

Along with several outdoor attractions, sightseeing spots and entertainment zones, the neighborhood’s dog-friendly parks like Herman Franks Park is one major attraction. If we are talking about parks and greens spots, Liberty Park comes on top of the list for its beauty, playground and picnic spots. You can also visit the Gilgal Sculpture Garden which also happens to have an outdoor art museum.
Being the soul of the city, people from all of the world step into this neighborhood. To treat them, there is a wide range of restaurants and cafes. This neighborhood is loved by the foodies as there are several international restaurants with a diverse menu. You can find a wide range of cuisines. If you are looking for a bit of excitement and outdoor activity, you can get yourself engaged in mountain trekking, hiking and biking. There are several shops that can help you get geared up as well. Even though being a neighborhood that is close to Downtown, its friendly residential ambience does make it suitable for all kinds of tourists.


Yalecrest is an urban neighborhood of the city that has several beautiful houses that are styled in an English cottage and French Norman fashion. With beautiful houses and tree-lined streets, the neighborhood has an excellent ambience with a view of the magnificent Wasatch and the Oquirrh Mountains. This neighborhood is a bit different from the city centre neighborhoods and the downtown, as it is a bit away from the city rush, exhibiting a quiet and lovely environment. There are several accommodation options in this neighborhood most of which are starting from the mid ranges. There are many high-end luxury hotels and houses as well.
You can have a nice time in this neighborhood as there are several shops, retail shops, restaurants and cafes. Although it lacks proper sightseeing options, this neighborhood has an excellent transport system, with the help of which you can travel anywhere in this city while staying in this area.

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