Where to stay in Phuket

Where to stay in Phuket

Thailand's largest island, Phuket, is a sultry exotic do-it-all destination. Spanning out on the country’s south-western side, it kisses the jade-green Andaman. With a shapely shoreline of broad and extensive beaches strung flanked by jutting capes and weather-beaten rock structures, it is surely a feast for the eyes. From family-forthcoming spaces to sleek extravagant hideaways, this isle has something for anyone and everyone. It is jam-packed with temperament and a personality of its own. Phuket’s breathtaking beaches are conceivably its major draw.

With its excellent street food scene, Phuket remains a lush tangle of the best flavours. With many tranquil beachside resorts, accommodation would be a breeze. The isle is keen on several designer digs and budget beauty, so don’t hesitate to splurge on shopping. Don’t leave the place without procuring some of the local produces which are readily obtainable at the street markets. If you are planning your next vacation to Phuket, be ready to be astounded by the beauty of the clear blues and mouthwateringly delicious food.  With its green waves and dazzling heritage, this isle is sure to make you linger. On that note, here are our top picks for the best places to stay in the “Pearl of the Andaman”-Phuket.

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Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town
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Nothing like a lot of Thai regional capitals, Old Phuket Town stands out with a persona of its own. It is often embarrassing that many tourists neglect this historical berg and often go behind the time-honoured attractions of the city. This neighbourhood has a wealth of rich heritage and is somewhat easily explorable on foot.  When visiting, look forward to seeing groupings of Sino-Portuguese fashioned storehouses on the side of the streets, diminutive and multihued shops, several exceptional neighbouring Thai eateries and quaint cafes among many others.  The ornate and beautifully preserved private and public museums are a sight to behold.

Faintly retrace your steps back to the Amulet market in a tiny alleyway off Rassada Road. This specialized marketplace lures thousands of visitors, both local and overseas for its set of amulets and Buddha images. The amulets are believed to bring good fortune and protect from evil forces. Over the recent years, they have been growing in demand particularly, those sanctified by revered Buddhist monks. The other major attractions include The Shrine of the Serene Light where a large number of tourists flock to witness the most celebrated shrine in the whole of Phuket. The building is notable for its distinct architectural design.

For observing the many shophouses, it does not get better than Soi Romance. Situated in the very spirit of the Old Phuket Road, a stroll through the area brings to mind Phuket’s remarkable legacy. For premium textile fabrics and art shops, the Dibuk road is an excellent pick. For relishing the royal Thai cuisine, hop on to Blue Elephant where you will be met with a rich and exotic combination of the flavours. This Chinese-colonial-fashioned manor serves fine dining in an affluent backdrop. Standing not too far from the renowned Blue Elephant Restaurant, the finest paradigm of a Sino-Colonial mansion- the Baan Chinpracha presents a wonderful way to explore the elegance and richness of the predecessors.

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This resort town is notably renowned for its expansive beach in addition to fantastic and habitually frenzied nightlife. However, that is not all to the neighbourhood; there are a great number of manmade attractions as well. These range from beach resorts to notorious nightlife focal point; gorgeous beaches to veiled rainforests and obscurely placed waterfalls.

Patong’s strip of sand is amongst the most celebrated beaches in the world. It has an abundance of activities like parasailing, boat driving.jet skiing etc, to keep you entertained. The northern part of the beach is the most sought-after region as the winds are fairly swift and strong.  You can find operators literally all over the place to guide you through the process.  Dotted along the beach are a row of beachfront restaurants and bars to provide refreshment. Other prominent beaches include Freedom Beach and Paradise Beach. No visit to Phuket would be complete without experiencing the vibe and feel of the Bangla Road. Packing something to suit everyone’s taste, it is Patong’s most vivacious party zone.

Expect the mood to kick up a notch from the fall of the day, the blaring noise from the many parties and an abundance of drinks-making the place truly strike its pace around midnight. With bars, nightclubs, live music, and street performances, the region is wedged all through the year and is replete with unbelievable scope for entertainment. It must be acknowledged as a dynamic place to walk around and enjoy your time.

Diagonally opposite to this famous road lays the Jungceylon shopping complex. With over two hundred stores, this glinting, high-end department store also offers great room for entertainment with its bowling alley-on site. If you are into theatre offering do not hesitate to tune into Phuket Simon Cabaret, a live performance by a troupe of transgender artistes. If you are a fan of adventure, seek no further than ‘Flying Hanuman’ which presents you a chance to explore Phuket's rainforest canopy from a truly unique angle.

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Overlooking the Andaman Sea, the Karon Beach spans across 5km of white sand making it one of the longest beaches on the island. Since it lacks a direct beach frontage, the whole beach is practically public. The stretched beach itself has no major development to its credit. The majority of restaurants, bars and other eateries are placed on the northern side. Nothing like the larger, more hectic, and earsplitting Patong, this place proffers guests a pleasant long tranquil stretch of sand, with a profusion of seaside umbrellas obtainable for rent out. You can enjoy the beautiful unset facing the west.

Karon Beach benefits from a tremendous state of affairs for windsurfing in Phuket. There are ample opportunities to try out sea kayaking, waterskiing, jet-skiing, parasailing, and wakeboarding among many other fun activities. Although the beach in itself is not very favoured amongst surfers owing to its continually shifting sandbanks and gusting engorge from different directions. This is not to mean you cannot surf here; rather it is ideal for surfing the winds are light and there are small swells.  By the rocks, at the southern closing of the beach, you can sight some good snorkelling.

One downside to the Karon beach has to be unquestionably the lack of public toilets. However, with a nominal amount you can avail the washroom facilities at nearby restaurants. The area is very keen on several mid-range and opulent resorts that cater to onsite dining options and serve an extensive variety of cuisines. If you want to explore further, there are some excellent choices along the beach road flanked by Karon and Kata. You can easily relish local and international tastes at reasonable costs in these resort restaurants and eateries.

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This beach area with its beauty, facilities and a wide scope of activities obtainable, remains one of the popular beaches in Phuket. The Kata centre That makes it a demanding and busy area but you will never be able to spot it crowded. This beach is gratifying in many ways particularly all through the north-east downpour season where the sea would be flat, patently lucid and turquoise in hue. If you are visiting from May to October, be prepared for fierce waves and harsher swimming conditions. Belatedly as the waters twirl tranquil, Kata Bay load up with striking yachts that turn up from all over the county to contend in one of Asia's premier sailing events. Towards the southern end, the tourists can find shops, restaurants and eateries. On both ends of the beach road, you can find hawker stalls. The nightlife is moderately active and is growing around a busy intersection. You can spot a large number of bars that play music blaring.

Dining alternatives are ample, but if you wish for a unique dinner, you will be astonished by the height of gastronomy and scenery you can search out in Kata Beach. For accommodation, there are several top-notch resorts and hotels dotted along the beach road and each of them has something distinct to offer. Many of these hotels also present a fantastic opportunity to take pleasure in the many health and wellness facilities.

With an extensive range of spa facilities and treatments, there are plenty of ways to escape the buzz of everyday life and unwind. Massage parlours and retreat centres committed to relaxation and meditation are also a stone’s throw away. Conclusively, it is a haven for tourists with the locals being exceedingly warm and friendly.

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Positioned approximately 9.5 km north of Patong, the Kamala beach presents a quiet space for many beach activities. This relatively hushed stretch of land is great for sunbathing and swimming. It effortlessly becomes quite the favoured lot amongst retirees and adults. It must be noted that the waters are calmer and clearer on the high season. However, from May to October, be prepared for large ocean swells. By the side of a meandering thoroughfare leading to the coastline, there are hotels, villas and apartments that come with breathtaking views of the beach. One shortcoming to this beautiful beach has to be the lack of public toilets. But it is not a grave downside as you are always welcome to use the toilets at the close-by restaurants by paying a meagre amount.  

As you head towards the southern closing of the area, you will be struck by the amazing choices in beachfront restaurants which provide flavoursome traditional and International dishes. You can also see a large number of on-site restaurants that cater wonderfully mouth-watering dishes at affordable costs. Towards the northern end, you will observe many luxury clubs that is palatial by any standard.
You will not be disappointed if you want to indulge in fun-filled activities. There is a sufficient choice when it comes to beach activities like snorkelling, jet skiing and parasailing. The long tail boats are much in demand during the low season. They can be put to use to get to and explore other neighbouring beaches like Surin.  You are advised to be wary of any damage done to yourself, the pieces of equipment, or the vehicles as they do not come with insurance. Any mishaps that happen will be solely your responsibility.

For veteran surfers, the northern end with its unwavering sandbanks and consistent waves would be quite a bliss. The swell would be considerably high as well.  If you want to pose and get some killer snaps, you are in luck. The Kamala Beach is replete with photographers doing shoots. The aesthetics of the beach accentuated by the downy sand and nodding palms make it quite an ideal fir for posing.

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